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Andy Noble

It had been a pretty normal day for Sam and Dean Winchester: a little research, a long drive with extra coffee, fake ids, gank a monster, etc. That is, until Castiel popped up in the middle of their hotel room. Sam's hand flashed to his gun and Dean flinched, his fifth cup of coffee sloshing all over his hand. "Ouch! God dammit Cas, what the hell? We've talked about this too many times for me to count."

"I am aware Dean. I'm sorry but—"

"Then why the hell do you keep doing it?" Cas disappeared and then there was a knock on the door. Sam raised an eyebrow at Dean and answered it. "Really Cas?"

The angel tilted his head. "But Dean said—"

"Never mind. What is it Cas?"

"I have recently received important information about a member of your family." The brothers stared at him.

"Uh Cas," said Sam, looking at the angel in concern. "We don't have any family anymore."

"As I thought. Until I met her. She actually bears a striking resemblance to you, Sam."

Dean looked half annoyed and half amused. "So, what? Sam is someone's baby daddy?"

"No. She's too old to be Sam's illegitimate child. Unless I am wrong in the assumption that he was faithful to his then-girlfriend Jessica." Sam glared at him.

Dean snorted. "That's about as likely as then-me settling down in a long term relationship."

"Exactly. Her name is Andrea Joy Noble. She was born to Felicia Michelle Noble in the year 2003 and she is the illegitimate daughter of John Winchester."

Sam put his head in his hands and groaned. "You've got to be kidding me! Another half-sibling Dad conveniently decided to forget informing us about?"

"This is beginning to be a habit," muttered Dean. "Any other love children we should know about?"

"Not that I am aware of."

Sam raised his head. "And why should we be aware of this one?"

"Because she has been recently orphaned and has nowhere to go."

Sam and Dean stared at him and the older brother said, "There's more. I can tell."

"She was also going to be adopted by a pair of angels pretending to be married so Naomi can get her hands on a Winchester without the typical Winchester prejudices."

Sam narrowed his eyes at the angel. "You said was. Why did you say was?"

"She is currently waiting in the bunker for her new family."

The boys stared at him. Again. Cas noticed they were doing that a lot today. Then there was an explosion.

"You left a nine-year-old alone in the bunker?! Cas, what the hell?"

"We can't take care of a little girl! We don't know anything about little girls!"

Sam looked at Dean in surprise. "That's your reasoning for why we can't take her? How about we're trying to close the gates of Hell?"

Castiel cut in, looking indignant. "I most certainly did not leave a small child alone. The prophet was there."

Dean rounded on him again. "Kevin? You left her with Kevin?! Kevin can barely take care of himself! And he hasn't slept in three weeks at least!"

Castiel frowned. "He really should be more concerned about his health."

Sam threw up his hands as Dean shouted, "That's not the damn point Cas!"

"You should probably go back then. Before something happens. I will bring your car back Dean."

"Wait what?" Castiel reached forward and tapped their foreheads, sending the brothers back to the bunker. Kevin yelped and shoved a tiny human being behind him before blinking at them. "How did you guys… oh, Cas?"

"Yeah," growled Dean. "When I get my hands on that fu—"

"Dean, small ears," hissed Sam, elbowing him.

"…freaking angel, I'll… do… things."

"Well there goes half you vocabulary," muttered Kevin. He turned to the small girl behind him. "Sorry for shoving you Andy. Did I hurt you?"

"No," she said in a voice like wind chimes. "Is that them?"

"Yeah that's them. The tall one with the long hair is Sam and the grumpy one is Dean."

"Hello Andrea," said Sam awkwardly while Dean spluttered, "Grumpy? I'm not grumpy!"

"Hi!" Andrea stepped out from behind Kevin. She had long brown hair that was darker than either of the brothers in braids but her eyes were the same green as Dean's. After that, she looked much more like Sam; same nose, same skin tone and same gangly knees that proved she still had some growing to do. She was wearing a baby blue skirt and a white t-shirt with blue and red butterflies on it, as well as white knee socks and purple converse. She also had a lavender backpack on.

Sam looked at Dean and his older brother shrugged. "So, um, Andrea…"

"You can call me Andy. Your name is Sam right? Can I call you Sammy? Please? I'm gonna call you Sammy! I've always wanted big brothers and now I have two! I like this place. Do you live here or is it just somewhere you hang out a lot? Why are there tons of book all over the place? Why—"

Sam's eyes got wider and wider the more his much younger sister talked. Dean interrupted her. "Andy, um, it's, uh, very nice to meet you. What has Kevin told you about us?"

"That you like to shoot guns and call him names. And that Sam is the smart one." Dean glared at prophet and growled, "Kevin…"

He swallowed. "At least I didn't mention your day jobs!"

"Oh yeah! What do you guys do? Do you like it? Is it fun? Can I go to work with you one day?"

"No," all three of the boys said at once and Andy pouted, tugging on one of her braids. "Meanies. But I still like you. Do we live here?"

"We do," began Sam but Andy cut him off, her green eyes shining excitedly. "Where's my room?!"

Sam looked helplessly at his brother and drew him to the side. "We can't just leave her Dean."

"I know," he sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I guess we're stuck with her."

"Heeey! I asked where my room was!"

Sam and Dean turned back to her. "I'll let you pick. We have lots of rooms," the younger brother said with a slightly forced smile. Andy cheered and ran forward to hug Sam around the middle, then Dean. "You guys are the best big brothers ever! And I like Kevin! Is he our cousin or something?"

"No he works for us," said Dean, smirking at Kevin's offended look. Sam rolled his eyes and looked down at Andy, who stared up at him with wide eyes. "Well, come on. Let's go pick your room."

Andy beamed and slipped her tiny hand into Sam's much larger one. "Will you show me your room Sammy? And can I ride on your shoulders?"

Sam blinked. "No. On both counts. You can't see Dean's either. I'll show you where they are though."

"Why not? Are they messy?"

"Uh… yes. Very messy. You might get lost." Andy pondered this for a moment, then grinned. "I could help you clean them!"

Sam rolled his eyes heavenward and muttered, "Cas, if you're listening, you are so dead when you get here."

"Cas is that nice guy that brought me from the orphanage right?" Andy asked as she tried to swing on Sam's arm.

"Yeah. Please don't do that Andy." They stopped hallway down the hallway. "Okay, this door is Dean's room and the one down at the end of the hall on the other side is mine. Kevin's is two doors up from mine."

"What about Cas's room?"

"Cas doesn't live with us. He's just a friend."

Andy looked confused. "But Kevin lives here and he's your friend."

"That's different. Kevin works here. Cas doesn't."

Andy shrugged. "What do you even do?"

"We get rid of the bad guys." Andy's eyes brightened. "Like monsters?"

Sam stopped short. "Who told you that?"

"No one. But the monsters in the movies are usually the bad guys." She wasn't really paying attention to her big brother anymore; instead she was studying the doors in the hallway and ran up to the one across from Kevin's room. "This one! I want this one! It's right in the middle of yours and Kevin's and Dean's!"

Sam breathed a slight sigh of relief. Andy would find out what they did eventually, there was no hiding your job when you worked at home. But they could talk about it with her later. "Okay. Let's take a look."

The room had a closet on the left wall, a twin sized bed against the right wall with no headboard and a desk pushed against the back wall. To the left of the door was an empty bookcase which Andy immediately went over to. She set her small lavender backpack on the floor and started pulling out books. Sam watched as she lined them all up perfectly and then stooped to pull out a stuffed bunny in a jean skirt and pink t-shirt and a doll with dark brown hair and brown eyes in black shoes and stockings and a red and grey plaid dress with a matching ribbon. She held them both to her chest and ran over to Sam. "The bunny is my build-a-bear Amy and this is my American Girl doll Samantha. I take them everywhere!" She tilted her head toward the bunny and nodded. "Yeah Amy, I like him too. Amy says she thinks you're really cool and Samantha thinks your hair would feel like petting a puppy."

Sam wasn't quite sure how to react to that, but he went with a smile. "Cool. Is this all you have?"

"Yeah. The rest burned in the fire when Mama died." She went quiet after that since the first time she opened her mouth and Sam's heart went out to her. He knelt down beside her and said gently, "You know our mom died in a fire too. Dean was younger than you are now and I was just a baby. If you don't wanna talk about it, you don't have to."

Andy nodded and hugged Sam again, knocking his head with the doll's foot. He winced but hugged her back. Then he pulled away. "Our car's not here right now, but when it gets here, Dean and I will take you to get some new things."

She pulled back and asked hopefully, "Can we buy paint too? I want to paint my room purple and blue!"

Sam snorted. "Ask Dean about that one okay?"

She giggled. "Okay!"

Sam glanced at his watch and smiled back down at Andy. "It's eight-thirty. I don't know when your bedtime used to be, but around here it'll be eight-thirty, ok?"

"Okay," she sighed then looked down at her clothes. "Do you have jammies for me?"

"Uh, no. But you can wear one of my t-shirts till we get you some." Andy shrugged and dragged her backpack over to the desk. She carefully pulled out a purple frame with beads glued to it and set it on the desk. The woman in the picture was holding Andy on her lap. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes and they both looked very happy.

Sam left the room to get her a t-shirt and Dean poked his head in. "Hey kiddo. You all settled in?"

She nodded and grabbed his hand. "Dean, will you read me a story? Sammy said it's my bedtime and went to get me jammies."

"Uh… you sure? I mean, I guess I could. Which one you wanna read?" Andy grabbed one of her books and held it up. "I was going to read this before... you know."

Dean took the book and stared. "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? Isn't this a little above your reading level?"

"A little. That's why I want you to read it to me." Dean looked around for a way out when Sam came back with the t-shirt. "Hey I know. Sam can read it to you. He's better at it anyway."

"Oh. Ok," she said, deflating a little bit. Sam handed her the t-shirt. "Get changed and I'll be right back ok?"

Sam and Dean closed the door to Andy's room and Sam went into bitch face mode. "Dean, I think you hurt her feelings."

"I don't do bedtime stories Sam. I never have!" Sam rolled his eyes. That much was true; Sam read his own bedtime stories as a kid because Dean sucked at it.

"Well, tomorrow you need to get her some clothes and stuff. Oh and she wants to paint her room purple and blue."

Dean nodded uncomfortably, then frowned. "Wait, just me? What are you gonna do?"

"She said her mom died in a fire. Like ours. I know that it happens sometimes but twice in one family? Besides our family doesn't do coincidence. I'm looking into it."

Dean nodded. "Get Cas to help you so Kevin can concentrate on the God rock. Speaking of, what are we gonna tell Andy about our jobs?"

"We could tell her the truth," said Sam slowly. Dean frowned. "I don't wanna scare the kid."

"I'd rather she was scared than dead. Hey, what are we gonna do about her schooling?"

"Let's deal with that tomorrow. Right now there's a nine-year-old waiting for big brother Sammy to read her a story."

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