Land of Fairies: Dragon's birth

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Chapter 1: Ends & Beginnings

They were panting, beads of sweat running through their exhausted bodies as their hard gazes focused on one figure and one figure alone.

A single thought permeated through both Naruto's and Sasuke's minds as they faced the frightening monster that was Kaguya Otsutsuki, better known as the rabbit demon.

The senselessly excruciating war had been dragged on for too long.

After the sinister light of the Infinite Tsukuyomi had drowned the entire world in eternal dreams, Zetu's surprising betrayal had provoked Uchiha Madara's form to morph into that of the Sage of the six path's progenitor, unholy devastation and incomprehensible power manifesting into the mortal world.

From then on, a tempestuous battle of unspeakable proportions had raged on across the scarred land of the lightning country as undivided landscapes and entire battlegrounds were annihilated into utter nothingness.

The grueling death-match that had begun as the final exorcism of a cursed past, evolved into a desperate struggle for survival as even the heroes who had been blessed with the gifts of god could barely even keep up with the invincible entity that was the being before them.

To her will, space and time bent in order to trap and vanquish her enemies. Before they could even comprehend the phenomenons occurring around them, the last hope for the human world in the form of two awakened warriors was transported by grace of the divine into a wholly separate deserted dimension.

Unyielding, the blond and the raven had retaliated with the power cursing through their own veins, a titanic clash echoing endlessly throughout a world void of life as the favored battlefield of the unholy goddess and her insurmountable gifts pressured their chakras to their utmost limits.

Naruto Uzumaki, the child of the prophecy and only son of the fourth Hokage was standing utterly drained, his untransformed body struggling strenuously as the injuries inflicted upon himself made it difficult to move effectively in a frightening demonstration of the unparalleled ability of his enemy.

After striking her with a savage barrage of two thousand clones armed with Tailed-Beast Bomb Rasenshurikens containing enough energy to blow up the entire planet, the woman in white had remained unnervingly unscathed, waving a mocking gesture in their direction as she hovered haughtily in perfect display of her soul-crushing invulnerability.

Her beautiful factions had contorted into a glacial smile that managed to petrify them from the untainted disbelief as she freely taunted them in derision, reminding them thoroughly of the unreachable distance between their gifts and hers. Her ivory eyes had rested gelidly on their forms as she stayed softly unmoving, and her clothes, ancient robes made of heavenly delicate silk, retained a pristine white shade forever unstained and unsullied.

Her celestial might pushed through the borders of understanding in a terrifying fashion, the enormous pulses of heinous energy that emanated from her body shaking Naruto to his very core as cold sweat slid slowly down his temple. He grudgingly acknowledged that the only reason he remained alive was because of the intervention from his counterpart and best friend. Together, they had desperately fended off attacks that would have otherwise swiftly ended the life of the other.

Still, the powers that had been awakened inside them, that had managed to equal that of Madara's and allowed them to fight against him evenly, the gifts that had been bestowed upon them by the legendary Sage of the six paths, were bafflingly no match against the sheer magnitude of strength that woman possessed. Their mortal might had been rendered utterly worthless in the face of divine authority.

He clenched his fist in indescribable frustration. The whole world was depending on them. The people who had fought alongside him, who had laughed with him, cried with him, they remained imprisoned as their life energy was currently being forcefully extracted away from them. He gritted his teeth in undisputed anger, vehemently refusing to abandon the victims to that cruel fate.

His azure gaze turned to examine his partner standing a few meters away by his side, the raven's inability to show even an ounce of weakness not changing the fact that he too was still human.

Sasuke stood nonchalant with his head held high, his pitch-black eyes narrowed in concentration as a web of thoughts coursed through his meticulous mind. A large stain of dry blood descended down the left side of his forehead grossly overlapping with the bangs of his hair that had similarly adopted a change in tone. Dark bruises and dirt marred his pale battered muscular body rather extensively after a tumultuous confrontation garnered increasing damage that was left briskly exposed when his garments had been viciously incinerated. His breathing, like his partner's, was laborious, exertion evident in his every movement.

The rabbit demon had made a complete mockery of their abilities, and though at one point in his life that would have bothered him immensely, he had neither the luxury nor the desire to worry about something as trivial as that currently.

After his reunion with and subsequent farewell of his brother Itachi, he had completely overhauled his plans and methodology for the fate of the hidden leaf. The trauma and sorrow he had endured, and the anger and darkness that inhabited his heart to the deepest ends was not something that could change even slightly, but the thought of failing his brother who had once meant everything to him filled him with an anger and frustration that was so overwhelming it nearly threatened to send him over the edge of madness.

Unlike his heroic and noble partner, he was indifferent to whatever fate awaited humanity in the next dimension, his sole justification in bringing salvation to those underserving parasites resting exclusively in the memory of his late brother who gave away everything in his possession in order to bring stability and peace.

To his narrowed empty obsidian orbs, there lied nothing else but a blood-soaked path ahead of him in the same way as it always had in the past, the clear distinction in their current situation being the rolling head of a glaring demon resting lifelessly at his feet as he reached the finish line, and the the virtuous hope of his kind older brother who endured the greatest tragedy executed upon him for the unique benefit of an ungrateful and flawed world. For that single reason, he would fight until not an ounce of strength was left remaining in his body, and his death would come before his brother's last wish scattered like the embers in the wind.

With new resolve filling his mind, the young raven decided it was finally time to end that detestable conflict that had caused so much pain and anguish, viciously stepping into the territory where a man could defeat a god.

His eyes narrowed further before his irises began spilling red, his cursed lineage doting him with unmatched visual prowess. The goddess remained staring impassively, not even remotely threatened by the transformation.

A double-layered star formed inside his eyes, the combined strength of his and his brother's fueling the power of his dark spirit in stark preparation. A hateful and sinister aura consumed his body in steaming violet as his chakra increased exponentially.

Naruto gazed at him curiously, wondering what exactly the raven had planned for their next assault.

The goddess, predictably, simply observed with expectation.

His left eye pulsed in an otherworldly manner, a mystic energy flaring expansively as his sclera and iris were swallowed in a lavender shade, a ripple occurring continuously. Finally, it stabilized when six tomoe formed in the first and second rings spinning furiously.

In his left socket the eye of samsara was revealed, the most exalted visual prowess passed onto him by the sage's lineage.

His heavenly gaze fell softly to his hand as it formed a fist slowly, clinically recognizing his undeniable weakness as he, in his current state, did not even manage pose a threat to the woman standing calmly before them.

A devious smirk formed on his lips unintentionally as the Rinnegan dissected the intense flow of energy burning turbulently on his enclosed fist.

At last he would be able to breach the threshold that separated a man's dominion from that of a god.

From the very beginning of their earth-shattering confrontation with the unholy entity his calculating mind had immediately detected the fatal disadvantage he carried as a being holding finite chakra. However he performed in his offensive against a seemingly invincible enemy would have been irrelevant if he was unable to continue engaging due to energy depletion.

HIs partner fortunately, as the host of the demon beasts, had an unending source of power to draw from and thus had remained unaffected. Taking advantage of that fact, he had let his counterpart lead the initial charge as he sought a solution, resolving to experiment with his, at the time, newly awakened Rinnegan.

After several failed attempts, he had finally encountered the mystical power of preta. Its limitless potential had from then on allowed him effortlessly to remain in the clash as he cunningly stole his enemy's power in an increasingly gradual manner. As the battle had kept strongly progressing, he had fostered that sublime energy waiting for the right moment to assimilate it fully, intending on expelling all of its malevolent might right back in her direction.

As he beheld the incomprehensible power pouring ragingly in the palm of his hand, his mind was filled with images of his imminent retaliation. After all, if there was anything he had profound knowledge on, it was vengeance.

The change in the environment was palpable the moment he adapted that ridiculously massive chakra into his system. Another pulse resonated perpetually as an unprecedented mutation started taking place. A distortion in time and space disturbed the senses of the two other living creatures currently standing in that terrible, empty world.

For the very first time, kaguya exhibited a change as her features marred in a wary frown.

Naruto's eyes widened as his extra-sensory abilities detected the metamorphosis of his counterpart's energy. A holy attribute had started shrouding his chakra before it merged completely with it in a surprising contrast with its emanation.

The aura that had previously been a sinister and hateful violet drowned into an endless abysmal black.

A second lavender eye with six tomoe opened in his right socket, and his hair the color of midnight turned into a snow white. A new height had been finally reached.

Naruto had felt the sudden colossal surge of chakra from Sasuke, the foreign feeling attached to his power a source of fascination and excitement.

He observed as the black energy streamed around his body fluidly and dispassionately, grinning widely when the injuries on his body healed at an unbelievably rapid rate. Somehow, the young raven had never failed to surprise him. The lone genius of the once revered Uchiha clan demonstrated time and time again how uniquely talented of a warrior he was.

Turning back to face his enemy, he welcomed his turn to transcend the impossible.

His body ignited in brilliant yellow light as the Six Paths Sage Mode brought him to a state of absolute awareness. His eyes scorched a slitted bright golden hue as he calmly assessed the massive energies around him.

Abruptly, his already oceanic chakra began ascending without stop, heat and light saturating the entire battlefield as stone melted and compressed from the immense pressure.

He grit his teeth furiously as pain then started coursing though his muscles incessantly, his body straining dangerously from the incomprehensible amount of excess energy.

At last he had reached his own unyielding wall. The line that marked the uttermost limits of his capabilities rested closely at his feet.

He had not been able of crossing it previously at the beginning of his fight with Kaguya, rigid concern of his body's further deterioration paralyzing further attempts.

Thresholds, he had learned, were unfathomably frightening. Their existence signified a completely unexplored territory of endless mystery. A cold, dark path known to no-one froze eternally as it waited for the one that dared to cross it. A valiant hand of fearless heart would be the only one to lit a torch of bright resolve that could illuminate endless shadows with its light.

His resolve hardened vigorously as he took a courageous step that went past the solid line drawn in the ground, and the vastness of the dark became a shining radiant light.

Encouraged by his partner's remarkable confidence and unwilling to be left behind, he clapped his hands thunderously, a shockwave blasting around him as he entered a meditative state where he met with the supernatural tenants inside his body.

The trust and confidence each and everyone of the tailed beasts had on him was demonstrated with the fervor in their endless support for him. His enclosed fist met the palms of the nine demons overlapping over one another as a world of energy descended upon his body. For a brief instant, the blond thoroughly felt as if he was drowning completely, before his form was consumed in eternal light.

Unbelievable heat assaulted his senses as he was being massively overloaded with chakra, steam rising from his skin in uncontrollable amounts. Light flared frenziedly in all directions, momentarily blinding both Sasuke and Kaguya. When the flash had finally subsided a few moments after, an imposing image remained.

His boots, which had previously been golden while in his Six paths transformation, became pristine white. Black energy still shrouded him from his legs and lower body to his torso, where his golden jacket had become a gleaming white coat that descended all the way to his calves. His abdomen was marked by a shimmering white circle and six white magatama adorned his upper chest. On his back, the six paths symbol burned a bright purple. And his eyes, which had previously been a fiery orange color, flared in an amalgam of blues and whites reminiscent of an azure nebula. Finally, his strands of hair also adopted a snow white color, his form having a striking resemblance to that of the Sage of the six paths.

The goddess' frown narrowed further as she took in their new states, the teenagers before her completely alien to those she had been pushing around previously. Light and Darkness stood unflinchingly in preparation, their bodies simmering in their newly awakened power before they gave a beginning to their assault.

The host of the beasts turned his gaze to his partner, silently wondering if he had any plan prepared to overcome the otherworldly enemy.

The rinnegan wielder, as if reading his mind, turned back to him as his eyes hummed a soft purple glow, the tomoe spinning rapidly around the rings.

Naruto felt an unnatural disturbance in his surroundings, reality bending in celestial decree as time came to an abrupt stop. The unmistakable chakra of his partner shrouded the earth and the sky and he briefly wondered why the snowy teen had put him inside an illusionary world.

Answering his confused thoughts, the Uchiha addressed him calmly "Her all-seeing eyes will have no effect in this domain, it is effectively the only place where we can discuss our combat strategy and maintain the element of surprise. Now, listen carefully. This is what I have in mind…" he said, his holy gaze serene as it centered around the white sage.

In the timeless plane of existence, the boys shared what information they had been able to gather and cemented their next course of actions.

An infinitesimal fraction of a second had passed in the outside reality before their awareness returned and their attention was newly centered on her presence.

The goddess had felt the tranquil flow of energy from the Rinnegan submerging the white sage and immediately understood the affair that had taken place. She commended the Dark sage's cleverness in finding and exploiting the only exception to her divine sight, that is, a mental plane of reality.

Nonetheless, she had remained unconcerned. While their ethereal transmutations had initially given her pause, the absolute certainty in her superiority and overwhelming power prompted her to acknowledge her foes as nothing more than ants ready to be crushed with the slightest flicker of her fingers. Such was her supremacy that even the gifts of her son, the one who had sealed her a millennia ago, provoked not an inkling of fear out of her body.

The undisputed truth was that the teenagers and herself existed in completely separate dimensions of power.

Her icy gaze centered on them expectantly, knowing with complete certainty that they were about to make their move.

She was taken aback when the Darkness weaved hand-signs with a speed that eclipsed comprehension, her eyes widening from sheer surprise.

Colossal roots ascended furiously from the depths of the earth, the ground parting and breaking as an entire forest formed in the arid wasteland that was their current battleground, completely altering the landscape and changing the surroundings into a wild jungle. "Wood Style: Deep forest emergence" he muttered dispassionately.

The titanic roots and trees kept growing at a ridiculous pace, approaching the goddess with the vicious intent of crushing her body and draining her life force in the same manner she had done to the humans back in their original dimension. Her eyes closed delicately as her vision of the teenagers was swallowed by the mountainous wood structures.

In the blink of an eye, the entire forest was eradicated. Heavenly energy repulsing and shattering all matter around her indiscriminately. Their pathetic attempts at providing an even fight slightly amused her.

Without warning, several wood dragons rose from the devastated ground. One after another maneuvering with unbelievable speed charging with her as the sole target.

Her hand extended swiftly and with the tips of her fingers she made contact with the murderous formations, the dragons disintegrating uselessly to dust. Disappointment slightly spilled in her factions.

She briefly scanned her surroundings for the position of the teenagers yet strangely found neither of them, the Light's energy saturating the entire battlefield and interfering with her sensing abilities.

The dragons kept rising continuously, barely drawing her attention as she swiftly destroyed them successively.

Abruptly, veins protruded in her temples as her hands changed directions releasing a black tendril from her palms that connected with a newly appearing clone of Naruto's, brutally disintegrating it wholly.

The white sage's sudden arrival sparked a new fierce offensive as clone after clone materialized into existence reaching the thousands, ardently trying to overwhelm her through sheer numbers. From the outside, it looked as If a dome of light had encapsulated the unholy being. Their combined charge was wildly ferocious as each punch and kick was enhanced with the five tails' 'Unrivaled Strength'

Unflinchingly, she responded to the vicious attacks impeccably. Her hands blurred in godly speed as they tracked each and every clone before releasing more of those black tendrils that obliterated them upon contact. Her all-seeing eyes brought her divine awareness of their positions and patterns at all times, rendering an otherwise chaotic assault to a pathetically harmless scuffle.

Shockwaves teared through the air as their confrontation continued, the sheer strength and energy of the demon hosts wrecking the woman's domain and virtually changing the landscape through each attack.

Soon enough, the battle moved to the skies, Kaguya unwilling to be caught off guard by the Darkness as her attention rested solely fending off the light.

A sharp premonition coursed through her mind and she moved to her left frantically, her ivory eyes turning ragingly to find empty air. Confusion registered briefly in her features as for the very first time during the fight she had been forced to move away from her position.

The feeling had been so disconcerting that a clone had managed to sneak on her from behind, a massively powerful 'Tailed Beast Ball' flaring in the palm of his hands as it was inches away from the point of impact.

"Enough!" She declared with finality, her furious voice echoing throughout the entire field as a frightening pulse of energy was released violently from around her. The utter power unleashed through her anger effortlessly eliminated all clones surrounding her to the very last one.

She had been willing to entertain their feeble games for a short while as they measly managed to amuse her with flashy tricks and strategies she hadn't seen since a millennia.

But for them to think they stood even a glimmer of a chance against her was more insulting than the worst blasphemies ever uttered.

She was not going to hold back any longer. Her chakra surged and skyrocketed as the world around her shook apocalyptically. The skies darkened and the earth parted as magma started spilling from the depths. Heat and cold clashed in the wind as the elements raged alongside the tumultuous temper of the ancient being. Pandemonium had finally commenced.

Behind a massive boulder a long distance away from Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke rested against its surface as they revised the information they had collected. The sudden surge of power sent terrifying chills through their spines even after the tremendous evolution they had undergone. Her power truly reached heights beyond comprehension.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he silently cursed, his divine sensing fully appreciating the scope of that woman's capabilities.

Without wasting time, he turned to find his partner observing their foe with complete focus. So far, the raven's plan was proceeding as expected. Despite the seemingly random attacks they had thrown her way, they had been selected to extract very specific knowledge on the woman's ability to respond.

Sharing a glance and a nod between them, Naruto vanished with a flicker of light, ready to start phase two of their stratagem. Sasuke, with a last glance at the hovering god, dematerialized with a distortion of the space/time.

Up above, amidst the tempestuous chaos raging rampant in her own created dimension, the corrupted goddess let her influence spread through the domain as an evil miasma overpowered the Light's energy with abandon. Soon, her divine senses registered the positions of her enemies as they approached her rapidly ready to strike.

With unbelievable speed, she materialized right in front the white sage, his eyes widening from the abrupt shock as the malevolent entity completely exceeded his expectations. Before he could even react, her palm had connected forcefully with his chest as she blasted him away with a strength unlike any he had previously experienced. The magnitude of that simple attack had been so great that his form crossed the length of an entire country as it was sent crashing against solid ground, barreling through tons of stone and magma before finally stopping inside a massive crater.

She turned sharply from the world-ending wreckage as if it meant little to her, piercing the remaining nuisance with her gelid stare. Impassive lavender orbs matched her gaze as the boy lifted his left hand brazenly, his palm facing her in ominous preamble.

Unafraid, she prepared to finish him off in the same fashion that had brought down his partner. Hesitation coursed through her however, as the boy's extended arm started morphing grotesquely. Several contraptions disassembled what should have been living tissue and human flesh, leaving in its wake foreign machinery that reassembled into a weapon of technology alien to her.

His white hair swayed softly against the breezing wind as he aimed his mechanized arm in her direction unforgivingly.

"Shurado" he muttered with homicidal intent before the sky went alight in a giant blaze that momentarily blinded the rabbit demon spreading rapidly through the air and turning the scenery a fiery orange.

Her bloodline limit shred through the dazzling light focusing on what seemed to be an unending number of compacted cylinders propelling skyward in her direction carrying mind-bending speed.

She raised her palm in apprehension when the first missile approached the point of contact.

Its detonation marked the beginning of hell on earth. One after another, the endless shower of missiles pursued their target as they exploded continuously, swallowing the previously dark sky in a sea of fire, heat and smoke. The temperature raised to uninhabitable levels as deafening thunder erupted in a series of catastrophic cacophonies.

Her white eyes narrowed in a burningly hateful frown directed towards the Darkness as she flew away from his interminable barrage of explosives with a breath-taking supernatural speed, her inability to absorb such a technique infuriating beyond description.

Resolved to annihilate him at once, she directed her left index finger in his direction as she flawlessly maneuvered around the pursuing missiles before firing a massive concentration of obsidian energy in the form of an enormous blast that swallowed the entire territory into black. The ensuing explosion consumed a country's worth of land.

She hovered starkly above the ruined terrain, observing with finality as her unholy energy brought her remaining foe to his demise, his missiles no longer able to reach her form as they were exterminated alongside their master.

It was then that a spike in energy alerted her of the invigorated presence of the Light, his vitality flaring brightly and perfectly unharmed. Her divine vision focused on his form in disbelief, certain that she had provided him a swift death in her previous attack.

He stood a vast distance away from where she had been facing the Darkness, his pure white uniform remaining unblemished as he directed his courageous gaze in her direction.

As she wondered about the plausibility of such development, she felt the ominous black energy she had fired on the opposite direction start being sucked away hastily.

Incredulity filled her factions as she turned back to witness all that energy being absorbed in the dark sage's right palm, his unchanging emotionless gaze dissecting her every move. "Gakido" the word escaped his mouth as the remaining chakra in the atmosphere was assimilated by his body, further enhancing his own capabilities.

The indescribable rage that devoured her mind was so overwhelming that she thoughtlessly liberated more than enough energy necessary to obliterate the world they were standing on several times over, bellowing an almighty scream that shook the very earth and sky, and almost made the warriors' ears start bleeding from sheer pain.

An enormous unholy glow shrouded her form as the remaining debris began to levitate against the forces of gravity, the laws of physics no longer holding the power to resist from her will.

Light and Darkness shared a glance with serious resolve before they finally took action.

A brilliant sphere of light materialized in Naruto's right palm as it grew into a devastating concentration of energy that quickly drew the evil god's attention. His face remained hard as it continued to build up gradually, his 'Sage art: Wind style rasenshuriken' manifesting in preparation for the next campaign.

With a war cry, he charged with unthinkable speed in a ray of light as he was joined by countless others in the form of his shadow clones. An entire army of white sages descended upon the corrupted being with barbaric intent in a world-ending clash that surpassed the mortal realm.

The space was heavy with an astonishingly dense energy as the Rabbit demon and the white sage engaged in a brutal confrontation that rapidly and successively altered the terrain of the already damaged planet they had been wrestling on so far.

Continuous shockwaves burst around them as the ancient being viciously decimated the immense army of clones that kept its aggressive offense in a seemingly never-ending wave of light that matched her hateful intent with absurd power.

She had become aware that the energy the white sage held was too unstable for her to absorb. Her innate instincts frantically warned her of the danger a contact with such erratic power could pose on her existence.

With no other way to confront his overwhelming assault, she had resorted to blowing away entire masses of clones by continuously expelling almighty thrusts in a series of pulses that managed to keep the danger at bay.

"Sage art: Lava style Rasenshuriken" Naruto yelled as he approached the goddess from one side holding a sphere of red and yellow chakra full of unimaginable power, his glowing white aura traveling at speeds beyond understanding.

Her ivory hand extended in hysterical alarm, finding astoundingly that she was having trouble keeping up with an inferior being before she fired a black tendril that pierced his face as it disintegrated him completely.

Unsurprisingly, it had been another clone created by the original to deceive and distract her as he hid among his army while waiting with surprising calmness.

As she kept dealing with the relentless offensive from the Light, a colossal shadow shrouded the entire battleground from above. Her divine gaze perfectly registered the titanic body of a hellish creature as it plummeted in her direction, its massive size eclipsing the great dome of light created by the army of clones.

She distinctively heard the Darkness' deep emotionless voice as it whispered catastrophe "Chikushodo"

Her momentary surprise almost allowed the white sage to connect one of his treacherous spheres with her body, alerting her of the increasing danger the duo was becoming.

Her arm swiped from her side in an upward arc as it released a deadly obsidian blast, tainting the atmosphere an unforgiving black shade that immediately severed the monster above her effortlessly alongside several clones hovering close by.

Relentless, she pointed the same index finger towards the dome of light as she intended on exterminating the white sage once and for all "May your suffering last eternal, Ashura" the words escaped in a loathing murmur.

She was abruptly prevented from firing another wave of energy by a foreboding premonition that assaulted her senses before a tremendous force of unimaginable proportions collided with the side of her face ruthlessly, blasting her in a meteoric flight that encompassed a vast distance of land.

Her gifted sight immediately turned in alarm to seek the source of that concealed offensive, raging in surprise when the all-seeing eyes detected nothing but empty space as she hastily tried to recover her bearings.

Unexpectedly, as she had remained disturbed from the previous experience, a foot connected with her back in an bone-shatteringly powerful kick that sent her flying back lightning-fast in the opposite direction. Naruto and his massive clone army stood preparing to follow up eagerly, finally managing to inflict damage to their seemingly invincible enemy.

Kaguya's eyes widened anew as another premonition crossed her mind, her third eye finally flashing as she dismayingly searched for the otherworldly threat.

Her hand lifted as she parried a herculean punch, a massive shockwave created from the collision.

She had managed to clearly distinguish the dark sage's form as he existed unseen in a separate plane of existence.

His monochrome glare was fiercely focused on her form as they exchanged their lust for the other's blood. "Limbo: Border Jail" he muttered in cavernous hatred presenting a stark contrast with his usual impassive facade.

Frustration thoroughly invaded her system as she chastised herself for not activating her third eye before, relying only on her own proud lineage. The glaringly obvious danger she had been subjected to had needlessly been brought upon by that pathetically fleeting mistake.

A piercing screech originating from her back alerted her of the Light's unwavering presence as a terrible vortex of energy approached imminently with menacing force. With her left arm locked solidly against the shadow, she extended her right facing the incoming threat. By her divine authority, she refused to let these ants make a mockery out of her.

A sharp revelation invaded her mind as her heavenly senses distinctively registered the absolute absence of any remaining shadow clones in her dimension. Her Byakugan flared with its full power as she consolidated that information while additionally detecting the Darkness' true body hiding a significant distance away in the opposite direction.

In the insignificant fraction of a second that passed as the Light advanced to connect his attack with her body, she meticulously speculated on the reasons behind the current developments. If he could not handle creating that sphere of unimaginable chakra without releasing his clone technique, it meant not only was that attack going to be significantly more destructive and dangerous, but his current form was also the true body.

With the perfect opportunity to eliminate him finally presenting itself to her, she gathered an immeasurable amount of her limitless chakra in the tip of her index finger.

Euphorically, she fired a gargantuan torrent of energy in his direction that encapsulated the ruined land in a perpetual sea of black, assured it would once and for all eradicate his pitiful existence.

Her gleeful laughter reverberated all across the empty and shattered world as she glimpsed at the Light's fearful appearance.

Before the ghastly wave could connect with Naruto however, the Uchiha materialized in between them instantly with a distortion of the space/time, his sudden arrival petrifying her wholly as his left palm extended ready to receive the full blast.

The goddess' eyes widened from absolute surprise and a feeling of trepidation rose in her body as the Light and Darkness then began moving with perfect synchronization.

Sasuke's hand relentlessly absorbed the energy blast with an undisputed intensity that resembled a black hole, his sturdy body and godly gifts serving as a barrier for Naruto to carry out his heaven-splitting attack.

The ethereal image before her was biblical as both Light and Darkness stood fearlessly side by side in a monumental demonstration of their fateful power, their forms the perfect antithesis of the other as her evil energy vanished in the palm of the dark sage's left hand and a dazzlingly pure one emanated form the white sage's right.

An overwhelming feeling of fear invaded her system as she witnessed the scene before her, a blue nebula and a lavender gaze damningly caging her to her inevitable demise.

"Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken"

The ensuing explosion that engulfed them majestically shattered what little remained of the standing battleground. A continent's worth of land lied decimated beyond recognition as the core of the earth threatened to implode on itself.

The surface below them was wholly swallowed by red boiling magma as it awaited its impending eruption.

White eyes lied centered on them with a burning hatred clouding its hues as the rabbit demon hovered feebly in the sky a vast distance away after the impact.

Her left arm gripped the right shoulder with betraying strength as her body quivered distressingly from the shock. Her entire right arm and a part of the right side of her chest had been completely obliterated in that single attack, a river of blood flowing profusely from her injuries as they refused to close due to the perilous effect the white sage's erratic chakra had when it interacted with hers. Her breathing was heavy as she contemplated the beings hovering in a similar fashion to her.

Her primal survival instincts reached their peak as she, for the second time in her life, felt her existence being threatened. Her eyes widened wildly and her teeth grit painfully as she glanced from one body to the other in expectancy of their next attack. Her anger once again overwhelmed her as she accumulated the infinity that was her chakra absolutely refusing to be erased.

Azure nebula glanced to his side finding lavender orbs staring impassively, his partner nodding softly before redirecting his visual prowess at the cornered demon.

Naruto, in his blinding white sage attire, returned his cosmic gaze to the being that had brought so much pain and anguish through her malevolent greed for power. Her current expression held nothing but venom and hate in unprecedented proportions.

His divine awareness allowed him to see deep inside the heart of the one he was currently facing, regretfully finding nothing but emptiness and an eternal hunger for chakra.

That entity before them, however it had come into being, would never carry anything other than malicious intentions.

His eyes closed softly for an instant, it was finally time to cleanse her presence away and liberate the trapped individuals in their dimension.

His eyes opened decidedly as another sphere of light manifested in his right palm holding even more energy than the previous one.

The goddess jolted in primal fear as the blearing light was brought on into existence, her body shaking from a mix of terror and anger as she readied her own sphere of darkness to counter that next attack.

Abruptly, from the searing sea of red beneath them, a colossal wood formation was erected extravagantly right behind the astounded goddess, whose eyes widened gapingly in alarm.

Before she could react, a pale hand slammed her wrist against the charred bark as the black sphere that was previously on her palm dissolved fruitlessly. She felt a horrifying internal pull and her eyes turned to stare at two expressionless lavender orbs. "Gedo"

With renewed terror, she tried pulling her hand away from his iron grip to no avail, her chakra continuously being drained by the dark sage's palm. A failed attempt at repelling away her enemy with an almighty push made her realize that the tree behind her was serving another hidden purpose. Her eyes widened further when they registered the seal markings in the bark, her powers momentarily neutralized.

With no other means of escape, she thrashed her body violently in a panic, desperate to escape the cruel eyes of the inheritor of her son's visual gift. Those continuously rippling, expressionless eyes filled her with an undisputed dread she hadn't felt since she had faced her son directly.

An additional hand slammed her head viciously against the tree generating a small crater that disoriented her briefly and she was left to stare at an exact opposite of the hand holding her wrist. Byakugan eyes could not shred the distance between that dimension and the next, but her third eye easily discerned the frightening figure of the Darkness' limbo body holding her head in a furious, painful grip. "Ningendo" the figure snarled as its monochrome hateful gaze penetrated her panicked ivory one. A cavernous tug at what she knew was her soul sent her fear into overdrive, her impending death closing in every second that passed.

Her rotten heart beat in pure terror as the contrasting bodies pinned her forcefully to what would soon be grave.

A flicker of light flashed before her and her eyes focused on the single clone of the white sage that had suddenly materialized. Before she could even wonder what he planned to do, his hand thrusted inside her abdomen grasping the chakras of the tailed beasts she had absorbed through the gedo statue.

Lavender eyes turned to the glowing white sage before addressing him rather alarmed "Do it now!" He said, his gaze narrowing as he felt the goddess' energy trying to break his binding with an otherworldly amount of power.

Naruto nodded decisively before tugging the enormous chakra away, the action taking an extreme amount of effort from his part as the entity guarding it remained trying to pull it back.

Simultaneously, Sasuke kept absorbing the never-ending release of her chakra furiously in his attempt to prevent her from escaping their one and only chance at victory.

His shadow similarly pulled his arm with the sole intention of ripping the soul away from the object of his hatred.

Their combined efforts created the platform for the attack that would finally bring about complete victory.

The real Naruto, with his cosmic gaze trained on the other individuals, remained hovering a fair distance away as he kept accumulating as much chakra as he could handle in the form of the Ultimate Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken

His one shot at finally ending that hell rested solely on the palm of his hand.

The rabbit demon in its cornered state entered a new semi-conscious plane. Fear and terror vanished from her gaze, instead being overtaken by absolute nothingness as the full capacity of her power was unleashed.

The dark sage felt the incoming wave like a tsunami, his bottomless chakra core filling with so much energy he struggled controlling the pace of absorption. His muscles grew stronger and harder until they became unbending, unbreakable. His skin became tougher than the any combination of alloys as a feeling of invincibility consumed him thoroughly. And yet, his teeth gritted painfully from the exertion as he struggled to contain her burst of chakra. He felt the seals marking his Binding Wood Style Jutsu being shredded effortlessly knowing full well his prison wouldn't hold much longer.

On his other side, his limbo shadow managed to extract a great part of the creature's soul as his arm kept pulling with his full strength, veins marking his temples as he exerted himself with an effort beyond superhuman.

Naruto was massively more successful, drawing the remaining chakra of his tenants into his body from the unchained demon. His already massive strength kept growing infinitely as the beasts sealed inside him regained their perfect forms. The increment in strength was such he couldn't help but wonder if he was close to surpassing the sage of the six paths.

The four bodies jolted in alarm as the tree was finally obliterated with a wave of heavenly chakra, a massive wind current pushing back against their forms so strongly that it almost managed to detach them from the body they were desperately holding onto.

The air around the entity became unbreathable, the temperature reaching unprecedented levels further pressuring the mortal bodies in her vicinity. The earth's core roared a catastrophic eruption that signaled the imminent ending of the planet in the near future.

Time became scarce as Light and Darkness heightened their efforts making use of their full strength in a desperate attempt at completing their last mission successfully.

Naruto's clone was dispersed as the real body reared back ready for his partner to give the signal that would unleash his most powerful attack.

With an echoing war cry, Sasuke finally managed to extract the gedo statue into his body, his bloodline limit flaring a powerful violet as the effort left him violently struggling for breath.

A perfect mirror was reflected on his other side as the Limbo shadow ripped the evil god's soul, consuming it into his body with a rotunding roar before vanishing dispelled.

Lavender orbs finally turned to the imposing white sage with haste, a distinct fierce appearance morphing his factions. "Now! Naruto!" He bellowed as his body dematerialized in a distortion of space/time.

Azure nebula focused fervently on the floating corpse that kept releasing an impossible amount of energy, his heavenly sphere of light spinning with the ultimate power in the palm of his hand.

The time had finally arrived.

With his next move, everything would finally be over. The prophecy of the six paths of reincarnation at last would come to an end.

His arm swung forward, throwing the massive concentration of heavenly chakra in the direction of Kaguya's remains, his intent clear on preventing her from ever returning to the realm of the living.

He grasped a deep breath, sharing one last glance with his partner.

And then, holy light reigned supreme.


He blinked.

An empty space encompassed his vision in endless white.

He blinked

Awareness slowly entered his system as the unchanging landscape remained forever static.

Contrary to what he might have expected, all memories of his fight against the mother of all chakra in the other dimension were kept intact.

As if he had only fainted for a few minutes and then awakened, his consciousness operated at normal capacity.

He blinked.

A sudden thought entered his mind and he briefly wondered if he was dead. It certainly seemed possible, what with the heavenly-looking infiniteness around him.

Moreover, it only seemed to be accentuated by the fact that his sensory powers had seemingly disappeared. His own chakra, if he had any and wasn't dead, was no longer felt by him.

His serene gaze moved from left to right, almost hoping to find something that differed from the vast nothingness that was his surroundings.

An eternity passed before he moved again, his mind standing blankly for what felt like years.

A heavy feeling rested on his form and he moved to inspect what it was, his eyes widening when a tan human hand entered his field of vision.

As if he had been awakened from a long sleep, his eyes filled with color and his hand gripped itself into a tight fist, repeating the motion several times to ensure it wasn't a mirage.

His gaze traveled even further, finding interestingly that his white sage coat still covered his strong body. He realized then that the weight he had been feeling was the clothing resting on his form.

His legs were strangely still shrouded in black, yet no energy seemed to emanate from them. The desire to touch them to find out what material they were made of became too strong and his skin brushed softly against the black of his pants. Its texture resembled a silky material to his amusement.

Without meaning to, endless questions filled his psyche. Concerns regarding his best friend and his tenants alarmed him slightly. In the face of emptiness, he remembered all he had left behind. His friends, his teachers, his rivals, they all suddenly felt so far away. As if they belonged in a distant dream that managed to wrench his heartstrings in warmth and sadness, he wondered if they were safe.

His only consolation remained in the fact that he had managed to save them from the clutches of that frightening evil entity.

Soon however, he started becoming increasingly annoyed at the lack of motion around him. If he was dead, he wondered why had he not been sent already to the pure world to reunite with his parents?

A fear that he was not worthy of joining them in that celestial plane filled his bones with chills shortly before subsiding. Was it possible his fate was to be kept in purgatory for eternity?

His body trembled as he vehemently refused to believe such a thing.

A small chuckle entered his ears and he whirled around, coming to a familiar sight.

"Hello Naruto" an ancient figure said as it stood before him, a kind and weary gaze resting on his form.

"Six paths gramps" he muttered unbelieving before his face filled with relief "You're here!" He exclaimed excited at seeing a familiar face.

The elder simply responded with a kind smile.

Not being able to hold himself back Naruto started blabbering about everything that had plagued his mind since his arrival to that mysterious place. Question after question fired in rapid succession as the figure before him sighed in fond exasperation.

Finally, Hagoromo lifted one hand drawing the attention of the white haired teen before addressing him in calmly manner "How about we take this one question at a time, son?" he said, his smile igniting a warm, sound feeling on the young one's chest.

How long had he spent away from Iruka and Kakashi, he wondered? It had seemed to be an eternity so far.

Taking a deep breath, he adopted a pensive air as he directed his attention to the man before him "Am I dead?" He muttered

Hagoromo faced him with an unreadable gaze before shutting his eyes and exhaling softly "Yes" He revealed grimly,

Somehow, the news did not manage to surprise him. It was only logical, after all. Instead, a conflicting sense of relief flooded his body. Like a bittersweet ending to a lovely story, his insurmountable efforts to rescue his loved ones had paid off with the last sacrifice taking away his life.

As much as he tried feeling regret over his death, only an overwhelming appreciation and gladness fostered deep in his heart.

"What about Sasuke? And the tailed beasts?" He asked next, the answer to those questions somehow drawing more importance from his troubled mind.

Lavender eyes slowly graced him with a sorrowful look before regaining their neutral semblance. "They all perished alongside you in that last explosion. The planet in which the fight was carried out detonated abruptly, leaving no life behind."

His heart-rate increased as his lungs struggled to draw breath, the timeless purgatory seemingly ineffective against emotional reactions. He clenched his fists in frustration, deep sadness for his friends overcoming him for an instant.

Regretfully, there was nothing he could do for them now. In his current state, his only options were to seemingly wait for his turn at at the entrance to the pure world.

"What happens now?" He said after taking another deep breath, his desolate cosmic gaze centered softly on the man who awakened his gifts.

For a second, the ancient man seemed to hesitate before facing Naruto with the same conviction he had had in the past "I'm afraid to say, that your battle is not yet over young one" he said calmly as he took a step forward towards him.

A deep shudder entered his body overriding all other emotions and the image of a woman dressed in white flashed deeply across his mind, sending terrifying shivers through his spine.

"Is she-?" He began saying but was reassured with a negative from the old man as a heavy hand rested softly on his shoulder.

"She's gone, never to return again. You have nothing to worry about on that front" he murmured in a soft, kind voice. His words prevented panic from consuming the young man before him, returning him to a state of calmness. "What I meant to say is, the infinite dream is still a reality in your world Naruto." He continue with his factions turning serious.

His eyes narrowed in confusion before he revealed his thoughts "How is that possible? We beat her, didn't we?"

The sage nodded wisely before responding "You did indeed, Unfortunately, the terrible influence of the infinite dream did not rely on her state of livelihood. As we speak, the roots' never-ending hunger is still stripping the life force out of the innocent people in your world." He explained carefully.

Naruto's eyes widened in wretched dismay as the meaning of man's words registered extensively in his mind. Without meaning to, his hands grabbed a tight hold of the sages robes with surprising strength as he exclaimed desperately "What!? That's not possible! There has to be something we can do!"

He hopelessly tried accessing his chakra with increasing distress as not a flicker of energy was summoned, his mind running in disarray as his heart began beating erratically.

Strong hands holding his shoulders solidly liberated him from his hysterical state as lavender orbs faced him unperturbed. The ancient man before him was smiling slightly before he soothed his fears "It's okay, Naruto. That's why I'm here. I brought your soul to this place from spirit realm in order to disable Kaguya's spell. Do forgive me, it was not my intention to startle you" he said sincerely, his factions brightening a fraction as he noticed the relief in the boy's face.

Naruto released the ancient man's robes softly as he sighed alleviated, his right hand rising to his white hair as he mumbled exhaustedly "Man, you should have said so sooner. That seriously almost killed me, you know? and I'm already dead"

Standing straighter he graced the man with a sincere smile before turning to look past his shoulder as if expecting a door to suddenly stand behind him "So, what are we still doing here? We should probably get going, don't you think?" He said getting rather impatient to part after his friends.

The great sage remained standing solemnly as he regarded the teen with a look full of sorrow and guilt before sighing loudly

The boy tilted his head in confusion as the silence stretched for several more seconds.

"I truly am sorry to say this, Naruto, But I don't have the amount of energy required to maintain your spirit in the material world for more than a few seconds. You'll only have enough time to perform the jutsu that will liberate the victims of the infinite dream before your soul returns to the spiritual realm." He said gravely, his powerful eyes watching over him somberly.

Naruto's smile fell as he processed the sage's words, a feeling of dejection growing in his heart as he realized he wouldn't be able to meet anyone back home. "Still, that's not reason to hang around as they are kept in danger" he said clearing his throat and facing the man seriously.

"There's more son, I brought you here to prepare you for what awaits your soul after this situation is over." The man continued with unchanging visage.

"What awaits my soul? What are you talking about, gramps?" He asked softly as his mind filled with further confusion.

"At some point during your exchange with kaguya, you did something that permanently altered the essence of your very own soul. As a consequence, the souls of the tailed beasts that inhabited your body fused with yours, creating something that is foreign to even my understanding." He gave his explanation struggling to maintain a neutral semblance as Naruto was flooded with a mixture of surprise and confusion.

"This new essence that was born out of your assimilation of the tailed beasts will not ever allow you to pass on into the pure world where your family is located. Instead, it will roam the spirit realm for eternity with a fate not even I can foresee, I truly am sorry" he finished with a grim frown marring his features.

Naruto stood petrified as he went over the sage's words repeatedly inside his head, his heart beating erratically at the prospect of never being able of seeing his parents again. Anger and sadness raged inside him as he desperately wanted to blame something for his predicament. The unfairness of the situation stroke languidly at him.

All that remained ahead, was uncertainty.

His hand gripped his chest as he struggled to recover his bearings. Warmth descended upon his cheek and he raised his arm to wipe away newly forming tears.

The sage looked on solemn, a feeling of guilt predominant in his chest as he acknowledged his responsibility of the boy's sorrow given that he had been the one handing him the task of eliminating that terrible demon.

A few moments passed before Naruto managed to regain his composure. Regardless of how unfair and painful his future was going to be, the safety of his friends took precedent in his mind. Facing the man with a strained smile, he addressed him softly "i'm fine. More importantly, we gotta go safe everyone, gramps. Lets go"

Understanding the boy's feelings, the great sage simply nodded sorrowfully as he turned his back before leaving him with his final words "when you get there, make sure to use the rat seal. The power of the tailed beast chakra and the rinnegan will handle the rest" he said before vanishing in blinding light.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise at his words before his vision became consumed by darkness.


What greeted his eyes when they finally opened anew, was the torn desolate location where he had last seen Uchiha Madara.

The darkness was slowly receding with the first glimpses of the light of dawn as a cold breeze swept over him in a way that almost deceived him into thinking he had by some miracle remained alive.

The gargantuan branches of the divine tree holding the victims trapped inside the infinite dream were clearly visible from his position, magnificent in stature and malevolent in aura as its enchanted bark caged its prisoners with an ever-lasting grasp.

The intense familiarity of such landscape stunned him slightly as memories from just hours prior replayed briskly inside his head.

The only real difference that separated his current vision from the previous one was the deafening silence that consumed his present. One that was only broken by the shallow movement of the wind.

Amidst his rumination, a startling fact revealed itself to him as the presence of numerous people registered sharply on his senses, the power he had thought lost suddenly drowning every cell inside his body as if it had never left his side.

The exceptional transition in perspective that abruptly inundated his whole being was strongly akin to the conversion of the night into the day

He could perfectly feel the intrinsic energy of each and every individual trapped inside the eternal spell regardless of the distance placed between them. His gaze shifted to his right where he detected konohamaru's chakra flaring a thousand miles away, elation briefly consuming him as he noticed its steady flow keeping him from mortal danger. His eyes then moved to the opposite direction where Gaara remained trapped in the structure closest to him. Unsurprisingly, the crimson-haired leader of the sand village had his energy vastly more depleted due to his strenuous efforts throughout the war.

His cosmic gaze fell evenly to his hands as he allowed himself to bask in the overwhelming energy flowing inside his body for what would likely be his last time. A soft unburdened smile formed lightly on his lips before blue nebulas centered rigidly in the accursed branches of the unholy tree, unusual seriousness reflected in them.

"So you were brought out here too, huh?" a deep familiar voice caused him to turn around in haste.

A lone figure in the vast expanse of land presented the surreal image of an ethereal-looking boy standing several feet apart from himself as his wholesome serene gaze beheld him in a semblance of recognition. His posture held a tranquil nature that was amusingly belonging as it reminded him of times long past.

Long snowy strands of hair descended down the boy's head as an unnatural lavender shade tinted his eccentric eyes in the same manner as they had during the final confrontation. The only clear distinction he seemed to exhibit from were they had last parted was a new short-sleeved gray shirt identical to the one he had been wearing throughout the war.

Naruto's chest constricted briefly at the realization that the boy standing before him held an equally as uncanny of a fate as his awaiting him after. It was apparent that all his struggle to bring salvation onto the boy and his pursuit in taking him away from the darkness had all been for naught. Despite their current situation, he couldn't help but foster a deep sadness for that fact alone.

As his nebular gaze took the opportunity to study him closely, an intriguing revelation crossed his mind in exuberance. A great burden had seemed to have lifted from the boy's shoulders as his inner spirit for the first time adopted a calm lighter semblance.

As if the weight of carrying the name Uchiha had dissolved into the ether, his stride had become fainter, softer.

"Of course I was, still haven't saved the world yet, have I?" He murmured cheekily as they somehow managed to fall back into their always familiar banter. A deep nostalgia simmered strongly on his chest as old memories reminded him of simpler times.

"Hm" the boy grunted as he passively dismissed his words before he stepped beside Naruto as he faced the colossal roots. "Let's get this over with then, I have a whole eternity ahead of me to not hear your moronic remarks." He said as he slowly formed the rat seal.

An amused snort left him at his words before a grin took possession of his lips "Serves you right for how much of a jerk you were to me, pal" he replied mimicking the other boy.

Faint light glowed softly over the earth as countless embers covered the sky brightly in a majestic spectacle. The malignant chakra that had been imprisoning the innocent people inside the roots rapidly started to become purified as the warm holy energy descended upon them.

Soon, the once arid land had become an endless field covered in a divine aura bathed in light as it enveloped the ground and the sky in pleasant warmth.

Naruto managed to detect the distinct feeling of awareness entering the chakras that pertained to the individuals who had been trapped inside that terrible spell, their freedom finally reaching them.

It was not long before that same warmth started spreading into the two boys as well, the time of their departure arriving at last.

Their forms were shrouded in a soft golden glow as their souls entered the transition into the spirit world.

With last glance at his right, Naruto located the chakras of his team before relaying a silent farewell. A saddened frown marred his factions for an instant before he turned to face his companion with a slowly growing bright grin. "Hey, Sasuke. Where do you think we'll be going now?" He said, a small chuckle escaping as he pondered on the brighter possibilities. A peaceful land, where people didn't needlessly kill each other for selfish reasons. A loving place, where no one was left out in solitude. A paradise, where two old friends could meet and laugh together again. Indeed, that would be something he'd enjoy. His entire body became a mass of golden light shortly before it dissipated into the stars.

A lonely figure remained as it stared seemingly impassive at the place where the other boy had been standing just moments before. His body glowed softly in golden light amidst the silence as it awaited its own projection into the other side. A strange pressure fell achingly on his chest as he reflected on the words that the other boy had granted him previously before departing.

"How should I know, idiot." He mumbled lightly as his eyes closed delicately, unusual melancholy flooding him as his form started turning into bright particles of light. Regardless of the place of their destination, a small hope of seeing his best friend someday fostered deeply in his damaged heart. With a last farewell to his deceased brother, he turned around putting his pale hands inside his pockets before his form dissolved into golden embers.


In a timeless dominion, almighty violet eyes contemplated the lives of two brave young children, whose tragic fates had viciously thrusted them belligerently into a conflict of the ancient that led to their early inequitable demise.

One of them, the younger of the two, was birthed from the sun. His live beginning with scorn and emptiness, grew to earn admiration and respect. His unbroken spirit and daring valor eventually outshone the very stars. And his heart, damaged and mauled, became as warm as to melt the hatred of the beasts within. At his final hour, he had become brighter than any light.

The other, his kindred elder, was the son of the moon. His own beginning had been blessed with sacred heaven. With gifted talent and treasured love, he grew innocent. That is, until twisted tragedy struck mercilessly. A cursed lineage and bitter lies filled his world with endless vengeance. In time, he became the darkness, his only creed through the edge of his sword and his hateful crimson gaze. Yet with love, and heartfelt truth, his eyes opened anew. At his final hour, he abandoned his selfish desires for the wish of the one who had once brought him joy.

The palms of his hands united in prayer, a miracle emerging from an earnest desire. In the endless abyss where the spirits wandered, he commanded fate to cast its judgement one more time.

In the vastness of white, the eyes of samsara glowed with magnificent radiance. As a last reward, as a deserved apology, as a loving gift, his will bent the hands of destiny, and wholesome life was born anew.


In a fantastical world of magic, where mystical creatures brazenly roamed the earth and human beings freely performed sorcery, war waged on frenetically.

The Dragon King festival had been given commence to the bloodiest confrontation the land had ever seen. The brutal battles between the overly destructive beings scarred the terrains in unprecedented ways and decimated thousands of lives to burning ashes.

Anguish and terror predominated the hearts of innocent people as they were mercilessly struck down by the ruthless factions of anti-human dragons.

With the introduction of the enchanted humans, the so-called dragon slayers, conflicts only escalated thunderously.

One dragon in particular, the one known as the burning cyclone Arashi, had long fought against his kind on the human side. His wisdom and experience had earned him many titles and accolades, yet it was his empathy and kindness that had placed him as one of the key figureheads on their army. His philosophy and rigorous belief in the coexistence of species had defined his actions all throughout the war.

It was fate however, that commended him with the gift that would honor his legacy and those of his fallen brothers and sisters.

One bright summer morning, with a scorching sun radiating burningly from the sky in the arid dessert of a remote land, the mighty dragon rested motionlessly in the heated ground of a colossal tower of his own making. Several injuries had been marring his emerald-green scaled body thoroughly as he had previously engaged in a perilous battle not too long before.

As he tried to sleep, a raging tempest had been roaming about several miles from his position. The dancing wind and the grainy sand provided a rather calming lullaby that kept him entering in and out of consciousness in consecutive succession.

Amidst the breezing air of the powerful gale and the rocking melody of the calming sand, a peculiar sound reach his ears.

In the beginning, he had assumed it had pertained to his imagination as it was too soft to identify its nature. When it had resonated several times however, his attention was wholly drawn and the weariness abandoned his features.

Standing on his long powerful limbs, he advanced to the portal of the cave inside his tower, his magnificent golden eyes observing the vast dessert in the horizon.

He paused momentarily as he actively listened up for the strange sound. A few beats passed when the only noise registering was the moving wind and the floating sand, yet a second later it reached his ears. A human wail. More specifically, an infant wail.

With enormous power, his colossal wings flapped in unparalleled seriousness lifting a massive sandstorm from the sheer force as he lifted up flying hastily.

His form moved through the air with the unequal might and speed of a being from the dragon species as he hurriedly pursued the wail that had been detected in his ears not moments before.

The unique manner in which that particular event was being presented stroke him as significantly perplexing. His profound knowledge on the terrain suggested a complete absence of humans in the area.

Moreover, as his home, he had selected that particular dessert as a specific location to ward off undesirables by making use of the naturally-occurring extreme heat and overwhelming wind currents.

For a human infant to stay inside a place with such conditions would be fatal to his health and more that likely kill him in the first few seconds.

He sped up his charge as he bulldozed through the gale's external layer, landing powerfully in the eye of the storm, a heavy roar echoing as he inspected the site for possible aggressors.

To his egregious surprise, what he found instead was a sun-haired wailing infant holding his covering blanket in a deadly tight grip, a tiny-looking fox with orange-tinted fur snuggling closely against him.

As his golden gaze centered on the struggling creatures, he reached softly taking them into his arms. He was glad they hadn't been accosted by another dragon, otherwise it would have severely complicated the situation.

Without thinking twice about it, the dragon propelled from the ground into the skies once more as his wings flapped against the wind thunderously. Surrounded by the roaring wind, Arashi welcomed the infant as his ward, vowing vehemently to make sure the boy survived at all costs.


Contrary to what the vast majority in either faction of the war believed, there were dragons that did not hold any interest in what they considered petty scuffles provoked by the bloodthirsty warmongers, only engaging when being directly targeted by another party.

Though there weren't many that could fall under that category of creature, some of the most powerful in their species did become renowned for taking that particular stance amidst the festival of the dragon king.

Perhaps the most well-known of such dragons, Genzai the final flash, had rapidly earned his isolationist reputation after having left a trail of scattered reptilian bodies that belonged to those who had vexingly sought to use his power for their unique purposes. Above all else, the otherwise tranquil dragon had valued his freedom as he ardently refused to follow commands dictated by any other creature. With the rampaging conflict devastating the land as ever more lives continued to be extinguished viciously, cynicism and apathy withered his once brighter spirit.

Eventually, weary of the dire circumstances continuing cyclicly, he swiftly soared to a faraway corner of the torn kingdom, where he readily made of a dark frozen valley, a place where the rain prevailed endless and lightning danced true, his unyielding, undying fortress.

Pledging to remain forever detached of the draconic wars, his fearsome existence faded blisteringly into flashing thunder, unaware that fate had separate intentions.

On one gelid winter night, when the freezing rain poured harshly from the eternally dark heavens and the thunderstorms took furious possession of the skies, the ethereal while scaled dragon had been presented with a choice that altered destiny.

In his cold desolate heaven, a pale inky-haired infant had inexplicably emerged as it whimpered softly atop a rocky surface against the strident descending drops of freezing water.

The dragon's electric azure eyes had stared with unending curiosity as the improbability of such event was grasped strongly in his mind. A deep desire to further understand the tiny creature and its mysterious origin commanded him to shelter it in his arms as he flashed in dazzling lightning with the rigorous intent bring the small, intriguing infant to a place of warmth and safety.

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