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Tony woke up that morning with a splitting headache. God, he hated headaches. Also, for some reason, he was free of dreams. It wasn't often he had a night free of nightmares. Had he been drinking? He only remembered drinking half a cup of scotch. What had happened after that?

He shook his head attempting to clear his thoughts. What he needed was a nice shower. Not to cold, Tony hated cold water. That would wake him up, oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Then maybe he'd go down to the lab. After he would ask what had happened last night. Or maybe he would do that before the lab? He slowly made his way to the shower.


He left his room decked out in a Black Sabbath T-shirt and black jeans. He made his way slowly down the hall, still not feeling 100 percent. The shower had helped, but he still really needed that coffee.

The thing that surprised Tony the most was that the team wasn't in the kitchen. It was nearly 9am and everyone else seemed to get up either all before him, or all after him. Though, the later couldn't really be counted because those were the nights he didn't sleep. Whether he was in his bed or the lab, nightmares had intensified, so sleeping was out of the question when he had a say in the matter.

After Tony had his first cup of coffee he grabbed another wondering where the team had gone to. "Jarvis?" He called. "Yes sir?" The British voice responded. "Where is everyone?" A pause "If by 'everyone' you are referring to the team, then they are in the top floor lounge, all asleep". Tony frowned "Thank you, Jarvis". He then made his way upstairs, coffee in hand.


After Tony entered the room, he made his way over to the seats. He noticed that Thor was alone, in a chair. Also that Natasha had her head on Clint's shoulder and his head on hers. As he sat down in the empty chair he noticed that Bruce and the good, modest, virtuous Captain were a little closer than necessary. What with the good Captain's hand slightly resting on Bruce's thigh and his other arm around Bruce's shoulders.

Tony snorted at this, causing Natasha to sit up with a start. Which, in turn caused Clint to fall face first in between the couch and the table. The table hit Spangles in the legs, meaning he jumped enough to wake Bruce. took his limbs away from Bruce quickly, blushing.

The entire scene caused Tony to out right laugh. This woke up Thor who knocked the chair over while standing. "Well, aren't you all just the graceful bunch this morning?" Tony spoke, trying to conceal a laugh. Trying being the operative word. After laughing for a while he realized something. It was dead silent in the room. Quite nice windows... off topic Tony!

"What's with all the long faces? You all look like you've seen a ghost!" Tony got up to walk to the bar, coffee only goes so far, when he started humming Ghostbusters. But he heard it. It was unmistakable. As soon as he heard it he stopped. He turned around just in time to see Natasha smack Clint in the head. Tony raised an eyebrow "What was that? Ghost of the past? Am I missing something here?" As Tony spoke he became more and more angry. But then again, he also became more and more scared and confused.

Steve stepped forward and looked down in shame "Well, um... ah... Tony, last night somethings happened and uhh..." Steve trailed off. "Oh no, don't tell we did anything with each other, cause you guys are great and all but I'd really rather not have had-" Natasha cut him off "Its my falt, Tony. You were acting suspicious and I -" "I had sex with you!? No offence, your hot an all, but I just hope this don't get awkward". Natasha sighed "You didn't have any sex at all. With anyone. None of us did! What I was trying to say was that you were acting suspicious and I told Fury and he gave me a serum that makes you tell the truth and I gave it to you and we found out some very personal things. I'm sorry". To this, Tony walked over to the bar stone faced. As he made himself a drink, he simply said "So, what kinds of personal things?" His voice was tight, coursing with anger and fear. How dare they? But what if they thought of him with disgrace? What did he tell them?

"Well, Tony. We know about your umm condition... and ummm other things that you probably wouldn't have told us unless we used the situation to our advantage... so umm... we're sorry..." Bruce trailed off almost sheepishly.

Tony sighed as he downed the current drink and grabbed a bottle of scotch. He was going to need it. He ventured back to the chair and sat. "Alright... what did I say?" When no one answered he looked to the ceiling "Jarvis? Play the voice over of last night, starting when I had that first glass of scotch." Jarvis's posh voice replied smoothly "Of course Sir, and it was your only cup. Might I remind you sir, that a bottle of your strongest scotch is not healthy alone. Would you like some other glasses?" Tony snorted at this "No, Jarvis. Just play the voice over."

Clint frowned, no snarky (or should he say starky?) remark from Tony? This was worse than he thought.

As the tape went on, Tony's expression changed from slightly amused, to severely angry, and finally, to scared. Clint felt that this man looked even more scared then the frightened child he had experienced hours ago. This man's eye's were full of betrayal, and full of hate, and most of all, full of fear. What was this man, this man of iron, so afraid of. It wasn't of his past, he would have seen this fear last night. No, this was a new fear. One that Tony most likely didn't know what to do with.

If Tony knew what Clint thought, then he would agree with him in a moments notice. Tony didn't know what to do. Tony's fears were all of the past, and future. He lived life as if every minute, every second were his last. Of course the thoughts of his fear were ever present, but not of the present. At least untill now. Now he feared that they would reject him. He was weak, and unstable. He was in fact the weakest link to the Avengers, both emotionally and physically, and now everyone knew it. He be one of the most intelligent, but he can't do much in a fight with out his suit. Now he knew that it was true. The looks of pity, worry, and who knows what said it all to him.

As the tape finished, nearly two hours later, Tony sighed. "So that's it eh? All my 'darkest' secrets for you to see. Well, I am just gonna be in my room while you all decide." Tony spoke mockingly as he walked on over to the elevators. "Decide what, Tony?" Steve asked. Tony stepped into the elevator and turned around as the doors stated to close "Whether or not I'm still on the team..."

The doors closed with a ding and the rest of the team stood in shocked silence. He would always be apart of the team. Why didn't he know that? Steve was a little lost to most things, but not this. Tony thought he was weak, unworthy maybe. And now everyone else saw why he thought that. What his confidence overcompensated for. He was still the child that thought he deserved the horrible things that happened to him. That's why he acted as if the bad didn't bother him. Because it did. It bothered him that he deserved it, even if he didn't.

And Natasha was the first to realize this. She raced for the stairs, along with the rest of the team. Wanting to console their broken teammate.

Steve made it to the room first, opening the door he was slightly confused to see that he couldn't see Tony. "Tony? Where are you?" They stepped in an began to look throughout the surprisingly mostly clean room. "Tony? We aren't going to let you leave this team! So show yourself right now! Or I am going to be forced to reck this very room!" Bruce sounded agitated. Then suddenly the large window across the wall faded and it was quite confusing at first to see Tony laughing on the other side of the large screen window. He was on a balcony laughing as he drank who knows what and staring at the others.

Clint stepped forward "Tony, you better know damn well that we want you on this team! And your not getting out of it! Alright!? We don't care what's a little screwed up about you!"

Thor (Who has been unusually quiet) nodded "Yes, man of Iron! You are our friend! We accept your flaws!" Natasha smiled "Heck, I'm sure some of us share some of them too! We've all got problems, Stark". Bruce looked Tony in the eye "We just have to remember that, and move forward with each other". Steve crossed his arms "Well Stark, your not getting out that easily. We aren't just a team. We are a-" he was cut off by various shouted suggestions "Strange!" "Psychotic!" "Awesome!" "Wonderous!" "Ninjarific!" "Really? Ninjarific?" "In short, screwed-up!" "Family" Steve finally finished.

Tony nodded and the window moved into the wall "Thank you guys, and sorry... ummm... for my mental break down so-to-speak earlier...but we should celebrate this new fangled family thing! What do you say? Some good old shwarma?" Tony swung his arms around Bruce's and Steve's necks.

The new found family laughed as they left to eat the highly addictive meat.

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