Epilogue: five years later….

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end."
Ernest Hemingway

July 20, 2007

British Ministry of Magic

Minster Shacklebolt's office


Kingsley Shacklebolt shut his office door with a resounding click, praying that he would be allowed five minutes of peace.

Peace which he planned to use to enjoy his cup of tea and sort through the ever building pile of letters that were getting scarily close to causing an avalanche. One he did not fancy being on the bottom of.

He plucked a letter randomly from the teetering pile, hoping that for once it would be something other than complete rubbish from a concerned citizen who had zero responsibilities but more than their share of opinions.

What he read made him want to laugh; it wasn't even a letter from one of his own citizens for crying out loud! But one from a witch in Pakistan of all places.

Dear British Ministry of Magic,

I am writing you with very important information.

It is well known that your ministry is still looking for the where abouts of the boy you call Harry James Potter. I am writing you to tell you that I have recently spotted him! He was in the company of two of your better known citizens, a blond man who I believe was Draco Lucius Malfoy and a darker man who resembled the renowned herbologist, Blaise Zabini.

For a small fee I would be willing to divulge where and when I saw these individuals. Please write back at the address provided if you are interested.

All the best,

Sureiez Gerna Forbes

436 kenzi road

Askole, Pakistan

Kingsley snorted to himself in disbelief; really did people not even try to make their claims believable any more? He had been inundated with letters and statements claiming to have spotted the missing boy hero for the past decade; at first the Auror corps had put their best efforts into investigating these claims…but now…

Too much time had passed to believe the man could possibly be alive, and even more ludicrous was the statement that he would be found in the company of two ex-Slytherins of all things. Two Slytherins whom he had a nasty rapport with in school.

Honestly, people had too much time on their hands.

While it was true that both former Slytherins for the past five years (ever since their Amazon research trip in fact) had only worked for six months at the Minstery every year, using the remaining six to go off and explore together (hey, Kingsley was open minded… if those two wanted to maintain a covert relationship it wasn't any of his business) it was ludicrous to think that they had somehow discovered where Britain's missing hero was and were secretly leaving to spend time with him.

Much more believable was that they had simply developed a taste for adventure travelling and wanted to continue spending half of every year doing so.

Kingsley let out another snort of amusement before crumpling the letter and tossing in the rubbish bin. Some days he thought he was getting too old for this job. He promptly forgot about the letter as he left the office to go and talk to Finnegan about the muggle born/ pure blood symposium that was coming up.


Several thousand miles away, three triumphant men shared a passionate kiss on the summit of the infamous K2.

The END! (that's it folks...Thanks for reading!)