Elemental Feelings

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Chapter 01: Broken Hearts

I'm sick of it all! I try, and try, and TRY! No matter what I do, it's NEVER good enough for Kitty! It's been six weeks since Apocalypse was stopped. It's been four weeks, three days, and seventeen hours since Kitty threw me out of her life. Forever.

I had made a date with her, only to not be able to make it, because I was sick. I DID call ahead to cancel! I talked to Kurt, who swore to me that he would pass it on, and even said 'Get better, Heer Avalanche' ! That little sneak only pretended to promise! He NEVER told Kitty that I was sick. So when I tried to get a hold of her, to reschedule, she hung up on me!

I tried EVERYTHING! Calls that were refused. Letters returned unopened. Gifts returned unopened as well. Visits refused! It had just become summer vacation, so no school to see her at! I did try to see her at the mall, but the X-Geeks always managed to keep us apart! The same thing happened at restaurants.

I finally decided that it really is OVER. If she is going to be a bratty, little bitch, then maybe I dodged a bullet, there. Maybe I need somebody more mature, like a fellow Senior, or something. Maybe a naughty college girl. How to get the girl, though? I need to work on my techniques. After only dating Kitty, I have almost no real practice in picking up girls! If only there was someone that I could learn from.

I try to practice picking up girls at the drive-thru windows of a few places in town. I tried different lines on girls in the coffee shop. I even tried to pick up random girls at the park. I was shot down so much that I felt like a clay target at a skeet shoot! I knew enough not to EVER do online dating again! Most of the 'female' profiles are actually middle aged guys! Fat and balding men, who are making up a girl that they wish was their own girlfriend! Most of the real females lie about themselves. Sometimes outrageously! Age, Looks, Hair, Anything and Everything was lied about! The only time that I tried it, more as a lark, and got a date, she turned out to be twenty seven years older than me! It turned out that she was looking for a boy-toy to get back at her husband with. Even if she had been better looking, she was married! I have no interest in a married lady. Feeling broken hearted and miserable, I drove out to look at the town from the bluffs.


I have just about had it with the same four walls of the Institute! I love my home. I love the teaching. I love the chance to save the world. I love the children, even if they can be trying. What I do NOT love is the lack of love.

There is no ROMANCE to be found there! Hank is a nice man, but, he is so intellectual, that he seems to have little thought for women. The Professor is like a father to me. Logan showed promise, but, it seems that he has a relationship with an Oriental woman. Omi, Yumi, some name like that.

I tried, discretely, to find my way along this 'Online Dating' thing. The only one to show up for an actual date, turned out to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, who just wanted to turn me into a information source! He really needs to work on his sales pitch. And on his bladder control. I only dropped him as a demonstration of my displeasure! I caught him in plenty of time. I have no use for 'men' who are actually just cowards.

I need some time in the air to clear my head. The connection to the sky is the only thing that keeps me sane some days. The nights are the worst. A cold, and empty bed, to show for my cold and empty love life. It is as if I am the only one to suffer this. I know as a fact that I am NOT. It simply seems that way, as I see happy couples wherever I look.

There are elderly couples who are ALMOST the worst for me to see. I fear that even at that age, that I shall be all alone, and unloved by any man. The teenagers are almost as bad, because of my own youth, now gone, spent with little romance. The absolute worst for me to see, are the twenty, and thirty-somethings with children of their own! It makes my heart ache with loneliness, to not have a man and children of my own. The children of the Institute are a balm to my heart, but not a full cure. They are my students, but they are not my children.

I soar above the town of Bayville, with only the wind, and a few birds for company. If only there was someone, ANYONE, who would be a good man to me! I am twenty seven years old! I can feel my chances of marriage and motherhood slipping away with each passing month! I let myself descend to the bluffs overlooking Bayville. I just need to let my tears flow, and I cannot do so while concentrating on flying. Without control, I would fall to my death!