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Chapter Six

Three months pass

Yugi and Yami are now riding back to the Palace.

"Thank you for letting me come along with you Yugi," Said Yami.

"No problem, but promise that you will not tell anyone what you saw or heard at the Muto House Hold," Yugi said.

"You have my word Yugi," Yami said.

"Thank you," Yugi said.

"You're welcome," Yami said tighten his arms around Yugi.

Yugi put a smile on his face when he felt Yami's arms tightening around him. He just kept on ridding with a smile on his face all the way back to the Palace.

"Yami look we are almost back at the Palace," Yugi said pointing towards the Palace.

"Yes we are. I can't wait to see my family again," Yami said.

"Don't forget that the ball is going to be starting soon," Yugi said riding closer to the Palace.

"Sigh…I know… But the bright side is that I am going with you," Yami said kissing the back of Yugi's neck.

A shiver went down Yugi's spine before he said," Yes that is true."

When they reached the market area they rode right through and up to the Palace but once they got to the gate they were stopped.

"What business do you have here?"

Yami pulled down his hood and said," Tell my father that I am back."

The person at the gate looked up and was shocked to see Prince Yami but in different clothes.

"Open the gates or you can go tell my father that you are not allowing the Prince in," Yami said.

"O-of course Prince Yami. Open the gates."

The gates opened up and Yugi rode his horse inside. Once they were in Yugi and Yami got off the horse and handed the horse one of the guards.

"Let's go Yugi. My father wants to know that we are back and safe," Yami said.

"Of course Prince Yami," Yugi said.

"Yugi how many times do I tell you to call me Yami," Yami said.

"Sorry about that Yami but I am only showing my respect," Yugi said with a smile on his face.

"Sure Yugi," Yami said with a smile.

Yami and Yugi walked over to the front door and opened it up and walked inside. Yami had a good idea where his father was so he started to walk down the hall with Yugi right behind him. When they stopped walking they were right in front of the Throne Room doors.

"Here we go Yugi. I just hope nothing important is going on in there," Yami said.

"Don't worry Yami, the Pharaoh will be happy to see his son back," Yugi said.

'I hope Heba did not cause any trouble when I was gone'

'Don't worry he didn't cause any. The only thing he is being stubborn on is the Palace healer looking at him'

'Alright father, thank you'

'No problem son and just to tell you something will start to happen in a few days. Make sure to tell Heba'

'I will'

"Come on Yugi stop standing in one spot," Yami said.

Yugi snapped out of his thoughts and said," Sorry Yami."

"It's all right. Come let's head inside," Yami said.

Yugi nodded his head and Yami opened up the door and walked inside. His father stopped talking to the counsel and saw that Yami walked inside. He was happy to see his son back.

"Yami welcome back," Aknankanon said with a smile on his face.

"Thank you father, I had a great time with Yugi and also later today can I talk to you in your study about something," Yami said.

"Of course and Yugi thank you for bring Yami back alive and well," Aknankanon said looking at Yugi.

Yugi kneeled down and said," Of course Pharaoh.

"You still have the guest room right across from Yami," Aknankanon said.

"Thank you Pharaoh," Yugi said.

"Alright then let's close the meeting their and pick it back up after dinner," Aknankanon said.

The council nodded their heads and walked out of the room. Aknankanon walked down the throne along with Amara right by him. They walked over to Yami and hugged him.

"It's good to see you back UN harm son," Amara said.

"Thank you mother," Yami said.

Aknankanon looked down at Yugi and said," You can stand up Yugi and looked at me in the eye."

Yugi got up on his feet and looked at Aknankanon and said," Thank you Pharaoh."

"Also I give you permission to look my wife and I and you don't have to bow all the way down just your head," Aknankanon said.

"Thank you," Yugi said.

All four of them continued talking until the doors were thrown opened. They stopped and turned to see who it was. Yugi saw that it was his brother out of breath.

"Y-Yugi y-you're b-back," Heba said catching his breath.

Yugi put a smile on his face and said," Of course Heba and also I need to talk to you in private," Yugi said.

Heba looked at Yugi eyes and saw that it was serious.

"Alright but first can you look over me. I have not been feeling well for the past week," Heba said.

"And why did you not go see prissiest Isis the Palace healer?" asked Yugi.

Heba crossed him arms and said," You know I only want you to look at me," Heba said.

"Sigh… Fine go to my room. The one I stayed in five months ago," Yugi said with his hand on his forehead.

"Thank you Yugi. See you soon," Heba said with a smile on his face before he ran out of the room.

Aknankanon looked at Yugi before asking," Yugi if I may ask, why won't your brother go to our Palace healer and only to you?"

"Sigh…Because ever since we were little I looked over my brother's health and my own, along with my cousins. He does not like any one besides me to look at him," Yugi said before looking at him.

"I see," Amara said.

"Please don't be angry at him Pharaoh," Yugi said.

"Am not angry at him Yugi, It know explains why Heba never went to Isis for treatment when he was hurt," Aknankanon said.

"I see…Well if you excuse me I should go see what's wrong with my brother," Yugi said bowing his head before walking out the door.

They watch Yugi leave the room before Amara turned to Yami and asked," So how was your trip Yami?"

"It was fine mother and also I found something shocking when I was with Yugi," Yami said.

"And what's that?" asked Aknankanon.

"Sorry father I can't tell you. I promise Yugi I won't," Yami said.

"It's alright Yami, he will tell us at his own time," Amara said.

"That's right and now that you are back go to your room and put back on your Royal clothes," Aknankanon said.

"Alright," Yami said before leaving the room.

Amara and Aknankanon watched Yami leave the room once he was gone Aknankanon started to think about something.

"What's wrong dear?" asked Amara looking at him.

"It's just…Yugi and Heba are so mysterious," Aknankanon said.

"Yes I know but let them tell us at their own time," Amara said.

"Your right Amara," Aknankanon said.

Aknankanon and Amara then left the throne room and headed back to their room for a bit.

Yugi was walking down the hall way and over to his room. When he got close to his room he heard fighting coming inside, so he walked right inside. Yugi saw Atem and Heba yelling at each other.

"Heba please go see Isis!" Atem yelled.

"Sorry but no, Yugi is the only one that I will see!" Heba yelled.

"Your brother is not even back!" Atem Yelled.

"Yes he is Atem and he is right behind you," Heba said pointing over to Yugi.

Atem turned around and saw Yugi standing in the room looking at them.

"Prince Atem if you don't mind can you please leave the room," Yugi said.

Atem just stared at Yugi before saying," Fine."

He then walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Yugi walked over to his brother and sat down on the bed.

"So, what was that about?" asked Yugi.

"He wanted me to see Isis but I don't want to. I only want you to look at me," Heba said crossing his arms.

"Alright…Heba please lay down so I can look over you," Yugi said.

"Ok," Heba said lying down on his back.

Yugi got off the bed and walked up to Heba to start figuring out what was wrong with him. Two minutes later Yugi stopped what was he was doing and Heba sat up on the bed.

"So is anything wrong?" asked Heba.

"No nothing is wrong," Yugi said.

"Then what is wrong with me?" asked Heba.

Yugi put a smile on his face before saying," congratulations Heba you are pregnant."

Heba was stunned for a minute before saying," I-I am p-pregnant."

"Yes you are brother," Yugi said with the smile still on his face.

"Wow pregnant…Atem will be so happy," Heba said.

"Heba can I tell you something?" asked Yugi.

Heba looked at his brother before saying," go head."

"Can you go see Isis to set Atem's mind at ease and don't worry I will go with you," Yugi said.

Heba thought for a minute before saying," Alright then but after that I only want you to look after me."

"That's fine, Know let's go see Isis," Yugi said.

"Alright," Heba said getting out of bed.

When Heba got off the bed they walked over to the door and opened it up. They walked out and Heba closed the door behind him.

"Alright Heba you need to show me where the healing chambers are," Yugi said walking down the halls with Heba behind him.

"Of course Yugi," Heba said before going in front of him.

Heba started walk down the hallway and Yugi was following close behind him. Three minutes later they arrived at the healing chambers.

"Here we are Yugi," Heba said standing outside the door.

"Heba are you going in or not?" asked Yugi.

Heba turned around and looked at Yugi before asking," Are you sure?"

"Yes, know go inside, I will be with you," Yugi said with his arms cross.

"Sigh...Fine," Heba said before opening up the door and walking inside with Yugi behind him.

When Yugi stepped inside he closed the door behind him.

"Isis are you here?" Heba asked.

"Just one minute," Isis said.

A minute pass and Isis walked out of the back room and she was shocked to see Heba.

"Heba what can I do for you?" asked Isis.

"Well you see…I have not been feeling well for a week," Heba said.

"I see…Well come over to the bed and lay down," Isis said.

Heba walked over to the bed and lay down. Isis then turned to Yugi and said," If you please can you leave the room."

Before Yugi said anything Heba cut him off and said," can you please let my brother stay Isis?"

"Fine," Isis said walking over to Heba to check on him.

'Father what should I do know'

'What's wrong Yugi?'

'Heba is know pregnant'

'Really Heba is pregnant'

'Sigh…yes mother Heba is pregnant, but what should I do'

'Looks like you have to take care of it yourself'

'Alright then'

"Yugi are you their?" Heba asked trying to get Yugi's attention back.

Yugi snapped out of it and looked and Heba. Then he said," Yes I am, so what's up."

"Well Isis conformed what you did," Heba said.

"Your Yugi right," Isis said shock.

"Yes," said Yugi looking at Isis.

"Looks like your brother is all right," Isis said.

"Thank you priestess," Yugi said.

"You can just call me Isis," Isis said.

"Alright then," Yugi said.

"Isis can I ask you something?" asked Heba.

Isis looked over at Heba and said," go head Heba."

"Well you see…if it's alright with you…I want my brother to look after me for now on. It's not that I don't trust you it's just that…," Heba said.

"Yugi been helping you with your health ever since you were little," Isis said.

"Sigh…Yes. I just came in so I can ease Atem's mind and Yugi told me as well to come in here to do so," Heba said looking at Isis.

"I understand Heba and you don't have to worry," Isis said before turning to Yugi to say," Yugi can I ask you something."

"Of course Isis," Yugi said.

"Can you keep me up to date with your brother and if you need any help just let me know," Isis said.

"Of course Isis, know if you excuse us Heba has to tell Prince Atem the good news and we got some things to talk about," Yugi said.

"Of course and congratulations Heba," Isis said with a smile.

"Thank you Isis," Heba said getting off the bed and head over to Yugi.

Yugi said good bye to Isis and walked out the door with Heba behind him.

"Alright Heba let's go see Atem so you can tell him," Yugi said.

"Sigh…Alright," Heba said getting a little nerve.

Yugi grabbed Heba by the arm and started to walk over to Atem's room. When they got close to the door a guard stopped them where they were.

"Sorry but Prince Atem said he will not allow anyone to enter."

"That's fine, and if you don't mind can you tell Prince Atem that Heba wants to talk to him. I will be in the guess room across from Prince Yami's room," Yugi said.

"Of course."

"Come Heba and it looks like Prince Atem is mad at you," Yugi said with a smile.

"Sigh…I know," Heba said.

Yugi grabbed Heba by the arm again and dragged him down the hall again over to his room. But, before they reached Yugi's room someone stopped them

"You their slave where is Prince Atem."

"My lady, I am not a slave I am a guess here and so is my brother," Yugi said calmly.

"You will tell me or else."

"Or else what?" a voice said coming up behind Yugi and Heba.

They turned around and saw Prince Yami walking up to them.

"I was asking the two slaves here to tell me were Prince Atem was."

"Princess Bast they are not slaves or servants here," Yami said getting angry.

"Sorry Yami," Princess Bast said with a seductive look.

"It's Prince Yami to you and also my brother is busy talking to my father," Yami said.

Princess Bast got a little bit mad before she put a smile on her face and said," Ok I will see him later."

After she said that Princess Bast started to walk down the hall way again.

"Yami?" asked Heba.

Yami looked at Heba and said," Yes Heba."

"Is Atem really with your father?" asked Heba.

"No he is in his room taking a nap before the meeting starts up again," Yami said.

"Ok," Heba said.

Yugi looked at Yami and said," Sorry Yami but I have to talk to my brother."

"Of course and I will see you guys at dinner time," Yami said before turning around and walking down the hall.

"Come on Heba," Yugi said walking over to his room.

Heba turned back around and followed Yugi over to his room. When they reached the room Yugi opened up the door and walked inside. Heba followed Yugi inside and closed the door behind him.

"Alright Heba we need to talk about something really important and a mission father gave us to do," Yugi said sitting down on the bed.

Heba walked over to the bed a laid down before asking," So what is it?"

"Well first thing is that Yami knows that we are Lord's," Yugi said with a small smile on his face.

"What?! You told Yami!" yelled Heba getting up.

"Well…You see when I was gone for five months I went to go see grandpa and that is how he found out," Yugi said.

"Sigh…alright so what else," Heba said calming down a bit.

"Luke has a daughter know," Yugi said with a smile on his face.

"Really," Heba said smiling.

"Yes Heba," Yugi said.

"Man I so wish I was there to see the baby," Heba said.

"Same but I had to stay at grandpas a little longer because something went wrong with Luke's daughter about five minutes after she was born," Yugi said.

"Is she ok?" asked Heba getting worried know.

"Yes she is fine and well know and Luke and Lisa were so happy that she was ok," Yugi said.

"That sounds nice so what was the other news?" asked Heba.

"Like I said father talked to me and told me that something might happen pretty soon," Yugi said.

"Like what?" Heba asked.

"Father does not know he just told me just to be careful and know that you are pregnant you can't help out as much," Yugi said.

"That's alright; I will just stay around you Yugi. How are Bakura and the others?" asked Heba.

"There fine and Bakura and Marik was mad that I told him that you went to the Palace to work," Yugi side with a smile.

"Sigh…Yugi I so hope that Bakura and Marik won't come here and do something to get them killed," Heba said.

"No they won't, they will get in trouble with grandpa and their husbands," Yugi said starting up laughing.

"Yup and the worst part is that Malik and Ryo having really bad tempers but you have to push Ryo to use his," Heba said giggling.

They continued to talk again before a knock came to the door. Yugi got off the bed and walked over to the door. He opened up the door and saw Atem and also Yami right by him.

"Hello Yami, Prince Atem," Yugi said with a smile.

"Hello Yugi, I heard that Heba was here," Atem said.

"Yes he is Prince Come on in," Yugi said stepping aside.

Atem and Yami walked inside the room and Yugi closed the door behind them. Yugi then walked back over to Heba and sat down on the bed.

"Atem I need to tell you some good news," Heba said with a smile.

"What's the good news Heba and did you go see Isis?" asked Atem.

"Yes I did and Yugi and Isis both said I was pregnant," Heba said.

"P-p-pregnant," Atem said shocked.

"Yes and he is about six weeks along," Yugi said.

Yami turned to Yugi and asked," how do you know?"

"Well you can say that I have a gift," Yugi said with a smile.

Atem snapped out of his shocked and walked up to Heba. When he got close to Heba he grabbed him and pulled him into a tight hug.

"I can't believe that I am going to be a father," Atem said smiling.

"Am glad Atem but can you let go I can't breathe," Heba said.

"Sorry," Atem said letting go of Heba with a blush on his face.

Yugi walked over to Heba and said," We should talk to the Pharaoh about us…"

Heba got the hint and nodded his head.

"Yami, Prince Atem can you take us to where the Pharaoh is at," Yugi said turning around.

"Sure thing Yugi," Yami said.

Yugi nodded his head and walked out of the room with Yami, Atem and Heba behind him. When they started to walk down the hall Yami ran up to Yugi to show him the way.

"Yugi are you going to tell my father about that one thing?" asked Yami.

"Yes and I hope that we don't get into trouble for this," Yugi said.

"Don't worry my father will be really understanding," Yami said.

Before they got close to Yami and Atem father's study someone stopped them again. Atem looked who stopped them and saw Princess Best.

"Hello Princess Best," Atem said grabbing Heba's hand.

"Hello Atem, it's a nice day do you want to walk in the gardens with me?" asked Princess Best with a seductive look/smile.

"Sorry Princess Best we have to meet our father and its Prince Atem to you," Atem said.

"Come on Prince Atem," Princess Best said again.

"No, now if you excuse us we need to see my father," Atem said walking again.

They passed Princess Best and continued walking down the hall and Yugi saw at the corner of his eye that Princess Best was staring at Heba with hate and murder in her eyes.

"Here we are," Yami said stopping at a door.

Yugi and Heba looked at the door before Yami knocked on the door.

"Who is it," Aknankanon said.

"Yugi, Atem, Yami, and Heba," Yami said.

"Come in," Aknankanon said.

Yami opened up the door and walked inside. Atem was the last one in the room and closed the door behind them. They walked over to Aknankanon and Amara and waited for a bit before he was done.

Aknankanon stopped what he was doing and looked up and asked," What can I do for you four?"

"Well you see me and Heba have not been completely honest with you Pharaoh," Yugi said looking down.

"Same, I wanted to keep it a secret so I can learn how it was to be a lower class for once," Heba said.

Yami had a smile on his face but Aknankanon, Amara and Atem had shocked expressions.

"And what will that be?" asked Amara.

Heba looked and Yugi and saw Yugi nod to tell him go head.

"Well you see…me and Yugi are Lord Muto's grandsons," Heba said looking down.

Aknankanon, Amara and Atem were shock at that.

"And if you don't believe us you can send a letter to are grandpa and ask him," Yugi said.

Aknankanon snapped out of hi shock expression and asked," Why did you not tell us you're Lords?"

"I wanted to but Heba told me not to," Yugi said.

"Why did you not tell us Heba?" asked Atem.

"You might hate me for it," Heba said looking down.

"No I won't please tell me," Atem said.

"Sigh…. Alright then, you see the first time I saw you I was ten years old and you and your family was visiting our grandpa. I started to get a crush on you so I went up to you to see if you want to hang out with my brother, cousins and me but you told me to leave you alone and don't come near you anymore. So when you left I started to cry and Yugi was coming down the hall when he saw me. He ran up to me and asked 'why I was crying?' and I told him. He got mad at what you did but could tell that I really love you. So when we turned sixteen I asked Yugi to not tell grandpa and the other's that I was going to the Palace as a slave or they might get mad. Yugi agreed to it but he told me that I have to tell you at some point and if I don't he will so I agreed," Heba said starting to cry a bit.

Atem looked at Heba for a bit about what he said but he could not be mad at him no matter what so he walked up to Heba and hugged him.

"It's alright Heba I am not mad at you I am just shocked that you never told me," Atem said.

"Sorry I thought that you will hate me if I told you," Heba said.

"No," Atem said kissing Heba on the Head.

"Well this is a shocker," Aknankanon said.

"Pharaoh please don't be too hard on Heba," Yugi said.

"I won't and Lord Muto will be coming here with his other grandsons to talk business," Aknankanon said.

Heba started to get worried at that part and said," Pharaoh there is one thing that we should tell you about two of our cousins."

Aknankanon looked at Heba and saw the worried in his eyes before asking," What's that Heba?"

"Well you see two of our cousins are married and their husband's names are Bakura and Marik," Heba said with a small smile.

"I see…that's alright then as long as they don't do anything," Aknankanon said.

Yugi turned towards Atem and said," Prince Atem you on the other hand need to be worried."

Atem turned to Yugi and ask," Why?"

"Well…I told Bakura that Heba was working as your personal servant and he got kind of mad at that but what got him madder is that you two are now dating," Yugi said.

Atem started to get worried and Yami just chuckled at his brother expression.

"Shut up Yami," Atem said.

"Don't worry about Atem. Bakura did the same to me when they figured out that Yugi and I were dating," Yami said.

Yugi hit his head at what Yami just said.

"So you are dating Yami, Yugi?" asked Heba with a smile.

"Sigh…Yes we started to date a month after we left the Palace and before you ask we did not sleep with each other," Yugi said.

"Well congratulations Yugi," Amara said.

"Thank you and Heba there is something else to tell them," Yugi said.

"What will that be?" asked Aknankanon.

"Well…I just found out that I am pregnant," Heba said.

"Congratulations you two," Amara said coming around the desk and started to hug Heba.

"Thank you your highness" Heba said.

"Now all Atem has to do it to marry Heba," Yami said.

"Yup and also my I ask you something?" asked Yugi.

"Go ahead Yugi," Aknankanon said.

"Well I want to know if I can care a weapon around the Palace if not I can give it to you," Yugi said.

Aknankanon thought about Yugi's request for a bit before saying," I don't see why not, just don't do something to dangerous with it," Aknankanon said.

"I won't and also if it is alright that Heba can care his around as well. For some reason I fell safer for my brother to have something on him just in case something happens and no one is around to help in time?" asked Yugi.

"Of course Yugi, you and your brother can care around your weapons," Aknankanon said.

"Thank and also you should keep an eye on Princess Bast," Yugi said.

Aknankanon raised an eyebrow before asking," Why is that?"

"Well you see my Pharaoh when we were on our way here Princess Bast stopped us and started to talk to Prince Atem. When we were done I saw at the corner of my eye that she showed hate and murder and it was pointing towards Heba," Yugi said.

"Alright I will," Aknankanon said.

Yugi turned to Heba and said," You need to make two choses know for your baby bother."

Heba turned and looked at Yugi and asked," What will that be?"

"You can either A. have the baby with Atem in the room like it is done at grandpas or B. kick him out of the room until the baby is born. You can deiced and once you do we can talk to Priestess Isis about it," Yugi said.

"Alright I will think it over and will the same rules apply here like at grandpa's?" asked Heba.

"And that will be?" asked Yugi raising an eyebrow.

"That no one is allowed to see the parents for an hour to make sure nothing went wrong," Heba said.

"Like I said we need to ask Priestess Isis," Yugi said turning around and walking out of the door.

"Heba can I ask you something," Aknankanon said.

Heba turned around and looked at Aknankanon before saying," of course not my Pharaoh."

"How does your brother work as the healer at your grandpa's place?" asked Aknankanon.

"Yugi is the main healer of the house hold. He trained two other people as a healer just in case he was not there. When he is there and a mother is giving birth to their child he kicks everyone out except for the father. Once the baby is born no one is allowed to see them for an hour. It is time for them to have peace and quiet with their child and also to see between that hour if something will happen to the baby. If so then Yugi will kick everyone out of the healing chambers including the parents and try to save the baby," Heba said.

"I see," Aknankanon said.

Yugi walked down the hall and back over to his chambers. Once he was at his chambers he opened up the door and walked inside and closed the door behind him. He walked over to his bag and brought out his noble clothes and put them on. Once on he grabs his two swords and put it at his hip. Yugi then walked back out of the room and walked down the hall towards the gardens but before he reached the gradens he was stopped by Princess Bast.

"Hello Princess Bast," Yugi said bowing his head.

"You listen to me, you will tell your slut of a brother to stay away from Atem," Princess Bast said.

"Not to be rude but you should watch your tongue Princess. My brother is a noble and I don't think that the Pharaoh will not like to hear what you called my brother," Yugi said looking back up at her.

"Guards!" yelled Princess Bast.

A few minutes later guards showed up and one of them said," yes Princess Bast."

"I demand to have this slave whipped," Princess Bast pointing at Yugi.

The guards looked at Yugi before moving towards him.

"Maybe you should think what you are doing. I am a guest of the Pharaohs and you will be in trouble if you do anything to me," Yugi said.

The guards stopped before looking at each other before looking back at Yugi. When they looked back at Yugi they saw Lord Muto's crest on his shirt.

"I am sorry my Lord, sorry Princess Bast but I can't harm him."

Princess Bast got pissed before turning around and walked back up the hall. The guards watched her go before saying 'sorry' and going back to their duties. Yugi then walked back down the hall and a few minutes later he ran into Atem and the others.

"Hello Prince Atem…everyone," Yugi said with a smile.

Heba looked at Yugi before asked," are you ok Yugi?"

Yugi 'sighed' before saying," on my way back Princess Bast was going to have me whipped…she demanded that I tell you to leave Prince Atem and…she said a nasty word to you."

Heba and the others look at Yugi for a bit for asking," What will that be?"

"…well…Princess Bast called you a slut," Yugi said.

Atem got pissed off before he said anything a guard came up and said," Prince Atem, Prince Yami. The Pharaoh wants you and the others outside. Lord Muto and his Nephews will be here soon."

Atem looked at the guard confuse before saying," Alright lets go everyone."

They all nodded before Yugi grabbed Heba and said to the others," I need to get Heba out of these cloths and into his Lord cloths."

"Very well, we will see you outside," Atem said before walking again with the others.

Yugi and Heba walked back to Yugi's room. Once he reached his room he opened up the door and walked inside. Heba closed the door and walked over to Yugi.

"Here you go Heba put these on and your swords," Yugi said handing Heba his cloths and swords.

Heba nodded his head and started to get change, a minute later he was dresses and his weapons on his side.

"Are you ready Heba?" Yugi asked with a smirk.

"Yes," Heba said.

Heba and Yugi then walked out of the room and walked down the hall to meet the others outside.

Snowfall: That's the end. Next chapter will be Lord Muto and his nephews arrive and Atem will be getting death threats form Lord Bakura and Marik. Hope you like this chapter and the next one that I will post soon.

Bakura: I can't wait to teach Atem a lesson and what is this about him pregnant.

Marik: He better watch himself, because we will teach the Prince a lesson.

Snowfall: If you two kill Prince Atem you will get killed…I wonder who will kill you first your husbands or the Pharaoh.

Bakura & Marik: …..

Snowfall: can you two finish up plz…I need to get the next chapter started.

Bakura & Marik: Plz comment down below…