The Wawanakwa Tales

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Chapter Three: The Ninth God

Blaineley rolled her eyes in what appeared to be disgust, but the slight smirk on her lips suggested she was more amused than repulsed. At the sex shop where she worked, there was no doubt that Blaineley came across numerous weirdos and perverts. None of them, however, surpassed the oddness that her business partner possessed.

"That will be one seventy-four fifty," the red-headed young woman proclaimed, "and if you buy another one of those, your next purchase of lube is free!"

The customer, a dark-haired man with a collared shirt, swallowed nervously. "Yeah, maybe next time. D-do you take credit cards?"

"We sure do," she said with a nod and a wink. She took the man's credit card, swiped it, had him sign his name on the scanner, and then handed it back to him.

He mumbled a nervous "thank you" and walked out the door, but almost walked into the wall. He was unable to take his eyes off either Blaineley or her partner, who was giggling like a school girl.

She went by the name of Izzy, a common name for an exceptionally uncommon girl. Her oddness was characterized by her clothing, a tight green tank top that exposed a fair amount of cleavage, and pair of dark green short shorts that showed off her long legs. Her orange hair was slightly shorter on one end, but not noticeably.

Her business partner dressed even less conservatively than she did. Blaineley wore a tight red tube top and black leggings with leather boots. Then main reason for their choice in outfit was to increase business.

The majority of their customers were male, so having two attractive females wearing revealing clothing helped quite a bit to bring in their daily bread.

While Izzy was a young woman, somewhere in her mid-twenties, Blaineley looked just as young, but she was well into her thirties. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes also helped give off the impression that she was more youthful than she truly was.

Seconds after their customer left, two more people entered their store. However, they did not posses the same demeanor that many of their customers did. One was a man with brown skin and a deadpan expression. The other was a dark-haired woman in desperate need of having her eyebrows plucked.

"Can I help you two lovebirds today?" Izzy asked, smirking seductively.

The man furrowed his brow and sighed deeply. "Ma'am, we are with the WCPD. Is there a woman who is significantly older than you that works here?"

Izzy nodded her head. She turned to her right and shouted, "Blaineley!"

"Um, I'm right here, Izzy," Blaineley pointed out, "you don't have to yell."


Eva blinked several times before she finally said "Ma'am, we would like to ask you a few questions."

"What do you need, officers?" Blaineley asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Two people are suspected in the murder of a young girl," Noah explained, "and their alibi claims they were with you last night."

Blaineley nodded.

"These are their pictures," Eva explained. The two of them had visited the police headquarters and retrieved their mugshots beforehand. "Do you recognize them?"

The blonde woman's eyes widened. "These kids killed some poor girl?"

Noah shook his head. "They're suspects. However, if you can confirm that you were with them last night, they'll be exonerated."

"Oh, and they mentioned you bought them beer," Eva snarled. "You know they were underage right?"

Blaineley gasped. "What? They said they were both eighteen... I... I... I... I'm not a sexual deviant!"

"Relax," Noah said, rolling his eyes. "They were eighteen, so it wasn't illegal for you to have sex with them. However, they were eighteen, meaning it was illegal for you to buy them alcohol. The legal drinking age here is nineteen."

"They just told me they forgot their id's," Blaineley said. "Look, yes. I was with them last night. Besides, neither of them struck me as vicious killers."

Izzy yawned rather loudly, grabbing the attention of both detectives and her partner.

"Is there something you would like to add, miss?" asked Eva, who raised a brow curiously.

"There sure is," the red-haired girl said, winking. "Could I interest either of you in some handcuffs? If you buy two, you get one free!"

Noah sighed in annoyance. "No. Thank you, ma'am, but we already have police-issued pairs."

Izzy giggled. "They aren't for arresting people, silly."

"But what other practical use would they serve?"

Eva, not at all amused rolled her eyes. "Noah, it's a goddamn sex shop. What the hell do you think?"

"I can think of a couple of ways," Izzy said, popping her head between the two detectives. "Say, maybe the four of us can use them together?"

"You need to be spayed our something," Blaineley mused.

Izzy snickered. "Hey," she said. "You were the one who had a threesome last night!"

Eva coughed rather loudly. "Well, we don't need anything else from you two ladies. Have a good night."

"Is it night already?" Noah asked aloud. He looked at his wristwatch and sighed in relief. "It's almost ten." He turned to Eva. "Good news. You survived your first day."

"Thank God," the she-detective grumbled as she and Noah exited the shop. "We'll go visit that cultist psycho first thing tomorrow."

Noah approached the car and asked Eva, "You want me to drop you off at your apartment or house or wherever you live?"

"My luggage and bags are back in my car at the station," Eva told him. "If you could just drop me off there, that would be great."

He nodded and entered the car, with Eva doing the same.

"How the hell did you manage to get sulfuric acid?" Scott asked as he carefully lifted Staci's corpse into the plastic bin.

"Let's just say I stayed in touch with my high school Chemistry teacher," Duncan told him as he helped with the body. "And let's just also say that he was very happy to accept two thousand dollars for the barrels and to keep his mouth shut... By the way, I took two thousand dollars from your stash."

Scott tightened his grip on Staci's right leg. "Why are we doing this again? Didn't you say we were going to dump them in Lake Wawanakwa?"

"I changed my mind," Duncan said through his teeth. "Besides, we can dump this shit in the lake and be done with it. That way, no bodies turn up."

"This is a hell of a lot messier though," Scott muttered as he shoved Staci's leg into the bin.

Duncan rolled his eyes. "First of all, you're the reason we had to do this shit in the first place. Secondly, like I said, this will have a zero percent chance of anything coming back to us."

Still not convinced, Scott sighed deeply as he held the second plastic bin in place as Duncan shoved Cameron's corpse into it. This was significantly easier, as Cameron was lighter and did not require two people to lift his body.

Both men put on their rubber gloves and face masks before unscrewing the top to the sulfuric acid. Duncan did not trust Scott to handle the acid, so he had Scott hold the bins in place while he himself would pour the barrel into said bins.

"So what made you think of this in the first place?" Scott asked his partner.

"I saw it on Breaking Bad," Duncan admitted.

That got Scott's attention. His ears perked up and he said, "Dude, I love that show!"

"You better not spoil shit for me," the dark haired criminal scowled. "I'm only on season three."

Scott nodded in acknowledgement as he continued to steady the bin.

When Duncan had finished pouring the acid into the bins, he quickly tossed Staci's cell phone and gun and Cameron's cell phone and wallet into the bin as well before shutting the lid onto both bins. Scott picked up one of the barrels and Duncan the other, and they placed them very carefully into the back of Scott's truck.

Little did Duncan know, something of significance fell out of his pockets before he could put it in the barrel: Staci's badge, still bloodstained, fell onto the ground.

Noah's car pulled into the police station, but did not remain stationary for any longer than thirty seconds. Eva stepped out of the car and shook hands with Noah. He glanced over at the wall adjacent to the two of them and scoffed, and then said goodbye once more before he got back into his vehicle.

After Noah drove off, Eva looked behind her to see what had aggravated Noah. Sure enough, there was Josh leaning against what was presumably his own car. A woman was leaning against the wall and she appeared to be speaking with Josh. Although Eva didn't care at all, she assumed that she should speak with her boss before leaving for the night.

As she approached him, the conversation between Josh and the unknown woman became more clear.

"Listen, I'll call you later-" he paused when he saw the woman make a face and then quickly said, "to let you know the details of the case."

Josh quickly turned around and saw Eva, although his face remained neutral. "Ah, Detective Vargra. How was your first day on the job?"

"I didn't die so that's a relief," Eva said, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, you said that you would show me to my office?"

The woman coughed and walked over to the two detectives. "Hi," she said. "I might as well introduce myself. I'm a detective here, too. I'm Courtney Sebelia, and I work at the arson desk."

Courtney was a very young woman, with her age being clearly somewhere in her early twenties. She had ambiguously light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and chestnut hair. She was very pretty and wore a very conservative outfit: a white blouse, a grey sweater, and navy khaki pants.

"Nice to meet you," Eva said, for although she had no interest in meeting anymore new people, she did not want to be rude, especially in front of her boss.

"Anyway, I'll call you later about the... case," Josh said to Courtney, and then he awkwardly shook her hand. "Eva, I can show you to your office, okay?"

Before Eva responded, the pretty detective said goodbye to both Josh and Eva and then walked over to her own car, a red sedan, and entered it. She quickly drove out of the parking lot, narrowly hitting a fire hydrant on her way out. After that, Eva went to her own car, opened the trunk, and took out a medium sized crate with her belongings.

Josh led Eva into the station and the latter shot a nasty glare at Lorraine, who was having a conversation on the phone at the time. He led her down the hall and at the very end was a door that had the former name scratched off. A can of paint was in the bottom corner so one could assume that Eva's name would be added to the door soon enough.

"You can put whatever you want in here," Josh told her. "We've already got you a desk and a phone ready."

"I appreciate this," Eva said as she placed the crate on the desk.

The Chief nodded and extended his hand out for Eva to shake. "I hope your second day will be as good as your first. Have a good night, Vargra."

After he left, Eva sighed in relief and plopped herself down on her leather desk chair. Several moments later, she stood up and exited the room. She figured that she could arrange her desk items in the morning. She turned the room's lights off, exited the room, and shut the door.

It had seemed like a thousand years to Katie, but in truth no more than an hour had passed. The dark-haired girl nervously glanced at the face of the clock, and she sighed deeply in relief. Finally, closing time had dawned upon Katie and her remaining employee.

"Thanks for waiting with me until closing, Katie," Lindsay said sweetly, and she flashed a genuine smile at her employer.

Katie nodded and sniffled. "It's no trouble, Linds. I can tell you're still broken up about Zoey just as much as I am."

"I'm just scared of being in that parking lot alone at night now," Lindsay admitted.

"And I don't blame you either," Katie said with a nod. "But I'm, like, sure that was a one-time thing."

There was a loud and abrupt knock at the door that startled both Katie and Lindsay, with the former nearly jumping out of her skin and the latter screaming an ear-splitting scream. The girls clung to each other in fear as another knock followed. Finally, the sound of keys jingling came and the door slowly opened.

"Why the hell is this thing locked, girls?" a voice asked jokingly.

Katie sighed once she realized who it was. "You almost scared the crap out of us, Mr. McLean!"

Her landlord, Chris McLean chuckled at this. "Well, I just hope it was almost. I don't want the stink of shit smelling up my building."

Chris was a man of short stature, but made up for it by having a larger-than-life presence about him. His raven hair was consumed entirely by hair gel, and the darkness of his eyes were rivaled only by the stubble on his cleft chin. He was in his mid-thirties, but fate had been kind to him and aged him well.

"You won't have to worry about that, sir," Katie said, swallowed nervously.

The landlord cracked his knuckles and walked over to Lindsay and swung his arm around her shoulder."I heard news of one of your employees passing. Shame." He turned to face Lindsay and grabbed her chin. "How are you holding up, doll face?"

Lindsay stammered nervously, unsure of what to do. Luckily, Katie intervened and patted Chris on the back. "Her boyfriend has been comforting her, right Linds?"

Chris got the message and released Lindsay from his iron grip. "Anyways, I just wanted to let you girls know that I am actually genuinely sorry for your loss."

"Thank you," Katie said, not diverting her eyes from the ground.

"... But I'm afraid that you will have to take your business elsewhere now."

Katie raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"I can't have a murder scene being at one of my buildings," Chris said. "But, hey, as soon as you two get out of here, the murder won't be associated with one of my buildings, but your little coffee shop!"

"Don't you have another building somewhere we could continue our business?" Katie asked hopefully.

Chris tapped his chin nervously. "I will... consider it. But until then, have this store emptied by the end of the week. Four days, that's pretty generous."

"You're so magnanimous," Katie grumbled, crossing her arms.

"Aren't I?" Chris asked, smirking devilishly. He walked to the front door and before exiting the building, he turned around and said, "You girls have a good night, okay?"

Once the evil landlord had left, Katie groaned and slammed her head against the counter. Lindsay patted the back of her friend in an attempt to comfort her, and then gave her a big hug around the back. Katie was one for hugs, and she knew she needed one right now, so she gladly accepted and returned the hug.

Eva had a difficult time finding an available space to park in her apartment's parking garage. Given the hour, most of the building's residents had long since retired to their homes for the evening. Nonetheless, Eva managed to find a parking space near the end of the garage.

She exited her vehicle and took her suitcases, four in all, and managed to juggle all of them. She locked her car door, shut the trunk, and made her way to the apartment front door. When she opened it, she was relieved when she found it unlocked.

It did not seemingly bother her that she would have to climb three flights of stairs to get to her apartment; she was always willing to get a little exercise. Besides, with her being the former bodybuilder she was, she did not find that the bags were heavy at all.

Once she finished climbing the stairs, she looked around for her apartment number, 307, and hers was at the very end of the hall. She got there and sighed in relief - she could sleep after such a long and tiring day.

Eva reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a silver key. She put it carefully into the doorknob and turned it, opening the door. She smiled weakly, something very rare for her to do, when she saw that her couch, coffee table, weight set, and bed were all on the floor waiting for her. She had called a moving company to put her stuff she could not fit in her own car ahead of time, gave them her apartment information and a spare key.

She pulled out her cell phone and set an alarm for six in the morning, and after that, she fell face first onto her mattress, not bothering to move it into the bedroom.

The old pickup truck stopped abruptly, startling Scott quite a bit. Duncan did not say a word when he got out of the car; he walked casually to the back of the truck and pulled out one of the bins. Scott did not get out of the car, but remained in his seat.

"Scott!" Duncan called in a loud whisper, clearly annoyed. "Get your dumb ass out here and help me!"

When he didn't respond, Duncan growled in frustration. He set down the bin and stormed over to the car. He opened the door and shot daggers at Scott.

"Are you fucking deaf?" the punk snarled. "What the hell's the matter with you?"

The ginger sighed and looked at Duncan with sorrow. "I didn't do it."

Duncan was lost. "What the hell are you blabbing about?"

"That kid," Scott said. "I didn't kill him."


Scott sighed and got out of the truck. "Well, I went to his house, ready to kill him, right? Well, I thought I was supposed to, but we already had that argument. Anyway, when I got there, he was already dead. All of that shit was done to him already."

"Wait, so you lied to me?" Duncan asked, raising an eyebrow.

He nodded.

Duncan grabbed Scott by the collar and threw him to the ground. He kicked Scott several times in the stomach, and then picked him up again. He shoved Scott's face onto the hood of the car and punched him in the back of the head. Then he turned Scott around and delivered a hard punch in the nose.

"Don't ever fucking lie to me again," Duncan barked. "Now help me with this bin!"

Even though it was three o'clock in the morning, the lights of a dilapidated chapel were still on. The sign outside read on three separate lines: "All Hail Our Lord the Ninth", "Put the Ninth First", and "Taco Tuesday Moved to Wednesday".

Inside, there were only two people seemingly present. One was standing in the front of the room, wearing a white robe with countless nines printed across the sleeves and back. He was tall, lean, and handsome with dark hair and green eyes. His expression was emotionless and somber.

The other was a scrawny individual with shaggy brown hair and grey eyes. He wore a blue toque, a white polo shirt with a nine symbol by the collar, khakis, and large brown boots. This was the same individual who ran into Eva upon her arrival.

"Have you retrieved the items I requested?" asked the first man, Trent Freeman.

"I have, Father Trent," replied the second, Ezekiel Winchester.

"Bring them to me."

Ezekiel approached Trent with a plastic bag. He dumped out the items in the bag onto the brown pedestal. One by one, they fell out: severed black fingers, a clump of teeth, an eyeball, severed black toes, a bloody knife, a clump of red hair, a picture of Zoey Alvis, another picture of Cameron Wilkins, and a cupcake with a nine painted in frosting.

"Excellent, my child," Trent proudly shouted, grinning widely. "Everything I asked for is here, all nine of them!"

He picked up the cupcake and chuckled. "Nine," he said before taking a bite. "How delicious."

"I hope you enjoy it, eh," Ezekiel said, smiling politely. "But I have a question."

"Ask anything," said Trent as he devoured his treat.

Ezekiel nervously tapped his fingers. "Why did that boy have to die?"

"For sacrificial reasons," Trent assured him.

"But he didn't have nine letters in his name," Ezekiel pointed out.

Trent shook his head. "No, but he did have fourteen."

He was lost.

"Fourteen minus nine is five," Trent explained. "He is the fourth sacrifice this month. Four plus five is...?"

"Nine," Ezekiel replied.

Trent smiled. "Do you understand now, Ezekiel?"

"I do, eh," Ezekiel said.

"But do you understand what needs to be done now?" asked Trent, who had now finished the cupcake. "What our next step is?"

Ezekiel shook his head.

"Kill a member of the WPPD who has nine letters in their name," Trent whispered. "And guess what? I'm going to kill them, but you get to pick who! I will give you the list, and you pick whomever your heart desires."

Trent handed him the list. For a few seconds, Ezekiel did not say anything. "Does it matter who, eh?"

"They just have to have nine letters in their first and last name," Trent pointed out. "But don't worry. I've already highlighted them."

Ezekiel swallowed. "What about this one, eh?"

"Let me see," Trent said, smiling creepily. He grabbed the list from Ezekiel and nodded in approval at the name Ezekiel had circled in pencil...

Eva Vargra.







End of Chapter Three.




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