Rachel thought that through the time the voice will disappeared through her head. She had two people that love and that care for her at home. She got a new home she wasn't alone anymore. Now she got someone holding her to sleep.

But still their was voices in her head saying her she was not enough and reminding her of the insult thrown at her. She was holding these thoughts to herself. It was up to herself to deal with this her own enemy in her head.

She was now at the table with Nana, mommy and Satan. She was treated right know as a grown up at the table right know but it wasn't going any good right know. Since she felt stressed and with Santana at the table wasn't helping her relax at all.

"Berry didn't you hear me, I said Quinn got a solo for sectionals "Santana said across the table

She looked up at Quinn who was had a shy smile on her face.

"Why didn't you tell me "She asked at her girl

"It was no big deal, can we change the subject "

"Quinnie, it is a big deal. I am going to see my daughter shining out the on the stage.I think we should celebrate this"Judy said who was sitting on the table with them too

"Mom, I am already a little nervous about this okay "

"Don't need to be, I already know you will succeed "Judy asked at the blonde

"Yes Q, your mother is right. I am sure you will do this right think like it is a cheerio competition where you always slay, berry isn't it right " Santana said looking at Rachel with curious eyes

She glanced at Santana. The girl was testing her these days since she became her friend girlfriend it was sometimes like she was waiting for her to messed up.

"If you train at the best then, I am sure you will do the best "Rachel said simply not looking at Quinn

"What are you saying that she is not good enough now "Santana said

"Santana can you stopping putting words in Rachel's mouth, stop looking for trouble where there is none "Quinn snapped at the girl, she had many things right know on her mind.

She knows was Santana was doing she was testing the girl if Rachel was thinking she was enough for this sol.

She testing if Rachel still thought she was better of anybody.

"I am not putting words in her mouth, I am just want to make clear what is her opinion of her girlfriend having a solo the sectional. "

"I think Quinn is well good enough for a solo. I heard you and Sam sing you two sound amazing.I have no doubt that you will win at the sectionals "Rachel said quietly she knows what Santana was getting she was not stupid

"Thanks Rach "

"And as a captain I expected you to win "

Quinn she was getting annoyed she felt like she was falling in the hole again where they were expecting her at her best. She knew herself she was not so good. She wasn't a superwoman that could do everything perfect.

"Are you okay Quinnie "Judy asked her daughter seeing she was sitting looking a little annoyed.

"Yes. I am just a little tired "She said give her mom a forced smile and her mother knew something was bothering. She decided to talk her later.

"So Santana how is it going at home. I haven't seen tour mother for a while now"

Rachel stay quiet while she stayed fighting herself for jealousy because at the same time she was happy her girlfriend got a choice to perform. It was good to see other people bright and this was Quinn chance.

For Quinn she was gladly okay that Santana had gone to another subject. Santana can be a little overprotective of her. Especially after the pregnancy and the whole thing she sometimes was becoming overprotective.

She looked at Rachel who would not look at her and had her mind in her own world.

"Baby girl you are not eating anything, do you want a baba "Quinn asked at the brunette who face went a little red.

Since she still find it a little embarrassed to be asking these question in front of Santana "

"No, It is good "

"Okay then but Mommy doesn't want to see any leftovers okay baby girl "

Rachel looked up to her mommy when she felt her hand by touched by Quinn's hand

"Yes, mommy I understand "Rachel said as she saw her mommy wanted her attention

Rachel forced herself to eat till in her plates was nothing left. She didn't want to get any punishment today and in front of Santana it will be a lot worst.

After dinner Santana finally had to go and Rachel was very happy about it. She finally had her mommy to herself

"Is my baby girl happy "Quinn asked holding the girl in her lap

"Of course, I am you finally got a solo "Rachel said

"Tiny, I am not going to be mad if you tell me you are a little jealous "

"I wish people were happy like that when I got solo " Rachel pouted

"Oh tiny, I was happy when you got a solo but is just I was afraid to say it out loud. It's just that sometimes other people did wanted to have solo too, it is not always good for always only person to have the spotlight"

"I bad person "Rachel pouted as she got into her baby talks again

"No you are not you are my cutest baby girl who I want spend my whole lifetime with baby girl "Quinn said holding Rachel closer

"I love mommy too "

"You know why mommy is here is to love you and take care of you and again baby girl if you do something wrong mommy is her to discipline so don't stop worrying okay about being bad "Quinn said as she hold her baby closer

Rachel nodded

"Mommy I bathroom "

"Tiny, you still not old enough use your diaper mommy will change you "

Rachel looked at her mommy and crossed her arm as humped "I getting old I want to be grown "

"Tiny be patient "

"Mommy, I want to go on date with mommy "

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