Anna forced her body to stop shivering, letting out a breath she had been containing for a while. It created a small plume of frost in the air, which died away after a few seconds. The air was decidedly chilly, just as Queen Elsa liked it. Queen Elsa…The auburn-haired knight shook her head. She had the same name as her sister. The same face. But it wasn't her. It simply…simply could not be her. She had no doubt that it was a devil in disguise. A devil she had sworn to protect with her life…a devil she- Anna bit into her bottom lip, then shook her head.

Goosebumps traveled across the expanse of her flesh, beneath the metal plating and leather of her chain mail. The gentle gusts that swept occasionally in through the balcony of her sister's bedroom were so cold they burned, burned clear through whatever attempt at warmth she tried to keep in this cursed room. She stiffened when she saw a hand slip around the balcony door, and then an arm, and then her. Frosty azure eyes tore through her. Tore through the layers of her silver and black armor. Anna's knees felt weak.

She was so fucking beautiful. Anna hated it. She absolutely despised this…this attraction. "Anna…" the Queen smiled. "My sister," her voice. It did things to Anna. The ginger resisted the urge to squeeze her eyes shut. Instead, she put them to use. She slid her eyes slowly down her older sibling's body. Her mind and body were in conflict over whether or not it was a bad idea. Lust weighed heavy on her shoulders. How could it not? Her sister's attire was made just for Anna. Her curvaceous, womanly body clad in flawless specs of cerulean and white frost. Her large and succulent breasts were on display, nipples hardened-and Anna knew they hardened for her because Elsa simply didn't get cold. Between her thighs, her sister's sex glistened like fresh snow. Anna struggled to keep control of herself, her cheeks burning like fire.

Then she exhaled and tried to enter the right state of mind. What was she doing? This wasn't her sister. This was a demoness, a temptress! As always the attempt at mental resistance failed the moment Elsa's manicured, pretty blue nails danced along her breastplate, sliding onto the younger girl's face. She shuddered as her elder sister's plump lips feathered along her lightly freckled cheeks, teasing along her collarbone and ear. The Queen's teeth knocked along the sensitive area below her ear, next to her cheek. They felt like fangs, more than teeth. Anna moaned despite herself, and Elsa retreated but temporarily. "How goes the war?" Anna grit her teeth together. She swallowed slowly.

"I am afraid your attempt to squash the resistance yesterday with the death of their leader had the opposite impact you intended. Public humiliation was not the way to-" Elsa's fingers pressed to her lips, silencing her. Distaste crossed her face. Anna sighed heavily. She waited a few moments before those fingers slipped off.

"You need to hold your tongue dear sister. You speak when spoken to. I did not ask your opinion on my decision," a smirk graced her sibling's lips. "And if what you're saying is true- the response I got was perfect," Anna said nothing. Elsa's glacial gaze seemed to freeze even more somehow when Anna turned her face away from the older girl's grasp. She forced back tears. The memory of the day before would forever be engraved in her brain. The sight of him. Kristoff. His throat opened for Arendelle to see, a bloody testimony of what happened to those who resisted the Snow Queen of Arendelle…

The entire reason why Anna had become a member of Elsa's guard was what Elsa promised her. Elsa said that Anna could make Kris surrender. They could make a compromise. A lie from the treacherous woman her sister had become because no- there were no negotiations, Anna had to cut him open. And Elsa watched. And laughed. And looked at Anna with so much desire. The redhead shivered violently, her head swam. She was brought back to reality when her gorgeous sibling stroked her face.

She stared at the older girl for the moment. The woman's expression was a mixture of many things. Annoyance, desire, affection, anger. She wasn't surprised when the woman struck her. Pain sparked through her cheek and jaw and she let out a low hiss, the force of the blow making her head swing to the side. She could taste the coppery tang of blood in her mouth. She turned her gaze back to the older woman, unflinching. Crimson spread along the Queen's cheeks. "You were thinking of him. You weren't thinking of me," she continued, when Anna opened her mouth to retort. "Get out of my sight," Anna bowed her head.

"As you wish," she kneeled. Elsa's eyes sunk into her as she slid her gloved fingers down the woman's arm, running them along the delicate digits of her sister's hand. Then she took her hand in her own and placed a soft kiss across the top of it. She stood swiftly and slipped out of the older woman's bedroom. When she was sure she was out of sight, she slammed her fist into the wall. Tears bit at her eyes. What had become of her life? So much had been lost. Her sister, Kristoff, Olaf, their servant's for heaven's sake…

Hell, she was losing herself.

Elsa didn't just disappear. The real her, anyways. It was a very slow transition. The two sisters were close after the events that occurred. Winter had left, Elsa had gained control of her abilities, Hans was gone- done and over with. Her best friend was alive back then too. Nights that were almost personal feasts full of cheer and cocoa dwindled away. Those were the days…but they became less common as days passed, until finally after a year, Elsa simply stopped coming to their midnight meetings. She had taken to politics supposedly. She had a kingdom to rule, she didn't have time to "play" with little girl's. She became so cold. She shut everything out just like before except this time- there was no door. She simply deflected affection and attention with a cold disinterest. The suitors that came to court Elsa had stopped coming long before. No one wanted to marry someone so…creepily cold and inhumane.

The affection and warmth that was her lovely, perfect older sister reappeared after a while. It was different but in a way it had returned and …it it was a warmth kept only for Anna. Smiles were shared only with Anna. Kristoff, Sven, Olaf…they were all met with something akin to disgust. It was like Elsa was excluding everyone save for her younger sister. Things…only got worse from there. They blended together. There were a few attempts at assassination. And after that? Dozens of executions. And then after that…the rebellion. Anna hadn't expected it to be Kristoff who led them. She hadn't expected anything like this to occur at all. Her sister treated her warmly but she didn't inform her of anything. Didn't inform her of how Elsa was the one who scared Kris away (which she guessed was the reason why Kristoff simply stopped talking to her), didn't inform her that war with distant countries became a massive threat.

The world fell apart further after that.

Queen Elsa got an idea. "I have no desire to kill Kristoff. Anna, dear sister, I trust you like no other. I trust you wouldn't betray me…what say, you pick up a blade and actually be useful for once in your life." Her words were coupled with a shark of a smile. Anna had hastily taken the job. Anything to get out of the castle. Leaving was forbidden. This was a golden opportunity. "As I said, I do not want him dead. Once I have assessed your abilities and find you…capable of leading my charge, then you can meet him. You are to bring him here. We will negotiate, find a peaceful way to end this hopeless rebellion." Anna had believed her. More than anything she had believed her. There was no reason not to believe her.

To the day she still didn't know why she did it. Why she killed him. The power had all been in Anna's hands. Literally. The sword hilt was in her grip, she was the one to put in the strength to swing it. The redhead she had…she had been desperate to please. It was a horrible excuse but it was a needed excuse. The praise she had been getting from others…she had mastered swordsmanship in less than a month! A natural. Elsa and she had begun to have nights like those warm, personal nights of the past, once again. Full of hot cocoa and now- hopes for the future, for Elsa's Kingdom. "We'll consume the whole world, coat it entirely in ice…you and me." She had kissed Anna after she said this.

So much was wrong. They were sisters. They shouldn't be speaking of world domination. Elsa's harshness as of late- it was all wrong! But still, Anna slid her fingers into her elder sister's platinum tresses and forced her close. The kiss was all hot and cold, all tongue and teeth. Unrestrained need from the sexual tension that had begun to build between them….Elsa with her hands running along Anna's growing muscles and her sensual words over that long month- Anna had just snapped.

It was all a mess. Everything was a big fucking mess! It was all so sudden! Anna had kissed her sister and then the next day she had killed Kristoff and…she stripped off her own armor. Set it down on her dresser. She closed her eyes. The memory of that kiss. Of Elsa's words afterward. "Sister…I'm…entirely yours. Are you mine? I want you to be mine."

"I'm yours, my Queen." Anna had grinned because Elsa had looked so pleased.

"Then you would never disobey me, correct?" Anna had tangled her fingers in those white blond locks again, dragged the older woman into her lap, they had kissed again.

"Never," Anna had whispered in her ear, sliding her hand up to grip the other royal's breast. Elsa had left very suddenly. A smirk combined with a massive blush on her face. She seemed to be giddy with joy. Anna had laughed, ran her fingers through her hair. The woman had teased her, left her aroused in their dining hall. She had thought maybe things would go back to normal once they made peace with Kristoff…and of course, that peace never came.

Any hope of the real Elsa returning (Or perhaps the hope that this wasn't the real Elsa?) withered away. Anna thought maybe she had killed herself then too. He had sobbed. Begged. "Don't kill me, Anna, what're you doing!? Stop!"

"Cut his throat." How could she disobey her sister? The one she had fallen in love with over the past months. The Demon.

"Anna no, no no stop it! I'm sorry-" She started at the memory. There had been so much blood. He had gurgled, choked- she didn't know how to describe it. There was so much pain in his eyes…

"Bad dream?" Her sister's voice tore sounded clear through the haze of sleep that enveloped her. She opened her eyes to see her sibling standing at the edge of her bed.

"What is it, do you need something?" Anna asked slowly. Elsa slid onto her bed and ignored her question. She looked like a wildcat as she crawled up the mattress, her practically bare body pressing against Anna's frame. She nuzzled into the redhead's throat. Her teeth nibbled. Anna groaned very was so cold… She glanced over to her bedroom window. The moon was round and full in the sky. Elsa, no…not Elsa, whoever this woman was- whoever this monster she loved was, kissed her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at the older woman straddling her lap. Stared at her older sister's gorgeous face. Eyed her pouty lips, her shockingly blue eyes, her unblemished skin, her beautiful tresses of hair. This was her sister. Elsa stared at her.

"Why are you crying, foolish girl?" Her tone was affectionate but almost annoyed.

She didn't know herself. All she knew was that there was a monster in her bed who looked identical to her sister. And she was completely and totally in love with it. She shuddered, "I don't know." Elsa kissed her. She returned the kiss reluctantly before it deepened. "Elsa, you-" Two fingers pressed to her lips. She went silent as always when her sister did this. She stared into frozen, cerulean orbs.

The older woman traced her lips across Anna's neck and cheek before she paused. She was very close to the younger girl's ear. Her tone was but a whisper as she spoke."To be honest, Anna my love, I really don't care."