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Andy Noble

Sam and Kevin were researching demon possessions while Dean and Cas were with Andy in the gun range. "Okay, so you hold it like this…" said Dean as he wrapped Andy's little fingers around the pistol. "And you support your hand with your other hand like this."

Andy carefully did as Dean told her and aimed the gun at the paper. "Now what?"

"Now we turn the safety off like so…" he reached around and did just that. "Now you see the little nubs on the gun?"


"Those are the sights. Line them up with each other, then line them up with your target." Andy slowly did as he said and a minute later she said, "Okay."

"Now pull the trigger but watch out for the—" A gunshot echoed through the room and Andy yelped when her arms jerked. "…recoil."

Cas peered at the target and frowned lightly. "Well at least she hit the paper." Dean ignored him and Cas sighed, leaving the room. Andy frowned. "Dean, why are you mad at Cassie? He only did what he had to."

Dean didn't say anything for a second. "Don't you have dance soon? Go get ready."

Andy huffed and left and Dean joined the others in the book room.

"…to cure a demon," Sam was saying and Cas said, "Of what?"

"That's what we're trying to figure out."

"Soup's on," said Kevin as he brought in some food. "Andy, food!"

They heard her run down the hall and Sam yelled hoarsely, "No running, Andy you know that!"

Andy came walking sedately in, half dressed for ballet in her leotard and tights. She had her little box of bobby pins, her slippers, and her tutu in her arms.

Kevin winced when Sam and Dean stared at the jerky and peanut buttercups on the plate and the one beer they had. Cas raised an eyebrow and Dean said, "I think we're running a little low. I'll make a run after I drop Andy at practice."

Cas stood up. "Dean, I can go with you." Dean ignored him. "Dean. I'm sorry."

He finally looked at the angel. "For what?"

"For everything."

"Everything? Like, uh… like ignoring us?"


"Or like bolting off with the angel tablet, then losing it because you didn't trust me."


"How about, with no warning, bringing a little girl in to the middle of a fight against every demon in Hell?"

Andy frowned at her brother. "Don't you like having me here Dean?" He looked down at her. "Of course Princess but now wasn't exactly a great time." He turned back to Castiel. "Couldn't trust me with a slab of rock but you could trust us with a nine-year-old."

Castiel looked like he knew where this was going and it hurt Andy to see him sad. It also hurt to hear Dean say that they may have not wanted her.

"Nah man that's not gonna cut it. Not this time. So you can take your little apology and cram it up your ass."

Andy went and crawled into Sammy's lap while Kevin disappeared into the kitchen as Cas said, "Dean, I thought I was doing the right thing."

"Yeah. You always do."

Sam cleared his throat and said, "Hey do we have a room 7B?"

Her brothers left the room with a quick, "Finish getting ready Andy," and went to go look at room 7B. Cas sat back down again and Andy ate her share of the jerky and candy. "I'm sorry Andrea."

She looked up at the angel. "Cassie you don't have to apologize to me. I'm not mad at you."

"Dean didn't mean to sound so upset about having you here. He was just angry at me." He paused. "He loves you very much you know. As does Sam."

Andy shrugged. "I know. But I'm still a little sad. And a lot mad." She picked up a brush and handed it to Cas. "Will you do my bun?"

Sam and Dean came back to find Andy's hair in a perfect ballerina bun and she was giggling at Cas trying to chew the jerky. "The texture is so… strange."

Dean cleared his throat. "C'mon Princess, time for ballet."

Andy's smile slipped for a second. "I want Sammy to take me."

Dean frowned. "We don't have time to play matchmaker today Andy." Andy actually glared at him. "No! I want Sammy to take me cuz I'm mad at you!"

Dean blinked and Castiel wisely joined Kevin in the kitchen. "Mad at me? What because I said it was a bad time for us to have a kid sister?"

"Dean, not helping," muttered Sam as he shoved the film into his hands. "C'mon Andy let's go."




Sam waited, as usual for Andy to finish her class before slipping her bracelet back on. Ms. Eva came over and was frowning slightly. "Mr. Winston, are you feeling well?"

"Who? Ah, I mean... No actually. I've got a ton of work we're doing, some of my friends are being pushed real hard by my brother, I've got deadlines…"

"And you still find time to drive Andy to lessons," said Eva shaking her head. "You know, if you need a break, I can take Andy for a few hours. I wanted to give her a solo in our recital actually and I need to teach it to her."

Unbeknownst to Sam and Eva, one of the mom's eyes turned black and she pulled of hex bag from her pocket and slipped it into the box that held extra ballet slippers. Andy didn't see the eyes but she watched curiously as Chelsi's mom put a small little bag in the box. Maybe it's potpourri.

"That would… that would be great actually. What do you say Andy? Wanna stay longer while we work? Or you wanna go home and Cas can watch you?"

"I wanna stay here," she said quietly. She was still a little mad at Dean.




The next week things still hadn't really changed. Andy was still mad at Dean and stayed extra hours with Ms. Eva, practicing her solo. Sam and Dean had dropped her off extra early that day in a hurry. She'd heard them talk about curing a demon today and she figured they didn't want her to see it.

But then it got really late, just past eleven and way past her bedtime. And her brothers still hadn't shown up to get her. Ms. Eva was frowning, horribly displeased. "Where are they? Andy, do you know?"

She shook her head. "They said they'd be working really late. Kevin was supposed to come get me hours ago but he may have fallen asleep working again."

In another part of the state, Sam and Dean were standing in the kitchen of Jenny Klein, receiving threats from Crowley. "I'm going to kill someone you've saved or loved every twelve hours until I have Kevin. You're going to try and stop me because that's what you do. You… you try. So, time for an object lesson. A certain dance studio with a beautiful instructor and the bounciest little lass of a Winchester you ever did see. 57 minutes boys. Be there or be square."

And the line went dead.

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