When I got changed into a vampire I thought for sure that I would feel different. Less human and more... I don't know. Special? No that's not the right word. Never mind. But the fact remains that I feel totally human even though I am not. How did I, bella swan, vampire reject get turned you ask? Well let me tell you.

after Edward left me in the woods after breaking my heart, i went through a time of pure hell. nothing mattered in life any more and i was letting myself waste away to nothing. i would have kept on that path if not for my the look on my dads face. seeing how much i was hurting him, killed me. so i decided to get better. but even that was not the easiest thing to do. i was lucky to have the help of my long time best friend Jacob black.

i started spending my free time on the rez, hanging with jake and a few of his friends. it was actually kinda great while it lasted. you see, jake ended up turning into a huge ass wolf. yeah i kinda freaked when i found out but once i got to think on it for a little bit i was ok with it. its not like he was the first monster i have seen.

it was about 6 months after the cullens left me that i was shopping in port angeles and was attacked by a drunk while i was headed to my car. when my rescuer saved me i thought she was saving me so she could be the one to kill me. yep it was victoria. she came out of no where and was there to save me from the asshole that was going to beat on me. needless to say i freaked out a little. that was untill she told me she had heard what eddie boy said to me in the woods that day and realized that james was not her mate just like edward was not mine. if they had been there is no way they could have hurt us. well that canceled out the vendetta she had going for me.

that was the beginning to a wonderful friendship. we wouls spend all sorts of time together. we beacame really close. there had been talk about her changing me to keep with the laws and all but i was not ready yet and we both agreed to wait a year or so. that plan got tossed out the window when jake and his buddies showed up at my house while vicky and i were chillin out watching movies.

they were pissed that i was hanging out with another bloodsucker. and a red eyed one at that. well they decided to get rid of the trash as they called her. i was so angry at jake for talking about her like that that i stepped up to him and yelled in face that he had no clue what she was like. that she had saved me when he was too busy hanging out with the lossers at the rez to be with me. well that just pissed him off more and when he went to phase and attack vicky i was in the way. i caught the brunt of his attack and it left me with 4 huge claw marks running from my collar bone to my hip. i dont remember much after that as i ended up passing out but from what vicky told me jake freaked out and took off after hurting me. she ended up biting me to turn me as i was bleeding out on my livingroom floor. i guess after that was done she picked me up and ran from forks as fast as she could.

i woke 3 days later to see 3 faces i knew. vicky was there along with emmett and rosalie cullen. i flipped shit when i seen the cullen couple. i was pissed that they were there. it did take some time for me to calm down enough for them to tell me that they left the cullens when eddie made them all leave forks. apparently they went and set up a house for themselves and then came to take me with them. they had plans on changing me themselves. well that did it. i forgave my brother bear.

so after hunting and taking a shower we sat and talked about what our plans were going to be now that i was a vamp and could not go back to forks. rose and emmett wanted to go see the family and pick up the rest of their things so we all agreed to go with them. now to see how that will go seeing they all left me.