Suddenly Parents 19

April 15 2017

Final Goodbye

20 years later

My house is empty since all my kids are adults and living their own lives Logan and I are proud of the people they have become.

Logan and I moved to Stars Hallow and we both retired and enjoy spending the time with each other and with friends that we have made.

Gigi- graduated from Yale and is now a doctor and had two wonderful kids and is happily married to her high school sweetheart.

Davy- is a Harvard Graduate who joined the army and met a wonderful woman in Paris and lives in London with their dogs

Martha- is a Princeton Graduate who married a guy from Princeton and they have a son together and she is a stay at home mom.

Brooklynn- Brown graduate who is a fashion designer who lives in New York with her boyfriend who is wanting to have a family with

Lorelai- graduated Yale and is a flight attendant and lives in Las Vegas and is in a happy relationship with a pilot she has decided to not have kids.

Richard jr. also graduated from Yale and is now running his own law firm in Hartford with his wife and three kids.

All our kids turned out to be amazing people and we are happy for each of them and are proud of who they became and the choices they made and we adore their spouse and of course of grandkids.

The End

Authors note: when I first started writing I was living with my mom and now I'm ending this story and living with my boyfriend and our 19-month-old, I never thought this story would go this far I thought it would be a one short story but I always wondered what would Rory do without her mom always being around and this story helped me grieve over the lose of my own mother.

Thank you everyone who has read and reviews on this story I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing this. Happy Easter everyone