Secrets, Confessions & Revealations

My 1st story, so please go easy on me. Also, here are the ages:

Ash: 15

Serena: 15

Clemont: 17

Bonnie: 8

Chapter 1: Challenge

It had been a wild last few days for Ash Ketchum. 1st off, on route to next gym battle, he met Korrina & her Lucario and Clemont revealed to Ash that she was the Shalour City Gym Leader. After arriving in Shalour City, he prepared himself to face Korrina & her Lucario which could Mega-Evolve, so Ash spent a few days training his pokemon in preparation. During that training, Fletchling evolved into Fletchinder, which Ash was ecstatic about since being a Flying/Fire dual type, would have a advantage against Lucario being a Fighting/Steel dual type. However, as a added bonus, Froakie evolved iuto Frogadier. Things certainly weren't easy for Ash, especially when Lucario Mega-Evolved and took out Fletchinder, but somehow, like he always seems to, he was able to defeat her. After the battle, Korrina decided to give Lucario to Ash because she was impressed with the bonds that Ash shared with not only Pikachu, but all his pokemon and also because Lucario had been interested in Ash since meeting him & traveling with him alongside Korrina and after the battle, he wanted him to be his trainer now. Korrina was sure that Ash would have no problem mastering Mega-Evolutions. That made Ash wonder what other pokemon were capable of Mega Evolutions.

The next morning, Ash was up early, eager to set out to his next gym battle when he noticed a poster advertising a tournament. Serena, who had just woken up noticed Ash & decided to see what he was looking at

"Hey Ash, what are you looking at?"

"This, Serena." He said as he pointed to a flyer

"It's a tournament and it's taking place here in Shalour City" said Ash.

"And let me guess, you're going to enter it?"

"You bet I am!"

Serena giggled, "Typical Ash" she said as she also rolled her eyes. But that was something she really liked about Ash, the fact that he could never resist a challenge. That was just one of the many reasons why Serena had a crush on the Pallet Town trainer. He had so many good qualities about him that would make any girl fall for him. Sadly, he wasn't perfect as his biggest flaw(and really the only flaw Serena saw in her opinion anyway) was his denseness. But Serena was patient, and decided to wait on telling Ash her feelings about him until they had spent more time together. She did throw in some hints, but of course, he never noticed.

Ash went over to Nurse Joy to see if he could get more information about the tournament.

"Hey Nurse Joy, do you happen to anything about this tournament here?' he said as pointed back towards the poster.

"Why yes I do. It's starts in a week and registration opens today at noon."

Ash looked at a nearby clock and noticed that it was 7:30, so he had to wait before he could register.

"What about the rules?"

"There are only two major rules. Rule 1 is that all battles will be one-on-one battles. The second rule is, as you might have noticed on the poster, only pokemon that can Mega-Evolve are eligible to battle."

Ash was now confused as to why only mega-evolved pokemon could enter, so he asked.

Nurse Joy explained that the tournament was designed to test the bond between trainer and pokemon to see you excelled at mega-evolutions. It was also something that Kalos Champion Diantha had wanted as the winner of the tournament would get to face her in a one-on-one exibition match.

Ash was now stoked hearing that the winner faces Diantha. Ash had been wanting to finish his battle with her when he met her only a few weeks prior, but since it was interupted by Team Rocket, they never finished it. But now, Ash not only had a chance to face her again, but with Lucario, he felt that he had a good shot at beating her.

"Thank you for all your help, Nurse Joy. I'll be back here when registration opens!" Ash said as he, Serena and Pikachu(A/N Yes, they were both there listening. Sorry I forgot to write that.) made their way to the cafeteria for some breakfast. There waiting for them was Clemont & Bonnie and after telling them about the tournament, the two siblings knew they would be here for a while longer. Ash couldn't wait for the tournament, but little did he know what was to be coming in the following weeks to come.

End of Chapter 1.

I know this wasn't a very long(and probably not a very good) chapter, but trust me, they got longer( and better). This chapter sets up the premise. Things start moving next chapter, I promise. Speaking of which, the next chapter will see some familar faces returning. When will it come out, most likely the beginning of June. So until then, this is nWoreviewer AKA The Man Known as nWore signing out.