The Return, Rebecca's Story

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A Princess' Discovery

The Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords had never been happier, their joy also shared by the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea; though for differing reasons. The joy the citizens felt at their remarkable change in fortune could be linked to two occurrences. The first, naturally, was the double blast of benign golden light that swept across the entire planet of Sonnen III after the Miracle at the Orphanage, as all citizens of Sonnen III were calling the events occurring in the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea on the continent of Io. This surge of energy, while not doing much more for the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords than reviving the poor crops of other kingdoms that Arendelle relied on for trade and that had bedevilled the entire planet, set the stage for the even more miraculous events to occur. This second event occurred about four years later and was still the talk of the town, so to speak, even 13 years later.

Thirteen Years Previous…

The ship left the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea at the noon high tide. Made ready in record time, it was out of sight before most even realized that it had left. It rapidly made its way up the coast in the opposite direction of the normal trade ships that plied their way towards the Royal Kingdom of Estrella-on-the-Bay. The ship, having left the end of the continental shelf behind soon changed course for its rendezvous with destiny…

"Captain, please steer course 042 degrees." Princess Rebecca requested.

"Aye, my lady. Helm come right to 042 degrees, please." Captain Wilhelm requested.

"Aye, sir. Right rudder, steering course 042 degrees."

"Captain, please increase speed to flank." Princess Rebecca requested as she saw the ship coming up on 042 degrees.

"Officer of the Deck. All ahead, Flank."

The officer of the deck, and also the executive officer, Commander Callahan, quickly rotated the engine room telegraph first to the "call" position and then fully forward to the 'flank' position. The ship initially shuddered as the dual propellers bit into the waters of the Azul Sea. Very soon, however, the ship was making turns for over 42 knots.

"My lady, course is set as 042 degrees; speed 42 knots. Destination?" Captain Wilhelm requested.

"Captain, our destination is right here." Princess Rebecca replied as she pointed to an unremarkable, save for a white cross, location about two to three days sailing from the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords.

"Very good, my lady." Captain Wilhelm replied as he quickly deduced the importance of this location.

Three days later…

"My lady?" Captain Wilhelm gently said as he saw her in deep thought.

"We are where we need to be." Princess Rebecca replied.


"Now it is time to watch the magic." Rebecca cryptically stated.

"Watch the magic..?"

"You'll see."

As many on Sonnen III were to learn, the Miracle at the Royal Coronian Orphanage had done far, far more than just heal the young eight year old Rebecca. It had, in fact, imbued her with an almost magical connection with the universal timeline that no others, not even her dad, Eugene, could match.

The scene to follow was to amaze the entire crew. As Rebecca stood there at the bow of the Flynn Rider, she held her hands out in front of her, palms facing the water.

"Come to me…" Rebecca stated as she felt the Wirkungen channelling through her to a degree never before felt.

At first there was no apparent reaction. Soon, however, that was to change as the sea began to boil over as if a pot of water on the stove. At first the crew was frightened, though their unease very quickly turned to absolute amazement at the sight before them. In the middle of the boiling cauldron could be seen the main mast of a sailing ship, the tattered green and purple of Arendelle very prevalent. This first mast breaking free of the calm waters of the Azul Sea was followed by the forward and aft masts as they simultaneously broke water and then the entire hull of the vessel which soon hovered about five feet above the surface of the sea. As the waters finished draining, the ship gently settled back onto the surface.

"Captain, please bring us alongside the ship." Rebecca requested as she ended her trance.

"Mom, please tell gran that the ship is recovered…" Rebecca whispered.

Back in Corona…

"Becky has met with success." Rapunzel cryptically stated without even realizing what she had said as the four sat down to a late lunch.

"Met with success…?" Catherine asked; a new found hope in her voice.

Back at the Flynn Rider…

"Aye, my lady." Captain Wilhelm stated as he quietly made the appropriate orders.

Princess Rebecca, seeing all was secure and without waiting, leapt the ten feet from the deck of the Flynn Rider to the deck of the Spirit of the Aurora Borealis.

As she moved through the ship and encountered crewmembers, she placed her hands above their heads and their hearts and confidently ordered them to awake. In each case, they came to with a massive expelling of ocean waters and looks of absolute wonder of the most amazing vessel, the Flynn Rider, which any had seen. They were also amazed by the blue eyes of their savior; a blue that they would, in later conversations, swore glowed with an internal fire of some sort.

She soon made her way to the Royal Cabin and her ultimate quarry…

The unscheduled arrival of the newly launched and commissioned steam and sail powered 450 foot long, 52-gun Royal Coronian Navy frigate, the Royal Coronian Navy Ship (RCNS) Flynn Rider, known throughout Sonnen III as the personal ship of Crown Princess Rapunzel Catherine Fitzherbert, took all of Arendelle by surprise as it first became visible on the horizon while still over five miles from shore and grew ever larger as it came closer, its sleek bow effortlessly cutting through the five foot seas surrounding the vicinity of Arendelle. The wonderful golden sunned purple banner flying from the tallest mast left no doubt as to its identity and its kingdom of origin, although the presence of the royal blue banner flying three silver stars did arouse quite a bit of curiosity as to why the vice commander of the Royal Coronian Navy was making an unexpected state visit. What there was doubt about, therefore, given these two seemingly unrelated signs was the purpose of the visit, as the crown princess had just completed a visit not even a month earlier. The doubt of those Royal Guardsmen who first sighted and then followed the progress of the ship from the Sea Tower as it grew closer and aligned its course to enter the harbor was tempered by the surprise of the longshoremen as the ship finally entered the harbour and approached the dock. Unknown to the citizens and royal staff of Arendelle was the anchoring out of sight a little down the coast of the 'Spirit of the Aurora Borealis,' once the personal ship of a very important couple of Arendelle.

"Is she the ship's master?" One fellow rhetorically asked another as he noted a very young blonde haired woman on the quarterdeck quietly giving orders. She was distinctively dressed in beige pants, brown knee boots, and a purple tunic upon which the royal blue backed triple silver starred shoulder boards rested.

"I do believe that beyond being the ship's master, she is in fact the vice commander of the Royal Coronian Navy and…" The second replied to the first as he too took in the sight of the command staff of the vessel.

"…one Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert the Fearless of the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea?" The first responded.

"Yes. Yes, that is exactly who I believe she is."

"Wow! You know, I hear she is even more amazing and miraculous than her dad, Sir Eugene…"

Back on board the Flynn Rider…

"Please come alongside the pier, Mr Wilhelm." Vice Admiral Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert requested of the ship's captain, as her flag ship slowly entered the breakwater at the entrance to the Arendelle harbor.

"Aye, my Lady. Helm, steer 10 degrees to starboard. Make turns for 5 knots." Mr Wilhelm, the commanding officer commanded.

"Ten degrees to starboard, aye." Daniel, the 16 year old helmsman confirmed as he smartly spun the wheel to the right until the rudder indicated 10 degrees.

"Make turns for 5 knots." The Executive Officer confirmed as he quickly spun the engine telegraph first to the 'call' position and then to the 'Dead Slow, Ahead' marker and saw the repeater move to the commanded position.

"Rudder amidships." Mr. Wilhelm commanded as the ship steadied on the requested heading.

"Rudder amidships, aye." Came the crisp response.

"Helm, steer 5 degrees to port." Mr Wilhelm requested as the frigate came within 50 yards of the pier.

"Five degrees to port, aye."

"Dead Slow, Astern!" Mr Wilhelm called out as the ship came within 10 yards of the pier.

"Dead Slow, Astern, aye." The Executive Officer confirmed as he smoothly spun the Engine Telegraph to 'Call,' and then 'Dead Slow, Astern.'

The Flynn Rider, as one of the most responsive ships ever built to sail the six seas of Sonnen III could turn on a Royal Coronian Mark and stop even quicker. Captain Wilhelm, seeing the ship coming to a smooth stop exactly where he expected it to, gave the next order.

"All Stop, please, XO." Captain Wilhelm ordered.

"All Stop commanded and answered, Mr Wilhelm." The Executive Officer replied as he confirmed the order received by the engine room.

"Very good." Mr Wilhelm replied as the frigate drifted to a gentle stop not five feet from the pier.

"Yes, indeed captain. Another great job. Please single up all mooring lines." An obviously impressed Rebecca requested.

"Single up all mooring lines, lads." Mr Wilhelm repeated.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, in the palace, Kai, who had heard the commotion and saw the three masts as the ship entered the break water through the open window of his office, was very quickly and very purposefully walking towards the open gates of the compound; gates that had not been closed even once in the past 14 months; to investigate this new arrival. He did not notice the purple banner of the sister kingdom of Corona, nor the triple starred banner of the Royal Coronian Navy vice commander.

"Good afternoon Mr. Kai. I was asked to report to the palace that the Royal Coronian Navy Ship Flynn Rider has just docked. The ship is flying the triple starred blue banner of the navy's vice commander." The harbor master's runner, and 15 year old daughter Karoline, stated breathlessly as she sprinted up to the ever loyal and very capable Chief of Staff to Queen Elsa and Crown Princess Anna.

"What is this all about?" A confused Kai stated to everyone, but no one.

"I am not sure. I do not recall a scheduled visit to our kingdom on the part of Princess Rebecca." Karoline respectfully stated as she watched Kai rush quickly towards the dock.

"Princess Rebecca? Here? What is going on?" Kai asked to no one in particular. Karoline, knowing her place, knew that these rhetorical questions were asked without an expectation of an answer.

Queen Elsa von Arendelle and Crown Princess Anna von Arendelle, preoccupied with the wedding preparations for the younger sister, did not realize a momentous event was about to occur.

Meanwhile, back on board the Flynn Rider…

"Double up all mooring lines, Mr Wilhelm." Rebecca requested of her flag ship's commanding officer.

"At once, your highness. Double up all mooring lines." Mr Wilhelm requested of Mr Callahan, the Executive Officer.

"Double up all mooring lines, aye. All lines doubled up and secure." Mr Callahan stated as he confirmed the receipt of the order and its execution.

Princess Rebecca, seeing that the ship was secured, ordered the securing of the main engine.

"Mr Wilhelm, please secure the engines and reduce steam pressure." Rebecca requested.

"At once, your highness." Mr Wilhelm replied as he moved the ship's engine order telegraph to 'Standby.'

The young princess, hearing the excess steam being valved overboard and seeing all secure on board her ship and the gangplank in place, requested the commanding officer to prepare the ship's important cargo for off-loading as she left the ship and walked the short way to the mainland.

"Princess Rebecca, it is most pleasing to see you so soon." Kai happily remarked as he rapidly, yet purposefully approached, before gracefully bowing before her.

Rebecca, not one for pomp and ceremony unless absolutely necessary as was the case with her mom and especially her dad (who could not be bothered with any measure of 'stuffiness'), grabbed the surprised and blushing Arendelle staffer and gave him as huge a hug as she could while kissing his cheek.

"Kai, my dear friend, we are far beyond such pomp and ceremony. I am quite sure that you are wondering the purpose of my unexpected visit so soon after my family's previous visit not even a month before. Yes?"

"Yes, my Lady." Kai hesitantly answered.

"Well…," Rebecca stated as she quickly waved her hand in such a manner that all citizens of Arendelle quite suddenly and unexpectedly froze in place. "It is just that I have come into possession of something that is of the utmost importance to Arendelle and felt duty bound to return it as quickly as I could. This said, I came to the realization of the precise location of these articles and quickly brought them into my possession about 6 days ago and immediately set sail from the recovery point."

"Your highness? What about all the people? What is…?" Kai asked as he took in the sight of the completely frozen citizenry not only in the dock area, but all throughout Arendelle, though not the crew of her vessel.

"Rather than explain, let us cut right to the chase; shall we? I am quite sure that you will recognize the recovered articles as I present them to you. Christian? Synnøve? Could you please join us?"

"Christian? Synnøve?" Kai whispered to himself as he attempted to maintain his cool at the mention of these two names.

The shock experienced by poor Kai had to be seen to be believed as the two individuals slowly and gingerly made their way onto the deck, past the smiling and bowing Mr Wilhelm, Mr Callahan, and the young Daniel, and then to the gangplank. They soon stood to the right side of Princess Rebecca taking in the views of their home and the ever loyal staffer.

"Your highnesses…?" Kai blurted out before fainting at the sight of the two long lost sovereigns. Mr Wilhelm, having come ashore to supervise the loading of provisions for the return trip quickly and gracefully caught him; no mean feat.

"That went quite well, did it not?" Rebecca, with a level of sarcasm normally reserved for her Aunt Mandy, stated.

"I guess…" Christian chokingly stated, his wife Synnøve rendered speechless by it all, their emotions in overload from finally being home…

"Well, let us go to the palace, shall we?" Rebecca said to the small group.

The small group made their way to the palace, the citizens of Arendelle 'unfreezing' as the group past them and got out of sight and ear shot. As the group reached the open compound gates Christian could not resist asking the most obvious of questions.

"The gates. How are they open? What happened to Elsa?"

"Queen Elsa is quite well. There was a most unusual occurrence during the coronation but Princess Anna and her love for her sister saw the crisis to a successful conclusion. The actual story is so unbelievable yet completely true. This said, it is not really my place to provide it." Rebecca answered as Kai had just begun to recover.

"Anna's love for her sister?" Christian remarked to Synnøve as if that fact should have been well known to all.

Kai, having come to quickly brought the former Arendelle king up to speed with the events of the past 14 months. Needless to say, Christian soon became very distraught that his ignorance and, it could be said, stupidity almost cost both his daughters their lives.

The amazement of the two former sovereigns was so great that they completely missed the wonderful masterpieces of never ending ice that the citizens of Arendelle grew to love in the aftermath of the Great Thaw.

The group was soon at the double doors marking the entrance to the King's Study, its name not being changed in the intervening years. Princess Rebecca quickly knocked on the door using the most unusual of knocks and, before anyone could respond, pushed the door open and stood there. The looks of shock on Queen Elsa and Crown Princess Anna as Princess Rebecca stood there with her party were for the ages…

The Present…

The much needed and never ending joy of the Arendelle citizenry, even 13 years later, still carried over to the residents and staff of the royal residence as well. As such, it was indeed the rare day when the castle of the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords was still and quiet. This was most especially true of the youngest resident, the boisterous Princess Astrid Synnøve Elsa Bjorgmann, the daughter of Princess Anna and Sir Kristoff Bjorgman. Except when in class, in her martial arts training that she took with her mother, eating, or sleeping, the youngster could be heard from one end of the palace to the other. Thus her sudden silence came much to the surprise of her parents, grandparents, and castle staff. The sudden quiet also drove her mother to go searching for the now quite elusive princess.

The thirty-one year old Princess Anna, having spent 13 years prowling the entire castle in an attempt to fight her extreme boredom and loneliness and another 10 chasing after her eldest daughter, knew exactly where to look to find her. She had learned very quickly what could and what could not keep the interest of her daughter for more than a few minutes. Besides math, science, and literature, the one thing that definitely kept the young princess' interest were the murals adorning the living rock of the walls of the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea Commemorative Wing of the Royal Gallery. Each mural, painted by the queen's niece, Rapunzel, during her many visits to the Royal Kingdom of Arendelle-of-the-Fjords and depicting a wide range of subjects and events, were not only quite vivid in their color and level of detail but also the wonder of the varied tales they wove. These wide ranging stories that covered the gambit of almost everything under the ever powerful sun never grew old for the young Astrid, although she was soon to find out that she had not even begun to hear the entire remarkable story of the history behind the murals as some stories had not yet been painted.

Princess Anna thus found the subject of her casual search exactly where she thought she would find her, within the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea commemorative wing of the Royal Gallery. Being as quiet as a mouse; something she was not really known for but had mastered quite easily; Anna snuck up on and stood about three feet behind and just to the left side of her quarry. They stood there; mother and daughter, for about ten minutes before the younger Bjorgman, the ten year old princess, realizing that her mother was standing behind her, asked the most unusual of questions without moving a muscle.

"What do they all mean, Mama?" Astrid asked as she kept her gaze on a 750 square foot painting of a series of golden lights floating through the inky darkness of a night sky.

"What does what all mean, darling?" Princess Anna replied as she too continued to soak in the sight of some of the most amazing paintings ever; their grandeur not spoiled by the limitations of canvas.

"All of this! These are some of the most remarkable works of art possibly anywhere on the entire planet! So large as to be bigger than life." The youngster replied as she gestured to the murals painted upon the walls of the wing of the Royal Gallery that they were currently standing in.

Anna, sighing to herself and smiling as she saw her sister, the thirty-four year old Crown Princess Elsa, approach decided to let Astrid lead the discussion.

"I am sure your Second Cousin will be most happy to see how much you enjoy her works of art as each one is filled with a level of love that only Rapunzel possesses, although your Tante Elsa comes in a close second. Which one would you like to know more about?" Anna asked, hopeful that her daughter might stay focused on just a few of them. She was soon to learn that she would not be that lucky.

"All of them!" Astrid excitedly replied as she looked up and down the grand hallway.

"I see," Anna replied with as much enthusiasm as she could generate given the large number of murals and the amazing stories they told.

"How about we start with that one?" Elsa replied as she walked up, taking the young Astrid by surprise.

"Tante Elsie!" The boisterous young princess shouted as she turned to hug her aunt, much to the dismay of her mother.

"Astrid Synnøve Elsa…" Anna warned.

"But…" The busted Astrid pleaded.

"Your mother is right, my dear. Your conduct must always befit one of your high social standing. Such emotional outbursts must be controlled. Take it from me!" Elsa kindly stated as she steered her niece towards her favorite, a portrait of a young teenaged girl of perhaps 14 or 15 with golden blonde hair and icy blue eyes sitting astride a wondrous white horse; a wonderful yet unique sword held ever at the ready in her right hand. In her left hand, a shield with the most unusual sigil consisting of a golden sun on a background of purple. She was adorned in tan riding breeches, with a wonderfully decorated sun adorned purple tunic. At her shoulders were the rank insignia of a vice admiral of the Royal Coronian Navy.

"Yes, Tante Elsie. I am sorry Mama."

"It is ok, my dear. I will take my leave of you and allow your Tante to lead your discussion."

"Yes, mama." Astrid replied as she curtseyed to her mother.

"Have fun." Anna happily remarked to her sister prior to turning to leave. She was quite sure the story to follow would leave the young Astrid quite flabbergasted in its audacity; every word the complete truth.

"This one is perhaps one of my favorites." Elsa stated as she brought her niece's attention squarely on the portrait of the very brave and compassionate Princess Rebecca Catherine Rapunzel Fitzherbert of the Royal Kingdom of Corona-by-the-Sea as a 15 year old.

"She seems so young…" Astrid remarked.

"Yes she was."

"How old was she?"

"At the time of this mural's painting, she was about 14 or 15."

"Fourteen or 15!? She seems like she should be in her 20s!"

"Yes. She seems older because at this time she was almost five feet eight inches tall and quite muscular and in tune with the world around her. The event she is commemorated for actually occurred when she was 13 or 14 the year following our unusually quite cold July."

"A year after the Great Thaw? Five feet, eight inches tall? Wow! In tune with the world around her? What happened?" An obviously confused young Arendelle princess asked.

"She had a vision, acted upon it, and returned something that was very important to our fair kingdom."

"What was the important object?" The now quite insatiably curious Astrid asked.

"Not object, but objects actually. Your maternal grandparents, as a matter of fact."

"My maternal…, WHAT?!" An obviously shocked Astrid blurted out; her voice carrying to a grinning Anna and her mother, Synnøve, as the two women shared a knowing look .

"Yes. Your maternal grandparents. You see, your grandparents were actually lost at sea when I was 18 and your mother 15. Rebecca, on the other hand, was only about 10 at the time and beginning to realize there was much more to her than met the eye."

"Lost at sea? But how did the princess know what had happened?"

"It all began with a dream about the time she turned 13."

"A dream…?" Astrid asked as she took in the calm demeanor of Elsa as she prepared to tell the young princess of the 'Miracle of Arendelle.'

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