By lunch of the next day the room seemed so crowded with her small family. Max and Garrett headed the meeting of minds to prepare to say goodbye. Lily held tightly to Bug's arm her bohemian top damp with tears. He seemed like a person sized stone. He kept his face forward and stoic. He was honestly tired of crying he wanted to give his last efforts of strength to the strongest woman he knew. Nigel stood wearily next to Garrett. Drugged up and sobbing still through the entire affair. Woodie stood slightly alone near the foot of the bed. Feeling incredibly guilty for how everything had happened without him. He could not even apologize to Jordan now, and he knew no one around would accept his apology now. The older men grasped Jordan's hands. "Okay does anyone have anything they wish to say with her now?" The group rotated to the sleeping woman's ear whispering their last love into her inactive mind and returning to their original positions. Max kissed his little girl for the last time, he leaned in leaving a soft trace on her forehead, nose, and the beauty mark to the side of her mouth, and she had always loved that affection from her mother and father. She would exclaim that her mark was her smile button and a kiss was sure to activate it. Finally Garrett leaned in placing his forehead to hers and remembering so much so quickly he had to separate from her. "Okay." The needle seemed to be so non threatening but was the final tool to the complete disconnect of Jordan's warmth to their world. He looked around for non verbal confirmation among the family then pushed the needle into her carotid. The air silently eased into his coworker, time seemed so still and silent. Her chest jerked up suddenly it had begun. Her heart attack was beginning. Garrett silenced the machine and they all touch her exposed hands and arms. Her men held her hands in each of their own. Then the glance toward the machine and time she was gone, t.o.d 3:07p.m.