Suddenly Parents

Gilmore Girls

Rory & Logan

May 27, 2014

Summery- set season 6, Rory and Logan are living together, and Lorelai and Luke broke up when April showed up, so Lorelai and Christopher got together.

Rory- I was sitting on the sofa with my boyfriend when my mom called "sweetie I just wanted to let you know that your dad and I are going on a double date with Sookie and Jackson," I laughed at how excited my mom was "that is good have fun and don't do anything that Logan would do" I felt Logan throw a pillow at me "okay sweetie I love you" I stuck my tongue at Logan "Love you to mom and dad."

Later that night we were sitting on the sofa talking when there was a knock on the door Logan and I just looked at each other, I watched him walk to the door and then I saw the officers and I knew something bad had happened I just didn't know with who, they all looked at me so I got up and walked to the door "are you Rory Gilmore?" I looked at them "yes" they gave each other a look " we are sorry to tell you this but your parents were in a horrible car accident earlier this evening and none of them made it," I felt my body start to shake and my vision was starting to get blurry.

Next thing I knew I was sitting on the sofa while Logan rubbed my back, "ace say something?" I looked at him "my best friend is gone" he pulled me closer "where is Gigi, Davy and Martha?" he looked confused "who?" I looked at my boyfriend "my sister and my god son and my mom's god daughter," he got up and made some calls "they are at the baby sitters but tomorrow a lawyer is going to come and talk to you."

I woke up in Logan's arms and right now that is where I felt safe he looked at me and smiled " the lawyer will be here in an hour," we got up and got ready, once the lawyer showed up he pulled out some paper work, " so your dad made you the sole guardian of Georgia, and you get Davy since you're his god mother and they said if anything were too happened to your mother then you would get Martha," I looked at Logan " in order to get the children you would need to move into a bigger place."

Shortly after he left I turned to look at Logan "if you want you can leave I don't want you to feel tied down to me or to the kids," he looked at me and smiled "I want to be here for you I can't think of my future without you in it so I'm here for as long as you want me," I kissed him "I guess we got to look for a better place."

We have looked at ten different apartment and there was something wrong with each of them, we walked into a little brownstone "it is three blocks away from Yale and a twenty minute drive to the schools, we walked up the stairs and walked to the house, we turned to the right and saw the dining room with a connecting kitchen that lead to the back yard, we saw a little hallway and a door so we walked down the hallway and saw an empty room " the pool table would go great in here" Logan turned and looked at me with a big smile, we saw a sliding door and walked through it " this is a big living room" we saw that the living room had a built in bookshelf.


We walked up the spiral stairs and saw one room on the left and three on the right side, we went to the room on the left first, when we opened the door both of our jaws dropped, the walls were teal and the carpets were white, there was a French door that lead outside, and there was a walk in closet, we walked into the bathroom and saw a huge shower and then there was two sinks, we walked into the hallway.

We walked into the first room and it was dark purple with white carpets and two window, the bathroom and closet were a medium size but they were light purple, the other two rooms were the same but room was blue and the bathroom was red, the last room was hot pink with a light pink bathroom, we saw the realtor "we will take it" she handed us the keys.

We were in the car going to Stars Hollow 'it's so weird being here" he grabbed my hand " I'm here for you," we pulled up to the crap shake and looked around " it is so strange begin back here," we got the boxes and walked side " just get the pictures and mine and Gigi's things, I opened the closet and saw the ex-box," I sat on the floor and looked at them "Max, Luke, Dean and Jesse" I sat there staring at the box's when Logan walked in the closet " what are those?" I looked at him "well there ex-boyfriend boxes we put everything in them after a brake up so we can remember the good times."

We packed everything and went to Sookie and Jacksons' and got all of Davy and Martha's things and drove to our place and got everything together, "so after the funeral for Sookie and Jackson we get the kids" Logan looked at me and kissed me " I love you " later that night we were lying in bed, Sookie and Jackson's funeral was hard but not as hard as my dad Gigi took that one the hardest, the day of my mom's the whole town was there and I saw Luke and April Logan must have noticed them cause he held me tight.

The first night was very difficult for all of us but since Davy and Martha were both so young it wasn't hard for them to adjust but since Gigi was four it was a little more difficult, it had been two weeks since it happened and every time something happened I wanted to call my mom but as soon as I dialed the last number I realized where she was, Logan was being amazing he helps me so much with the kids Davy has taken a liking to him but Gigi is more distance towards him.

"So spring break is almost over and then we have to deal with Yale and rising three kids" he looked at me "we can do it ace remember you jump I jump Jack."