Snowfall: Here is a new story that I am making

Heba: so is this the only story I am in

Snowfall: no you are in two other stories that I made.

Heba: OK

Snowfall: Alright Heba can you finish off

Heba: Sure. Snowfall owns nothing

Tea, Anzu and Vivian are in here. Tea is Atem and Yami's child hood friend. Anzu and Vivian ties to get into Yami's and Atem's bed. Their will also be other girls (princesses) that will do this. Also their are twists in the story but I am not tell you what and where it will be :)

Twins of Ra

Chapter One

"Yugi come to the Palace with me," said Heba trying to stop Yugi.

"Sorry Heba I don't want to work there. I am going to travel around in Egypt and don't worry I will come and visit," Yugi said.

"Sigh fine but I will really miss you," Heba said.

"OK, just remember DO NOT use your magic. grandpa's orders," Yugi said.

"Fine I won't but I will miss you little brother," Heba said.

"Bye Heba," Yugi said.

"Bye Yugi," Heba said.

Yugi and Heba gave each other's hugs and went their own ways. Heba turned around and saw Yugi riding off on a horse. He looked sad that he saw his little brother riding off away from him so Heba just turned back around and ride his horse over to the Palace. It took Heba two hours to get to the Palace gates.

"Stop you are not allowed here. What do you want?" asked the guard

"I came here to ask the Pharaoh to work here. I have nowhere to go and my only family member went his own way so I came here," Heba said.

"OK follow me. I will take you to the Pharaoh. You can drop your horse off at the stables," said the guard.

"Thank you," Heba said riding inside and hopping of his horse.

Once off the horse he followed the guard inside the Palace. They walked down the halls and over to the Throne Room. When they got at the Throne Room the guard said," Please wait here."

"Alright," Heba said.

The guard opened up the door and walked inside.

"Yes what do you want?"

"Forgive me Pharaoh but there is someone here requesting for a job."

"Alright send them in," Pharaoh said.

"Of course Pharaoh," the guard said.

The guard walked out of the room and walked over to Heba.

"The Pharaoh will see you know," the guard said.

"Thank you," Heba said before walking inside the Throne Room.

Heba walked all the way up to the middle of the room and kneeled down to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh looked at Heba and was shocked that he looked like his two sons.

"I hear that you are looking for a job in the Palace?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Yes Pharaoh," Heba said with his head still bowed.

"Can I ask why," The Pharaoh said.

"My family died when me and my brother was five years old. We got adopted into a family but we wanted to go out to work even though are grandfather said 'no'. Before I came here I was with my brother. My brother did not want to come to the Palace to work and I did," Heba said.

"Do you know where your brother is known?" asked the Pharaoh.

"No, the last time I saw him was two hours ago. He went back the way we came so he can travel. I really have no way to tell you where he might be but I can tell you he might drop by to see me," Heba said.

"I see. Tell me what is your name and your brothers?" asked the Pharaoh.

"My name is Heba Muto and my brother's name is Yugi Muto," Heba said.

"Alright, Heba my oldest son Atem needs a personal servant and I want to know if you want to become his?" asked the Pharaoh.

"Yes Pharaoh that will be nice," Heba said.

"Very well stay here until the meeting is over and I will take you to where my son is at," said the Pharaoh.

"Of course my Pharaoh," Heba said still bowing.

Heba stayed in the throne room until the meeting was done. Once the meeting was finished the Pharaoh took Heba over to his son's room. When they got to the room the Pharaoh knocked on the door. A few minutes later the door opened up and a boy came into view. He and star shape hair, blond lightning bolt shooting up in his hair, crimson trims and eyes, and tan skin.

"Hi father what's up?"

"Atem this will be your personal servant," the Pharaoh said showing Heba to him.

Atem looked at Heba and just stared at him.

"Alight father I will take him as my personal servant and tell mother I will see you guys at dinner," Atem said.

"Alright Atem see you then," the pharaoh said then turning around and walking away.

Atem looked back at Heba and said," look at me please."

Heba looked up at Atem and stared at him. Atem was shocked to see how beautiful Heba was. Heba has star shape hair, blond bangs hanging over his face, amethyst trims, has gentle, child-like features with big, round, amethyst eyes.

"Come inside," Atem said walking to the side so Heba can come in.

Heba walked inside the room and turned around to see Atem closing the door. Once the door was close Atem turned around and looked a Heba.

"What's your name?" Atem asked.

"My name is Heba Muto, my Prince," Heba said bowing.

"Please stand up and look at me. I give you permission to do that for now on," Atem said.

Heba got up and looked up at Atem and just stayed quite.

"Heba my name is Atem. You can call me by my name when we are alone or with my friends," Atem said.

"Of course Atem," Heba said.

"Tell me do you have any sibling?" asked Atem.

"Yes, I have a brother," Heba said.

"What is his name?" asked Atem.

"My brother's name is Yugi Muto. I have no clue where he is known," Heba said.

"I see. Ok then you will start being my personal servant starting tomorrow," Atem said.

"Ok Atem, so what should I do know?" asked Heba.

"You can just relax today. I will show you around the Palace so you can know where everything is at," said Atem.

"Alright Atem," Heba said.

After their talk they walked out of the room and Atem showed Heba around the Palace.

"Heba I have to take you somewhere first before I show you where everything is at," said Atem.

"Ok Prince," Heba said.

Atem walked over to the seamstress so Heba can get he's clothes for personal servant made for him. When they got to the room where the seamstress was at Atem walked inside with Heba right behind him and then closed the door behind him.

"Tea are you here?" asked Atem.

"Just a minute," said Tea.

"Alright," said Atem.

Atem and Heba just sat down in one of the chairs to wait for Tea to come out. Few minutes later Tea came out of the back. She stopped in her place when she saw Atem sitting down.

"My Prince I am so sorry to keep you waiting," Tea said bowing down.

"That is all right Tea. I came here so I can get me personal servant clothes to symbolize that we works for me," Atem said standing up.

"Of course Prince. Can you come with me in the back please," Tea said turning around and headed to the back.

Heba got up and followed Tea to the back room and Atem just sat back down and waited for them to come back. A few minutes later Tea and Heba came back and walked over to where Atem was.

"Prince your personal servant will have his clothes by dinner time," Tea said bowing.

"Thank you Tea. Come on Heba let's go. I will finish the tour around the Palace so you can get comfortable around here," Atem said.

"Of course Prince," Heba said.

Atem continued the tour around the Palace. He showed Heba where the Throne Room, kitchen, gardens, lounge area to hang out, and where everyone's room was in the Palace. After the tour Atem went back to his room with Heba right behind him. Once at his bedroom door he opened it up and walked inside the room. When both were inside the room Heba closed the door and turned back around.

"Heba what I want you to do tomorrow is wake me up when Ra is up, run my bath water, have my clothes out, bring up breakfast and clean the room," Atem said.

"Ok Atem I understand," Said Heba.

"The bathroom it to the right for the bed and your room is across from the bed," said Atem.

"Alright," Said Heba.

"I will be right back you can go into your room and rest up," Atem said.

"Thank you Atem," said Heba.

Atem walked out of the room and Heba just walked into his room. He opened up his door and closed the door behind him. Heba looked around the room and saw a bed to the wall, a small desk with a chair and a dresser. He just walked over to the bed and lay down to take a nap.

~ One Hour Later~

Atem walked into the room with Heba's clothes he will be wearing for now on. He looked around and didn't see Heba in his room so Atem went over to the other room. Atem opened up the door and saw Heba in the bed asleep so he walked over to the dresser and put the clothes on top of it. Once the clothes were place down Atem walked out of the room and closed the door. He woke up Heba for dinner and after they went back to bed to sleep for a new day.

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