Like many other fan of the series, I was saddened by the somewhat abrupt end of the manga and wondered what would the future hold for the characters. What's going to happen to their lives from that point on? That's what got me started getting a few ideas, which eventually evolved in this story. I hope that you'll find it enjoyable, especially considering the fact that this is my first real attempt of writing my own story.

I do not own the Ah! Megami sama / Oh! My Goddess series.

Nekomi, a quiet city near Tokyo, known for its institute of technology and amongst other thing, the pranks that its members usually pull. Despite that, during the last few years more and more unusual events have occurred in the city that would make its residents rather curious. The occasional lightning out of the sky, the sound of a distant explosion, weird lights, or even the appearance of Fenrir, the giant wolf of doom and destruction. Most of the times those events were easily dismissed by the masses who either considered them as elaborate pranks by the members of NIT or for some unknown reason payed no attention to them at all.

Such was the case with the latest situation that easily topped most of the previous ones. A full scale assault of random and superficial if not downright stupid wishes that were granted left and right, with little discrimination or logic behind them. The ones responsible behind such an act were none others than the demons, who during a coup led by the demoness Hagall and her group of followers, seized control of Niflheim by sealing Hild, their Daimakaicho, and started to grant all those wishes in hopes to aggressively increase the demon's market share, in hopes of creating the perfect world for them. Since their previous leader's term was about to end, just as well as her life due to one demonic law that dictated it, Hagall did all this in hopes to achieve the dreams of her predecessor, who also happened to be her idol as well as the closest thing that she ever had for a real parent.

But thanks to the fact that Hild also had a one thousandth part of herself still on Earth in the form of a childlike version of her and the help of the three goddesses, who lived there for the past few years, plus a certain mortal who wished for a goddess to be by his side forever, the situation finally changed back to whatever one might consider as normal.

Hild was the Daimakaicho once again by exploiting some paragraph in the demon code that allowed such a thing, in the case of a coup, a development that greatly pleased Hagall since her role model of a demoness was safe for the time being and back into her rightful position. The careless wishes were negated with most of the damage caused fixed already, thanks to Peorth and Lind, the two goddesses left behind on Earth while the others faced their own trials in Niflheim. Everything was almost back at its previous state, nearly unaffected by this sudden turn of events.

One thing did change though. The relationship between one mortal Keiichi, and Belldandy, his goddess girlfriend, who now was officially his wife. Everyone expected that the couple would marry at one point or another, but nobody expected it was going to happen under such circumstances, right in the middle of such a major event in Niflheim. And with everything happening within a single day, it was without doubt that everybody involved were both physically and emotionally drained, wanting nothing more than the day to finally come to an end at last.

But that wasn't the case. After the two were married in an official ceremony, they happened to run into Megumi Morisato and Chihiro, who were apparently on their way to Keiichi's house, in order to celebrate his nearly forgotten birthday that was also on the same day. Keiichi originally thought that it would have been for the best to hold another ceremony, this time one for mortals in order for his family and friends to attend. However, that plan was doomed now that proverbial cat was out of the bag. After both the women overcame the shock of seeing Belldandy in a wedding dress and Keiichi into a mixed up getup that somehow resembled what a groom might wear, they called everyone they knew. And news seem to travel fast in the mortal realm. Due to that, the originally intended party became a much bigger event and far more special in more than one ways.

Most of the people that showed up, had a hard time to understand why the couple married so suddenly, and without inviting anyone on top of that. Some wondered if it was a case of a shotgun marriage, though everyone agreed that Morisato didn't have the guts to get himself into a situation like that. Others suggested that maybe Belldandy's family wanted to get her into an arranged marriage, and she ended up marrying Keiichi to avoid it. The young engineer could only wonder how could those guys come up with such ideas that would better fit a fictional work. Ironically though the real cause of that particular turn of events was far more outlandish than any of those things.

Crazy scenarios aside, Keiichi still had to explain the reason behind the fact that nobody was invited or even informed. After a few attempts to come up with a plausible excuse, he just went on saying that it was due to some obscure custom from Belldandy's homeland that required couples to marry in a private ceremony instead of a public one. That was an obvious lie of course, but everyone seemed to accept it for a reason, and though Keiichi found it a bit weird, he wasn't going to complain about it. As Hild put it, being around gullible people that lacked... prudence wasn't without its own benefits.

Well after midnight, the visitors finally decided to call it quits and go to their homes, content with the amount of alcohol, food and snacks they managed to consume in that sort amount of time. Even the usual troublemakers of the Motor Club had enough common sense and decided to leave the young couple alone, instead of crashing in for the night. So after a lot of hugs, alcohol induced embarrassing comments and manly tears, Tamiya and Otaki signaled for the rest of the gang to leave. Finally Megumi and Chihiro left offering a few equally naughty, yet more tactful, comments to poor Keiichi who was trying his best to act all cool and collected but failed miserably at convincing anyone.

So at half past one o'clock in the morning the lights at Tariki Hongan Temple turned off the long awaited night.


The temple residents were all fast asleep, feeling the tiredness of the eventful day finally catching up to them. Everyone aside one certain Valkyrie that somehow managed to have enough stamina, despite the fact that she had just repelled a demonic takeover of Earth just hours ago. She, as well as Peorth were given permission to stay there for a few days, under the promise that they will compile and submit their report during their time on Earth. It was strictly stated that it wasn't exactly an official vacation, but due to their quick thinking and initiative to head to the mortal realm before the gate was sealed, Asgard would let them stay there with the newlyweds for a little while.

There was a certain feeling that kept the warrior goddess awake, something that was so instinctive for anyone that spent as much time as herself in the Fighting Wings. The presence of a demon. Initially believing that it was the catatonic Welsper, who finally returned home after he went missing when he realized that Belldandy had just gotten married, Lind tried to ignore it. However the more she thought about it, the more she realized that this energy source didn't belong to him, but someone with a lot more power. Someone she knew very well.

Getting off her futon that was in the middle of the guest room, right next to Peorth's, she tried to avoid both the rose goddess who was blissfully asleep, as well as the heaps of trash, that were discarded there after the end of the party just a few moment ago. Navigating herself out of that mess, she managed to get to the door and from there straight outside in the temple grounds. Letting neither the cool air nor the distant lights from Nekomi distract her from her target, she closed the distance in absolute silence.

There at the bottom of a nearby set of stairs right in front of the materialized gate of Niflheim, was the one thousandth version of Hild, scratching her head in wonder as well as frustration.

"Good grief! That Lind... She's really done it this time!" she muttered at herself. "The damage to the temple was one thing. This is on whole new level. And to think that we're supposed to be the demons here... So here goes nothing..." said the tiny Daimakaicho as she started the restoration procedure for the Gate.

Lind for her part wasn't sure what to do in a situation like this. It wasn't like her to feel apologetic to a demon, especially since unlike the temple, this wasn't an accident. Instead there were good reasons for her actions that created this mess. On the other hand, goddesses were normally responsible beings known for their benign nature. As such she was slightly inclined to help, considering that it was her fault in the first place. But helping demons repairing their Gate might be a bit too much. After all, how was she going to help, since it was her repair spell the one that did this?

Trying to get out of her dilemma, she decided to rely on the experiences and wisdom of others that were in her place before her. And following the example of the goddess of the past, she did just that. She left while pretending she never saw anything.

Tiptoeing her way back into the temple, she left Hild on her own. Hoping that the demoness was busy enough with the much needed repairs of the Gate, to try and pull something, she went straight back into her futon. Letting a sigh she covered herself and prepared for getting some rest finally.


Despite what some people think, nights are far from wasted productivity. Nocturnal beings are most active during that time. Even the ones that prefer the day may stay awake in order to do their job. Especially if it is an urgent one.

One such person moved under the cover of darkness towards the temple in absolute silence, wasting no time to sit and absorb their surroundings. Instead the dark figure moved towards the door of the main residence, pausing for a second to read the small piece of wood with Keiichi's name inscribed on it, right next to the entrance. The stealthy approach finally came to an end, as a slender finger pressed the doorbell.

Normally when one rings a doorbell at three o'clock in the morning, it is often due to some bad news. Illness, death, disasters of both of natural and man made origin were amongst the things that one was likely to expect when a messenger arrived at their doorstep at such an hour. Even in the occasion that the news were good, most would really rush to see what the commotion was about, no matter how inviting their beds might have been.

That was not the case this time around. Only one person actually woke up. Lind's eyes snapped open as she became aware of the noise that interrupted the silence of the night. Turning her head to the side, she found the goddess of the roses still asleep and even worse, in a position that Lind found difficult to look for long. If nothing she wanted to save herself from the embarrassment to witness that sight. While normally graceful under most circumstances, Peorth was apparently nothing like that during nighttime. Having her limbs sprawled all over the place and her covers almost completely removed, the Valkyrie could see more that she ever wanted, especially considering the stuff that the other first class goddess used as night clothes. If the ones she used during the day were any indication, then the ones she currently wore could count more as an accessory than actual clothes. To even think that just yesterday Lind thought that Peorth's casual attire was revealing...

Pinching her nose to clear her mind of such impure and useless thoughts, the Valkyrie turned to head towards for the second time in the same night. But that wasn't the only thing. The cause was very similar too. A demon. Even though she hadn't opened the door yet, she could pick out the characteristic energy signature that accompanied those fiends.

Resisting the urge to just kick the flimsy wooden obstacle that stood between herself and the unidentified intruder, she opted to just follow the standard procedure for answering the door. Just about the time the said intruder was about to ring the bell once more in hopes to finally get somebody's attention. The demon's hand froze as he took a good look at the person in front of him and once he realized that she was a Valkyrie, the rest of his body froze as well.

"S-s-signed m-mail d-de-delivery..." the demon stammered as he presented a small black package with a red ribbon wrapped around it. "I-It's for g-goddess first class second c-category Belldandy." he added looking carefully for any signs of aggression from the war goddess.

Lind wasn't buying it though. Demons were known liars and the whole thing looked like a setup. Still she wasn't going to just let him go without attempting to extract more information. "What's inside the box?" she asked him.

"I don't know and I'm not allowed to open it before I hand it over." The demon managed to regain enough of his composure as she seemed to be more interested in talk than fighting at the moment. "Let me check the shipment manifest for a moment." he said as he started to go through some of the documents that Niflheim's bureaucracy deemed necessary for such a delivery.

Lind just crossed her arms while she waited her answer. In her mind she already knew what it was though. Trouble. That's what it was to be expected from the denizens of the infernal realm in the first place. She was certain that whatever that 'gift' was, its intended purpose was to bring pain and misfortune for the young couple.

"There it is!" said the demon mailman snapping the Valkyrie out of her thoughts. "It's an angel egg addressed to the goddess Belldandy. The sender is the Daimakaicho sama." he added.

For her part Lind was more confused than she was before. Why would Hild send Belldandy an angel egg of all things and even more, how did she get one in the first place? A trap, That's what it had to be. But she decided to play along and extend her arms. "Fine, I'll take it in her place then. Do I sign anywhere?"

"Oh, that's OK. As long as she gets the package, all is good I guess... In that case please sign here." said the demon pointing to a paper. As soon as the Valkyrie carved her sigil in the receipt, the mailman gave her a small bow. "Thank you for doing business with us! Our service is the best in Niflheim. I'll take my leave then."

While Lind couldn't wait to be rid of the uninvited company, she also couldn't resist giving him a reply. "Does the best service in Niflheim means delivering mail in the middle of the night?"

"Umm, I'm terribly sorry about that. Actually it was reaby fo delivery hours ago, but I couldn't use Niflheim's door, because it was under repairs. According to rumors, some violent and most malicious individual, managed to vandalize the gate, despite its sophisticated auto repair mechanisms in place." said the demon as he looked at Lind who seemed a bit nervous for some reason.

"That's... terrible..." she managed, trying to hide her sweat drop that was without doubt forming as a result to the previous comments.

"Well, again thanks and goodnight." said the demon as he finally turned and started to walk away, probably back to that gate."

That left Lind staring awkwardly at the black box that she currently held. She was still highly suspicious of it, but the more that she tried to observe it, the more she actually sensed the presence of divine energy emanating out of it instead of demonic one. But this wasn't the time nor the place to properly study it, so she decided to postpone that for tomorrow. In the meanwhile it was important to make sure that nobody touched it, just in case it was a form of a Trojan horse.

Walking in the kitchen, she picked a notepad that was left there for writing down the shopping list and tearing an empty page out, she made a quick note warning everyone that the package should not be opened until further investigation. Going back into the room that she and Peorth shared, she put both the package and the note on a table and went back into her futon.


Cats were known to be independent and spontaneous creatures. It was in their nature to just do whatever they wanted and come and go as they pleased.

That was also the case for Welsper, the demon that was reincarnated as a cat, due to his attempt to mess with Yggdrasil. He would disappear even on regular days, but the previous one was even worse for him. The demon had a strong crush on Belldandy, his doublet, and even went as far as to put himself under a curse to stay as a kid forever in order to keep the memory of their meeting. Normally after the life sharing ceremony, that was the basis of the doublet system, both participants would lose their memories of that event in an effort to keep the identity of the double pairs a secret.

Welsper tried to avoid that, but it was eventually impossible. His child-like body could no longer hold the amount of energy of a grown demon and he reached his limits. In an act of utter stupidity, he tried to hack into Yggdrasil and cause time in the mortal realm to stop completely putting an end to his problem and making sure that he would stay with Belldandy forever. He put a lot of thought into his plan, but little into what he was supposed to do in case he failed. So now he was a cat. Punished by the demons for violating paragraph 4, first clause, of the demonic law, he was now stuck with the body of a class 4 life form. To make matters even worse he was a female cat.

Even in that condition he managed to curse himself in order to keep his consciousness from going into an eternal sleep, giving him the opportunity to maintain his memories and personality intact. He even found his way to the Tariki Hongan temple so that he could live with Belldandy, though at this time, as a pet cat.

But that wasn't the worst part of it all. He still had to come into terms with the reality that Belldandy has chosen to stay with a different guy. A short, boring motorhead that simply was lucky enough to make a stupid, selfish wish. Even if he had to admit that those two made a perfect team, he wasn't going to forgive the guy anytime soon. Especially not after he somehow managed to marry her yesterday.

Maybe a bit of revenge was necessary. Though at the same time, Welsper had little doubt that like most of his other plans, it was going to come back and bite him. Besides what he was supposed to do anyways? Scratch his BMW bike? Any of the goddesses could fix it. Well... maybe not that violent one, but the rest most certainly could.

'Let's see... What could ruin his day?' thought the crafty cat as he plotted. 'Hmm.. Belldandy gave him a watch for a birthday present. If he lost that, he would certainly look like an idiot to her. Yes, that might do the trick. All I have to do is hide it and let him panic a bit.'

Approaching quietly, which wasn't that difficult for a cat, he managed to open the door of Keiichi's room just enough to get himself inside.

Searching his things next to the two futons that were placed next to each other, he failed to detect the item he was looking for. Refusing to give up, he decided to keep looking until he spotted his target, but even after as much as ten minutes, the watch was nowhere to be seen. The frustrated demonic cat could only assume that the only logical explanation was that it was either outside the room, or he was still wearing it. Considering that the latter was more likely than the former, he cautiously approached the sleeping couple.

Thankfully the previous day left them drained enough that both decided to just go to sleep fully clothed, sparing Welsper from having to witness a sight that he was likely not mentally prepared to face yet. With the grace of a born predator, the cat moved next to Keiichi's wrist, that still had the item he was looking for.

Of course there was the very practical problem of removing the darn thing from Keiichi's wrist, a task that sounded easier in theory that it was in reality. Not without waking the guy. Even using Blue Lance to help was out of question, since the summoning of the devil familiar, would most likely wake the goddess next to him.

Deep in thought, the cat actually lost track of his tail, that somehow approached Keiichi's head, the tip of it getting dangerously close to his nose. By the time Welsper realized the mistake he made, it was far too late to do nothing.

Keiichi sneezed.

The frozen form of Welsper could only watch as the man tried to suppress a second sneeze and while successful, he looked like he needed to blow his nose. Supporting his weight on his elbow, he reached for the box of tissues with the other arm. However in his half asleep state, his muscle took over and guided him to the presumed location of the tissue box, only to fail him due to the recent change in his sleeping arrangements. So instead of the item he was reaching out o grab, his hand found his wife in a place that he has never touched while he was awake. A sight that most certainly emotionally scared the demon cat, who happened to be present to witness it, for the rest of eternity.

It lasted a brief moment though. As soon as both Keiichi and his wife, that just woke up, realized what was going on, there was a massive explosion right around them, sending the futon's covers, along with the cat that was on top of them, sky high through the roof. Flowers of all types, sizes and colors, expanded to occupy the space around them almost like a tidal wave, crushing the walls and spilling into all the other rooms.

As the house nearly collapsed from having to deal with the forces that Belldandy's little flower outburst caused, Welsper's ballistic trajectory came to an end in the worst possible place in the temple grounds. The small pond.

Being a cat and even having a weakness to water from before, didn't help at all. Welsper helplessly struggled to get himself out of the horrible experience he was currently in. That was until an arm reached out from within the water and pulled him out of the pond. The blonde woman that was in the middle of properly emerging from the mass of water, stared at the scene of total destruction, while the voices of several startled goddesses joined in, to complete the scene of absolute chaos that was unfolding before her eyes.

"This seems to be a lively place indeed." she said with a smile as she finally set her bare feet on the grass right in front the pond. Putting the unconscious cat down, she wondered if she she should wait a while before she made her presence known. After all the temple's occupants were most likely busy extracting themselves from this disaster scene.

The Morisato house was destroyed. Again.