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CHAPTER 5: Listen to your heart

In the midst of the night, all warm and snugged up in bed with not even a sound to be heard. Akira slowly lifted her head to look around the room. Unsure if Yugi was asleep Akira leaned on her right shoulder as she stretch out her neck over Yugi's legs to find him sound asleep. Akira watched Yugi for a second then had a simper look upon her face. She looked over at the window remembering how much fun they had but looked away, as she shook the thought behind.

Akira softly walked to the edge of the bed, where her front paws dangled off they end. She stood on her back legs with her front half leaning close to the floor, till she finally leaped off the bed with out making a single thud as she landed on her paws gracefully.

Looking at the cracked door, Akira looked back at Yugi who was wrapped up in his blanket. Probably dreaming big; not know what was happening on the outside of his mind.

Akira dropped her head ashamed at what she was about to do, Letting out a depressing sigh she sat down. Unsure what she should do, Akira felt stumped. Even though she had this all planned out, Akira just couldn't help but have second thoughts about leaving.

Sitting there in the dark with so much pressure on her heart, Akira looked up at Yugi's pendant. Then looked down at the ground "I wish you could help me with this" Akira murmured under her breath.

"(I have no choice…)" Akira though to herself, Knowing what she had to do as she sat up. Akira took light steps toward the door. When there was a sudden bright glow from behind, Akira stopped as she was only inches away from the door. Looking back Akira could see the soft glow the millennium puzzle let off as a figure began to for in front of the millennium puzzle.

It was just like last time, when Akira came all the way up here and had her paws unexplainably healed. The mysterious figure had returned but this time he wasn't as quite.

"Is that it? You're just going to walk away without saying goodbye to the one who saver your life." The Mysterious figure pointed out

"There's no other way, besides it's not like I asked him to. Yugi should have just left me to die." Akira sneered.

"And why's that?" The figure asked.
It went quit as Akira glared at the figure but turned around "I have to go, its only for the best that I be forgot." Akira said as she once again walked to the doorway.

"I won't stop you, but tell me this. Why do you feel so strongly that your existence is nothing but a forgotten soul?"

"It's not that I feel forgotten, it's that I should be." Akira snapped

"Why?" he pressed on.

"Let's just say I'm nothing but bad luck going your way. I'm just not meant to live with humans, my destiny is to be … alone and forgotten." Akira gulped on the last words

The figure didn't reply as it felt like the world stood stiff, till he finally broke the silence

"Ok, one more question, I promise." Akira nodded "why couldn't you tell me who you are when I asked." The figure asked softly


"There's … more to my life then I know and I just haven't found it yet." Akira said softly, the figure smiled thankfully to show his appreciation and that he understood.

Akira thought about all the questions and new it was wrong to leave without say goodbye. Akira smiled as she looked up at the figure who did look similar to Yugi.

"If it would make you happy, I'll leave a note." Akira said shyly

The Look alike Figure nodded with a proud smile. Without another word Akira was about to walk out into the hall till she could hear the soft whisper of her name be called.

Akira saw that it was the figure calling her back, as he knew exactly what she was going to do.

"Why don't you use this instead?" The figure said as he stepped to the side. So you could see the puzzle as he hold out an open hand towards it.

Akira stared at the Puzzle confused "you.. want me-to use the Puzzle? Akira asked

He nodded

"What can that do? Am I supposed to magically send my thoughts to the puzzle to Yugi." Akira said with disbelief

He grinned "why not, it healed your paws. didn't?"

Akira stopped remembering what happened after her vision. She still doesn't understand, but she knew she had to try. Snapping out of her thoughts, Akira looked back up at the figure and nodded "ok."-

"You got me, -but I still don't understand." Akira said

"You can tell Yugi goodbye, by using the puzzle to enter his dreams and all it takes is a single touch." He had a setsmile

Akira thought about it for a second, tilting her head to the side as she had this curious sad look in her eyes.

"I'm ready… but, tell me. Who are you?" Akira asked not understanding why he cared so much about her and Yugi.

"... I'm just like you, I really don't know much about myself. Other than that I now I'm a spirit of the puzzle and mostly Yugi's friends like to call me the other Yugi." He smiled happily. Akira nodded as she smiled back. She could see why, there was a strong resembles to him and Yugi. (Except that he looked taller, extra blonde steaks that jet upward, confident narrow eyes, and seemed much older)

Walking up to the spirit of the puzzle, she smiled at him before she took the Millennium Puzzle. Akira grabs hold by the support of the rope in her jaws. Quietly walking over to the side of Yugi's bed, Akira gently laid it in front of him as the tip of the puzzle touch Yugi's should.

Akira watched the sleeping boy for a moment as guilt over flooded her mind, whispering "I'm sorry" before she laid a touch on one of the faces of the puzzle. it released a small glow that lit up half the room, it was over as the light dim down. Akira removed her nose away from the puzzle as she took deep breathes Feeling tired.

Taking steps back, Akira could see the mysterious spirit out of the corner of her eye.

Turning around, she smiled. "Thanks for understanding but I have to go." Akira said sadly

He nodded "I understand, but you're always welcomed to come back anytime. I know Yugi would say the same."

Akira didn't respond. Waving they end of her tail, to say goodbye. She left the room and out into the hallway, down the stairs and in to the family game store. Akira stood there in the dark with nothing but the moon light to brighten up the room. Looking back up the stairs, Akira tilted her head as she though she saw the spirit of the puzzle for in instant.

She wanted to call him and ask why he was trying so hard to make her rethink her decision, but it was best to keep walking without looking back. She remembered the bed they got for her and how much they really did care. Walking in the kitchen, she saw the red/white bed in the back of the room.

Left alone in the the dark, Akira hanged out for a while. Finally when she was ready, she walked to the door with one final smile. Akira looked back sadly around the house as she though how much she was going to miss them, with her ears pulled back. She looked away as she left though front door and out of sight.

With everyone asleep and one living soul strolling the streets in the dark with no one to support her but her self, there was one final message.

Quietly in the dark, it sat there in the center of the bed with no one to now it said….


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