"Where is she?"

Erik asked Charles as they climbed inside the backseat of the rental car. The man that was calling himself Logan sat up front, squished with Hank and the boy named Peter up front. Charles suspected this was because they wanted the two of them to maybe have a little time to talk one on one during the three hour ride to the plane they were meeting. Charles glanced over and saw Erik staring straight ahead. His eyes blank and exhausted. He knew he would ask, in fact ever since he was captured nearly ten years ago and she was taken from him he knew it would be an obsession until he found her again. For a brief time Charles felt that this was for the best. He knew what had happened to her, and the baby and was devastated, but he felt as soon as she escaped that this was finally her chance to leave and start over. Erik no longer closely watching her every move, trying to get her to become possessed by her power as he was with his. He knew she was his only true weakness, and that no death or torture could compare to what they did to her and their child.

Right away he felt Erik's stare on him before he turned and locked eyes with him. This was a man who had been a friend, brother, and now enemy. He hated that they needed him, and after everything that had happened he could stand being this close to him.

"She was captured, you know that."

"She's alive though, I can sense that much. Where is she? Has she been with you?"

"She's alive, and she had escaped...some time ago now. She was with me yes.'

Right away without even thinking Erik's hand lashed out grabbing Charles' arm tightly. Staring, he felt his grip tighten before he eyed up to the front seat where Logan was looking back at him in the rearview mirror. Sighing, he gently pulled his arm back away from his grip and smoothed out his sleeve.

"She's stayed with me for some time now in hiding, she comes and goes as she pleases. I don't own her, she isn't an object. Don't you remember that?"

Erik glared at him.

"Do you know where she is now?"

"Not exactly, but she should be returning soon. A few days at the most. I don't go into her business, she has her own life."

"You told me once you would look after her, protect her, watch out for her in case I couldn't..."


Charles screamed, causing Hank and Peter to glance back before Logan gripped the wheel and simply shook his head. Believing it was safer to stare ahead, both turned forward not saying a word. Logan reached and snapped the knob of the radio where some soft soul song began playing. Feeling his temples pound, and his blood pressure begin to rise Charles knew he had to get himself under control before he lost it. Erik simply stared before he looked forward.

"Was it a boy or girl?"

Charles turned.


"The baby, do I have a son or a daughter?"

Charles knew if he lost it now things wouldn't end well. He would have his moment later, he knew the key was to simply control himself and not lose sight on what had to be done. Still, he thought about how young they all were, how stupid he had been for letting Erik take her, how he simply stood back and watched everything happen.

"A boy...a son."

He said through clenched teeth. He hated Erik even more when he saw the utter look of joy and surprise glimmer across his blue eyes. For just a second it sickened Charles to see what could have been the reflection of tears in them. Instantly Erik looked speechless, laughing to himself he cupped his hand over his face before he stared straight ahead.

"I...have a son?"


That one word rang out loudly in the car. Charles would never admit it out loud but it brought him pleasure to see the faint color drain from his face, that instant look of shock and loss overtake his face. He knew hearing just that one word was a worse punishment than being buried beneath the ground like that for all this time.

Erik cleared his throat, stared down and began twisting his hands together.

"They...killed him?"

Charles looked over completely disgusted.

"Most likely, he was taken from her when he was born. She was held captive the entire rest of the pregnancy. She was able to escape just a few months later. She tried several times to go back and find him but they either killed him or took him someplace else classified. We drained our resources trying to find what became of him but it was useless. She hasn't given up looking, but the fact of the matter is...he's gone."

Erik gripped his hands against his thighs tightly. For just a brief second he heard the roof of the car begin to dimple in. He saw Peter glancing up at it up front and just like that Erik released his grip and the roof seemed to straighten back out.

Erik took a heavy breath.

"Where...did they take her?"

"Does it matter? It's over with. It was nearly ten years ago, he's gone."

Erik stared out the window at the passing highway.

"Do you know anything about him?"

Charles turned.

"Only that he was taken screaming and crying from her the second they tore him out of her. Besides that no."

"Was he like us?"

"Probably, why would they have a use for him?"

Erik sat there in silence for a good hour, there were plans on stopping soon to change before they reached the private airport. Charles kept glancing over, wishing to God he wouldn't end up causing her any more pain than he all ready had.