"So, when do we get started?"

"Whenever you are ready to, sir."

"I think our best move will be with that Russian. I'm sure he has something against Spider-man as much as we do."

"I can assure you he does, ."

"You know what to do. Take it from there. Then, tell me more about the others once he is out in the public."

"Yes, sir. The others are happy to join in whenever you are ready. Though, I am sure that your planning this quite well."

"What else do I have to live for?"

I woke up to the sweet smell of flowers. I couldn't name them at all, but their frangrance caught me. Slowly, I opened my eyes, seeing a vase of all different type of flowers only a foot away from me. They were all warm colors, something you would expect in the Spring or maybe mid-Summer. It seemed normal to me, but then I remembered it's winter. I had skipped the majority of summer and all of fall. I smiled at their beauty. Slowly, I reached out my arm to touch the flowers, though that's when I could feel how weak I truly was. Even lifting a finger took a toll on me, which only saddened me. Was I going to be a burden to Peter?

Sad, I rested my arm back to my side and sighed. Was this what I was to be for the rest of my life? A doll to watch over? There is still hope for me getting better, I mean I did survive Harry and falling, but was my hope and luck finally up? Had my luck timed out at the clock tower? I closed my eyes, aggravated at not knowing fate. I should be grateful that Peter and I are alive. There isn't a right for me to be this selfish right now.

"I'm glad to see you're awake." I turned my head and saw Peter laying down next to me, his body turned facing me. He reached out his hand to touch the curls in my hair. I'd forgotten, I hadn't straightened my hair since...then. I'd only touched up my hair a little bit, getting away in small frizz. My natural, blonde curls were free now I guess.

"I'm glad to see you too, bug boy." I smiled warmly. With the small amount of strength I could conjur up, I used my arms to lay on my full back to face Peter better. Peter instantly hovered his body over mine. His hand moved from a few strands of my hair to my cheek. I closed my eyes, feeling instantly safe and sound just by his touch.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked. I smiled to assure him I did. Then, I remembered. I was in Peter's apartment. I opened my eyes slowly and began to look around. Peter noticed my eyes wandering and quickly moved to the side, sitting up and looking at his room. The door was barely open, showing a little bit of a hallway.

"Oh yeah! Welcome to my lovely home. I'm sorry I couldn't make it more worthy of your presence, but I didn't know when -"

"It's perfect." I whispered. I smiled warmly, looking at his bedroom. Then, something caught my eye. Like his bedroom he had when he lived with his Aunt, he had put pictures of me put around the room. I couldn't help but blush.

"Oh, y-yeah I forgot about those. Well, this hero is pretty embarrassed." Peter put a hand behind his head, looking down at the floor with a deep blush. I couldn't help but giggle. "You know, if you think I'm some stalker or something I can take them down."

"I think its cute. Though, it is a good thing I am here."

"Hmmm?" Peter raised an eyebrow, his brown eyes now on me.

"This place does need to be redone a bit. Thank god I have some free-time."

HORRIBLE AND A BADLY WRITTEN, SHORT CHAPTER, I KNOW! It is only because the next Chapter has a lot going on and it wouldn't seem right if I put it into this one. I am so sorry I hadn't updated. So many things in my life...it is practically chaotic. Though, this story is back and after this stupid chapter the story only will get better and the writing will be better once again I promise you.