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Chapter 1:Survival

"There she is!" A man shouted from behind

"What is your problem? All I did was take a bit out of a hotdog, THAT YOU DROPPED!" Akira yelled with a shrill, as she ran for dear life from 2 men that were chasing her through the city.

"I'm Sorry! I didn't know you still wanted it; I haven't eaten in 2 days straight!" Akira yelled back. Even though she knew that they couldn't understand a word that she was saying.

"GET BACK HERE, MUTTT!" One of the 2 men shouted

Still running from the 2 humans, Akira only slightly looked back to see they were gaining on her and fast. Akira knew if they ever get their hands on her, she might as well say goodbye to life as she knew it! Gasping for air, she forced her body to run faster hoping to shake them off her tail before it was too late.

"How do you thing I did against that kid in class, I smoked him in duel monsters." Joey roared with pride.

"You were great joey, but try not to get so cocky." Yugi said with a worried look for his friend.

"What! Do not." Joey said looking away with a stubborn look on his face.

Yugi only chuckled to himself, know how stubborn joey can be sometimes.

A few seconds later, joey had put all that behind him; as he asked Yugi if he could come over and buy some new duel monsters cards from his grandpa's game shop.

"Sure joey, you'll be making my grandpa happy." Yugi smiled with a laugh, with only a few blocks away from his house.

"I think, I (huff) finally lost them." Akira panted the words. Slowing her past down to relax her body, there was a sudden sting in her paws. Looking back to see that there were a trail of bloody paw prints, she realizing she had rundown her pads to death as they continued to bleed. Akira began to drag her paws ageist the concrete ground ignoring the pain. Hanging her head low with her ears flattened on the side of her head.

She slowly walked on the sidewalk, praying to herself that she'll find water soon because Akira had been running around the whole city with all her heart all day. Completely exhausted from her run, not knowing how much further she could walk till she couldn't stand on her own 4 bloody paws anymore.

Block after block and still no water, by this point her pads had stopped bleeding but there were sore, losing hope as her strength slowly left her body. she found herself in a dark alley. Akira felt dizzy and light on her paws as she looked up with a dazed look in her eyes, seeing the light of sun shine down at the end of the ally.

As a little Hope began to rise with in her, she softly prayed one last time that at the end of the light was water. But softly said "I can't go on… I failed" Akira whisper as her words echoed off the walls, but shook her head and put all negative thoughts behind her. Using the last of her strength to reach they end of the dark alley, Akira didn't care if this was the end for her or not. All she wanted was to see what she might find and the feeling of the warmth of the sun's gazed shine down on her one last time.

As Yugi stood at the entrance to his house with joey right behind him, Yugi stopped in his place as he thought he heard a soft faded voice. He wasn't able to catch what it said but Yugi could tell it was full of sadness and agony; turning around to see where the voice had come from, Yugi could only see movement in the shadows of the ally. As it came closer a shape began to form, taking its last few steps in to they open. With the sun's light hitting its face Yugi could see it was a big light brown furred dog, it tried to take another step but all the strength had seem to leave the animals body as it fell to the ground. Collapsing on its side, Yugi was in shock. Worried that the dog had died as it showed no movement as it was lying motionless on the ground, Yugi immediately rushed past joey and to the animals' aid.

As Yugi ran past, joey could see the terror of worry in his friend's eyes as he rushed past. Joey slowly turned around to see Yugi knelt down beside a brown furred dog that looked around medium size. Joey had no idea that they animal was even there, "how did Yugi?" Joey asked himself as Yugi placed his hand over the dogs flank, watching as his hand slowly go up and down. Yugi closed his eyes and took a deep breath calming himself down, as he began to relax a little for the animals health. Joey could tell by Yugi smile that he was relieved that the dog was breathing, but when he opened his eyes they only showed worry as he began to stoke the animals' fur.

"Knowing Yugi, he would want to help it." Joey thought with a smile, as he walked over to stand beside Yugi. Joey stood up behind him and looked more closely at the dogs' appearance. See that it had a small thin scar across its snout, a small torn in the left ear (shaped almost like a v), its fur was all ruffled up and dirty and the poor animal looked as if it hadn't eaten in days as you could easily see its boney rib cage under the fur and flesh. Looking down at its legs joey saw that the bottom of its paws had dry blood stains over the fur and pads. Right away joey could tell it was a stray that had been through a lot in its life but the one thing that threw joey off was its purple leather bracelet. Almost like a small thin belt wrapped around the animals wrist on its front left paw.

"Joey." Yugi softly called as he looked up over his shoulder

Hearing the sound of his friend worried voice, joey immediately pushed away all thought proses of the dog and looked down at Yugi to show he had got his attention.

"There doesn't seem to be any physical damage or injuries to the dog other than the scrapes on its pads, but it hard to say when I don't know what happened to her and it looks like she been through a lot." Yugi said looking back at the dog as he stared at its scars that had been there for quite some time.

"Well what do you want to do?"
Joey asked knowing Yugi probably had a plan to help the animal.

"I was just wandering if you could help carry her to my house so I can take care of her." Yugi asked shyly

"Sure yuge!" Joey said kneeling down beside his friend as he slid his arms under the dog, he lifting it up in the air as he got back up on his feet. Holding the dog in his arms joey could tell it was a puppy, looking a few months old. The brown furred dog was pretty big for such a young dog but it wasn't very heavy for one, as it leaned on his chest with its little legs hanging in the air.

When Yugi new joey had the dog firmly secured in his arms, he took the lead holding the door open for joey. Telling him to "head to the back of the store and into the kitchen." joey nodded his head as he entered the store. Carrying the animal in his arms , Mr. Muto watched in shock and curiosity as Joey walked past him without a single word and into the kitchen with Yugi right behind him. Reaching the kitchen Yugi ran up in front, telling joey to hold the dog a little longer as he ran out of the room.

A few minutes later Yugi returned with a couple of blankets and towel's seating out a pallet for the animal. When Yugi was done joey gently put the puppy down on to the pallet.

"Thanks for your help joey." Yugi said with a grateful smile

"No prob yuge." Joey said glad he could help. Yugi then got 2 bowls and filled one with water and went back for a banana and a knife. Knelling on the floor after peeling the banana, Yugi started to cut the banana in to slices into the bowl.

"Whacha doing yuge?" Joey asked curiously

"I'm hoping she'll wake up soon, so when she does I want to have this ready so she can get her strength back." Yugi said determined

"Great idea!" Joey said proudly

Yugi didn't respond back as he finished cutting the banana; Yugi got back up and put the knife in the sink. Coming back to sit by the dog, Yugi's grandpa came in staring at Yugi and joey with unease.
"What's going on and why is there an unconscious dog on the kitchen floor?" Grandpa asked demanding in answer.

"She just collapsed in the alley across from our house and I feel like it needs my help." Yugi said

"Why do you keep calling it a she? Wait how do you even now if it a girl or not." Joey asked curiously

"Joey, I'm not having this conversation with you." Yugi said giving joey a sour look, shaking his head as he turned away.

Putting aside that weird question, Yugi continued to explain what had happened as far as he saw.

"Just to see if I understand you right; you saw this animal collapsed across from the game shop, but are unsure what's wrong with the dog but you believe that it wasn't able to find the 2 main important things it needs to survive." Grandpa summoned it down.

"Ya, I mean it's obvious she hasn't eaten in a couple days! She's way to skinny for a puppy and the way she's breathing; I'd have to say she dehydrated." Yugi said his voice full of concern.

"I see." Grandpa said curiously as he looked over at the dog.

"So can I please take care of her till she's back on her feet?" Yugi pleaded

"I don't see why not, if anyone can help this animal it's my grandson. But I think you should make fliers to see if she has an owner. She may look like a stray but she could still belong to someone." Grandpa said cautiously.

"Don't worry I get right on that." Yugi smiled brightly

Mr. Muto nodded before walking out of the room looking over his shoulder as he smiled proudly at Yugi.

After Yugi's grandpa was out of sight, joey turned around to talk to Yugi but saw his friend was already kneeling beside the animal as he stroke its fur down its spine.

"Um, Yugi? What are you going to do if she doesn't haven owner." Joey asked

"I don't know." Yugi admitted looking as if he was lost in thought, his eyes stayed focused on the sleeping dog and his small hand still softly running through its long brown fur as Yugi's soft voice repeatedly rang in joeys head.

An hour had gone by, but the dog was still asleep and joey had decided it was time for him to head home. Forgetting about the main reason why he was hear, joey walked out the front door waving goodbye as he slowly disappeared from view.

With the world asleep, Yugi was they only one awake. Sitting on the ground with his arms wrapped around his legs, Yugi sat in the dark in the middle of the night. Watching the animal slowly breathe with the light of the moon shining down on its pretty light brown fur, Yugi hoped every second it would wake up and show its existence to the word. But as time passed by with so many hours gone, Yugi was losing hope for the animal not knowing if there was anything else he could do to support the dog; when he suddenly he heard a familiar voice from behind.

"Yugi, you need to have patients. I'm sure she'll wake up soon, but you need to relaxed and stay positive." With the words echoing in his head Yugi kept his focus on the dog realizing right away that it was the spirit of the puzzle.

"Yeah, I know." Yugi responded back with a sighed

"What ever happened must have taken a lot out of her, but I'm sure all she need is a goodnight sleep. You should do the same, you've done everything you can and if she wakes up in the night, she'll have the food and water you left out for her." The spirit of the puzzle answered, even though Yugi couldn't see the spirit of the puzzle Yugi knew he was smiling at him.

"Your right! I don't know why I'm so worried but I feel a strange connection with her, but I don't know why." Yugi said with a concern smile

"Same here, I feel a strong ancient connection with the dog that I just can't explain." He answered

Yugi didn't say anything back trying to think of an explanation for this weird feeling, till the spirit snapped him out of it.

"Yugi! YUGI!" He called


"You need to get some rest, she'll be fine. You'll need your strength if you plan on taking care of her tomorrow." The spirit of the puzzle said with concern for his Hakiri

Yugi nodded as a grateful smile appeared on his face, getting up to his feet the voice from behind vanished in to the air. Before Yugi head for the staircase and take the spirits advice, Yugi looked back at the animal one last time over his shoulder wondering what their connections to the dog could mean and why as Yugi walked up the stairs to his bed. Closing his eyes, Heading in to a deep slumber with only questions and unknown dreams to wonder in his sleep….