Angel stands next to Gin with a sense of wholeness filling her. She stares down at her parents' graves with watery eyes.

The one on the left says:

Oliver EJ 'Naru' 'Noll' Davis

September 19, 1961 - May 14, 2014

Beloved Friend, Father, Grandfather and Husband

And the one next to it reads:

Mai Miu Taniyama-Davis

July 1, 1963 - May 14, 2014

Beloved Friend, Mother, Grandmother, and Wife

The funeral had been hard. Gin was astonished because Madoka nearly lost it when John announced that they had died together, in each other's arms. She already been blubbering but she'd full out sobbed when it was announced that the spell actually worked.

Angel couldn't help but be immensely sad that her parents had died, but she also couldn't help but feel some type of contentment. Her parents had been together for as long as she could remember. She didn't think her dad would be able to live with out her mom.

"You know," Gin's voice cuts through her thoughts and she turns to look at him. He's staring down at the gravestones with stormy eyes, "Your dad is the one that told me to go after you."

The news makes Angel's heart stop, "Really?"

Gin nods, then he turns to look up at her. Ever since they were kids, Gin had thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her eyes were always the best part about her. Intelligent yet innocent. Curious yet cautious. Guarded yet warm.

Stepping forward, Gin wraps his arms around Angel's waist. He pulls her flush again him, and then dips her head, kissing her lips as gently as possible. Gin looks up in to her eyes, "I've loved you since before I could even remember. Angel you've been my world my entire life. I think I'd know just how your dad would feel if he lost Aunt Mai. I'd feel the same way if I lost you."

Angel's heart stops, and she smiles up at him, "I love you too, Gin."

He blushes and Angel thinks it's the most adorable thing ever.

Staring at the ceiling has become a past time of Adam's. He hadn't moved from his apartment since his folks died. It wasn't like he was moping, even though he totally way, he just missed them. He expected to wake up any day and find this to be another one of his dad's old jokes. Then his mom would be there to roll her eyes and offer him a hug and some food.

Adam was pretty sure that his new boss was gonna show up any day me and kick his ass. The old man was pretty much a slightly younger, helluva lot more decorated version of his dad.

A knocking on his apartment door forces him our of bed and to the door. The minute he opens it, he's flat on his back. Adam looks up with weary eyes to see eyes identical to his own staring back at him with an angry fire in them.

"Chris?" Adam mumbles, "What are you—"

"Shut up." Christian says, grabbing his brother's shirt and heaving him off of the ground. Adam is thrown against his own closed front door, "Listen here, I'm not going to let you act like a little asshole and throw away every opportunity Mom and Dad ever presented to us. You just finished your apprenticeship. You have your entire life ahead of you! Get your head out of your ass!"

Rage fills Adam, "If it isn't Mommy's Little Prince actually saying a cuss word!"

Christian glares at his younger brother, "Oh, can it, you glorified sheet of paper."

Adam jerks, genuine hurt in his eyes, "That was low, Chris."

Christian let's him to run a hand through his thick black hair, "Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. It's just… Mom and Dad are gone, Adam. Lulu feels helpless. Angel has Gin, but we both know she's going to break down soon enough. Aunt Masako called me the other day—"

Adam cuts him off, "That old lady? She's a bitch, dude."

Christian laughs. It's a relief to him because he hadn't heard his own laugh since his parents died a week ago. Christian grins at his twin, "She is, and she knows it, but you've got to admit, she can be pretty awesome sometimes." Adam doesn't answer him. Christian smiles, "As I was saying, Aunt Masako called me the other day. She apparently had had some old video tapes of Mom and Dad when they were younger. Most of it came from when they were in a base of a case they were working. I think we all need to get together and watch them. You know, for closure and stuff." His cheeks pink.

Christian had always been shy, and quiet, and not a big fan of intimacy. It was just how he'd always been. Growing up for him this way had been hard. He'd been bullied a lot, and though Adam protected him as much as he could, it was really his mother who drove him to complete the hell he'd called high school. Christian could remember how proud his mother had been when he'd walked across the stage.

Adam, on the other hand, had always had his father's will to succeed, even if it wasn't always for the same reasons. Adam always knew he idolized his dad and that it was weird, but he couldn't help it. His dad was everything Adam wants to be.

Strong. Caring. Successful. Brilliant. Happy.

Of course, both boys loved their parents equally, it's just who they were closer to that really hit home.

"Yeah," Adam agrees, "We need to call Angel and get together at the house."

Lulu ha never felt so helpless in her entire life, which is definitely saying something because she always feels helpless. Even with Leo by her side, she just feels completely hopeless.

"Lulu!" Adam's voice catches her attention and she turns towards his voice. Lulu knew he had tattoos and she knew what they were and where they were, but she couldn't tell anyone exactly what one of them looked like. She'd never seen any of them in her life.

"Adam?" Lulu calls, "What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean?" Christian's voice is closer, "We all grew up here, Lu."

That's right. Lulu had somehow ended up the owner of the old beach house that they'd all grown up in. She's only fifteen, so the house is in Angel's name, but the minute Lulu turns eighteen, it switches over.

"Yeah, so can it and scoot over." Angel's voice is right above her and Leo barks.

Lulu does so and feels her older sister sit next to her. Then the twins are sitting in front of her on the ground.

"Mom and Dad had a bunch of old video tapes that they'd given to Aunt Masako for safe keeping. She gave them to me earlier today. I figured we'd all get together and turn the volume up." Christian had always been really cool to Lulu.

"Alright." Lulu says, sitting back against the couch.

The first video starts of to show Mai leaning over a cradle. The three Davis' that are watching instantly recognized the room as Angel's. Her room had always been the same the entire 17 years she'd spent in the house. Mai looks up at the camera with a smile. Angel gasps, as astonished as the boys. Lulu makes a confused face and Angel whispers, "Mom was barely my age when she had me, it seems."

"Mai," A deep voice booms through the speakers, even though they could all he was trying to be quiet. They all instantly recognize it as their father's, "Leave Angel alone. She's asleep and Miss Hara is attempting to kick us out."

Their mother cuts a glare in the direction of the camera, before morphing in to one of confusion, and she quietly says, "Why do you have a camera, Naru?" There's a pause in which Mai's face morphs from one of confusion to one of glee, "Are you blushing?"

"Don't be ridiculous." Naru snaps, his voice raising only slightly, "I've got the camera because I read a book that says children like to watch videos about their parents when they're younger."

Mai laughs, moving to put her hands on her hips, "You read this book months ago, didn't you?" A pause and Mai's smile saddens, "Before you'd come back from England and we got together."

"Huh?" All four children say, utterly confused by the statement.

"Mai, stop it." Their father's voice brings them back to the screen. The camera is put down and they see a man clad in complete black grabbing their mother, bringing their bodies close. The two share a kiss, and then Naru looks down at Mai, "I'm not going anywhere, Mai. You know that."

Their mother looks up at their father and smiles, "I know. You like my tea too much."

Naru laughs, before pulling away from the brunette and walking over to the camera. A face exactly like Christian and Adam's appears in the screen, except with blue eyes, "We have really got to go. We'll be late." The camera cuts out and silence fills the house.

The four children sit in silence for nearly ten minutes. It's Lulu that speaks up: "What did Mom mean by that?"

"We don't know." Christian and Adam say together. They share a look before continuing, "But we have a pretty good idea who might."

Yasu hadn't changed a bit since he was younger. Much like their Aunt Masako, he never got married, but he was pretty much one of the coolest people ever.

At least Adam seemed to think so.

"Kids!" Yasu says, walking in with his cane. Even if he was only about their father's age, he still needed a cane. An unfortunate accident with a bookshelf and a nasty poltergeist left him with a loose disk in his lower back.

"Uncle Yasu!" Lulu says, grinning from ear to ear.

The nearly fifty year old fist bumps the boys before hugging Angel and sitting down next to Lulu, who he kisses on the cheek. Yasu grins up at them with his glasses flashing, "I'm told you all want to know what your mother meant in some video?"

Angel nods, sitting next to Yasu as the boys sit on the floor, "She said something like her and dad don't get together until he returned from England?"

Yasu laughs, "I know just what you mean. I've been waiting almost twenty-two years to tell you four this story. I'll need a little help though. I hope you don't mind that I brought a few friends." At the kids' confused look, Yasu grins, before putting his fingers to his mouth and whistling.

Madoka and Lin are the first ones to stroll in, with Gin not far behind them. He looks just as confused as the rest of the Davis children. He sits next to the boys, "They showed up at my apartment and forced me inside the car."

Madoka still looked just as happy and gorgeous, but with a few streaks of silver adding definition to her pink hair. A few wrinkles added to her age, but other than that, she didn't look much different.

Lin, however, had a full head of white hair. Still in the same hairstyle with bangs covering his eye, but it's all white. No matter how old he gets though, Lin still walks with class and power swirling around him. His classic white button up shirt, black tie, and black dress pants are a comfort to all of the younger generation.

Next in is Masako, who moves as gracefully as the wind. She sits down on the other side of Lulu, her kimono long and beautiful. Her silver hairs are died black, but alas, she cannot hide the wrinkles under her eyes and forehead. She was only about Mai's age, so it didn't really show much, but she looked older.

Last is Shuto and Haru, with their daughter Sakura behind them. The eighteen year old looks just as bewildered and confused as the rest of them. She sits next to Angel, "I was told to shut up and come with. I have no idea what's going on."

Yasu grins, "Good, now that we're all here, we have a story to tell you. Starting with Lin."

All eyes turn to the old onmyoji, who sighs, "I suppose this entire thing begins when Noll decided to go to Mai's high school to gather information. You see, Mai used to stay after school to tell ghost stories with her friends. Well, on that particular day, Noll and I were in town for a case and…"

Angel watches as the sun goes down, her head swirling with all the information she'd just learned. The first case at the old school building. And the second case. The third. The fourth. The fifth. Her mother's confession and her father's misconception. Her mother' training and her father's return. Her parent's entire lifes' story was told in the matter of four hours, by the last six people she has left to remind her of parents.

"Hey." A familiar deep voice says. Angel turns to see Adam and Christian walking up behind her with LuLu not far behind with Leo as her guide.

"Hey," Angel says softly.

"Can you believe it?" Lulu asks softly, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin, "Mom and Dad had this whole epic love story and we never knew."

Adam laughs sarcastically, "Those two were closer than I ever thought."

Christian smiles, "No wonder they were such great parents. They understood each other near perfectly. They were soul mates."

Adam shoots him a look, "I don't know about that—"

"Adam, you know it's true," Angel grins, "You're just too stubborn to admit it." With a roll of his eyes, Adam can't help but laugh.

All four children of Mai and Naru look back out to the sun which is rapidly disappearing over the ocean. They all share a look, and then smile together.

"Do you think Mai and Noll are together?" Madoka asks, sitting at the same table Mai and Naru have had the entire time they lived in that house. Madoka looks up at the other five people sitting around the table for an answer.

"Of course." Masako says quietly.

"Absolutely!" Haru chirps with a nodding Shuto next to him.

"Yes." Lin nods.

"I can hear them arguing now." Yasu grins, then he smiles gently, "Don't worry, Madoka, we'll see them again soon. I'm sure they'll be waiting for us, together."

Madoka smiles, "Yeah. You're right. And right behind them will be Luella and Martin, and Ayako and Monk." The rest of the group silently agrees.

A few moments of silence goes by, before Masako chuckles. They all give her questioning looks, and she smiles, "Remember that time Mai was disoriented from the laughing gas and she was singing Spongebob?"

Yasu laughs, "Or that time Mai had to be brought to the hospital and the paramedic tried to forbid Naru from riding in the back of the ambulance?"

They all laugh and Madoka leans forward, "Or what about that time…"

"Ne, Naru?"

"Yes, mon tout?"

"Do you think the kids and everyone else are okay?"

"Yes, Mai. I'm sure they're fine. Stop worrying."

A few moments of silence pass by…

"Hey, Naru?"

"I love you too, Mai."

"Okay, just checking, hehe."

"You're an idiot."

"You're a narcissist."


Thank you all for reading.

I know some of you were kind of disappointed with the ending, and I'm truly sorry about that. However, I believed that it was the best ending to Naru and Mai's story. In my personal opinion, a love story can't just end because there will always be another adventure to go through, especially with Mai and Naru. With their job, their personalities, their lives, and just plainly their world, all of it will always add up to another story, which is why there are so many stories on this sight about this particular couple because they're just that likable and that adventurous. Naru and Mai have to have the most interesting and complicated relationship I've ever encountered. I just hope those of you who didn't like the ending I wrote can understand my point of view.

However, those of you who really liked the ending, I thank you all a hundred times over for understanding. I really enjoy writing about complicated couples. Especially about men who are difficult to love and women that are easy to adore. I think I will be writing another story. Probably from one of my old favorite animes. The first anime I'd ever seen was InuYasha which was just plain awesome to me. I hated the ending though. What happened between Sesshomaru and Rin? He just dropped her off in that village with InuYasha and left. What about when she grew up? Did they end up falling in love or did he remain a supposed 'big brother' figure like the manga had portrayed? I suppose I'll have to make my own ending up, just like I did with Ghost Hunt.

Once again, thank you all for reading, I know I kept saying I loved reviews the most, which I really do love reviews, but the fact that any of you even clicked on this story makes me humbly appreciative and happy.

I love you all. Once again, thank you.