Nia heaved a sigh as she gazed at the clouds roll by. The cool grass tickled her legs as she lay, wishing for do, rather than just sit here, being bored to death. She sat up, he head feeling a bit dizzy from lying on her back for hours. Nia glanced over her shoulder at the huge mansion that her parents owned. Just to think, they have over 4,000 square feet to fill, and they only had one child. She exhaled heavily once more, longing for a playmate.

Nia rose to a stand, and searched around for something to do. She recalled the rumors of a "forbidden forest" that was said to be near Nia's house, told by the rotten children at her local school. Nia had never been outside the mansion's front and back lawns, for if someone caught her trying to sneak away, she would get the most severe punishment of them all. Nia quickly scanned her surroundings, making sure that no one was there to witness her jumping the fence. As she straddled the top of the fence, she heard a slight rip, and swung both legs over the edge, and hopped down, as if she's done it a million times. Nia ran quickly from the mansion, and felt a cool wisp of a breeze tickle her skin in the middle of her thigh.

After what seemed like running across conformed land for a countless amount of miles, Nia came across an opening, in which there were wicked looking trees, with their bare branches curled to the very tip, and vines with red thorns resting on it sprawled across the floor of the wood. Nia's heart raced, fear consuming her. "No, I'm not going to back out now," she bravely thought. She carefully placed her foot on the charcoal-colored dirt. Nia's look of horror soon disappeared, for the black earth beneath her transfigured into soft green grass, and the nearby vines sprouted into dainty little flowers and various other plants. She placed a quaky hand on the trunk of the malicious tree, and, within seconds, its bark became a gorgeous chestnut brown, and the top of it grew into lovely flowers.

Nia galloped throughout the forest, skimming her hand along all of the evil-like plants, and witnessing them morphing into beautiful sights worth staring at. The deeper in the forest she explored, the more fantastic it became. At the very core of the wood, Nia stumbled upon a small plank of lumber held up by a rope that was attached to a tree, flowers spilling over the side. She sat on the swing, and squealed from delight.

Nia spent hours in the enchanted forest, until the sky began to display the beautiful medley of colors of the sunset. She ran out of the wood, shedding a tear here and there, and as soon as she took the last step out of it, Nia looked back at her new secret world of discoveries. She smiled, for Nia knew that this was the start of countless hours spent in the midst of her dreams.

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