Pinocchio entered his home, cold and tired, after a day of spending time watching children play in the snow. Duloc was so beautiful when it snowed. Christmas was fast approaching and he felt so empty for one very specific reason.

He plopped onto the couch by the fire and looked at a photo of his lover.

After defeating farquaad, Lee moved to far far away, and that's well...far far away! She was offered a job at a shoe shop up there and was designing and fixing shoes like no other.

She wrote him every single day saying how much she missed him and vowing to one day return to Duloc to see him. He smiled a bit and every single day, did what his old cricket friend had told him to do...hope and pray for a miracle, and it will happen.

Suddenly, mail came through his mail slot and figaro, much to pino's annoyment, tried to rip the letter up. He opened it up and was shocked. It was an invitation to Shrek's swamp for a Christmas party. Every fairytale Creature that helped destroy Farquaad was invited.

Pinocchio's eyes then lit up and he realized this was the miracle he was waiting for. Every fairytale creature that helped! Lee would be there hopefully and for the first time, he would kiss her right there. He then rushed up to get ready for the party.

A couple hours later, Pinocchio was first to arrive at the home. When shrek answered he was pulled into a big hug and laughed.

"So what's been going on with yourself Pinocchio?" He asked as they walked inside the house.

"Besides praying for Lee to come back? Nothing much" said pinocchio as he blushed.

Shrek noticed he was worried about Lee. He put a hand on his shoulder and smiled.

"Hey, I have a feeling she might just come" he said smiling widely.

"He's right you know" came a voice.

They turned to see a very nicely dressed Fiona in her usual green dress.

"But guys she's in Far Far Away! And well that's...well..."

"Far Far Away?" Shrek completed his sentence.


An hour passed and other fairytale creatures showed up like white rabbit who had duckling on his arm, Peter Pan came in showing off his flying skills, the three pigs and bears arrived rushing to wear the fire was and many others were showing up to join in the celebration.

Pinocchio eagerly looked at the door hoping every time that it knocked, Lee would be there. Suddenly they heard dragon land and donkey burst through.

"Someone her order a fun donkey and a hot blonde?" He asked.

"Hot blonde?" Asked pino a bit suspicious.

He then froze as he saw a figure come through the door. The yellow curls, the ears, the glasses. It was Lee.

Both of them froze once they were face to face as they saw each other for the first time in Months.

Tears filled in their eyes and pinocchio pulled her into the most tender hug ever as others around them started aweing. Lee was in a beautiful red velvet dress and her hair was as curly as ever. They looked at each other again and tearfully laughed a bit.

"I thought I'd never see you again pino. It's been so long!" She said as the held hands.

Pinocchio smiled and cupped her cheek and wiped her tears away, as a few of his own fell down his face.

"Far too long" he whispered.

Suddenly they looked up to see they were under mistletoe. They looked at each other with eyes of hope and passion. Pino's trembling hands cupped her face and finally for the first time ever, Pinocchio and Lee kissed, causing the others to cheer happily.

As they parted, a slow song came on and so without any prompting, they started to dance and kiss into the evening. This definitely was Pinocchio's Christmas miracle

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