The Wawanakwa Tales

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Author's Note: This fan fiction takes place in Wawanakwa City, which is obviously fictional. All forty main characters live in this city, but their roles will vary. Some will be main characters that appear in almost every chapter, while others may be one-time appearances. The character's ages have all been adjusted to fit the storyline, whether the reasons are for their occupation or for whatever other purposes are required.

Obviously, a story would not be interesting without romance. But it would be stupid if I told you what those couples WERE. You'll just have to wait and see, won't you?




Chapter One: Tough Fish in a Big Pond

There was an empty road on the outskirts of the highly populated city of Wawanakwa. An old car bounced on the street, startling the distracted driver. Eva Vargra, a thirty-year-old detective, rubbed the back of her sore neck. It had been a long drive for her, nearly two days, with only a six hour stop to sleep at a motel. She glanced at her dashboard and sighed deeply, realizing that her gas tank was nearly empty.

If somehow the universe was trying to finally give her a break, Eva noticed that a small gas station with a convenience store was just a ways up the road.

Her journey had been a long one indeed. She had been transferred from British Columbia, where she had lived all her life. Her superiors had been so impressed with her dedication to her job and the work she had brought to the force that they opted to promote her ― as well as move her halfway across the country. The move hadn't been a huge deal for Eva, for she had no ties, romantic or platonic.

She pulled into the empty lot and parked right next to a gas pump. After taking a few moments to collect her thoughts, she opened the car door and stepped out. The detective moaned loudly as she stretched, for she had been sitting in the car for approximately sixteen hours. She cracked her entire body ― arms, legs, and all.

Eva was a woman of average height, but she was in almost perfect physical condition. In high school, while most of her fellow students were focused on climbing the social ladder, Eva had spent all of her spare time at the gym. This had made her look slightly masculine, but Eva did not care. In fact, she appreciated this fact, because it made her more intimidating.

She wore a white button down shirt under a navy jacket, which went to match with her pants. Her badge was visible, and hanging around her neck on a lanyard. While she was not required to wear this, she felt that it was both practical enough for physical endurance, yet also "formal" enough that she would be recognized as a detective. Her standard-issue Glock 19 was tightly packed in her leather holster.

While at first it appeared that there was nobody working at the gas station, Eva was relieved when she glanced over to see an attendant slowly approaching her. He was tall and as skinny as a rail, with bronze skin, although whether his skin tone came from ancestry or lifestyle was not immediately clear. He wore a pair of old jeans, but had on a green polo shirt with "Mike" embroidered in script font on the top of his shirt.

"How can I help you, ma'am?" the attendant asked, smiling politely.

Before she could respond, Eva was knocked down by a nervous man carrying a brown paper bag. Enraged, Eva stood up and shot a death glare at the man, who was sweating bullets. He was very pale and had shaggy brown hair. He was stammering for an apology, but was met with Eva's anger.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she snarled. "You pay for that stuff?"

"He did," the attendant assured her. "I saw him hand the cashier the money."

The nervous man flashed a receipt in Eva's face. "I've got the receipt for it too, eh. I'm sorry..."

Defeated, Eva shoved the receipt into the man's chest and muttered, "Just watch where you're going, okay?"

He nodded and quickly ran off into his car, which was old and black. He started the car and drove as fast as he could towards the city.

"Sorry about that," the attendant said, chuckling. "Now, how may I help you, ma'am?"

Eva was taken aback by his quick generosity, but took it with gratitude. "Hi, I just need a new fill up in my tank please."

The attendant nodded. "Premium or regular?" he asked, for this was obligatory to ask all customers.

"Regular," she replied, not looking up from the ground.

Nodding once again, the bean pole marched over to the gas pump, pulled the hose to the car and opened the fuel door cover.

"You're not from around here, are you, ma'am?" he asked, trying to make some conversation.

While normally not one for social interaction, Eva felt obligated to have conversation with the man who was giving her a public service. After all, Eva might have been antisocial and introverted, but she was by no means rude. "I'm a detective," she confirmed, "and I just got transferred from British Columbia."

The bronze skinned man smiled. "Isn't that just fine? Our fine city needs another strong detective."

Eva raised an eyebrow. "I didn't think the crime rate of this city was that high?"

"It most certainly is," the attendant laughed, not taking his eyes off the gas pump. "In fact, it's one of the highest."

"Then why is the force asking for a rookie who doesn't know the area all that well?" Eva asked, curious for the answer.

The gas station attendant said nothing for a few moments, for he was far too focused on finishing his job. He took the hose out of the fuel tank and placed it carefully back on the pump's hook. He then closed the fuel cover door and smiled at Eva.

"She's all filled up for you," the attendant replied. "Now, to answer your question... from what you've told me, you sound like the sort of woman who knows how to get things done. Now what wouldn't the force want with a sort of woman like that?"

Eva hadn't considered this. She was a very determined woman, but the way she projected it was often misinterpreted as stubbornness. "Well, thank you. How much do I owe you?"

"Thirty even," the attendant replied with a click of his tongue.

"What the hell..." Eva muttered as she reached into her wallet, searching for the correct change.

He chuckled. "You might as well arrest me. These prices per gallon seem like a crime."

"They sure as shit are," the detective grumbled as she handed the attendant both a twenty and a ten dollar bill.

The attendant gladly took the money and stuffed it in the back pocket of his jeans. "Is there anything else I can do for you today, Detective?"

"If you could tell me how to get to the Central Police Station, that would be helpful," Eva said, a little harsher than she had intended.

"You'll see it a few kilometers after the first left into the city," the attendant explained. "It's just past the Tuck Shop and just before the high school."

Eva opened her car door and before she entered it, she turned back to the worker and said to him, "Thank you. Have a good day..." she prompted.

"My name is Mike," he replied, smiling. "And what might your name be?"

"Detective Eva Vargra," the dark-haired woman finally said, closing the door.

Mike nodded. "You have a good day, Detective. I'll be sure to give you a call if any hooligans try to rob my station."

"And I'll be sure to stop them," Eva said, without a hint of interest in her voice.

The detective ignited the ignition and after adjusting her rearview mirrors, slowly backed out of the lot. Her aging black sedan had squeaky breaks, which became apparent after Eva had to quickly stop in an attempt to not hit a bold squirrel. Luckily for the critter, Eva did not veer into it, and thus Eva drove back onto the road and made her way towards the city.

Relieved that she would once again have the chance to let her composition gather before embarking into the unfamiliar city, Eva sighed deeply and pressed her fingers against her temples.

Her acceptance of the position had not been completely involuntary, truth be told. Eva had been offered a substantial increase in yearly pay to take the transfer, so she gladly obliged. Selling her small apartment was easy enough, due to the current clamor for property, and finding a new one was even easier ― the department had reserved a decent apartment for their new transferee.

Eva wondered who her new partner would be. Her former partner, Leon Basset, was her antithesis. Whereas Eva was stubborn, determined, and no-nonsense, her partner was laid-back, people-oriented, and savvy. Nevertheless, they were able to put aside their differences ― and even, in some cases, use it to their advantage.

Would her new partner be her polar opposite, as Leon had been? Or perhaps they would be similar to her? Eva was not entirely sure if she wanted the latter or not. Even though Eva was very stubborn, she was self-aware and knew of her temper, and was unsure if she would be able to put up with someone who matched her short fuse.

Regardless of the personality of her partner, Eva knew one thing: she would not be up for socializing with them outside of work. Eva was a very busy woman, and had no time for trivial things, such as "hanging out with friends" or "going to chat over a cup of coffee". Unless it was imperative to the case, Eva would likely refuse to be with her partner, or any other co-worker outside of work hours.

When Eva finally reached the inner part of the city, she felt her stomach drop. A horrible stench polluted her nostrils, even though she had the car windows rolled up all the way. Incredulous that this would be the smell of the entire city, Eva looked around, desperate to identify where the odor came from.

She took a sigh of relief when she realized that a manure truck was to her left. Putting her focus back on the road, Eva pressed the gas pedal once the light turned green and turned left, just as Mike had instructed her to.

The city itself was large, packed, and dense. Tall apartment buildings were around every corner and it seemed as if there was a coffee shop every three or so stores. The residents of the city were highly diverse in terms of gender, race, age, and ethnic or religious background. While New York City was the "great melting pot" of the United States, Wawanakwa City was its Canadian counterpart.

As Eva drove down the street, she looked around for the first landmark. She noticed a flashing red, white and blue light behind her, and soon her ears filled with the all-to-familiar sirens. Doing as she was legally and socially obliged to do, she pulled over to the side of the road and let the police cruiser pass. Eva peaked from behind her dashboard and noticed that her soon-to-be-colleagues were in hot pursuit of a black, older car.

Eventually, Eva was able to find the Central Police Station. She pulled into the parking lot and parked her car in an empty and unreserved parking spot. Before getting out, she sighed deeply and checked her phone for the time ― it was just before eight o' clock. The dark-haired detective opened the door, got out of the car, and slammed the door shut.

She nonchalantly walked to the front of the building, opened the glass doors, and entered the building. Nobody had immediately greeted her, so she decided to be the instigator. Eva walked over to the front desk, where an older woman with light blonde hair and deep brown eyes was typing away at a computer.

"Ahem," Eva said, trying to get her attention.

The woman paid no attention to Eva and continued to type away at her computer.

Eva repeated, "Ahem," although this time louder.

When she was once again ignored by the rude woman, Eva slammed her fists on the desk and loudly said "ahem" once last time. The coffee on the secretary's desk had spilled, startling her. She glanced up from her computer as she blindly wiped up the spill with a handful of tissues.

Clearly annoyed, the secretary snarled, "May I help you, miss?"

Eva flashed her badge and said, "I'm the new transfer, Detective Eva Vargra. Where am I supposed to go?"

The secretary pushed her glasses against her nose and said quite rudely, "Go to the Chief of Police's office, Josh Birdman."

"And just where exactly is that?" Eva asked, raising an eyebrow. "You know, you haven't exactly been very helpful, young annoying old―"

Before the secretary could say anything, a charismatic voice filled the air, laughing. "Ladies, ladies... Are we having some trouble already?"

A man in his mid-to-late forties approached to quarrelsome woman, and stuck out his hand to shake with Eva's, and she returned the handshake. The man was blue-eyed, in decent shape, and had black hair, which was grey along the sides. He wore a white button down shirt with navy pants with suspenders and a black tie. His shiny badge was in his front pocket.

"I'm Chief of Police, Josh Birdman," the man said, smiling. "You must be Detective Vargra. Welcome to homicide. Now, just so there are no surprises, it can get really messy."

Eva chuckled, which was a rare thing for her to do, let alone smile. "Believe me, I know."

"I'll show you to your desk in a little while," Josh explained. "I'm sure you've loved to rest. You came from British Columbia. That's a long ways away."

"Two days," Eva said, as if it were nothing.

Neither of them said anything for a brief period of time. Unsure of what to do next, she asked, "So will I be assigned my first case soon?"

Josh nodded. "Actually, yes ― we just got a call from your new partner, Noah Britzman. A body has been found in the parking lot of a cupcake shop. And it's not pretty. Let's hope you didn't have a big lunch."

Luckily for Eva, she had nothing more than bottled water and a few protein bars. "How far away is the shop?" she asked, as she and Josh made their way out of the building.

"Down the street, actually," Josh confirmed, opening the door. "So it would actually be quicker if we walked. Your partner's vehicle is with him, so you two can use that for the time being."

Eva acknowledged his statement with a nod. After a few seconds of silence, Eva asked the question that she was dying to know the answer to. "Am I going to get along with this Noah Britzman or are he and I going to have a problem similar to the one I had with that annoying secretary?"

"Her name's Lorraine," Josh explained. "And yeah, she can be quite a pain, but she's sweet once you get to know her. Now, back to your question ― Detective Britzman has been a valuable asset to our department for the last decade. He is a hard worker and singlehandedly solved the Brown Dahila murder case six years ago."

"But..." Eva prompted.

Josh snickered. "He can be a real asshole," he said. "He's cynical, sarcastic, and is very hard to work with."

Eva raised an eyebrow. "I don't exactly play well with others myself," she admitted. "So why put the both of us together?"

"Because according to your file, you're a damn good detective," Josh told her, smiling. "And since Noah's been without a partner for a while, we'd like to see if he's grown more mature in his solitude."

With all possible topic of immediate conversation seemingly already spoken, Josh and Eva had a silent agreement to spend the remainder of their short trek in silence. As Josh mentally prepared himself for whatever sheer brutality he was to be faced with, Eva could not get her mind off of how her partner would treat her. And as far as Eva was concerned, he better damn well treat her with respect!

Not three minutes later, the duo reached their destination. A small, but welcoming cupcake shop presented itself. The exterior of the shop was primarily pink, which Eva scoffed at, and a large sign read "Katie's Kupcakes". While normally, the shop was bright and filled with customers, due to the police tape around the area, not a soul was present, excluding several officers and a handful of employees.

A pale and very overweight woman, who was only five years senior to Eva, approached the pair. She had brown hair in a ponytail and wore an outfit similar to that of Eva's, only hers was entirely maroon and dark red. The badge pinned on her breast was noticeably shinier than Eva's and it read "RCMP".

"Yeah, it's great to see you again, Birdman," the woman spoke. She had a slight accent, but its origin was unidentifiable. She turned to face Eva. "I'm Lieutenant Staci Andrews, RCMP."

Eva nodded. "Detective Eva Vargra," she introduced, and then extended her hand out to shake with Staci. "I'm the new transfer from British Columbia."

"You know, my great-great-great grandfather was the first person to ever transfer from there to here," Staci proudly proclaimed. "Before that, people just stayed there and never came here ― so sad."

Unsure if she believed Staci or not, Eva simply nodded politely, as she was trying her best not to mess up her first encounter with one of her superiors.

"Anyway, if you'll just follow me, I can show you to the body," Staci said as she walked into the parking lot. Eva and Josh followed her.

In the parking lot, there were four people already there ― although only three of them were alive. On the ground was a young woman with red hair and a pretty face. Her torso and legs were covered in blood, several of her teeth were missing, and one of her eyes had been torn out of its socket.

One of the living, was an Indian-American man who was thirty-seven odd years. He had dark brown hair with no identifiable style, deep brown eyes, and a deadpan expression on his face.

He wore a navy blue shirt with a red polo over it, a black jacket, brown pants, and black shoes. His badge, like Eva's was hanging over his neck by a lanyard. This was Eva's partner, Noah Britzman.

Another was Katie Perez, a young and pretty woman who was just out of college, at twenty-three years of age. Her skin tone was Caucasian, albeit deeply tanned. She had dark brown hair and eyes like Noah; however, she had her hair in a girlish ponytail.

The poor girl was trying her hardest to hold back tears, but was unable to do so. Her tears dripped off her face and stained her pink apron, which had the company's logo and name printed on it. Underneath, she wore a white tank top, blue jeans, and brown sandals.

The third and final was a beautiful girl who was a few years younger than Katie, but still looked old enough to be out of high school. She was tall, well-endowed, and had long blonde hair. She, like Katie, wore an apron, but wore a pair of blue short shorts and a red belly shirt underneath. One might mistake her for a woman of the night, if not for her innocent blue eyes. Her nametag read "Lindsay Crease".

Before Eva could say anything, Noah muttered, "So you must be my new partner. Glad to meet you."

Not in the mood for small talk, Eva said plainly, "What's the story with this mess?"

Noah shuddered. "It's just disgusting. Her name is Zoey Alvis, a senior at Wawanakwa High School. She also worked at this cupcake shop. Miss Perez has told us that the last she saw Alvis was when she had her lock the shop up last night. When she came to open up this morning, she saw this mess in the parking lot."

"Have you found anything like DNA or evidence pointing to who this sick fuck might be?" Eva asked, raising an eyebrow. She approached the body and examined it, but was careful not to touch it, as doing so would contaminate the evidence.

The dark-skinned man shook his head. "None, as of yet ― we're going to send the body to the Coroner's Office after we've all had a nice long look at it."

Eva approached the shop owner and pulled out a small notebook and a pen.

"Now, is there anyone who might have wanted to do this to Zoey Alvis?" Eva asked, clicking her pen.

Katie sniffled and nodded. "Yes. A few, actually ― the first is the woman who owns the other cupcake shop around the block. I don't know if she is capable of murder, but killing one of my employees is sure to hurt my business, don't you think? Her name is Sadie Corlette. She runs Sadie's Sweets."

The detective nodded. Noah, who was now standing beside Eva asked, "Who else? You said there were a few people."

"A man," Katie confirmed. "He runs that creepy cult across town. He was a regular here at the shop and he took a real interest in Zoey. But it didn't seem like he was madly in love with her or anything. I don't know why he wanted to be only served by her, but it sure was weird."

Noah groaned. "Oh my god, not this lunatic again..." he face-palmed and groaned again.

"Who is this psycho?" Eva asked, annoyed.

"His name is Trent Freeman," Noah explained, equally annoyed. "He worships the number nine and is obsessed with anything and anyone that has to do with that number. I don't know if he is capable of murder, but he sure as hell fits the bill for every stereotypical sociopathic killer I've ever encountered."

Eva turned back to Katie. "Is there anyone else that could be a suspect?"

The cupcake show owner shook her head and sniffled. "I'm glad I could be of help."

"Thank you for your bravery," Noah said half-sincerely. "As soon as we clear the body out of here, we can let you get back to your business."

The blonde woman, Lindsay, approached the detectives. "Um, I think I might have something that could be relevant."

Noah clicked his pen. "Then please, do tell."

"So I have a younger sister, Paula, and she went to school with Zoey," Lindsay explained. "And Paula told me that last year, Zoey reported Lighting for using drugs and that got him booted from the football team. His girlfriend, Anne Maria was real pissed too. I don't know either of them, but it's worth looking into."

"'Lightning'?" Eva asked, incredulous to the name.

Noah scoffed. "I know the kid. His real name is Julius Thompson. I was actually the one who arrested his stupid ass."

"And who is 'Anne Maria'?" asked Eva, who was disgusted with the name.

"Her family name was Sayers," Lindsay said, nodding. "My sister and I are real close, as you can see."

Eva did not smile, but looked at Lindsay with gratitude. "Thank you for your help. You might be helping a sick twisted fuck be put behind bars."

The employee nodded and then went back over to her grieving employer, who was giving her final statement to Staci.

"Patrol will take care of the body," Noah told Eva, who was quickly finishing writing down what Lindsay had told them. "So, who do you want to go visit first ― the cupcake girl, the cultist, or the druggie and his girlfriend?"







End of Chapter One.




Author's Note: Well, that took me about three days to write and about two weeks of planning, but I was finally able to pull this together. Please, for the love of God, let me know what you think. This is a completely foreign type of fan fiction that I am used to writing and I would really appreciate the feedback.

Oh, and just to be clear: this story is going to get dark. There will be things far worse than what has happened on Total Drama (excluding All-Stars. Nothing is as brutal as that monstrosity.) So sorry if you liked Zoey, it's just that her character I felt was the most fitting to the situation and I had no real storyline purpose for her other than being killed off in chapter one... It's only PARTLY because I hate her.

This story is projected to be dozens and dozens of chapters. The story will not end after the murder case of Zoey is solved; new storylines and cases will be introduced and new central characters will have their own story arcs. And by the way, the Josh that is the Chief of Police is the same Josh from Celebrity Manhunt.

Well, thank you for taking time to read this story!