Hey so this is the third story I am positng that I am currently working on, so updates might be erratic. Please forgive me for any misinformation or errors in the story.

This will be an adventure/travel/romance story placed in the Peruvian Amazon. I have unfortunately never been to the Amazon, or Peru or anywhere near South America, if you have or are from there you will likely see my inaccuracies in the story. I have tried to gleen what I could via internet searches but this is never as good as the real thing so my apologies. I am also not a spanish speaker, I have used google translate so if my spanish sentences are inaccurate again forgive me.

I am truly enjoying writing this one, so please give me any feedback you have! I believe that is all other then the fact that this is SLASH (MALE MALE relationship), possibly a threesome so if this bothers you DONT read.

Ok enough of my yammering...here it is enjoy!

Prologue: Disappearing Act

Missing person (s): A missing person is a person who has disappeared and whose status as alive or dead cannot be confirmed as their location and fate is not known. ...

May 2, 1998 (Hogwarts, Scotland)

The dust of destroyed stones clogged the air, air filled with the sounds of battle, ground strewn with its victims. The shouting was likely overwhelming to most, but Harry didn't notice. No, the only thing that Harry could concentrate on was his own personal battle. A battle that would finally decide the end of a decade long war; a war for the Britain's fate, a war for the wizarding world, but most importantly a war for his own survival.

He and Voldmort circled each other calculatingly. Each looking for and trying to exhort each other's weaknesses. Each silently daring the other to make the first move. Harry claimed this small victory as Voldmort's impatient won out and he threw a violent hex tossed at Harry. One Harry responded to with a defensive shield. Curse after curse was exchanged, nothing less vicious then a severing hex from the former, nothing more violent than a Confundus by the second. Spell after spell, Harry leapt, dodged and dived, doing his best to avoid his likely death.

The rest of the battles had ceased, the fighters turning their attentions toward the duo. Voldmort bolstered by their increased audience gave up the game, sending the infamous green Aveda Kedavra hurling towards Harry, only to collide with Harry's own favored red Expelliarmus.

What happened next no one could expect. A blinding light burst across the two figures, a violent scream tore from Voldmort's lips, as his body began to disintegrate to ash. It was only when the last bit of ash fell to the ground that the onlookers looked to the conquer. Harry had done it, he had defeated one of the Darkest wizard's to ever exist. They had won!

They looked. And then looked again. A few rubbed their eyes in confusion. A sound of disbelief rose from the light sided ranks. Their hero had vanished.