Chapter 2

Hey. the system is horrible and i would know . i'm sorry for whats happening to you. id ask how you r holding up but i already know the answer. if you need anything... dont b afraid to ask.

That was the text she had sent before finally falling asleep, but she was awoken by a horrible dream she could not remember. By that time, her phone had been lighting up for a little while now, and when she picked it up, there was a surprising response:

Margo, i am truly sorry 4 what i did to u. no one cared to ask me about how i am or what im going to do. i feel like i am nobody now. i didnt know ud been through the system b4. wish u were here.

A small smile had inched its way to the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were once again swelled with tears. Antonio did still like her...a little at least! That text had only been sent 15 minutes ago. The night was rough for both of them. Margo slid her phone's touch screen over to unlock it and found her contacts. Text just wasn't good enough.

Can u talk? She texted.


That was enough permission for her to dial the number.

"Hey," his voice was soothing to her, even if it was depressing to her ear.

"Hi," she said. "Where are you?"

"A place I don't like very room," he replied. She sat up in bed.

"Oh, I'm in our guest room. Everyone's asleep."

"Same here. I'm with my dad's staff for the week until all that stuff is decided about me."

"The system is awful. I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

"Anyone? Even the guy who tore you apart?"

"No, not even to him," Margo said, smiling a little more. "Heh, you know, it's funny. I'm still in my party clothes."

"Yeah, me too."

"I didn't shower because I was afraid I would lose your smell on me." That sounded sooo pathetic!

"Haha. Margo, that's funny. I didn't shower either."

There was a moment of silence between them, yet neither of them wanted the conversation to end.

"You know, Antonio," she began. "I was adopted, if it wasn't obvious enough. All my sisters were."

"You were? So, none of you are really sisters?"

"No no, what I meant was, well, my sisters and I are related by blood, but they don't remember the day we were taken away. They only knew the system."

"But, you knew differently huh?"

"Yes, yes I did..."

"Hey, Margo," he said, sounding nervous as he rolled himself over to the other side of his bed and pushing his hair out of his face. "I really don't want to be here. Whadya say say I come over to your place? Maybe spend the night?"

Margo was shocked beyond all of her reason.

"Um," she stuttered a while on the other end of their connection. "I don't know if that's such a good...idea. I mean-" she sounded like she wanted it the entire time, and Antonio was smiling on the other end, shaking his head. He could hear her emotions all too clearly.

"Come on. I'll stay in the guest bedroom," he pleaded with her. Margo was silent for too long.

"You're the only one who will even talk to me," Antonio said.

"Have you ever thought maybe that's because you can be a real jerk?" Margo asked rather politely.

She both heard and felt him sigh in her ear.

"Yes, yes I have thought of that," he replied. "I've been told that a lot lately."

"I don't mean to be hard on you," Margo said. "I'm just feeling so many things right now. How about you come over tomorrow? I'll let you in while my dad is working in the basement and we can hang out."

"What about your sisters?"

"Edith will be with my dad's...workers...all afternoon and evening if she can help it. Agnes-she'll be easy," Margo said. "Don't worry."

Another sigh on the other end.

"Okay, I will come tomorrow...but Margo-"


"I don't really want to hang up." She laughed a little.

"Neither do I."

A/N: I KNOW, I gave into the cute love story. I regret nothing. :p