"That's it, I'm picking you up!" Peter said all of a sudden. Before I knew it, I was in his arms bridal-style. This only made me blush even further.

"Wait!? This isn't fair! At least put me in the Spider-man wheelchair you mentioned!"

"Nahh, I rather carry my girl around the house." He said, instantly getting up and walking to the door. "Now this is the hallway."

"Peter..." I whined. He kept smiling, walking around the house and showing me every room. He kept insulting his apartment, but I had seen far worse and it wasn't like it was dirty. It was just very simple. After showing me around his one kitchen, one living room, two bathroom, one bedroom apartment, he grinned.

"Well, that's my apartment. Like I said, nothing special but will do for now. Obviously Gwen Stacy will eventually need a lovelier place to live in. Our princess shouldn't be living in a peasant's place."

"It isn't even bad, Peter, and this isn't fair! If I could walk, I would be running away right now! I feel like a little doll you're dragging around!"

"Well, it looks like I get to make some fun decisions now."

"Peter! No! Put me down!" I began flailing my arms in the air, laughing.

"Sure thing, Gwendy." I then felt my body fall backwards onto the bed, Peter setting me down ever so carefully. Peter then held his body up over mine with his arms stretched out on either side of my head and his legs bent. His body was hovering over me once again. My eyes were instantly stuck to his face; his big brown doe eyes and his goofy, adorable smile. "God, I've missed you. I was so scared. I was in hell without you, Gwen. I'm...I'm so happy." He quickly kissed my forehead.

"I'm happy too Peter. You know, Peter, just know if anything were to happen to me-"

"-No." Peter turned his head, no longer facing me. My eyes widened as his expression had immediately changed, making me feel guilt for bringing this up now. Though, I felt he needed to know. I moved a hand to his cheek, gently pushing him to look at me. I was thankful he didn't fight my touch.

"Peter! Listen to me. If anything were ever to happen to me, I'll always be watching you and loving you wherever I am. I love you, Peter Parker. Life nor death isn't able to change that. I'll still be following you anywhere."

Before I could even think of another thing to say, Peter's lips were on mine. Instantly, I caved in, feeling my urge to kiss him instantly reveal itself. It started from a delicate kiss to a quickly heated kiss. He moved a hand to my hair, pushing his head as close as possible to mine as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Slowly, they slithered to his shoulders and down to his toned chest. I could feel my senses beginning to weaken, becoming lost into this kiss.

"Gwen..." Peter groaned, beginning to kiss me even harsher as I felt a shiver go up my spine. I tried to move my body closer to him, but with my condition it was a pain. Peter seemed to notice this and relaxed his legs on the bed and pushed his body closer to mine, still careful not to crush me. His lips soon moved to the side of my face and slowly ending up going down my neck. I couldn't control the little moans coming from my mouth, my blush only increasing. His hand moved from my hair to the my waist, moving up and down on the side of my body.

"Ughhh..." I moaned again, loving this moment. Though, as much as I was loving this moment, Peter instantly ended the kiss and looked out the window. I raised an eyebrow, confused. "Peter?"

"Something is wrong...and not like normally. I was trying to ignore it, but this is serious." I nodded, feeling a little bit annoyed and let down that he had to leave. However, he was Spider-man and saving a human life was far more important than kisses from Peter Park.

"It's okay, bug boy, I understand."

"I don't want to leave you alone here." he said, moving to the side of the bed and hanging his head so I couldn't see him.

"I'll be fine. Just save the day, Mr. Amazing Spider-Man, and hurry home to see me." I smiled. Peter looked back at me and chuckled, a warm smile on his face now.

I felt horrible for leaving Gwen alone in my apartment. It wasn't like she could get up and walk around and wander the city. I could only imagine how much it bothered the independent Gwen Stacy. It made me hurt seeing her in pain, no matter how she won't admit to it. Though, it was my responsibility to put a smile on her face and I will be sure to do that till the day I die. Nothing is going to harm her, not again.

I went from web to web in my Spider-Man suit, moving quickly across the city to where my senses were pointing to. Then, I saw I was near Time's Square. My eyebrows furrowed when I saw who was causing trouble. That Russian Rhino guy. Though, it seems he was just standing there...waiting for my presence in that heavily armored suit. I didn't see any harmed civilians, but little fires here and there. What was he doing and why were my senses so strong? I get he is a horrible threat, but he hadn't even done anything yet to really trigger anything this strong in me yet.

Soon, I swung off my web and landed onto the road, staring up at the laughing man.

"Is there a reason why you always seem to choose the same places and harass people, dinosaur?"

"I am no dinosaur! I am a Rhino! The Rhino!" The Russian said in his strong accent.

"You sure don't seem it. You seem like a messed up robot from Jurassic Park!"

"Listen here, Spider-Man! Today is the day you will die!"

"Haven't you told me that before?" I tilted my head. Instantly, he began charging at me at quick speed. Before he could touch me, I jumped on top of him and webbed his mechanical feet to the ground. Now was my chance. Soon, he would definitely break out of this, but if I were to get back to Gwen soon I would have to end him here. Though, before I could grab something with my web and smash it into his guns, a voice stopped me.

"Okay, I give up! I give up!" he started laughing, putting his hands in the air to surrender. Wait...what? Had I missed something?

"Give up..." I questioned.

"Something bigger than me is coming after you, you puny spider. Only special things will be coming towards you." Before I knew it, the police were surrounding the Rhino. His hands remained up and his window clearly open, not showing or giving me any senses that he was going to attack anyone. What the hell was this about? Something is coming towards me? As much as I wanted to let it go, it startled me.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll see." he answered, laughing again.

"You guys can take it from here. I don't think he will fight you." I said, deciding not to give him any more attention that he wanted. Also, worrying the public wasn't a good thing. I began waving to the police and quickly taking off. Again, I didn't feel any senses he was going to harm anyone so I knew he would calmly - and oddly casually and happily - be detained. As I swung from building to building, I stopped on top of a rooftop.

"Something bigger than me is coming after you, you puny spider. Only special things will be coming towards you."

His words kept repeating in my head, making me put one hand to my head as my legs hanged off the building. It made no sense that my senses were so strong for something like this. He had no intention of hurting anyone apparently. Now he is saying something else is coming at me? As much as I didn't want to believe it, I knew I would have to become more prepared for what happened next.

Was it Harry behind whatever the hell this was? I doubted, since the Rhino would have happily given away my identity I'm sure. Then again, I couldn't be sure. He is supposed to be locked up in Ravencroft...but that doesn't seem to keep anyone contained, a few examples being Electro escaping many months before our final battle and also the Rhino's numerous escapes. There was no doubt someone was orchestrating this. Someone was planning his every move and I doubt that idiot Russian bandit was him. I sighed, now laying my head in both of my hands.

Then, it hit me. It was his words that kept repeating in my head, but it wasn't his face that was shown. No, it was Aunt May's...and especially Gwen's. No, she couldn't go through something like this again. I have to keep her safe by any means.

Whatever it was, I could feel this upcoming battle in my gut and my spider senses. Something was going to happen and any day now.

After a half an hour of thinking things through, I finally returned home and entered through my balcony and easily opened the door. I saw Gwen instantly look over at me. I smiled and waved, as she weakly smiled. Though I heard some noise in the background. I turned my head to the opposite side of the room and saw the television was turned on to the local news. There were clips of me against the Rhino, but the press wasn't saying much but rather how odd it was that the Rhino just gave up. The news reporters and civilians were thinking it was because he knew he didn't stand a chance against me. Wow, I hadn't realized how much their thoughts on me have improved.

"I'm glad you're back." Gwen smiled, her voice a bit raspy. Had she been that worried? I felt guilt directly hit me.

"Of course. I'm the Amazing Spider-Man. I make it out of anything." I said, trying to use my false arrogance to calm her. She giggled, but she barely seem relieved. She looked down to the remote in her hands as her smile faded. I walked over to her and sat by her side on the bed, wrapping an arm around her.

"Gwen, I'm fine honey."

"I know. It's just been a while since I have seen you in action. Months, actually. Last time the incident and -" Gwen's eyes began to tear up, instantly I cut her off.

"- Stop right there. Gwen, you are safe. I promise you."

"I know that. It's you I worry about. It's like I could tell the look on your face behind your mask as you thought you were going to lose me as I fell. I just...I don't want to see you like that again." I embraced Gwen tightly, her nuzzling her head in my chest.

"Sweetheart, you are safe though. You won't see me like that ever again. Nothing, I repeat nothing is going to happen to you."

"Just the thought of you in danger or sadness scares me, Peter. I understand Spider-Man is important, but I'm saddened that of all people you are the one burdened with it." I could feel her quietly begin to sob into my chest, making me only embrace her further.

"Gwen, I have a reason to stay alive and that reason is you. I promise I will make it out alive no matter what." I tried to keep my voice as calm and soothing as possible, even though my voice even wanted to crack. I couldn't handle seeing her like this.

"I love you Peter." she moved her head up from my chest to look at me. I kissed her forehead and smiled.

"I love you too, Gwen."

"Why didn't that idiot kill him? Or even bother to try!?" Harry through a bottle of water across the room, making a loud noise against the wall with his new found strength.

"Will you relax?" the man sighed.

"How am I supposed to relax!? You told me you were going to get rid of him, but why did that imbecile give up so damn easily!?" Quickly, Harry felt pain on the side of his neck. He put an hand up to it and feel the green scales beginning to come. He knew he needed to calm down or his other persona would pop up instantly.

"It's only one of the plans, sir."

"Plans? I don't remember giving you any plans like this." Harry chuckled, but obviously not amused.

"I don't either, but that's because you didn't. You see, I made these plans."

"You made these plans? I thought I was the leader of this operation to kill Spider-Man." Harry pointed to himself with his thumb.

"Oh, you were only but a puppet. You gave me everything I needed." Harry's jaw dropped due to complete shock. What was this man telling him? Had he heard right?

"You're joking."

"Stop being a little boy, Harry, and grow the hell up. You heard right, you were only a piece to my puzzle. Now that you fit, you are done with. Goodbye, ."

"Wait! You...you son of a bitch! You told me you would get me out of here!" The man stopped walking towards the door and sighed.

"I keep to my word. I never promised you everything you wanted, but I did promise you out didn't I?" the man sighed. "I guess I have to stay with my word and free the rat." He looked at the ground the entire time, never giving Harry any eye contact. Harry could feel his hands begin to tremble, all from fear and his ailment. Who...or what was this man?

"The majority of the guards will be gone around ten at night tonight, having to transfer your Russian friend back in. That will be your chance. Take this key and escape then. The cameras will see you, but if you run out immediately, you'll be free and they'll have no trace. They won't put your escape into the news obviously as Oscorp made sure to hide what had come of you."

"What exactly are you planning?" Harry questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Something far bigger than killing Spider-Man. No, this world is going to change. New York City will be first." The man threw the key on the ground, opening the Ravencroft cell door and closing it behind him, the loud beep meaning the door was locked. Harry stood there, not knowing what to do. He looked at the key on the ground and grabbed it, placing it in his pocket.

Whatever this guy was up to, Harry cringed to think about it. Though, right now was to plan his escape and get the hell out of this prison.