The Dimension Walker: In the World of RC:9GN

~The Prologue: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole~

A/N: Hayward, California is an actually city. I was born there, but I moved. The Hayward, California of my series is not the same Hayward. I only used the name, not the real city. So, if you're from California or Hayward and the things I talk about Hayward will be wrong later on. Ya know, because I'm not talking about the real Hayward.


If you are reading this, then you are now screwed up. There's no turning back now. You are in for a world of trouble. I wrote this in my point of view and third person so that you not only get to know me, but you will also learn the truth. I have to warn you: once you start reading this, it will not be an easy journey for you.

You will learn the truth about everything. You will learn about how I got dragged into a world of magic, science, and wars. You will learn what reality really means. And, you will learn something that many people, even the world leaders, do not even know a thing about. You will learn what's really going on every single day.

Good luck, and try to keep your sanity. It's going to help you in the long run.


My name is Avril-Drew Claire Burgundy.

Yes, I have a very interesting yet ordinary name. I'm fourteen years old and I used to live a normal life. I live in this small town called Hayward, California. I have a mom, a dad, and a little brother. I had two best friends, some school buddies, and a few enemies. I basically live a normal, American teenage life. Only a few interesting things has ever happened to me. Like, I fell down a well, drowned, and then came back to life (I'll explain later); I sometimes have mood swings and blackouts; I scared a bully with a skeleton (don't ask; it'll be explained later on); and my boyfriend died (we'll get to that later on). Other than that, I'm pretty boring.

But, the summer after freshman year everything changed.

I was at my house with my two best friends: Alice and Ally. We had known each other since we were seven. I met them when I was playing in the park. I found Ally and we went to climb the trees in the park. When we climbed the trees, we found Alice hanging from a tree branch, singing some Disney song. From then on, we kind of stuck together and became best friends forever. I was really glad they were my friends.

Ally's full name is actually Alison Monica Σοφία. Σοφία (pronounced 'Sofía') means 'wisdom' in Greek. My best friend is a Greek American. It's awesome, if I do say so myself. Ally is a really pretty girl. Her chestnut-brown hair with natural amber highlights was always perfectly curled and went pass her shoulders. Her round, owlish eyes were pure brown and sparkled in the sunlight. She had a slim, curvy frame, fair skin, and round face. She always wears designer clothes and her family is rich and fancy. But, don't let that pretty, rich girl look fool you. Ally is intelligent, independent, level-headed, and the geek of the group.

Alice Madeline Kingfisher is Alice's full. Alice told me her family is from England and Scotland, which is pretty cool. Alice is pretty like Ally, too. Her dark, yellow-blonde hair was always straight and reached down to her mid-back. She was slim, lean frame, had peachy skin, and her face was round. Her light blue eyes were round and always had that crazy, silly gleam in them. Alice was neither poor nor rich, but middle class like me. She always wears whatever clothes were comfortable and matches her mood. Alice was fun, random, crazy, and odd personality. She was the crazy girl of the group, the one me and Ally had to watch over.

I had pretty cool friends. But, I bet your wondering what's so special about me? As I said before, I'm not special. My friends tell me I'm really special and prettier than they are. I don't believe them, though.

I'm a mutt. My mom's side of the family comes from all over the world and my dad's side of the family comes from Europe, making my family tree big and complicated. I'm tall with a slim, lithe body. My face is heart-shaped and my lips are kinda full and rosy colored. My skin is (according to them) creamy, snow-white. My round eyes were rich, dark brown. My hair is dark brown and goes past the middle of my back, almost to the small of my back. I always wear tomboy/girly-girl clothing. I'm a little weird, dorky, a die-hard fangirl, and the kinda girl who always got your back.

So, I was with my friends at my house. We were in the living room, sitting on the couch and watching TV, like what all teenagers do on a Sunday morning during the summer. Of course, we were watching cartoons, not MTV or any other shows regular teenagers watch. What were we watching, you ask? Oh, just some awesome cartoon series called "Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja".

Of course, we just had to be interrupted by my annoying little brother, Carter Burgundy. All you need to know about him is that he's eleven and he is obsessed with karate. He stood in front of the TV, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Avril," Carter said, "it's my turn to watch! I need to catch up with some 'Kickin' It' episodes!"

"No way, bugger," Alice said, narrowing her eyes at my brother. "We have scheduled a RC9GN marathon and some girl time!"

"Carter," I said, "I told you this yesterday. I called dibs on the TV. Mom and Dad were there when I called it!"

Carter walked up to me on my spot on the couch, and glared at me. I glared back at him. Soon, we were having a sibling stare-off. Ally was quiet the whole time, sitting on the couch and eating all of the popcorn. Alice sat next to her, eating all of the chips. After what seemed like a decade, I gave up and groaned.

"Fine," I said, "you win. Go watch your stupid, mother-fucking show."

"Language, sister dear," Carter said with an impish smirk.

I so wanted to strangle the little idiot, but then I will get in deep trouble with my parents. And no way in hell I want to make my parents upset with me. With a sigh, I got up and walked out of the room. Ally and Alice walked behind me, frowning with disappointment.

"What are we going to do now?" Ally asked.

"How about we hike through Fairytale Woods?" I asked.

I grabbed my messenger bag, and slung it over my shoulder. Giving them a smile, I headed to the front door. They both grabbed their bags, and followed my lead.

We were out the door, not knowing what will happen next.


We were deep in the woods when we came across the Old Lady Willow, a weeping willow tree that has been in Hayward since the town's founding. There, under the tree, was a large rabbit hole. Ally kneeled down, and examined the hole. Touching the tree roots around the hole, Ally hummed and stood up.

"I say this hole is about one to two feet wide," Ally hypothesized. "A rabbit hole this size is not natural, no rabbit can make a hole this big."

"Unless it's a mutant rabbit with amazing digging power," Alice said.

"Yeah…no," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Well," Ally continued, "whatever made it, we'll never know. What we do know is that this hole was made recently, I say about a week ago."

"Whatever Ms. Detective," I said, waving Ally off. "All I want to know is how deep it is."

I kneeled down in front of the hole, and peered into it. At first glance, all I saw was dirt and tree roots. But, as I kept looking down, I saw nothing but darkness. I sucked in my breath, I kept looking in. Suddenly, I felt something grab my wrist and I felt I was being pulled in. I backed up, but the force kept pulling me in. I looked over my shoulder, and cried out.

"Ally! Alice! HELP!"

My brunette and blonde friends whipped around, and their eyes went wide. They rushed over to me, and tired to pull me away from the hole. But, of course, the mysterious force kept pulling me in, not daring to stop. My friends tried again and again to pull me away, but soon they were pulling me in.

"Avril," said Ally, "we're going to fall in!"

"No we're not," I said. "We are not going to fa—AHHHHHHHH!"

We were soon pulled in, falling down the rabbit hole. We screamed, falling down into the darkness. Above us, the circle of light was getting smaller and smaller as we kept falling down, down, down. The air was frigid and pierced my skin like ice dagger.

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Ally. "There's swirling red portal down there!"

I barely registered what Ally just had said. My eyes were getting heavy, and my body went slack. I didn't know why I was getting so sleepy at the moment, but I knew it wasn't the right time. But the sleepiness was winning, and my eyes were slowly close. My friends were screaming and freaking out, but I couldn't reassure them.

Soon, the weariness overwhelmed me and I was out like a light.


This is the revision of Chapter One. I rewrote it so because the original one was rushed, sloppy, and not what I wanted to write. I hope you like this better than the original one! Sorry if this was short! I wanted to keep the length the same as the original, but have more detail.

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