My Baby Girl

Rachel was walking to school. It was the beginning of her junior year. She was a new person since the day she met Brody last summer.

He was a wonderful guy he promised Rachel that he will help her get on Broadway at young age. He is her everything he was the one person that she didn't have to beg to love her.

She had to give Brody money every week so he can convince a Broadway director to get Rachel a role. Brody told her to lose weight and to change her look. She took his advice now she was on a diet and she had new clothing. She and Brody had been going out for while now. She was ready for Brody. She didn't want to be that prude little girl anymore.

She didn't need glee anymore because Brody was going to make sure that she has a role in some Broadway play. So she decided to quit glee. The glee club members try to talk her into coming back. But her decision was final she won't have people treating her like trash like last year.

This year the popular kids were nice to her like they liked the new her.

Rachel was done begging people to love her or to be her friend.

She heard someone call her name. She looked at the car next to hear. There was Quinn Fabray.

She didn't know which Quinn was worse the mean Quinn Fabray who bullied her everyday. Or this new Quinn who wanted to know everything she was doing. Who was always interposing in her personal life.

Quinn offered her a ride to school everyday since junior year. Many times she left her house early to avoid seeing Quinn on the road but that did not help her escape Quinn.

Quinn was always now interposing in her personal life. She was always there in the corner watching her.

Didn't Quinn remember that she stole her boyfriend. Why would Quinn think that she had the right to act like she was Rachel mother now.

Giving Shelby Beth was not enough for her. She didn't think Quinn regretted anything she had done to Rachel in the past but her new attitude didn't seem true

Quinn had commented to her many times that Brody was not good for her. She told her that she should be taking care of herself because she wasn't looking healthy.

Yes sometimes Rachel had come to school very tired and some days she didn't eat much so she didn't had energy.

Yesterday Quinn told her that she should put more attention into her studies because her grade wasn't as good as last year. What was Quinn her mother?

"Rachel got in the car" Quinn said stopping the car.

"No, I like walking" Rachel said.

"Rachel remember what I told you it's not safe for you to be walking alone on the street" Quinn said.

Rachel rolled her eyes "Quinn I have been walking to school for years and nothing bad has ever happen."

"Berry get in or I make you" Santana threatened her.

She thought now that she left the glee club she has escaped from the unholy trinity but it was worse now.

Rachel kept walking ignoring Santana's threat.

Out of nowhere she felt someone lifting her and putting her in the car.

This happen almost everyday on her way school expect days when Brody took her to school.

Rachel was grumbling many bad things under her breath.

Britt always lifted her up and put her in the car when she denied to get in the car.

Rachel and Britt were sitting in the back seat while Santana and Quinn sat in the front seat.

Rachel just sat with her armed crossed glaring at Quinn in the mirror.

"Rach don't be mad for taking care of you" Quinn said.

"Well I didn't ask you to, what the fuck you want from me" Rachel snarled at Quinn.

"Rach you can't stop me taking care of you and please don't curse" Quinn replied calmly.

Rachel just huffed

"Midget did you finally change your mind about coming back to glee" Santana said it was not the first time that Santana had asked her if she wanted to come back to glee.

Rachel thought it was strange of Santana to ask her to come back to glee. Santana probably wanted her to be in glee club so she can make her life more miserable.

Because of the many rejections she got last years she always was thinking the worst while they actually wanted to be nice to her.

"No I am not going back. I have others things on my mind" Rachel replied.

"Like what?" Quinn asked

"None of your business" Rachel said. Didn't Quinn understand that she can't be friend with her easily after many years of bullying

"Rachie we miss you in the glee" Britt said

"Well of course you guys would miss having someone to serve as a punching bag" Rachel said raising her voice

"Hey don't raise your voice at Britt" Santana exclaimed if it wasn't Rachel who did that she would had already dealt with the person

"Rachel I understand your anger but there is no need to to raise your voice we can talk calmly" Quinn said acting like a parent

"Sorry Britt I didn't mean to raise my voice" Rachel apologized whispering to Britt so Santana and Quinn couldn't hear her.

Quinn heard her apologizing to Britt. Quinn was glad that Rachel begin to do what she says.

"I forgive you Rachie" Britt replied pulling Rachel closer to her.

"Britt please stop calling me Rachie I am not a little kid" Rachel said

"No can do Rachie" Britt smirked at her

Rachel sighed. She saw Quinn was watching her in the mirror. She just glared at Quinn.

When they finally got to school Rachel immediately got out of the car and went into the school.

While she was in class Brody kept texting her. She had problem concentrating in class. It was difficult to give her attention to the teacher.

In the math class. Quinn decided to sit next to Rachel. When Rachel begin texting with her boyfriend again, Quinn took the phone out of her hand and put the phone on her table where was it impossible for Rachel to reach.

Quinn had enough of Rachel misbehaving. Yes misbehaving she saw Rachel as a child who need a parent.

Rachel was becoming a person she wasn't and Quinn going to do anything so the brunette can revert back to her old self.

She didn't like at all this new guy Rachel was dating.

She could stand Finn dating Rachel because he is just a jerk but Brody was worse he was a dangerous guy. He was a lot older than her.

"Quinn give me my phone" Rachel said

"I will give it to you after school but now pay attention in class" Quinn reprimanded Rachel.

Rachel saw that she couldn't do nothing about Quinn having her phone.

At lunch Rachel saw Quinn in the hallway and went up to her.

"Give me my phone Quinn" Rachel said

"Rachel, I already told you I will give it to you after school" said Quinn trying to leave but Rachel grab Quinn hand.

"Quinn please come one I need it for emergency" Rachel whined she couldn't get Quinn to give her the phone

"Like sexting with Brody on the phone. Rachel you aren't like that, this isn't you" Quinn replied

"Have you been reading my messages? Do you know the word privacy?" Rachel gritted to her teeth.

Yeah she was sexting with Brody. She had plan of giving Brody her virginity she didn't want to lose Brody because she couldn't give him enough. She needed him for her career.

Everyone was still getting used to the fact that Quinn didn't hated Rachel anymore. The girls noticed other students were watching them/

"Rachel come on let's talk somewhere private". Quinn took Rachel into the auditorium.

"Rachel what happen to you. You used to be someone who fight for her way no matter what people said you loved glee. Now you act just like a stupid cheerleader who only cares about their appearance and being perfect for their boyfriend. Don't you see that you are destroying yourself." Quinn scolded Rachel

"I am better like this I have a boyfriend who loves me and who doesn't act like a manchild and I stopped being slushied and the popular kids are much nicer to me"

"You stopped being slushied because I stopped it and I told them to be nice to you. Rachel stop changing yourself just to be accepted by people who don't have your best interest in mind. I am talking from experience that's who I was and see where that got me and Brody is not doing you any good." Quinn said

"Well you are wrong about Brody he makes me feel that I am actually important in this world not like you who used to treat me like trash" Rachel said and stormed out of the auditorium. Rachel could change many things about herself but her storm out stays with her.

Quinn went to find Britt and San. Her mind was still on Rachel she missed the old Rachel. Who never let anyone put her down. She even missed Rachel's horrendous fashion sense. The way Rachel dressed was not right she didn't seem to feel comfortable in her own clothes. She didn't want Rachel to end like her. She regretted everything she did in the past. she has learned to be better person now.

Her two best friends understand her need to protect and take care of Rachel. They agreed to accept Rachel as their friend. She knows that Britt and Rachel have a sort of friendship between them. They used to go to dance classes together. She knows that Britt tried to talk to Rachel out of being with Brody many times. But Rachel was someone very stubborn.

Glee was not the same without Rachel. Rachel had always something planned for each of them.

When Quinn finished her lunch she excused herself to the bathroom. This bathroom wasn't used by students. When she open the bathroom she heard someone was trying vomit. She looked under the door to see who it was. She saw Rachel with her hand in her throat. She busted the door open and pulled Rachel up.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Quinn angrily asked.

"It is not what it look like" Rachel said trying to make something up about what she was doing. She had to lose weight.

"Then what were you doing?" Quinn said holding Rachel by her wrist

"This your first time right?" Quinn asked

"Yes. let me go" Rachel said struggling

Quinn pushed Rachel into sink and bent Rachel's stomach over the sink. "I want you to learn a lesson from this"

"What are you doing" Rachel asked who was trying to get up from the sink

"I am going to spank so you'll learn to never to this again" The first swat came.

Rachel couldn't believe what Quinn was doing.

"Quinn let me go" Rachel said feeling the pain of Quinn's hand on her backside

What the hell was Quinn doing? thought Rachel.

"No you need to learn Rachel" Quinn said as she landed another swat.

Rachel was struggling, but Quinn kept spanking her.

Quinn was not thinking, she was mad. How can Rachel been doing this to herself? She knows that these action had cause death. She was not going to let Rachel destroy herself.

"Quinn it hurt please let me go" Rachel said with tears in her eyes, by the time Quinn got to the fifth swat

"No Rachel you need to see what you are doing is wrong!"

After the tenth swat Quinn let Rachel go.

Rachel was crying. Her backside hurt and tingled. She felt humiliated,

"Do you promise me not to do that again?" Quinn asked Rachel

"Yes please don't hurt me again" Rachel said not looking at Quinn. No one have ever spanked her before.

Quinn hugged Rachel she patted Rachel shoulder. "Rachel this was for your own good. I just want you to take care of yourself. I know this was hard for you."

San and Britt were outside of the door hearing Quinn spank Rachel.

They know about Quinn desire to take care of Rachel and discipline her.

Quinn mother was the one who introduce Quinn to age play. During summer Judy took care of her daughter like she was a 5 year old child.

Judy wanted that her daughter to stop living with anger in her heart and being bitter. Judy wanted to let her daughter trust in her again and she wanted to show her the love she never had.

Britt and San knew that their friend had participate in age play. They knew their friend desire to parent Rachel. They know how many times Quinn had to hold herself back from discipline Rachel.

After Beth Quinn wanted to be a mother but she couldn't with Beth because Beth was big responsibility and she was afraid of making mistake that could damage her child forever. She wasn't stable at the time she had Beth.

But now with Rachel she wanted to try because Rachel was the person who understand her and Rachel needed someone to understand her in return.

Britt and San decided to go into the bathroom.

When the door open Rachel pushed Quinn away from her.

She looked at the two cheerleaders. She didn't know what that Santana and Brittany knew about what just happened.

Britt was looking at Rachel with concern on her face while San raised an eyebrow at Quinn.

Quinn eyes were only on Rachel. Rachel needed to get out of there. She needed to think.

Quinn just spank her, her former enemy treated her like a child.

But after the spanking Quinn comforted her telling her it was okay and she believes Quinn words.

Rachel walked past Britt and San to get out of the bathroom.

Quinn wanted to go after Rachel but the brunette cheerleader stopped her. "Give her some time to think" said Santana

"I'll go talk to her" Britt said going after Rachel

"I messed up San I messed up I saw her throwing up I didn't think I just spank her"

"Well she needed it she been acting out for a while. Do you how many times she skip school? She is acting out."

"But I needed to talk to her about this punishment I needed to let her know why I was doing this because I want her to be better than this. I can't just use age play on her" Quinn said regretting what she has done

"Quinn she needs it. She is a mess right now she needs someone to help her, discipline her to get back on her feet. Her father don't care about her" The cheerleader said to Quinn she wanted Quinn to get her wish with Rachel

"Well I hope she doesn't hate me more than she already did." Quinn sighed

"She doesn't hate you Quinn"The brunette said

Meanwhile Britt found Rachel outside by the bleachers.

"Hey Rach are you okay" Britt asked

"How can I be if Quinn just..."Rachel stopped talking she didn't want Britt to know what Quinn did.

"She spanked you right?" Britt asked

"Is this she normal? She can't to do that to people" Rachel said crossing her arm. She was surprised how normal Britt reacted to Quinn's behavior.

"No but Rachel understand her she cares for you, none of us like the way you're handling things" Brit said.

"Well she is not my parent and not even my parents has ever dared to spank me" Rachel said who's attention had gone to the motorcycle that stopped in a parking place. It was Brody.

"Well maybe that what you need to be the Rachel that I know and that I am friend with" Britt said she was mad at Rachel for being someone she is not.

Rachel was not going to dance class with her anymore because Brody told her that kind of dancing would get Rachel nowhere. Rachel agreed with everything Brody said.

She didn't care so much about Britt anymore. Who was like her only friend in glee.

"You know what I'll go talk to someone who understand me"Rachel said leaving Britt to go talk to Brody

Brody was mad at her for not answering her phone.

She told him about Quinn taking her phone she didn't mentioned the spanking she was too embarrassed to talk about it.

Brody knew about Quinn. Rachel was always complaining about how Quinn is always criticizing her for being with him. Or how she was acting like she was Rachel mother.

Brody felt that he needed to do something so Quinn would leave his girlfriend alone. He had Rachel under his power. He wasn't planning on helping Rachel make it on Broadway. He had other plan for her.

Rachel was the perfect victim for him she didn't have any supervision he could do with her what he wanted. He plans to film her having sex then uploading it for others to buy.

Quinn was felt a sort of satisfaction in herself for spanking Rachel but She was more worried about Rachel.

She knows Rachel has lost weight but couldn't imagine Rachel going so far to lose weight

She knows she had to talk to Rachel

When she got in class she saw Rachel coming late as always these days.

She saw how carefully Rachel sat in the chair. It was clearly that Rachel's backside still hurt.

Santana was laughing at what she was seeing causing Rachel to glare at Quinn.

Quinn just pointed at the teacher so Rachel would pay attention to the teacher.

When the school ended Rachel got outside to wait for Brody. She didn't want to face Quinn again so she left Quinn with her phone.

When she got out of the school she met up with Brody.

I got a surprise for you" Brody said to Rachel

"What is it" Rachel said

"You don't need to worry about Quinn anymore." Brody said

Rachel stopped walking and look at Brody "What did you do?" She was starting to worry.

"Check her car out" Brody smirked

Rachel looked at the car of Quinn. The words Cheater Teenage Mother were spray painted on it. Rachel run to Quinn car. She could not believe what Brody did. She never wished Quinn any pain.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Rachel asked more student were coming to the parking lot.

"Rachel come on let's go the bitch deserve it" Brody didn't wanted any trouble with the students

Rachel saw the unholy trinity walking out of the school. Here comes trouble Rachel thought.

She didn't know what do. She got in front of the car to hide the damage.

"Rachel I am leaving now with you or not" Brody said from his motorcycle. Rachel did not say anything. Brody drove away

"Berry what are you doing here?" Santana asked

She just looked at Quinn who notice something was wrong

"I am here for my phone" Rachel said standing with her arms spread around the car so Quinn could not see the words.

"Rachel I will give you your phone when you tell me what is happening here" Quinn said trying to look what Rachel was hiding behind the car.

Rachel sighed there was no way she could hide what Brody has done. She move to the front of the car to let the three cheerleader see the damage.

She saw the sadness in Quinn eyes "I can look for a way to clean this mess give me a day and tomorrow your car will be good as new" Rachel said trying to comfort Quinn

"Who did this?" Santana said beginning to get violent

Rachel didn't answer Santana

"It was Brody wasn't it" Britt asked

By the look on Rachel's face the three cheerleaders knew the answer.

"Who idea was this Brody or you" Quinn asked in a calm voice.

"Brody, he thought he was doing something for me, but you know Quinn I never want to hurt you" Rachel confessed

'Where is he now?" Santana gritted to her teeth

"He left" Rachel said

"Santana let's go" Quinn said opening the door to get in the car

"Wait are you going to drive with this car like this"

"Yes I am not ashamed about my past. I did some horrible things in the past but now I am working to be better person by accepting my past and make things better this time" Quinn said closing the door of the car. Rachel knew that Quinn was clearly hurt by this.

She wanted to kill Brody for doing this

"Tell your boyfriend to prepare himself because I am going to go all Lima heights on him" Santana said she was angry for someone doing this especially to her friend.

"Quinn I am really sorry" Rachel apologized

"But yet you are still with him" Quinn laughed coldly and drove away.

Rachel couldn't believe how brave Quinn was to drive in that car. She saw the students reacting to the words on the car.

She didn't want to see Brody after what he had done.

She was mad at herself, it was her fault that Brody did something like that.

Even the old Quinn would not do something like that to anyone.

She knows Quinn is better person now.

She liked this new Quinn Fabray, she is having hard admitting it tho.

She always trying to look for imperfections in this new Quinn.

She almost forgot how Quinn spanked her like a child in the bathroom.

She know she has gone to the extreme when she has gone into the bathroom to throw up.

It was her first time she understand that Quinn had the right to be angry at her but she shouldn't have spanked her.

In the afternoon Rachel was doing her homework to avoid think about Quinn. She didn't have her cellphone Quinn still had it.

She still felt guilty about Quinn. She had then the perfect idea, she was going to make cookies for Quinn as apology even if that wouldn't repayment for the damage that Brody did to Quinn car.

When was done with the cookies it took her a lot of time to finally had the courage to go to the Fabray's house.

Quinn was at her house with her mother trying to be brave about what happen today. She didn't want her mother to pity her. San and Britt helped distract her mind from what happened today.

She always felt a little sad about mentioning her past.

She told her mother what she did with Rachel. Her mother told her that she had to talk to Rachel about this.

She knew that if she want to do age play with Rachel she has to talk to her so Rachel can accept her as her mommy.

She doesn't know how will Rachel react to Quinn wanting to discipline her and be her guardian.

Because of the age play with her mother she has learned how to let her walls down. She has learned how to treat the people around her with respect that they deserve.

Her mother has spanked her many times when she misbehave and her mother show here the way.

She heard the bell ring. Her mother went to see who was at the door. There was a storm outside.

"Child are you okay" She heard her mother ask

"Yes I just came here to see Quinn"

Quinn recognize the voice it was Rachel Berry. Her voice sounded hoarse.

She got up to see. Rachel standing there with cookies in her hand while her clothes and hair were wet from the rain.

"Rachel what are you doing here how many times have I said it is dangerous to walk by yourself and in the rain it much worse you can get cold do you know that? Why didn't you come with a coat?" Quinn asked

Judy knew this kid was Rachel Berry that was the only explanation for her daughter's behavior towards this kid.

Rachel open and closed her mouth again and again till she got her voice "I baked this apologies cookies for you" Rachel was shaking from cold

"Mom can you prepare some soup while I take care of Rachel?" Quinn said and took the cookie out of Rachel hand.

While her mother nodded and went into the kitchen.

Quinn reached for Rachel. Rachel steps back "Are you going to spank me again"

"No, Rachel I am going to take your clothes, I am not going to spank you again unless you agree to it." Quinn said while Rachel back away again from her.

"Quinn I just came to give the cookies there is no need to worry about me. I am going back home" Rachel said trying to escape but she couldn't because she was against a wall and Quinn blocked her exit.

"Rachel I am not going to let you catch a cold. So let's get your clothes off and give you warm bath and you will be staying here tonight" Quinn said holding Rachel hand and pulling her upstairs.

Rachel went with Quinn upstairs she didn't protest because she wanted to get out of these clothes.

When they got upstairs Quinn took Rachel into her room.

A year ago Rachel would have never imagined that Quinn was worried about her and wanting to take care of her.

She thought after the Beth drama and her telling Finn about Quinn being with Puck, Quinn would hate her more.

She was so in her thought that she didn't realize Quinn was taking off her sweater. She took Quinn hands off of her sweater.

"Quinn I can take my sweater off myself. I would like some privacy" Rachel said

"Rachel can you stop with the attitude and let me help you" Quinn said getting irritated with Rachel attitude.

"Or what are you going to spank me again"

"If you agree to it on your own that you deserve it after you walked here alone in the rain without a coat then I will gladly spank you after I get you out of these clothes" Quinn answer Rachel question

Rachel let Quinn take her clothes off she was suffering from the cold.

After she was only in her bra and panties. Quinn said "Let's get you into the bathroom so you can have a warm shower."

Rachel was shaking while walking into the bathroom. Quinn gave Rachel a bathrobe to stop her from shaking from the cold.

Quinn let warm water run in the bathtub while Rachel stayed quiet letting Quinn do her work.

"You can go in now" Quinn said sitting on edge of the shower.

"I want some privacy first" Rachel said not wanting Quinn to see her naked

Quinn sighed and left the bathroom.

15 minutes later Quinn came with some clothes." I found some clothes that will fit you" Quinn put it on the sink

"Thank you" Rachel murmured while enjoying her warm bath. She didn't want Quinn to think they were good.

Quinn was surprised by Rachel but she smiled and replied "My pleasure" then left the bathroom again.

Quinn knew she has done something wrong. She picked some childish clothes and a training panties for Rachel to wear. She knew she was having Rachel participate in age play without Rachel knowing. But that was the only opportunity she had.

She don't if Rachel would ever accept age play and especially Quinn being her guardian.

She was walking downstairs when she heard Rachel scream "Quinn Fabray"

She couldn't ignore Rachel. She went back to the bathroom. She stayed by the door "What Rachel?" She asked

"These clothes are hideous" Rachel answered

"Well these are the only clothes I found that could fit. You have no other choice Rachel" Quinn lied

"Well I am not going to get out till you give me other clothes" Rachel said

"Okay" Quinn response. Quinn went downstairs and into the kitchen

"I prepared soup for her" Her mother said

"I hope she doesn't get a cold. I can not understand how why she walk in the storm without a coat to here" Quinn said to her mother

"Well she did it for you. She came her to apologize" Her mother replied

"Well if she did all of that for me why does she keep acting defensively towards me"

"Give her some time Quinnie she will come around" Judy comforted her a daughter

"I hope so"

5 minutes later they hear Rachel come down dressed in a overall with a shirt of lion king.

Rachel was avoiding eye contact with Quinn and her mother. She was dressed like a child she didn't know if that was Quinn revenge for the damage that Brody has done.

Judy looked at her daughter for an explanation why Rachel was dress liked that. Quinn just shrugged

"Rachel come here I have soup prepare for you" Judy said

Rachel was sneezing.

Quinn got up from counter and walked to Rachel. She put her hand on Rachel's forehead.

"Your body is heating up" Quinn said

"No I am not sick" Rachel protested

"Oh sweetie it is okay Quinn go with her upstairs. I'll come with soup in a bit upstairs"

Quinn nodded."But I am okay" Rachel said then began sneezing again

"Don't be stubborn Rachel you clearly are sick let get you upstairs to get some rest.

Quinn took Rachel upstairs to her room. Rachel got to Quinn's bed. Why does these things happen to her Rachel thought.

She has a cold and now she was in Quinn's room and was laying on Quinn's bed.

She began to feel Quinn put a sheet on her so she could feel more warm.

A hour later Rachel woke up she felt a little wet on her thighs. This is not supposed to be happen again. She open her eyes and saw Quinn sitting next to her with a bowl of soup.

"I am sorry Quinn I promise I will clean your probably thinking the worst of me. I can not believe.."

Quinn cut Rachel before she began rambling "Rachel take a deep breath and tell me what are you talking about"

"I wet the bed again" Rachel said with tears in her eyes

"Rachel calm down ,you didn't wet the bed. I accidentally spilled some water on you when you were sleeping" Quinn said wiping Rachel tears off.

Rachel face went red after Quinn explained what happen.

"Oh" was Rachel only response

"Hey you don't need to be embarrassed" Quinn said putting the bowl of soup on the table and hugged Rachel

"I just told my enemy that I am bed wetter how do you want me to feel" Rachel said with a hoarse voice she was feeling a little better after the nap.

"Hey I am not your enemy and I wet the bed when I was pregnant so don't be embarrassed you are not the only teenager who is a bed wetter"

"Please don't tell this to anyone" Rachel begged

"Of course I will not it will be our secret" Quinn said letting Rachel lean to her while she was still hugging her.

Rachel nodded

"Now sit up. Let's get you some soup" Quinn said taking the bowl of soup

"I don't want to eat I am not hungry" Rachel said

"Rachel the soup will make you feel better" Quinn said and took spoon with soup and like an airplane she bring the spoon to Rachel lip

"Quinn I certainly not going to let you feed..."

Quinn cut Rachel off and shove the spoon in Rachel mouth.

Then took the spoon out "See the soup is delicious"

"Can I feed myself" Rachel asked who's head was leaning into Quinn shoulder

"No you are sick" Quinn said and took another spoon with soup and did the airplane thing which Rachel open her mouth to take the spoon with soup.

Quinn was surprised with Rachel action

"I am only doing this because I am sick" Rachel said but deep down she wanted someone to take care of her.

She liked what Quinn was doing even if she treating her like a child.

That what she was fighting for all these years, someone to take care of her.

But all she got was rejection from her mother and her dads.

Last year the only real friend she had was Britt nobody else could stand her.

But this year she was done with rejection. She change she was not going to let people walk all over her.

Quinn kept feeding her till the soup was gone. Did she mention Quinn put a bib around around her neck so she wouldn't mess her clothes.

She didn't have much energy so she let Quinn do what she wanted.

"You know you are much sweeter and well behaved when you are sick" Quinn said acting like she was the mommy.

Rachel just fake laughed

"Are your fathers in town?" Quinn wanted to know if she should call to one of Rachel dads to know that Rachel is there

"No, I don't think I will see them till next year" Rachel said sadly

Quinn nodded and held Rachel tighter.

"Do you want to watch a movie with me?" Quinn said

"Yes" Rachel sighed still a little tired

Quinn took the remote control of the tv in her room and put Spongebob movie to play.

"Are you serious?" Rachel asked when she saw Quinn put a cartoon movie for them to watch.

"Stop being so cranky and watch the movie"

It was clearly that Rachel was going to stay with the Fabrays. She wanted to stay she didn't like being alone at home and Brody was out of her thoughts.

"Hey Quinn"

"Yes Rachel"

"Can I stay here tonight?"

"Of course you can." Quinn confirmed

"Where will I sleep?" Rachel asked

"In my bed"

"Quinn you know about my problem I don't want to take the risk of wetting your bed" Rachel was still embarrassed by the situation

"You don't have to worry about that I have a solution" Quinn replied

"What is it?" Rachel asked in confusion

Quinn got up and walked to her closet and took a plastic bag out of it.

When Rachel saw what Quinn had in her hand "I am not going to wear that you are definitely crazy"

"Rachel it is not big deal I wore them while I was pregnant" Quinn said she knows that she was testing Rachel boundaries to see if she had a chance with Rachel being her baby

"For me is a big deal I am not a baby" Rachel said and crossed her arm

"Look Rachel you have two possibility sleeping without a diaper and have the chance that we wake up in the middle of the night in a wet bed or you have choice to sleep with protection so that if you wet the diaper you can just change out of it"

Rachel stayed thinking and then said "If I wear it will you tell other people?"

"Of course not remember what I told you it is our secret" Quinn said putting the diaper on the bed

"It's embarrassing enough that I am a bed wetter"

"Look Rachel I don't think any less of you knowing you are bed wetter and you are not the only one so stop feeling embarrassed. I went through it too and I am not embarrassed to admitting that I wore diaper while I was pregnant."

"Okay I'll wear but promise me you never mention it again" Rachel replied

"I promise"

"I'll trust in you" Rachel said knowing that this Quinn she could trust

"Lay still so I can put it on you" Quinn said

"What I can put it myself" Rachel said trying to get up but Quinn push her down

"Rachel trust in me" Quinn said and begin to take the overall of Rachel.

Rachel laid still not looking at Quinn feeling embarrassed. Quinn took the childish plastic panties off and put the diaper on her.

Quinn saw her naked. She felt weird and embarrassed by the situation.

The diaper was thick. She felt weird with the bulge between her legs.

Rachel closed her eyes not wanting to make eye contact with Quinn.

"Rachel look at me" Quinn ordered Rachel and Rachel look at Quinn

Quinn her a genuine smile and said "I still see you the same way"

Rachel nodded. Quinn took a footy pajamas out of her closet.

"I am starting to think you don't see me as a teenager but as a kid or worse a baby" Rachel said when she saw Quinn with a footy pajamas.

"Well what's wrong of me seeing you as a kid or a baby?" Quinn asked with a smile

Rachel didn't know if that was a joke or not.

"Let's get you in the pajamas. Do you mind standing up for me to put on these clothes?"

"You are enjoying my situation" Rachel said getting up and sitting on the bed while Quinn got Rachel feet in the pajamas. Rachel had to stand up so Quinn could put the pajamas fully on her.

"Well I am enjoying seeing you letting me take care of you and having less attitude but I don't like to see you sick"

Rachel and Quinn got back in bed and watched spongebob.

Eventually Rachel went to sleep. Rachel pulled Quinn's arm around her while sleeping.

Rachel enjoyed Quinn comfort. She felt safe the first time a year that she didn't felt alone.

Judy came upstairs later that night to see how it was going with her daughter and Rachel

"I came to see how is it going with you and the baby girl" Judy whispered to Quinn who had her arm around Rachel who was sleeping

"I think I still have chance for her, to be my baby" Quinn said to her mother

"I see you began treating her as one already with the clothes"

"Yeah she looked cute in them"

Judy saw the plastic bag of diapers "Is she wearing a diaper?" Her mother asked not believing that Quinn has gotten so far with Rachel

"She is bed wetter she is still not comfortable with the idea of wearing diaper but she didn't complain about her pajamas I think she likes them"

"Talk to her about what you want so you definitely know that she is okay with this"

"I'll talk to her soon" Quinn whispered not wanting to wake a snoring Rachel up.

"Good night" Judy said and kissed Quinn forehead.

"Good night mom"