Chapter One

"There, El Macho in prison, you girls safe, mission completed," Gru was satisfied returning home that night with his girls and Dr. Nefario. However, he couldn't help but notice Margo still looking really down in her spirit. It was probably that boy, Antonio. Gru did not know how to solve such a problem, for this was a new circumstance.

He parked in the garage, and Edith sluggishly got out of the car, Agnes following her to their room. Margo, however, didn't budge an inch.

"Margo, sweetheart, what is wrong?" Gru asked as he opened his door. The girl only sighed, unbuckling her seatbelt and slowly moving out of the garage and back into the house.

"Nothing," she finally sighed, and she took down her hair. Gru had never seen Margo do that before. Her hair was always up, every time he saw her, that was just how she looked. But now, her brown locks had a twist and wave to them, and Gru couldn't help but notice. Her expression did not match her hair's luminosity as the light shown upon her from the kitchen.

Gru followed Margo until she sat at the kitchen table.

"I'll be right back," Gru told her, whether she was listening or not. He was going to tuck Edith and Agnes into bed.

Margo could only find it in herself to sigh. Antonio had been so nice to her. Their talking went so well and she thought he actually liked her. She was taken right off her feet, almost literally. As Gru walked away, her thoughts had shifted.

Wonder what he must be feeling right now? His father's in prison. I wonder if he knew his dad was a super villain? Maybe he didn't. Maybe he's really depressed right now and needs someone. Maybe he's had many girlfriends, but none really cared.

Hmm...wonder if he gets all the money now that his dad has a life sentence? Margo! that's a horrible thought...Okay, well maybe he does have a new girlfriend and she's supporting him right now...

Ugh, there's so many things he could be thinking. Maybe I'm just another one of the girls he's swept off their feet and decided to just let go. He was a real jerk to me. At the party, he just looked at another girl and ditched me. Like he didn't even care!

...Maybe he doesn't know any better.

"Margo," Gru's voice broke her thoughts, and she gasped like she hadn't any air for minutes. Her eyes looked up slowly to face Gru, a look of worry on his face.

"Tell me what is wrong," he sat down next to her.

"You're a guy, so don't be offended if I ask you this," she said, looking back to the table with her hands crossing each other. Gru awaited her question, staring at her unintentionally.

"How can a guy just look at another girl and decided to ditch the one he already has beside him?" Margo asked, her tone full of annoyance, anger, and most of all confusion.

"Oh...oh Honey, that's-that's something I cannot say," Gru replied apologetically. "I do not know what he was thinking, but Margo, he made a huge mistake."

She sighed once more.

"I guess I'm just-I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt," she told him. "I mean, now what is he going to do? His father's in prison, Gru..." She had looked up at him for a moment, which was plenty long enough for him to notice the water filling up her eyes.

"Well, he'll be taken into the system until he turns of age when he can claim his father's wealth," Gru told her. Margo stood up, letting a single tear emerge from her left eye first.

"No!" she exclaimed. "We have to do something, Gru! We cannot let him go into the system."

"There's nothing I can do for him," Gru said. "I am sorry, Margo. Why do you care so much about a guy who hurt you? There are plenty of others who will do the same thing."

Margo looked away again, another tear hitting the tile.

"...Because...because...I don't care what any kid has done in his life. He never deserves to end up in the system," Margo had finally broken her point and was sobbing uncontrollably. Gru stood up, attempting to advance towards her.

"Margo, you are not in the system anymore, okay? It's all right-"

"No!" she shoved him away. "No it's not okay. You don't understand what it's like in there. A hopelessness you could never describe. The feeling that no one wanted you so they sent you away. The only reason Agnes took it so well was because she couldn't even remember our parents. She was only two years old, Edith was five. But, I was eight, and I remember everything. And so will he. And I don't care that he broke my heart if it means he's going to spend four years of his life in the system."

Gru didn't know what to say, but Margo knew that this time, she couldn't just sulk in the corner with a chip hat while he waltzed away with another girl. He needed someone, and she wanted to make sure he had that someone. The girl picked herself up and ran into the spare bedroom, slamming the door in an emotional wreck behind her.

She jumped on the bed, crying for a while when Gru knocked on the door.

"Margo? Are you all right?" This time, she did not respond, and instead she allowed herself to keep crying. She needed this.

"Leave 'er Gru," Nefario said. "She jus' needs a lit'le time."

"I did not know this would upset her so much," he confessed. "She won't stop crying."

"Gru, it's a boy. She needs to think about it herself. I'd leave her for the night, but if you're really worried, check back in an hour or so, and I'll bet you she'll be asleep in that bed," the doctor said.

"Should I take her back into the room?" Gru asked, but the doctor shook his head in dismay.

"Let her wake up alone," Nefario said.

"How do you know so much about this?" Gru asked. Nefario shrugged.

"I guess if it was me and I really cared for someone and they betrayed me, I'd want time to think it over myself for a while. See what to do next with myself is all. I'm not tryin' to force you to do anythin' Gru. Do what you want, but that's what I would do."

"And you're probably right," Gru replied. "Thank you, Dr. Nefario." He began to walk away with a slight lift of burden on his conscious.

"Although, I do feel bad for that kid, what's his face-"

"Antonio," Gru replied.

"Yeah, 'im. Gotta be lonely now for sure, losing his father to prison and all that."

"Yeah, I'm sure," Gru walked into his own room, telling Nefario to have a good night's rest. He knew his night would not be the same as he had wished on Nefario, for there was no such thing as a good night's rest. No, not when one of his girls was upset as Margo was tonight. In fact, for what felt like hours, he stared at the ceiling, hearing Margo's broken sobs for brief moments at a time from all the way across the hall.

From a glance at the clock, Gru was shocked to see Nefario was right about Margo. Within two hours, she was quieter, and he could no longer hear her crying in a painful memory. He figured she must have gone to sleep by now.