Chapter Eight

Kevin and Tom seemed apprehensive at first, but Margo reassured them that if anything happened, it was all on her. The minions nodded, reaching out from their pockets. It was an extra house key. Margo's eye's shot up. Brilliant! She passed the key to Antonio who was off to an interview this afternoon, and afterwards he would run back home and pack some clothes up. Margo came home as usual, waiting for her sisters to come home. She spent lots of time in the guest room that Antonio was taking over.

Gru was keeping busy , with no idea what Margo was doing in his own home.

"I must be a real sucker..." she said to herself, but Antonio was just sneaking back in.

"Oh? Why is that?"

Margo jumped, turning to face him, smirking. "To be doing this. To even be talking to you after what you did to me..."

"I know, but I'm kind of glad you are," he replied. "I'd have nowhere else to go." There were three bags strapped to him, but only two of them contained clothes. The other was filled with supplies like deodorant, shampoo, that sort of thing. There were three knocks at the door. Margo cracked it open, it was just Tom.

"Ok, three knocks means it's clear, just you. Four knocks means two of you, and the Barbershop Quartet means Gru is outside the door. Got it?" Tom nodded, holding up rags and a broom.

"He's going to clean the room now," she told him after shutting the door.

"That is fine. I'll shower."

Margo nodded, sitting on top the bed, asking if he wanted the clothes anywhere. She was just hanging them up leisurely as he told her he didn't care. Margo thought to herself. Lucy, Edith, Kevin, and Tom, those are the people that know. Agnes probably knows too but Edith shut her trap real well.

Whenever Lucy came over, she'd put her things into the spare room as normal, pretending she fell asleep on the couch from the TV every time. Antonio became very good at organization. You wouldn't know the room even belonged to him, and with Margo in there so often, things weren't exactly perfect for Edith and Agnes.

"She never comes out," Agnes complained. "We don't even play anymore."

"I know, but it's only for a little wile," Edith told her. "Besides, if Gru finds out, we're all dead."

"But Lucy knows, she'd protect us with her lipstick," Agnes argued.

"Not for long. We'll just be so dead, ok? That's it. Margo is counting on us. This means a lot to her, we can't screw up ok?" Edith looked at her sister.

"Okay," Agnes was clearly disappointed about the situation, but Edith offered herself up as a playmate in the meantime, leaving notes for Margo every now and again. Gru's concerns were growing by the day, even though Margo couldn't tell. She only had Edith's notes, but they seemed to be getting more cautious and elaborate.

Antonio had snuck off to work when Edith came in to talk to Margo.

"Seriously, he's getting worried, like really bad," Edith said. "Come on! School's even started up."

"I don't know why. It's not like I never talk to him. I say goodbye in the morning, go around, and it's fine. We just don't talk at dinner," Margo said.

"Because you're never there! Gru keeps asking if we talk, and I tell him no, because we are technically passing notes, so I'm convincing myself I'm not lying to him."

"You're not. I am," Margo said. "I'm sorry to have put you through this."

"And Agnes, all she wants to do is play with you. I'm not good enough anymore, imagine that. Oh, and Nefario wanted me to tell you that he wants to see you tonight, so you'd better leave a note for Antonio. I'll let him in," Edith explained.

"You're not...mad are you?" Margo asked. Edith sighed.

"No, you're out of the room enough, I'm just worried what Gru's gonna do. He's like, getting desperate and stuff, asking Lucy stuff and Agnes stuff she doesn't even know about because I don't tell her. I...just don't know if we can keep going."

"Believe me, Edith, things weren't like I expected either. We usually sit and do homework, believe it or not, because we each fall behind somehow and we have to keep up the grades. Antonio is saving up slowly for stuff he needs, which I'm glad it's enough. Maybe...if we can get Gru out of the house, Antonio can come down for dinner. Nefario knows. I told him again to make sure," Margo said. There was a knock at the door, and none that sounded like Kevin or Tom.

"Margo?" It was Gru, sounding desperate. "What's going on? Open up."

"Just me!" Edith replied, opening the door. "Chill."

"Can I speak with Margo please?" Gru asked, and Edith sat herself down on the bed next to her sister.

"Sure." Margo remained silent. Gru took a deep breath.


"Oh. Okay." Edith stayed put, looking at Margo, who then nodded and stood up, walking out of the room. Gru followed, and this time, Edith shut the door.

"Why is she shutting that door?" Gru asked.

"I don't know. Nunchucks probably," Margo replied, and she kept walking into the living room where they sat down.

"Margo, I know the whole boy thing has been hard on you but-"

"Please, I'm fine," she told him, pushing up her glasses.

"Still, why do you shut yourself in that room everyday? Don't think I don't notice you're practically living in here. You never talk to me anymore, what is going on inside your head?" Gru was worried, and Edith was right. Margo stared down at the floor.

"Did I do something wrong?" he asked. Nefario came bursting into the room.

"I finished the new gadget! Security will be so tight now!" he beamed, but Gru glared. Edith showed up behind Nefario, tapping him on the shoulder and scaring him. He led her down into the lab, but told Gru and Margo they had to be programmed. Margo and Edith exchanged a glance.

"I have my DNA on this piece of tape," she held it up, and Margo was relieved. It wasn't Edith's, and her sister had winked at her. Nefario and her left the room.

"Margo, just say something," Gru said. "Why don't you speak to me?"

"I do. I'm just seeing what it's like with my own room, that's all," Margo replied.

"You...want your own room?" Gru asked, his eyebrows rising.

"I just wanted to see what it was like, so I've been practically living in the guest room, acting like it's mine. Edith and Agnes don't seem to mind. Lucy could have taken it when she stayed over, but she usually fell asleep on the couch instead," Margo explained. She could feel the lie in her heart as she felt the drum vibrate throughout her entire body.

Meanwhile, Edith gave Nefario Antonio's fingerprints.

"He's programmed now," Nefario assured. "You know, you're fast on your toes."

"Thanks," Edith replied, placing her own fingerprint into the scanner and tossing the tape.

"You know, if we just told Gru, he'd be furious, but we could say it's only been a week," Narfario suggested. Edith shook her head.

"I feel like I'm lying all the time, keeping him here. I don't mind because Gru never asks, but it's killing me inside," she told him.

"I know, and you know what, I think we should tell him. School's here, and how do we do this for the entire next summer? Margo probably is panicking right now over that," he said.

Edith agreed to telling Gru, but this wasn't going to go well.

She knocked on Margo's door, waiting for her sister to answer. "It's me."

Margo let her enter, explaining her long talk with Gru.

"We need to tell him." Antonio was just coming out of the shower.

They all knew it, and it had to be done. Lucy was going to help, Edith had talked to her on the phone before. Nefario came up that night to chat with her privately with Antonio.

"Look, we all know this isn't going to go well, but we are all with you here. We are on your side, Margo. Gru won't fire his minions, he won't fire me, and we won't let him kick out Anty here," Nefario said.

"How? Gru has done nothing but hate my guts since I first met Margo," Antonio said.

Nefario knew that, but he really pushed the teamwork part.

"You are not alone," he told them. "As long as you're happy Margo, but I don't think Gru will want you to be sharing a room with him. Just sayin'."

"I know, and that's what I'll miss most. He's going to soooo hate me for this."

"Not just you, dear, everyone who knew and didn't tell him. He'll be mad at me, you, him, your sisters, Kevin, and Tom."

"Why did you guys let me get this far?" Margo asked, leaning against Antonio.

"Because, we knew you could handle yourself, but Gru doesn't want to believe that. It's gone on for long enough now. I'm sorry, but if it makes ya feel better, I'm very proud of you."

"Thanks, Doc," she smiled.

"And you," Narfario looked at Antonio. "I hope you learned a thing or two about sneaking around, 'cuz I'm gonna need that." Narfario was already giving Antonio the ok to live in this house. Edith was accepting him too, very slowly. Antonio smiled. He could have lived here, if Gru were not around all the time, but no, this was never going to work. All of them could see that.

"My friends were never really my friends, and I don't know what I would do without Margo. I'm stuck at home, but honestly, I'd sell the whole property if it meant I no longer needed to live up to my father's reputation," he told him.

"Good, but ya know, being rich doesn't mean you have to be evil. You can just afford more evil stuff. The estate would be nice to have, but you could do a little remodeling," Nefario said.

Antonio nodded, saying he would write a request letter to his home to tell everyone where he was and what he planned to do with his father's assets. El Macho was in prison for life, and Margo would kill him herself if he let his father out.

Telling Gru meant obvious consequences, as he was furious with her, but Dr. Nefario and Lucy defended the poor girl for doing this. Once Gru knew that nearly almost everyone else knew of the kid staying here, he was just flaming. Lucy took him into the next room, but Antonio was already packing, apologizing for all the trouble he had caused.

Margo smirked, saying it was probably better that he returned home and deal with the situation. Narfario offered to help as did Margo, but it didn't seem Gru was up to par for that quite yet. Antonio said his goodbyes after calling on a taxi to take him back home.

He hugged Margo goodbye, thanking her, and promising to stay in touch.

"You better not ditch me again," she said. He looked behind him before getting in the cab.

"Wouldn't think of it," he said, getting into the cab and driving away. Gru came storming out of the house, Lucy behind him. The cab had just driven away.

"MARGO!" Gru exclaimed.

"Polo?" she replied.

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