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Yang roared angrily as she plowed through the mob of cloaked people coming her way, beating a bloody path through the abandoned city in a blind fury.

She didn't know where her teammates were. She didn't know where her friends were. She didn't know where her family members were.

Right now all she could see was red as these were obviously the enemy for trying to attack and grab her.

The explosion from the dust plane had left her battered and bruised along with singing some of her hair, this was just another thing added to the list to make her angry enough to set her into a blood frenzy, immediately lashing out at anything that was in her way.

She was borderline feral, but at her base, she was still just rational enough to stop if she saw anyone that her brain would consider an ally or friend.

She would have had enough energy to tear down the entire town if it weren't for a sudden feeling that caused her to fall flat onto her face, unable to get up no matter how hard she struggled.

It was as if there was a boat on top of her as she could barely even breathe, the sudden meeting with the floor taking the wind out of her breath as her chest was forced into the ground.

"Now now, what do we have here?" She heard a soft voice that sounded like the type of voice a librarian would use, but she couldn't even raise her head to see who had said it.

"Another heretic who needs to be cleansed, sir!" A voice of what she assumed to be one of the cloaked men responded to which the softer voiced man tutted.

"Well, we'll definitely need to start on this one first as I doubt a holding cell will manage to detain her." It spoke and she then felt her body being strapped down, every part being shackled as she was tied up and moved onto a wheelbarrow of all things.

"H-hey! What are you doing?! Let me go!" Yang yelled out as she tried to struggle against her bindings, no longer feeling the massive weight that was on her earlier.

"Do not worry, child. For we shall let you go very soon, but first we must cleanse you of what is not yours." Yang looked up to see a cloaked figure, but one that was garbed in many religious artifacts and tassels.

She would've said some choice words if someone hadn't put a gag into her mouth to silence her, which only served to enrage her even more.

What seemed like the leader of the group of cloaked figures was about to turn and walk with the rest of them before he turned around suddenly, raising his hand, causing something to drop from out the air.

No one else seemed to pay any attention from the strange behavior, most likely having gotten used to it by now as they pushed Yang away.

The leader stared hard in the direction, narrowing his eyes as he couldn't see what he wanted.

On the cracked pavement was a perfectly spherical iron ball and it would have hit him if he didn't use his semblance.

The man couldn't see his attacker, but an unsettling silence was all that greeted him.

Whoever it was was not around him as far as he knew, but at the same time, knew better to try again lest he reveal his position.

Clicking his tongue, he turned back to assist in transporting the newest capture.

With Ruby

Ruby searched with determination to find everyone else along with Ren.

The two continued to look through the rubble of what was once their transportation, having not found any bodies living or dead.

They took this as a good sign at least, but met up with some trouble when the cloaked men attacked them.

Thankfully, none of them seemed to have been trained like a hunter would, so they were easily dispatched.

From what information they could gather, they hadn't found or captured anyone else yet, but that either means they hadn't received any updates or that the others have been shutting up the cultists just like they were.

"No other news from your ear piece?" Ren asked, earning a head shake from the young girl.

"Blake has hers off to focus better, but will turn it on if anything were to come up. I'm afraid everyone else may have moved forward." She stated, earning a nod from Ren in confirmation as he lifted up a piece of debris.

"Do you think we'll find them all?" Ruby asked in a low voice.

Ren paused, considering his words before responding. "I'm sure we will, besides Weiss, i'd have listed us to be the worst at taking that explosion."

"Excuse you?! Why me specifically?!" Weiss' voice can be immediately heard over her ear piece, getting an eep from Ruby as she nearly lost her grip on the piece of debris she was holding up for Ren.

"What's wrong, Ruby?" Ren shot up to make sure his fellow friend was fine.

"U-um. I think Weiss just got on!" She announced, to which Weiss gave a haughty retort.

"You think something like that would stop me? Please. If I died before you all, I wouldn't know how I could peacefully pass on!" Her voice came out strong, but she sounded tired.

"Well are you doing okay, Weiss? It took you so long to answer!" Ruby asked in a worried tone to which Weiss toned down her volume.

"Yes. I was busy as there were some cloaked men that would've captured me if I had not woken up on time." She answered, before she said something else.

"I found Jaune afterwards. He managed to get himself free and land in the nearby mountain range before he made it back to check for us. We both heard a loud noise coming from the direction we were heading and I would have gone with him, if he didn't insist on going alone due to his cloaking skills and asked me to go back to make sure everyone else was fine." Weiss summarized the events that took place for her.

Ruby sighed in relief at hearing that Jaune too was confirmed safe, which only left Yang, Nora and Coach Follows as MIA.

"Well that only leaves three people left. Let's get everyone together so we can help Uncle Qrow." Ruby exclaimed to which Weiss answered back with a confused tone.

"Wait, have you found everyone else besides those three?" She asked, earning an awkward laugh from Ruby.

"Oh, right, I forgot to tell you that, but yes. We have confirmation that everyone I haven't listed is still safe. Blake's on the same line right now." She explained, as the cat faunus' voice came over the call.

"Hey, Weiss. We've all been told to find each other before going in to assist Mr. Qrow and Coach Follows." Blakes voice remained as monotonous as ever.

"Oh, that's good to know, well i'll try to find anyone on my end. I'm assuming we're all splitting up to cover more ground?" The Schnee heiress asked, to which her two other team members said yes in confirmation.

"Alright, let's just hope everything will be okay." Weiss sighed, looking over the vast landscape that she would have to check to explore.

Whatever was happening here, she hoped everything would go well, but first they needed to confirm everyone here.


"Yknow. I know the reason for criminals to have their work underground and all, but it never hurts to be original. Sure a warehouse would be too easy to search, but there's a lot of risks being underground, yknow?" Roman asked his temporary partner, the faunus Adam Taurus.

The ever stoic individual let his current partner ramble as they made their way through the underground tunnel.

"Seriously, it's also unhealthy, breathing in all this dirty air and it's either damp or dry. You'll either end up with pneumonia or you're coughing every 30 seconds from all the dirt clogging your lungs." He continued heatedly.

The man had been bitter when he realized he would be getting dirty by entering the tunnels, but for all intent and purposes, Adam, didn't care as it'd be much better than being on the surface in broad daylight.

Thankfully for him, he was able to see in the dark. Unluckily for him, he had to drag the older man with him.

It was an awkward moment when they realized how they'd have to navigate with Roman refusing to hold his hand like some lovestruck floozy.

So they settled on Roman being tugged by his cane.

Not that that was any better in Adams opinion, but he wasn't a fucking child like this whiny human.

He swore that he would kill him if he ever got the chance to, but Adam was no fool and neither was Roman.

They were gonna need each other.

As if on cue, he saw something move to the right of him. Something big.

He let go of Romans cane, moving his hand to the hilt of his sword, causing Roman to immediately shut up, understanding the situation.

Adams eyes scanned the area, looking to see what was with them in the current moment, before some light footsteps, barely audible moved from behind him, causing him to turn around and face Roman, realizing that whoever their assailant was, it was someone who had been able to confirm that Roman was unable to see.

It was already too late even for his reflexes. He had made an amateur mistake as whoever was attacking them would make sure to get rid of the one unable to defend himself.

A loud crack was heard and it took Adam a moment to process what had happened.

Roman had somehow caught his would-be killer by the neck!

The older criminal held a hooded faunus by her neck as he used his other hand to light a cigarette, the flame brightening up the place for the three to be able to see perfectly.

"Ah, ah, ah. I've got a silent killer back at home who can outsneak you at her worse~" He grinned with a smug expression, his grip tightening around the faunus' throat.

"And lookie what I've caught. Another animal not understanding their place." He continued.

Adam knew that Roman was within his right to do what he was doing, but that didn't prevent him from getting angry with the blatant racism he was displaying.

He was about ready to slide the man's head off, his little killer be damned, when Roman dropped the girl to the floor, closing his lighter so that the only light they could see was the soft ember from the end of his cigarette.

"Alright, lover boy, you can talk to the mutt. If I were to interrogate, i'm sure you'd do something we'll both regret." He said, standing idly by to enjoy his cigarette for the brief moment that he could, knowing well that they both knew that they were being surrounded

It seems when you've survived this long in the criminal world, it'll take more than darkness to kill you.

Adam turned towards their would be killer on the floor before slamming the hilt of his sword into her head.

He needed at least one survivor at least.

He then twirled his sword in his hand before getting into his stance, looking around them to see how many enemies there were.

"Just a heads up, I can't tell the difference between you and someone else here, so try not to get too close, okay? I'm not here to babysit brats after all." The older of the two mocked as he swung his cane forward, maintaining the cigarette between his teeth as the blast came out, signalling the beginning of the fight.

Adam couldn't trust Roman and Roman couldn't trust Adam either, but both had something they needed to do and killing the other would not benefit them in the current time.

With Qrow

The veteran hunter sighed an almost guttural growl as he continued to cleave through the horde of cultists.

Mindless fanatics who were throwing their life for some cause that a maniac led them to believe in.

He shot another cultist who tried to get behind him as another cultist was unlucky enough to be behind the same one, his bullet piercing the two.

"I'm missing more than half the kids, Tyrians disappeared and the place is swarming with these lunatics." He muttered to himself.

This was a real screw up if he ever saw one and even now.

He had no idea how anything could pull them out of the sky like that.

A voice in the back of Qrows mind whispered something to him as he finally reached a large building that Ozpin had suggested they reach.

"What if you're the reason for all this?" It said.

Qrow quickly shook that thought away from his mind.

Now was not the time to drink. Sort of.

He took a quick gulp from his flask before he kicked down the door to be greeted by, you guessed it, more maniacs.

It was going to be a long day and he was going to need to make it faster considering he wasn't sure how long that Blake girl was going to be able to stay put.

With her current injury, she could stay there for quite a while, but they were in hostile territory. There wasn't anything he could do unfortunately but wait for the back up he called to arrive.

Honestly, this was shaping up to be a terrible mission.

His mind continued to loop those same things over and over ad infinitum.

He was well aware of it and he already knew that he was messed up, but right now, his best bet was to destroy whatever this was at its core.

This place looked important, but that also meant that the people in front of him were wearing different types of robes

Maybe that means these were of higher status in the cult. It didn't matter, he didn't give them a chance as he closed the distance between the nearest one, severing the head from the neck as the others reacted immediately.

Oh, cool, they have semblances.

An electrical charge surged past him, nearly grazing him as he ducked to go on the offense. Unfortunately, one of the cultists threw some paper his way, obscuring his vision somehow, before he realized that the paper was attaching itself to him.

He knew better than to pay too much attention to it and jumped back, closing the distance as he immediately swung his scythe around himself, immediately shredding the papers.

It was a good thing he had learned to shave while drunk as a useful skill to have before meetings a long time ago, lest he would have been missing a few bits of himself.

The group yelled out some orders to each other, before they all surrounded him.

"Well, this looks bad." He said to no one in particular as they attacked, apparently not wanting to go through the whos and whys, but just wanting him down as soon as possible.

He could respect that.

They all simultaneously used whatever way they could to hurt him from a ranged distance, forcing him to use his scythe quickly to hopefully divert any attack he couldn't dodge as he fired back from his own weapon.

Whatever these guys were, they simply had abilities as they don't seem proficient enough to actually pose a threat to him.

And speaking of abilities.

He raised a hand and yelled out "STOP!" which miraculously had everyone pause for a moment after a few other projectiles came his way.

"Thank you. I really appreciate the politeness and i'll return the favor. I'd like you all to know that this floor is very unstable and you should watch your step.

To show his point, he snapped his finger and the ground gave way underneath them. Each attack he managed to deflect, he made sure to divert it to the floor, eventually destabilizing whatever supports were keeping them in place.

The moment he had slammed the door down, he could hear a hollow ring from underneath, telling him there was a downstairs.

All in all, it was really great that he had a landing strategy and these idiots don't even look like they'd make it past Beacon's entrance exam.


Jaune and Yang were having an argument.

As two blondes with practically the same personalities, it was inevitable that while they would agree on many things that when they do disagree, it would be a rather large blow up.

There was a debate you see, one that was common among many friends when it eventually came up.

"Would you date me?"

No, neither were asking the other out, but after Jaune had somehow gotten his hands around not only her dearest sister, but the heiress of one of the largest companies in the country…


It all started like this.

"Hey, Sunshine, were you ever into me?" Yang asked with no tact.

"Probably. Were you ever into me?" He asked in return, to which she shrugged and giving back the same answer.

"Well things have changed now. Maybe if you were the first to ask, things would have changed." Jaune shrugged in return, before he continued to polish his sword, not being one to normally do this, but it was an aesthetic thing that made him feel cool.

At least, he would have gone back if Yang hadn't turned towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder and gripping it slightly.

"Wait. What do you mean if I were the first to ask?" She asked for elaboration, a hint of danger in her voice.

Jaune wasn't some doormat. While he was chivalrous, he knew when to let such ideas be relevant, turning to face her with a blank expression.

"I mean what I mean. Maybe if you were the first to have asked me instead of either Weiss or Ruby, things would have worked out differe-" He had begun speaking, but Yang cut him off.

"Whoa whoa whoa. What makes you think i'd be the one to ask you? You'd be the one coming to ME," She glared at him, a look of fire already beginning to burn up in her eyes.

Jaune rolled his own eyes before glaring back with a cross of his arms.

"Um, if you hadn't noticed. I've been asked out twice already. The trend says that if anything were to happen, you'd be the one to ask me out." He reminded her, causing her to pause for a moment, but not relenting.

"Please, my poor baby sister is sweet and innocent. She had her first crush which was unfortunately you while Weiss is a rather coddled princess. I love them both to death, but that doesn't count." She threw the other two under the bus with a cross of her arms, scoffing.

Jaune to his part didn't bother to defend his now girlfriends, before giving the conversation up with a shrug.

"That's still two for two and you've got zero proof that I'd ever care to ask you out. That's not my style." Jaune stated bluntly.

He'd normally have a softer way of speaking to a girl, but with Yang she was never one for him to feel the need to try and change his way of speaking.

"Oh really? Why don't we make a bet." Yang slammed her hand to the side of Jaune's head, getting her face close enough that one wrong move would be a very awkward situation for the both of them.

Jaune didn't flinch as he placed his sword to the side, realizing this was going to be the rest of his free time.

"Oh? What's that?" He asked, to which she grinned.

"Why don't we play a game! Whoever gets the other to blush, wins! Simple." Yang offered to which Jaune thought about.

He was at a real disadvantage here seeing as how he knew fully well that Yang had many assets which would easily cause him to lose here, but that would be showing weakness and proving her point.

He needed to level the playing grounds.

"Okay, why don't we have this challenge during class time? That way neither can do anything too far. It'll be a way to keep things civil." He responded, getting Yang to look away momentarily and curse under her breath.

The parameters were fair and she'd have no reason to refuse.

"Fine! Whoever gets the other to blush in class!" She moved away before texting her teammates about the bet so that no misunderstandings would come.

She wasn't an idiot after all.

The next period

Yang had her game face on. She had left immediately to go change into her uniform with some added flavors.

On top of her normal uniform, she wore some high knee socks, making sure they were tight around her thighs along with a hair pin just for some added character. This along with a dangerously short skirt was sure to have her win the moment she walked in!

However, she soon became anxious.


The Jaune that was sitting next to her was different somehow, almost as if he was sparkling

GASP! He smelled like aftershave too! Ohhhhh! This was going to be a challenge.

How to approach this though? She wasn't even aware that Jaune needed to shave, but after notifying their teams, she had no doubt that Nora and Pyrrha helped.

Curses. He had the advantages of having female team mates while she didn't even bother asking her own resources.

Though Sun was currently nowhere to be found.

This is fine though! She was an 11/10, 10/10 at worse and no matter what he did, she would still win! She just needed a gameplan…

It was then she felt a finger press to her cheek gently, causing her to turn to see what it was, meeting Jaunes smiling face in a gentle expression that she had never seen before.

"Sorry, you were spacing out, but you know we're in the middle of class right?" He asked in a suave voice.

"He's already on the offensive!" She yelled internally, but did her best to keep her cool.

She slammed her face into her arms,to recuperate, having thought this would be easy, but she hadn't even gotten to make a move yet!

How dare he…

Jaune paused momentarily, staring at her before returning his attention to class, resting his head in one hand with an amused smirk.

"H-how dare he! He's treating her like an easy conquest! Well that's it. She had to fight back, but not yet!"

The period had ended and everyone was gathering their belongings to leave. The scoreboard was zero, but Jaune had made an impressive showing.

Their friends all watched, having already learned of the bet and were already placing bets, except Weiss who had to be held down to stop her from trying to attack Yang who she thought was using this as an excuse to muscle in on Jaune

Yang already knew Jaune's type of girl. She had just gotten a text from Ren about what Jaune was into.

With this information, she was sure to win.

Just before Jaune could leave, she called out to him

"Hey, Jaune! Do you remember where Professor Goodwitch is?" She asked with a sweet tone as she dashed off towards him.

Excellent. This was an easy move that she's seen many times in the books that Blake had read!

She didn't stop her momentum, ready to crash into him and prepare an embarrassed shy voice, one that not even her sister has heard!


Jaune stood to the side, letting her dash right pass him!


She didn't feel the hit!

"Oh, she's usually in her office around this time preparing for her period for us." He stated nonchalantly, no malice or amusement in his voice.

Just pure sugary kindness

"Oh… ok…" She answered with a dead voice.

It was during the time between classes that Yang had to try to stop and understand what had happened.

"This is weird… No matter how cute I acted, I didn't get any reaction from him! Was my angle a bit off?" She thought to herself, before getting another text from Ren, more info about Jaune.

Of course, she then realized that Ren was an extremely loyal friend.

There was no way he'd be selling out Jaune right now! This information must be false, leading her to do stupid things!

With Ren

Ren continued to text every single thing he had remembered Jaune telling him about.

He was kind of pissed, not that he'd show it, about Jaunes recent prank on him, resulting in the entire school believing that he was indeed a female.

So if he could get Yang to win this bet, he'd feel much better knowing that it was at Jaune's expense.

Back with Yang

"Hmm. Maybe I should try something different." Yang thought as she pulled her hair behind her head, tying it into a ponytail.

They sat together in class again, with her tugging on her shirt, making an uncomfortable face.

"It's so hot today…" was the message she was subtly conveying.

But he completely ignored it!

Jaune had completely evaded the left jab from her metaphorically!

She burned in her seat, her tie coming off to let her hair back down as she glared at him.

This was another round for Jaune, but no score yet. This class had swung in his favor.

Of course, before they left, Jaune had turned to Yang with a curious look and smile.

"Oh, Yang, you're not going for the pony tail even though it suits you?" He asked, causing Yang to freeze.

This is bad! She had to keep a distance with him! No… Wait…

He didn't let any chance slip! He's already closing in! She should've expected this to be a hard battle.

Not good, but she was saved by the bell.

This bet can still swing in her favor…

She had to use her trump card.

While the class was all being lead by their teacher outside for whatever it was the lesson was for that day, Yang made her move.

She ran from the top of the stairs, knowing Jaune would be one of the last people.

"I've timed this perfectly! This is my ultimate move! The rom com style fall!" She declared victory from within her head. "There's no way you can avoid this attack!"

Jaune however managed to do the unexpected. He moved quickly, reaching to grab her hands, before twirling the two of them, having her land safely against his knee as he rested his other to the floor, gently cradling her.

"Are you alright? It would be bad if you hurt your cute face like that, please don't make me worry." He smiled down at her, causing her eyes to widen and blush.



He then stood up triumphantly, lifting her up by her hand with a devilish smirk.

"Looks like i've won~" He sang out, before Nora appeared between the two of them.

"Ah, yes, excellent blend of offense and defense, Jaune, but you haven't won. The rules were nothing outside of the class was to count. This is during class, but it is merely during the transition. The bet still goes on." She adjusted her glasses in a matter of factly way.

"What? We're on the way to class, we're in class right now." Jaune protested to which Nora shook her finger as if to scold a child.

"Jaune, you know better than anyone else, that if there's a chance to prolong entertainment, it will be done." She explained to which Jaune couldn't dispute.

Curses. He was so close!

Yang on the other hand had collected herself, dusting herself off and had already begun glaring at him.

This entire time she had been going up against an unknown enemy, but little did he know, she was now prepared!

Jaune Arc! You may have nearly won, but Yang Xiao Long will not give in that easily! This was an opportunity after all.

Well, there we go. We've got some fun things here with some neat battles and some things to look forward to for later.

This'll be a fun… uh Mêlée à Trois if you will.

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Auf wiedersehen~