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Kiku was pissed. His best friend took someone else's side. What the hell?

"Kiku! Wait for me!" Peter yelled.

Kiku stopped. Ugh, this kid was nothing but trouble.

"What do you want?" he asked coldly. Kiku soon regretted it because Peter's face turn sad.

"I just wanted to see if you were ok. I'll go back home now." He said sadly.

"Wait! Peter I'm sorry. Look why don't we go back to the inn and discuss stuff there. We can have lunch there instead." He said when he remembered how hungry he was.

"Ok!" Peter said as he pulled out a chicken tender from his pocket. "Here"

Kiku took Peter's offer and debated whether to eat or not. He then stuffed it in his mouth. Kiku looked around the square. He hadn't really looked at it. He noticed a blonde wearing a purple wife beater and white jeans. The blonde noticed him staring and gave Kiku a Cheshire like grin.

"Hey Peter!" the blonde called.

Peter smiled, "Hi Feliks."

Feliks walked up to Kiku and shook his hand. "It is, like, nice to meet you."

"Likewise." Kiku said.

"Hey Peter you should, like, come to the tea party were having." Feliks said.

"Aw that sounds like a blast!" Peter said happily, "Kiku can we go? Please?"

Kiku sighed, "Will there be food?"

Alfred sat there for a minute. What the actual fuck just happened. His best friend had just been rude to a nice person. That was so unlike Kiku, and then Peter followed him. Alfred ate his food in silence which just tasted like paste now. Natalia sat in Kiku's seat.

"I get off in five minutes. Want me to show you around?" she asked him.

Alfred smiled, "Ya, here." Alfred pulled out his wallet but Natalia stopped him.

"No, this one is one me."

After Natalia clocked out they walked all over town. Alfred met Gilbert and Matthew, the Albino and Blonde from yesterday.

"Is this your boyfriend Nat?" Gilbert asked teasingly.

Natalia rolled her eyes, "Oh grow up Gilbert."

Gilbert let out a loud laugh, "Grow up? That's ridiculous! Being a grown up sucks! Right Wendy?" Gilbert looked over at Matthew.

Matthew nodded.

"Isn't your name Matthew?" Alfred asked.

Matthew nodded again.

"But he called you Wendy." Alfred said

Matthew and Gilbert looked at each other.

"Uh no I called him Matthew." Gilbert said giving Alfred a weird look.

"Oh sorry about that."

"See you guys around." Natalia said taking Alfred's arm.

Soon Natalia introduced him to the guy with the mole. Turns out his name is, Roderich. Roderich took the pocket watch out of his pocket and gasped.

"My goodness I'm going to be late! Dear lord The Mad Hatter is going to kill me! Good bye Natalia and her friend!" he said and scurried off.

Alfred gave Natalia a look. "Who is the Mad Hatter?"

Feliks dragged Kiku and Peter to a big hat shop. Next to the shop was a small white gate. Feliks opened it. Kiku could hear hysterical giggling. When he looked he saw a huge table and a large arrangement of chairs, tea pots and cups, and desserts. At the end of the table sat three figures. The smallest one was a boy about Peter's age, the other was a young man with short brown sipping tea, and the other is a man with blonde hair and glasses. The guy with blonde hair was laughing hysterically.

"Is he okay?"Kiku asked.

"We believe the Mercury has gotten to him."Feliks said.

Kiku noticed he was wearing a top hat. He must be the Hatter of the hat shop.

The three men noticed them.

"Eh! Feliks you're late!" the Hatter shouted.

"Calm down Eduard the party doesn't start until I get here." Feliks said sitting next to the sleeping boy.

Peter sat down next to Feliks and Kiku ended up sitting next to the Hatter.

"Don't you know it's very rude to show up to a party uninvited?"Eduard asked Kiku releasing little giggles afterwards.

"No, I'm terribly sorry to intrude but Feliks invited me."Kiku said.

"Stupid Cat."Eduard spat.


"Clean Cup! Clean Cup move down!" Eduard shouted grabbing Kiku and moving to a different seat.

"I didn't even get to enjoy my tea already!" complained Kiku.

Just then Roderich ran in, "I'm so sorry for being late!" he took a seat next to Toris.

Eduard was staring at Kiku. "Can I help you-"

Eduard grabbed Kiku's face and examined it. "Hair black as night, lips red as blood, and skin pale as snow." Eduard gasped. "You look strikingly familiar."

The gates opened again. A woman with a large bust walked in.

"I'm sorry I came late." She said. Everyone cheered.

"It's Kat!"

"Who is she?" Kiku asked about to take a drink from his tea. Before he could it was knocked out of his hands.

"Kat is the Duchess! Uneducated Swine!" Eduard said smacking Kiku on the head.

"I'm sorry I di-"

"Oh? Eduard? Who is our new guest?" Kat asked.

Eduard opened his mouth to answer but closed it. "What was your name dear?"

Kiku looked at Kat, "My name is Kiku."

"Kiku? That's a lovely name! It's Japanese for chrysanthemum right?"Kat said happily.

Kiku gaped at her, "Ya it is."

Kat stared at him, "You look very familiar dear. Why's that?"

Kiku shrugged nervously and Kat laughed.

"Don't worry about it dear." She said happily. Kiku looked at Peter then at his watch. It was already 4:40.

"Now, Kiku, tell me. What's on your mind?"Kiku looked at her. He felt some sort of nostalgic fondness towards her.

Kiku sighed, "My best friend ditched Peter and I for some hot chick, who I'm pretty sure, tried to poison me with apple juice!" Peter laughed loudly at that.

"Kiku it was just apple juice and truth be told it taste good!" he said matter-o-factly

Everyone else chimed in agreeing how good it was.

Kiku huffed and Kat giggled. "Go on. What makes you so upset about it?"

"I don't know. It's just, Alfred and I have been friends since… well since forever, and watching him slobber over some girl he just met bugged me."

Kat gave Kiku a kind smile. "Did you tell him how you feel?"

Kiku shook his head. "Why should I explain my feelings to him?"

"Well he is your best friend after all. Besides, do you think it's fair for Alfred to only pay attention to you? He should be able to see women and as his best friend it is your job to be there for him. Right?"

"I guess."

"Good." There was a pause before Kiku asked.

"What is your opinion on Natalia?"

Kat gave him a bitter smile. Before she could answer Eduard yelled out, "Clean cup, Clean cup, Move down!"

Peter and Kiku thanked everyone and left. By then it was almost 6.

"Peter where do you live?"

Peter yawned and wiped leftover cake off of his face. "Uh, 4242 Apple Lane."

Kiku nodded. "Lead the way."

Before they arrived at Peter's house Kiku asked, "How do we find the key?"

Peter looked at Kiku and gave him a sleepy smile. "So, you believe me?"

Kiku smiled back, "For now."

"I'm not sure how but the key is supposed to help keep us safe. All we now right now is that Alfred is the shield."

Kiku raised a brow, "We do?"

"Didn't you see? A heartless tried to attack us but it…bounced off, sort of."

Kiku thought back to that. Peter was right. He did remember that.

"So that means, I'm the wielder of the key?"

Peter shrugged, "Most likely."

When they arrived at Peter's house Arthur sat outside.

"Peter! Where have you been? It's late!" he shouted causing Peter to murmur a quick good bye and him running inside Arthur right behind him.

Kiku smiled and walked back to the Inn. When he got there he prayed that Alfred wasn't there. He breathed out in relief when he found the room empty. Kiku didn't even change out of his day clothes, he just fell asleep.

He was awoken to the sound of heavy footsteps and the door being opened. When the lights turned on he was greeted by Alfred, whose face was flushed and reeked of alcohol. Kiku looked at his watch. It was midnight!

"Alfred where the hell have you been! It's fucking midnight for christ's sake!" Kiku asked him.

Alfred burped, "Relax Mom. Nat and I just went out for a few drinks!"

Kiku sighed angrily. He should've known he'd be out with that witch. "Whatever." He said bitterly. Before he scolded Alfred more, Alfred toppled on the bed and passed out. Kiku sighed even harder and ran a hand through his hair. You know what? Fuck it I'm gonna sleep on the bed too. Fuck you Alfred, Kiku thought angrily as he fell asleep.

When Kiku woke it was to knocking…again. He let out a breath and opened it not surprised to see it was Peter.

"Kiku! Get up it's time to discuss our theory with Alfred!" the boy said happily.

Kiku rubbed his eyes. "Ok come in and sit quietly while I put some new clothes on."

As Peter sat quietly while Kiku put on an old band t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Then Kiku turned to Peter and asked, "Would you like to help me wake up Alfred?"

He nodded happily and both of them got near Alfred's face. Kiku raised his hand and smacked Alfred causing him to jolt up.

"WHAT THE FUCK KIKU?!" Alfred asked holding his cheek. Kiku just smirked, "We tried waking you but you wouldn't budge so we had to go to other things."

Alfred then proceeded to rub his head. "Fuck I think I have a hangover."

Kiku laughed, "Well if you get dressed we can go have coffee and breakfast."

Alfred got out of bed sluggishly. "Uhhhhh…."

"Peter and I are just gonna go we'll see you there."

At the restaurant Kiku and Peter ordered pancakes. They both noticed Alfred walk in. He looked sloppy and had a pair of sunglasses on. He then sat down next to Kiku and started eating Kiku's pancakes. Kiku stared at him.

"Alfred what the fuck? I invite you to breakfast and you dare man handle my food?" Kiku asked in a fake hurt voice. It was hard to stay mad at your best friend so Kiku didn't mind much.

"Kiku. Shut up. I have a hangover and then you fucking bitch slap me awake. Why?" Alfred groaned.

Kiku then looked at Peter and they both broke into a smile. "Hey don't look at me it was Peter's idea!"

Alfred looked at Peter. "Is that so? I should've left your ungrateful ass in the forest yesterday." He said as Arthur brought another plate of pancakes. Arthur then gave Peter a sharp look.

"Peter. What the hell were you doing in the forest?" he asked.

"Uh, uh, you see we were, uh-"

"Dammit Peter! Don't you know it's dangerous out there!"

Alfred held up his hands. "It's ok he was out there with us."

Arthur scowled, "That doesn't make me feel any better!"

Kiku gave Arthur a small smile, Peter was just showing us around town and somehow we ended up in the forest. "Peter was very brave in finding a way out."

Arthur looked at his brother with a proud look in his eyes but quickly vanished. "Anyways Peter stop going into the forest please!" Arthur said as he headed back into the kitchen.

Alfred and Kiku looked at Peter who shrugged sheepishly.

"So what was it you two wanted to tell me?" Alfred asked as he shoveled food down his throat.

"Ah, Remember that thing I read you two when you first showed up?" Peter asked. Alfred and Kiku only nodded.

"One of the verses said: One shall wield a key the other a shield. Remember?" Peter asked.

Kiku smiled knowing where this was going while Alfred raised a brow.

"Ok and?"

"You're the shield." Peter said.

Alfred choked on his pancakes. "What?"

"Remember yesterday in the forest when we were attacked by the Heartless?" Peter asked quietly. Alfred nodded.

"Do you remember that boing type of noise?"

Alfred tried to remember but he couldn't.

"Alfred while you were carrying Kiku and I out the forest a Heartless tried to attack us from above. It didn't touch us it simply-"

"Bounced off." Kiku said taking a drink of water.

Alfred stopped eating and asked, "Ok so I'm the shield?"


"So that makes Kiku the key?" Alfred asked looking at Kiku who was playing with the chain around his neck.

Kiku only shrugged, "I don't know I've never seen a key before but if you and I are destined to be the saviors then it has to be true."

There was a small silence before Kiku noticed Peter staring at him.

"What?" he asked Peter.

"What is that around your neck?" Peter asked.

Kiku only shrugged "I don't know. I've had it since forever."

"Is it only a chain or is there some sort of charm?"

Kiku examined the chain. That's odd there was no charm around it. It was just a chain. "No, it's just a chain."

"Maybe you have to find it." Alfred said as he gestured to Arthur for the check.

Kiku and Peter looked at Alfred with surprise. Arthur gave Alfred the check and he pulled out his wallet.

"As true as that maybe where we would we look and what are we looking for?" Peter asked watching Alfred put down the money.

"Isn't it obvious?" he said getting up and heading for the door. Kiku and Peter followed him. "We look for a key."

"Ok where do we look?" Kiku asked grabbing Alfred by the shoulder. Alfred turned around and gave Kiku a charming smile.

"That's all up to you." Alfred said looking Kiku strait in the eye.

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