"Well? Can'tcha speak?"

Somebody was in his secret base. Sitting on his table.


How did he get here? How did he find this place? How-

"Um...hey are you okay? You're kinda creeping me out...by ya know. Starin' and stuff..."

Seto shook himself from his rage and opened his mouth "Who ARE you? This is MY place!"

Honey colored eyes widened and then saddened. The long-haired blond looked down at his feet which dangled over the edge of the was all his? "Man, I can't catch a break anywhere today! Sorry kid. I didn't mean to tresspass on yer lawn." Blue flames died down. Seto lowered his defensive stance. "What do you mean, 'can't catch a break'?" The other boy's head snapped up, as if he were suprised at the prue concern in ther latter's voice. His frown was gone, replaced with a toothy (of half toothless) smile. "Oh nothitin'! Hey, you never told me you're name! If you don't, I guess I'll just call ya...uh...blue eyes!"

Blue eyes...

Where has he heard that name before?

"Hey blue-eyes!"

"My name is Seto."

"Setho?" The mystery kid asked, half whisteling through his missing front tooth.

"No, say it with me, then you'll get it!"




"No silly!" Seto said his own name a few times to see exactly what this kid was doing wrong. After six tries, he figured it out. The other watched with intrest. "Okay! Say 'se'. Like the beginning of 'breath'."


"Great! Now say 'to'. Like your big toe!"


"Yay!" The other boy flashed his now nurotious toothless smirk. "What's your name?"

He rolled his eyes and grumbled in responce, "Don't laugh but it's Joeseph! I know, not as cool as Seto but it's what I got." Seto frowned. He had never met somebody who didn't like their name before. Odd. "Joesph...I like it."

"Come on! Stop pulling me leg. It's super lame and you and me knows that."

Seto huffed. This kid was stubborn! "Okay. If you don't like that name, we can come up with a nickname for you.!" Joey looked up. "Like what?" The brunette held hand over his mouth in deep thought, sorta like those detectives on the tv programs late at night. "Hmm...well, I call Mokuba..my little brother 'Mokie' so I suppose I can call you...Joey! How's that?"



"...How's that you ask?" The brown eyed boy questioned seto. Seto squrmed under his glare. Had he said something wrong? Why was his tone so drawn out. Like mokery?

Next thing he knew, he was tackled on the ground. A pair of arms were latched around his body, but not in a rough way that aimed to injure him. The weigh shifted over to his side and started to laugh and giggle. So hard that the other hid his face in the side of his ribs, thus eventually causing to laugh right along side him. "I love it! Thank you so much pal!"

"Haha! You're welcome."

"You're sometin' else, ya know that, right?"

I could say the same about you. Seto thought to himself.

They both rolled onto their backs, facing the treetops above. Maybe this wasn't such a bad run-in after all. He had all day to waste and he found the perfect stranger..no..friend...to spend it with!