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Jaune Arc was afraid.

Now normally, he wouldn't be afraid of anything, since he'd just stab it.

"Hehe… stabbing. Great idea, maybe I can stab the giant metal death trap! That might solve something." Jaune thought to himself.

"Maybe I can just hang onto the wings. It'd be just like riding a roller coaster… only 3,000 feet in the air… for 2 hours straight… and with no seats… or air for that matter…" Jaune pondered.

He was actually considering jumping onto the wings when the dust plane began to board its passengers.

Sighing at his options, he walked into the death trap with his belongings and sat in an empty seat.

Looking around, he tried to get a bearings on who his future classmates might be.

"A little red riding reaper… a white princess rich girl… a cliché sexy blonde chick… a big guy with a probably even bigger ego…" Jaune noted.

He was thinking about finding someone to sit next to and talk to when the dust engines started roaring and his instincts smacked him in the face.

"OH, DUST! It's starting! What do I do?!" He yelled in his head.

He looked at what he had on hand.

1 pack of mints, 1 family heirloom, a collapsible shield and a book he was planning to read, believing that his transportation would be something simpler, like an 8 hour car ride or a 16 hour walk.

Then he had an idea. An idea that can be argued on whether or not it was good, but it was still an idea!

Jaune set an alarm on his watch to 2 hours and stared at his collapsed shield, before opening it up.

Ignoring all the people around him, wondering why he was opening his shield up in the plane, he knocked himself out right on the spot.

2 hours later

Jaune was woken up by his watch playing what was on his music player. For some reason, out of all the songs on his playlist, the shuffled song he got was "Walking on Sunshine".

Jaune groaned as he looked around.

"Maybe knocking yourself out in public doesn't make a good impression" Jaune thought to himself.

But he didn't care. He managed to blaze past through the horrid 2 hours as the dust plane touched down.

Sighing to himself, he collapsed his shield and turned off his alarm.

"Dust, why did I download this song?" Jaune asked himself as he got his stuff and walked past all the people whispering about him.

Rubbing where he hit himself, he noticed that little red reaper getting ditched by the cliché blonde.

"They can't be friends, otherwise she would've brought her with her… cousins?" Jaune thought.

What happened next was something to remember.

In her dazed state, the little red reaper bumped into the white princess and got a tongue lashing.

This would've been nothing, until she sneezed… and exploded.

Jaune had to keep his hand to his mouth to keep from giggling from this incident.

Who has ever heard of an explosion caused via sneezing?

The white princess left the little red reaper and Jaune had to clutch his chest.

She looked like a kicked puppy. Even a socially awkward and insensitive person like himself can't help but fall to the kawaiiness.

Jaune walked over to the little red reaper and extended his hand out, smiling.

"Hey there, need help?" Jaune asked with warmth.

The Little Red Reaper looked at his hand and smiled, taking it.

Maybe this was his first step to making a friend. She did just explode after all, maybe she had some pyromaniac tendencies?

"Hey aren't you that guy who knocked himself out on the dust plane?" She asked.

Out of reflex, he let go of her hand and she fell on her butt. Even though it was purely out of reflex, he still didn't feel all too bad about what he did, but he still helped her up again.

"Sorry, reflex." He apologized. "You know, when someone helps you up, you don't ask them something like that. A "hello" or a "thanks, my name's …." Would've done much better." He said dryly.

The red loli pouted and flailed her arms.

"I'm sorry! I'm just not good with people." She stated and looked down.

Jaune had to focus on his manly side so he wouldn't hug the sad, pouting red loli.

"That's okay… I'm not so good with people either, so guess we found something in common." Jaune said smiling.

"Well, my name is Ruby Rose. What's yours?" She said looking back up at him.

"The name's Jaune Arc. Short, Sweet, Rolls of the tongue, ladies love it!" Jaune said with a bright smile.

"Do they really?" The now named Ruby asked.

Jaune shrugged. "There's no reason to hate it, right?"

Ruby didn't argue with that logic. "Well it's a better name than Sunshine." She said offhandedly.

Jaune stopped suddenly, much to a confused Ruby.

"Sunshine?" He asked, with a hint of darkness in his tone.

"Oh! Um, yeah! That's the name that came up to our mind after you woke up and you had that song playing… and you know?" She said innocently.

Jaune sighed. Great! He had a nickname. Hopefully it didn't stick. He mentally cursed at his music player and his motion sickness.

"Gee, THANKS GOD!" Jaune mentally said to the guy upstairs.

Well it can't be helped. He can't even get mad at Ruby with her adorable puppy look…

"Yeah I guess that makes sense." Jaune said. Ruby looked up, glad that he didn't take too much offense to that.

"Thanks… Crater Face." He said, smirking to himself.

Ruby immediately scowled.

"That explosion was an accident!" She said, defending herself.

"I wish I could accidently make things explode via sneeze." Jaune said sarcastically.

"Well…! Um…! …" Ruby whimpered, unable to defend herself.

She looked down in depression as she couldn't say anything.

Jaune clutched his chest again.

"Ow, my heart." Jaune breathed out.

"What?" Ruby asked, back to normal.

"Nothing." Jaune said quickly.

A moment of awkward silence passed through them until Ruby decided to start a new subject. A subject in which she was practically a scholar in.

"So… I got this thing…" Ruby said, bringing out her scythe.

"Whoa, that is badass." Jaune said in mild shock. He actually saw her scythe earlier, but it looked even better up close.

"Yep~! This is my baby~! I raised her since she was nothing but scrap metal~!" Ruby chirped.

"That is really cool, I wish I had a scythe like that. Then again, I probably wouldn't know how to use one…" Jaune said.

"It's also a customizable, high impact velocity sniper rifle." Ruby said proudly.

"Uhuh…..?" The Blonde Boy said, looking confused.

"It's also a gun." Ruby said, dumbing it down for him.

"Well why didn't you just say that? It's a lot easier for us lesser people." Jaune said.

"Sorry, I'm kind of a dork when it comes to weapons. So it's fun to use bigger words when describing weapons." She said, before looking at him with sparkling eyes.

Jaune sighed as he brought out is sword and shield.

"My weapons are this sword which does everything a normal sword would do, it's average but it's still a family heirloom." Jaune started. "And this is a shield that I can collapse at any time in case I don't feel like carrying it in its bigger form." Jaune listed.

"Oh, that's cool… no one appreciates the traditional ones anymore." Ruby said in awe.

"Says the girl with the scythe gun." Jaune said dryly.

"Hey! I made this myself! So I can say whatever!" Ruby responded.

"What? You made your own weapon? That's pretty badass." Jaune said surprised.

"Well everyone in signal made their own weapon…" Ruby said. "Wait, where are we going?"

"I thought you knew…" Jaune said.

They both looked at each other before dashing in one direction.

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