Pokemon: Rise of The Shield

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Chapter 3: Shield's Beginnings Part 2


Ash couldn't believe how this day was going. What with Pidegot, the betrayal, Dawn, Paul and now Ritchie, Ash was wondering just what was gonna happen next. 'What's next? Cynthia appearing in the same center offering to train me? Arceus revealing that there are lengendary pokemon that want to join my team as well as my friends team? Ok Ash, pull yourself together, that will never happen.' He pushed those thoughts aside for the moment to greet his old friend and rival.

"It's so great to see you Ritchie. I haven't seen you since that whole Lugia fiasco over in Johto. I thought I'd be seeing you compete in the Johto League, but you weren't there." Ash said

"It has been way too long Ash. It's so great to see you and you as well Pikachu."


"As to why I didn't compete in the Johto League, it was because I didn't get all 8 badges in time. The last gym leader, Clair, was really difficult to beat. It took me several tries before I managed to beat her, but by then, I was already too late to enter. So I went back home, sat back and watched you perform and participated in the next Johto League." Ritchie explained

Dawn and Paul were listening and were wondering just who Ritchie was and how he knew Ash. Serena, however, knew exactly was what happening. 'So this must be the Ritchie that Ash lost to back in the Indigo League. I wonder if he's harboring some sort of bitterness with him. He doesn't appear so. I'll have to ask Ash more about this when we're alone.' Serena thought.

Ash then realized that a certain someone was missing. "Hey Ritchie, where's Sparky?"

"Oh he's right here." Ritchie said as out from behind him came a Raichu

"Sparky evolved?!"

"Yeah, just last year actually. It was something we'd been talking about and Sparky felt ready to do so. The only downside is that it's harder to walk with him on my shoulder, so he usually just walks beside me now." Ritchie said

Finally, Dawn spoke. "Uh Ash, who is this?"

Ash realized that Ritchie and he weren't the only there and scratched the back of his head embarrassment. "Uh..sorry guys. This is Ritchie, an old friend of mine I met back in the Indigo League. Ritchie, this is Dawn, one of my closest friends." Ash said pointing at Dawn who smiled and waved at Ritchie. "Paul my rival during my Sinnoh journey." Paul nodded his head and grunted. "And finally Serena, one of my travelling companions during my Kalos Journey and she's also my girlfriend." Ash said

"It's a pleasure to meet you all." Ritchie said, then turning his attention back to Ash. "You know Ash, I always though that you and Misty would end up as a couple, Oh, by the way, how's Brock doing?" As soon as Ritchie said that, Ash instantly went into a depressed stage, one that Serena was very familiar with. Ritchie and Paul both became confused as to what happened.

"Ash, what's wrong?" Ritchie asked

"I don't want to talk about Misty or Brock right now. If you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go get some dinner." Ash said as he and Pikachu went into the center's cafeteria.

Paul asked "What's up with him?" he said to Dawn and Serena. "You'll have to get him to tell you cause it's not our story to tell, Paul." Dawn said. "But something did happen to him to get him into that state though?" Ritchie asked. Both Serena and Dawn nodded as the four, along with Sparky, made their way to the cafeteria.

After getting their food, they found Ash and Pikachu at a table by themselves with Ash eating his food at a very slow pace which, given how much Ash loves his food, is out of character and that confirmed to Ritchie and Paul that something was indeed wrong. The group went to the table Ash was at and Ritchie was first to speak.

"Ash, will you please tell me what's wrong?" he asked concerned for his friend.

"I told you Ritchie, I don't want to talk about it right now." Ash said emotionless.

"Oh come on Ash." Dawn said. "I hate to sound like a certain purple haired girl from Unova, but stop acting like a little kid. It's not good to keep it inside of you like that. Now tell Paul and Ritchie about what happened earlier today."

Ash remained silent, which naturally pissed off Paul

"Come on Ketchum, am I going to have to kick the crap out of you in order to get you to tell us what's wrong?" Paul said as he was about ready to kick Ash's ass.

"I'll tell you guys what happened when i'm ready. So go ahead and do what you want to me Paul, but nobody, not even Cynthia and her Garchomp will make me tell anyone about what happened until then." Ash said, not knowing who was right behind him now.

"Oh really, well maybe we should just test that, Ash." said a voice from behind Ash. Ash turned to see a face he had seen many of times during his Sinnoh journey and briefly stayed at her summer cottage for the Junior World Cup Tournament in Unova.

"Cynthia?" Ash, Dawn and Paul said. 'Ok, that's just a coincidence.' Ash thought as he remembered his previous thoughts when he bumped into Ritchie.

"Hello Dawn, it's nice to see you once again." "It's nice to see you too Cynthia." Dawn said. Cynthia turned to Paul. "Paul, I heard you won the Silver Conference and even managed to defeat all of Lance's elites. Very impressive." "Thank you Cynthia." Paul said. She then turned her attention to Ash. "Ash, I was going to congratulate you for making to the finals of the Kalos league, but given what i've just heard and how you're acting, it seems the Kalos league is the furthest thing from your mind right now. So Ash, am I gonna have to bring out Garchomp or are you going to tell me and your friends what wrong with you?" Cynthia asked Ash.

"Go ahead, I have my Charizard with me, who's been training amomg the strongest Charizards in the world over in the Charisific Valley in Johto and believe me when I say that he'll give your Garchomp a run for it's money. Besides, give me one reason as to why I should tell you?" Ash asked, irritated that no one was giving him some privacy.

"Well, besides the fact that I consider you a friend and I'm concerned about you, I have a message from Lance." Cynthia replied

"Wait, what? What does Lance want with me?" Ash asked

"I'm not telling you until you tell me what's wrong with you." Cynthia responded.

Ash sighed not seeing any other way, he wasn't really ready to tell others about the betrayal, but he was really curious about what Lance wanted with him. Ash took a deep breath. "Alright Cynthia, but take a seat, cause this is a long story. Oh by the way, this is Ritchie, one of my old friends and Serena, my girlfriend." he said as he introduced Cynthia to the two. Before Cynthia could sit down, she heard someone call out to her. She turned to see someone coming towards her and the group. He was wearing a hat similar to the one Ash was wearing, a black t-shirt with a dark red vest on, blue pants and red and black trainers. Cynthia waved at him to come to the table. When he was close enough, the others noticed his red eyes and that he was almost as tall as Cynthia, but not quite.(A/N For those wondering. Ash and Serena are in their Kalos outfits. Cynthia's in her Unova outfit. Paul and Dawn are in their Sinnoh outfits and Ritchie's in the same outfit he wore in Kanto/Johto.)

"Hey Cyn, here's your pokeballs. Nurse Joy said they're all in perfect health."

"Thank you. Oh, everyone this is one of my oldest childhood friends: Mike Shamrock. Mike, this is Ash, Serena, Dawn, Paul and Ritchie." she said as she introduced them to him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all. Cyn has told me a lot about the three of you." Mike said while pointing towards Ash, Dawn and Paul. Paul then realized something. "Hey, are you the same Mike Shamrock that won the Sinnoh League earlier this year? The same person that Sinnoh Now dubbed 'The Sandman'?" "Yes that's me, though i'm a little embarrassed about the nickname. I managed to defeat the Sinnoh elite 4 and even gave Cyn here a run for her money." Dawn then asked "Why do you keep calling Cynthia Cyn?" "Just my nickname for her." Mike responded.

"Can I please start my story?" Ash asked, not meaning to be rude, but was tired of everyone getting off track.

"Sure Ash. Mike, sit down. I think we'll be here for a while." Cynthia said. As Mike sat down he whispered to Cynthia "So I take it you haven't told him yet?" "Not until he tells me what's wrong with him, then i'll tell him." Ash once again took a deep breath and started his story.

"I guess i'll start from when I got back to Kanto. You see, Serena and I had just arrived in Pallet Town the day before. We hadn't really decided on what to do now that our Kalos journey was over, so we were planning on spending a few days in Pallet while we made our decision. As Serena, my mom and I were on our way to Prof. Oak's pokemon lab for a lunch he invited us to, my gut was telling me that something bad was going to happen. I wasn't sure what it was and I just put it to the side as we arrived at the lab, but a little bit later, I got my answer." Ash said as tears started to form is his eyes.

'PikaPi' Pikachu said as he rubbed his cheek against Ash's in order to help comfort Ash.

"Thanks, buddy. Anyway, as we were eating lunch, all of a sudden, I saw my arch rival from Unova, Trip." "Is this the same Trip that won the Junior World Cup?" Cynthia asked. "Yes, it is. He said he came to say something to me, but before he did, he brought out all of my old travelling companions like Brock, Misty, Iris, Cilan and Dawn here. He also brought out a few of my old rivals also came out like Barry, Conway and one of my oldest childhood friends Gary Oak. I asked them what they were doing here and Gary instantly stepped forward and said that I should just quit on my dreams of being a pokemon master." Ash said as he heard gasps from Cynthia, Ritchie and Mike. Paul didn't gasp, but one look on his face and you could tell he was shocked. Ash continued. "One by one, they came up and called me weak, useless, pathetic, you name it, odds are they called me it. I asked them if any of them still believed me and only Dawn came forward saying she still did, which made me feel slightly better. After a while, I finally lost my cool, got right into each of their faces and told them what I thought about each and every one of them. Thankfully, they left before things got out of hand. That's when the weight of what had happened crashed into me and I broke down. However, thanks to Serena's comfort and Dawn's words, I realized that I can't just give up as that would prove them right. So now i'm going to be training harder than I ever had before in the hopes that one day, I will get the chance to prove them wrong. That's my story." Ash said

Serena and Dawn, despite already seeing it for themselves had tears in their eyes. Mike couldn't believe Ash's story. He had heard such great things about Ash from Cynthia and even Lance, and now there was a part of him that was oozing with rage as he wished one of those traitors were in the center so he could kick the living crap out of them for betraying someone as selfless as Ash Ketchum, but he managed to keep himself calm for Ash's sake.

Cynthia, Paul and Ritchie on the other hand were seeing red. "How in the hell can they say that about you?! And here I thought that Brock, Iris and Cilan were all good people, I swear, if I ever see them again, I'll...I'll...Ohhh I can't even describe it!" Cynthia yelled. "Well save some of Brock for me! I want a piece of fucking pervert and that red-headed bitch Misty!" Ritchie screamed "How in the fuck can Barry call you weak when he's one of the weakest trainers i've ever met. I've run into him way too many times and every time we battle, he never gives me any competition. He only uses his dad's fame as a frontier brain to get any notice from anybody." Paul screamed, but then turned to Ash. "Ash, I think I speak for everyone here when I say that you are not weak. You are one of the toughest trainers I have ever faced. Every time we battled, you always made me battle to the best of my abilities, Other than the gym leaders, elite 4 members and the champions, very few trainers can do that." Paul said

"Thanks Paul, that means a lot." Now then." Ash turned to Cynthia. "What does Lance want with me?" he asked

Cynthia and Mike looked at each other and stood up. "Well Ash, why don't you follow us and find out. Oh, all of you are welcome to come with us if you'd like." Cynthia said. The group got up from the table and left the center, making sure to grab their pokeballs from Nurse Joy.

The group walked for a few minutes when they arrived at the docks once again. "Hey Cynthia, how long will this take? The others and I were planning on catching the Sinnoh ferry at midnight." Ash asked. "Oh, in that case, let me see your tickets." Cynthia replied. The group gave her the tickets and she left for a few minutes. She soon came back with cash in her hand. "Here you go everyone, refunds." Cynthia said as she handed the money to Ash and his friends. "Why did you do that?" Ritchie asked. Mike then stepped forward and said "Because we are going on a special private yacht." Cynthia smacked Mike upside the head "Arceus Mike, you weren't supposed to tell them that." "Oops, sorry Cyn." "No matter, let's go. I don't want to be late." Cynthia said as the group continued walking.

A little while later, they arrived at a private section of the docks and awaiting them was a guy with hair so crazy, it makes Ash's hair seem tamed.(A/N Seriously am I the only one who thinks that?) It belonged to that of the Kanto/Johto region champion, Lance. He walked to the group. "Ash, it's been a long time huh?" Ash responded "Yeah it has, but how did you know I was in Vermillion City, never mind Kanto?" Lance simply replied "Scott." Ash shook his head. 'How the hell does he do that?' he thought. Ritchie then said "Ash, you know Lance as well?" "Yes, Ash here has helped me with many of things, like 'The Gyrados Incident' an the Lake of Rage in Johto as well as helping me take down Teams Aqua and Magma in Hoenn." Lance replied as Ritchie's, Paul's, Dawn's and even Serena's eyes bulged. "THAT WAS YOU?!" they all asked Ash, who rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Um yeah, anyway, what did you want from me Lance?" he asked. "Ah, yes. Everyone, please come aboard my yacht the 'Dragon Chaser' so we can have a chat." said Lance. "And while we're at it, why don't you tell Lance about what happened?" Cynthia said as she and Mike came aboard followed by the others. "Huh?" asked Lance. Ash then informed Lance about the betrayal and Lance couldn't believe that Ash's friends would turn on him like that. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Believe me Ash, you are the farthest thing from weak." Thanks Lance. By the way, how big is this yacht?" he said as the two boarded the yacht. "About 100ft. The biggest money can buy." Lance said as they departed.

Meanwhile in the Hall of Orgins, Arceus had being watching what had been happening to his chosen one the entire day and he was naturally pissed, but he was glad that there were people that didn't agree with those traitors. After a few hours of thought, he decided that he wanted one of his children to join Ash's team, but the question is who? He had been explaining the situation to his children and all of them were shocked. Arceus told them about his idea.

'So, with that said, is their anyone that wants to join him?' Arceus asked

There were several of them who wanted to join Ash, and they all instantly stepped foward: Mewtwo, Lugia, Suicune, Celebi, Latias, Deoxys, Manaphy, Shaymin and Zekrom. Latias was the same from Alto Mare and had been wanting to see Ash again for quite some time, and she had a huge crush on him. Arceus spoke 'Mewtwo, I must say i'm surprised. I thought you didn't trust humans?'

'I don't trust humans, but Ash is the only exception. He showed me that not all humans are cruel and evil like the people who created me. I want to join him becuase he is truly one of a kind. Unlike Latias, who only want to join him cause of their schoolgirl crushes on Ash over here.' Mewtwo said

Latias instantly went red. 'I..I..I don't have a crush on him!' she said, but nobody believed her. 'Besides, it's a moot point anyway. I would rather be his pokemon than not be with him at all.' Laitas said.

'I want to go. I want to see Papa after Mama said those awful things to him' said Manaphy

'I believe Ash to be the new Hero of Ideals. Therefore, the pokemon of Ideals should be the one to join him.' Zekrom said,

Everyone started arguing about who should go, except Lugia, Deoxys and Shaymin. Arceus seeing this and wanting to know why they weren't arguing as well asked them. 'Lugia, Deoxys, Shaymin, why aren't you arguing as well?' he asked

Shaymin stepped forward 'Well, lord Arceus. I would like to join Dawn's team.' The others stopped their arguing and looked over stunned at Shaymin's words. 'Let me guess, you two also want to go with one of those that stood behind Ash?' Arceus asked Lugia and Deoxys, who both nodded.

Arceus was thinking long and hard. 'I believe that Mewtwo and Zekrom make the best points.' The other legendaries instantly looked sad. 'However, if the rest of you are willing to compromise, then I have an idea which will allow you to get close to the chosen one.' 'Which is what, my lord?' Mewtwo simply grinned

Back with the others, the yacht had already cast off and the group was enjoying some food and drinks provided by Lance. Most of them were in the main room, however one of them was outside enjoying the sea air. That person was Mike. He looked down at a picture he was holding in his hand and it showed a younger him and a younger Cynthia, but their was one more person in that picture. It was a young girl that had lemon blonde hair, grey eyes that were almost similar to those of Cynthia's and she was about the same age as Mike. She had a huge smile on her face, which brought a smile onto Mike's. Unlike Cynthia, who was typically the cool and calm type, the lemon blonde was hyper and energetic. In the picture, each of the three were holding a different pokemon. Cynthia was holding a Gible, Mike was holding a Tyrouge and the lemon blonde was holding a Riolu. Also, younger Mike had a huge blush on his face as he was in close contact with her. Mike sighed as he remembered all the good times he had with her during their childhood. Then a voice called out to him.

"Thinking about her?" Mike knew who it was right away. "Yeah, I am." he turned to see Cynthia approaching him. "You know, it has been a few years since you last visited her, why don't you go see her after we're done here?" "You know why Cyn." he said with a sudden frown now on his face. "Oh, come on Red!" Cynthia said(A/N Yeah, i'm making Mike's childhood nickname Red. Besides, i'm sure someone will point out that he already dresses like him, so might as well call him that.) "You're not scared to take on some of the strongest trainers in the world or even me in battle, but you are scared to go see her and tell her how you feel about her? Trust me Red, Korrina had a crush on you back then, and i'm sure she still does now." Cynthia said. "How do you know that?" he asked. "It's a girl thing, just trust me. The point is, if you don't tell her and she finds someone else, you will regret it for the rest of your life." Cynthia responded. Mike looked up at the stars for a moment as he realized that she was right. "Ok, Cyn. After we're done with this meeting, i'll go see Korr and tell her my feelings for her. I just hope you're right about her feeling the same way." Mike said. Cynthia put her arm around Mike and said "Don't worry about it Red. She will, i'm sure of it. Now come on, Lance wants everyone downstairs before he tells Ash about you-know-what." she said as the two made their way back downstairs.

With everyone now in the same room, Ash spoke. "Lance, are you ever going to get to why we're here?" he asked.

"Well, now that everyone is here, yes I will. You see Ash, thanks to you, teams Aqua, Magma, Galactic, Plasma and Flare are now history and all of their bosses are behind bars like they should be. Unfortunately, it's seems every time one evil organization goes down, another takes it place." Lance said

Ash thought for a moment before he realized what Lance was referring to and instantly became irritated. "Don't tell me that Team Rocket has bases set across ALL the regions?" "Well, they do in Kanto and Johto, but not in the other regions, however, we received intel that they will soon enough. Their leader, Giovanni has been a pain in the ass to capture. It seems anytime we raid a base where he's supposed to be, it turns out he was never their at all. Everyday, Team Rocket gets stronger and the PLA has demanded that the G-Men do something to stop them. The problem is that we had a traitor is out midst and he gave information about the G-Men to Giovanni so now, none of us can get to him. We can't even try disguises, it's that bad." Lance said

"Damn, you guys seem to be in dire straights, no offense." Ash said "None taken." "So what's the good news?" Paul asked. "The good news is that we've managed to slow down their progress of expansion into the other regions, but knowing Giovanni, he won't let something like that stop him. I've already told the PLA about this and they asked me if I had any sort of plan. I did, and that's where you come in Ash. Since you have helped us take down criminal organizations like this in the past, I would personally like to invite you to join our newest group: The Shield." Lance said as Ash as well as his friends stood their shocked.

Cynthia then spoke up. "You certainly have the credentials, Ash. All you need is little more serious training to prepare you for the tough challenges that will lie ahead. Oh, and don't worry about the training, you'll have all 6 champions to help you train, but mainly myself." Cynthia said.

Ash couldn't believe all that he was hearing, but he also couldn't believe that his previous thoughts from when he bumped into Ritchie were true. 'OK, so most of that came true, but I highly doubt that last one will.' Ash thought as he fixed his thoughts to the offer at hand. These champions were offering to help make him stronger and he would play a part in taking down Team Rocket one day. Sure it would be extremly tough, but that would be a very small price to pay, especially when the day came that he would encounter those traitors again.

After a minute of silence, Ash spoke. "Lance, I accept your offer." he said as the two shook hands, sealing the deal. "Now I have to ask, who else will be apart of The Shield?" Ash asked.

"Mike will be, and I think i'd like your friends here to be apart of it as well since I think it's better to have you work along side people whom you can trust, Ash. What do you guys say?" Lance asked. Ritchie and Paul instantly accepted. Dawn and Serena were hesitant. Dawn felt it would take a strong trainer to do what they wanted and she also didn't want to lose her battling style. Serena felt that it would take years before she would be ready for something like this. As if she had read both their minds, Cynthia spoke. "Relax you two. Dawn, you'll more than likely to be spend most of your training under Wallace. Remember, not only is he a contest master, but he's also Hoenn Champion. He'll help you reach your fullest potential as not only a Co-Ordinator, but as a battler. Serena, don't worry about your lack of battling experience. Everyone has that when they start as a trainer, and I already have a training program that would be just right for you, once you capture some more pokemon of course. So what do you girls say?" The two girls looked at each other, turned to Cynthia and said "We accept!".

All of a sudden, a binding light took over the room and a voice could be heard. "Chosen One, I ask for a word with you. Please take your friends to the top of the vessel." the voice said and the light disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The group did as the voice said and awaiting them at the top of the yacht was the god of pokemon himself, Arceus.

'Hello, chosen one. It has been a long time since our last encounter.' Arceus said, speaking in telepathy.

Everyone else(minus Dawn) stood there shocked. "Ash, you've met Arceus before?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah, I have. Long story, i'll tell you guys later. Back to the subject at hand Arceus, what are you doing here?" Ash asked.

'Well, i saw what you're former friends did to you, there acts of selfishness is unforgivable after all you done for them, and as such, I would like to thank all of you for standing by my chosen one.' he said, saying that last part to the others. 'But that's not the only reason why i'm here.'

"Why else are you here?" Ash asked

'You see Ash, many of my children have been wanting to join you on your journey for quite some time now, and after what has been done, I think that now is the best time for them to join you and the others, especially since I know that you will want revenge on those traitors one day.'

Dawn stepped forward. "Wait, Arceus are you saying that not only is Ash getting a legendary pokemon, but the rest of us are as well?" she asked as everyone interest suddenly peaked.

'Yes Dawn, that's exactly what I am saying. All of you will have one of my children join your teams. I only ask that you do not use my children for evil purposes and before you ask, yes I do trust you, but I am simply giving you a word of warning. Believe me, you don't want to feel my wrath. Just ask Ash and Dawn.' Arceus said as everyone looked towards Ash and Dawn who both chuckled nervously.

'Now Dawn, I'll start with yours. You know this pokemon very well as you helped her during your journey with my chosen one. I present to you...Shaymin.' Arceus said as all of a sudden, a hole appeared beside Arceus and out came Shaymin who hugged Dawn, as she became all giddy.

"Wow! Shaymin, you really want to join me?" she asked as if she didn't believe what was happening. 'Yes I do Dawn. I have for a really long time. Also, Ash. The rest of the lengendaries and I have your back. If you ever need any help, you got it.' she said. Dawn grabbed a pokeball and Shaymin tapped her head on it as she was sucked it and was instantly captured.

Arceus then called for Paul, who stepped forward. 'Paul, beneath your tough exterior, I see someone who is truly loyal to his friends and would never even think about turning his back on anyone of them. As such, I present to you, a pokemon that is equally as loyal to his friends as you are...Suicune.' he said as a white hole opened up and Suicune came through.

'Chosen one, this is also the same Suicune that you have met many time through out your journey.' Arceus said as Ash said hi to him. Paul went up to him. "Arceus, thank you for trusting me with one of your children. Suicune, I promise to be the best trainer I can possibly be for you and I know with you now by my side, I become not only a better trainer, but a better person." he said. He took out a pokeball and Suicune instantly went in.

Arceus then called for Mike. 'Michael, although you have known my chosen for the least amount of time, one of my children has taken an interest in you after you helped her in the Hoenn region.' Mike eyes widen as he had a pretty good idea as to who Arceus was reffering to. 'I present to you...Deoxys.' he said as the hole appeared and out came the alien pokemon.

"Thank you Arceus." Mike said. 'Also, I have given her a ability that no other Deoxys has.' "What's that?" Mike asked, but got his question answered as Deoxys suddenly glowed and just like that, she had changed into a human. She had long blue hair with some red streaks in there, purple eyes and her outfit consisted of a black and purple attire with a matching skirt. (A/N Check out Deoxys Human Form by pikahsoo on Deviantart to see what it's supposed to look like.)

"Holy shit, she can turn into a human?!" Mike asked, but instead of Arceus responding, it was Deoxys. "And I can talk like one too." she said as Mike's jaw hit the floor. 'You're welcome' Arceus said while chuckling at Mike's response

'Champions Lance and Cynthia. You both have made a huge impact in my chosen's life. Lance, without your help during the Kyorge and Groudon incident in Hoenn, the world may not be hear today. As such, I present to you, the beast of the seas...Lugia.' Lugia came from underneath the water and flew right besides the yacht.(A/N Now before people start bitching, yes I know Lugia is not a dragon type, but Lance has been known, both in the games and the anime, to have pokemon that look like dragons, but aren't actual dragon-types. Ex: Charizard, Aerodactyl, his Red Gyrados from the anime, so don't lose your cool.)

Lance bowed his head. "Thank you Arceus. I promise you, I'll train Lugia to the best of my abilities." 'I know you will Lance. Now Cynthia, I owe you a debt of gratitude as well. After all, you helped save the Sinnoh region from Team Galactic. As such, I present to you a pokemon that Ash is very familiar with...Latias.' Arceus said as she came from the hole, but instead of going to Cynthia, she went to Ash.

'Ash, I missed you so much.' Latias said while hugging and nuzzling him. "You know, I think Latias would rather be Ash's pokemon." Cynthia said. 'No Cynthia, I just really missed Ash. You see, he helped me take on some bad people from Team Rocket in Alto Mare. I'd like to be apart of your team, that is, if you'll take me.' Latias said. Cynthia nodded and took out a pokeball, Latias was sucked in and the pokeball did it's job.

'Ritchie, I see within you a pure soul, equally as pure as Ash's. So I present to you a pokemon with a kind, gentle soul that is similar to you...Celebi.' Arceus said as Celebi came through the hole and went to Ritchie. "Thank you Arceus." he said as he grabbed a pokeball and Celebi went in.

'Serena, I can see within your heart that you love my chosen and I can tell that love will never die. As such, I present to you, a pokemon that loves Ash on an almost equal level. Ash, please try not to cry.' Arceus said as Ash and Serena's interest peaked once again. 'I present to you... Manaphy.' Arceus said as Manaphy came out and hugged Ash, who tried his best to fight back the tears forming in his eyes. It didn't help matters when Manaphy spoke.

'Love you Papa.' she said as tears starting coming out of Ash. 'I knew that would happen.' Arceus commented. Meanwhile, Serena was confused was to why this cute little pokemon was calling Ash 'Papa'. "Ash, why did Manaphy call you Papa?" she asked

Ash informed her and the others about his adventure with Manaphy and the Sea Temple and they were all shocked to hear that Ash almost died there. Serena hugged him and cried on his shoulder as Ash did his best to comfort her. Then they heard Manaphy speak again. 'Papa, I saw what May did to you. She isn't my Mama anyone.' she then leaped into Serena's arms, who had separated from Ash. "Do you want me to be your mama Manaphy?" she asked. Manaphy nodded her head. 'Love you Mama.' "Love you too Manaphy." Serena said with a smile on her face.

'And last, but certainly, not least. Ash, there isn't just one of my children that wants to join you, there are two. Both of them make great points as to why they should join you, so in order to keep them from fighting, I have decided that they will both join you.' Arceus said as Ash's eyes bulged and his jaw hit the floor. 'First is a pokemon you should be very familiar with, after all, you have helped on quite a few occasions. I present to you...Mewtwo.' Mewtwo came from the hole and went over to Ash.

'Hello Ash. It has been a while since I last saw you.' Mewtwo said. Ash was confused at first as to which Mewtwo this was since he had seen two of them, but when he heard that male voice, he knew it was the Mewtwo he helped out in Johto. He made a mental note to tell him about the female Mewtwo he met during his Unova journey later. "Hey Mewtwo, it has been a long time. So, I guess you want to join me, huh?" 'Yes, I and another.' "Who's the other?" Ash asked. Mewtwo simply pointed to a black cloud in the sky coming towards them. Ash and Pikachu instantly knew who it was. "Zekrom!" 'Hello Ash, it has been quite a while since I last saw you and your faithful Pikachu. I wish to join you because I believe that you are the new Hero of Ideals. I also want to be by your side when you get payback on those who have caused harm to you.' Zekrom said. "Thank you Mewtwo and Zekrom. I promise to be the best trainer I can possibly be to both of you." Ash said as he took out two pokeball and the pokemon went in.

'My chosen, this is where I must depart, but I and the rest of my children wish you the best of luck on your new journey. I know one day we will meet again. Goodbye to you all.' Arceus said as he disappeared in a bright light.

"Wow, I can't believe we all have legendary pokemon with us now." Serena said. "Well, you better believe it Serena." Lance said. "Today marks the beginning of a era; the era of The Shield!" he said. Ash was surprisingly quite as he seemed deep in thought. Then he spoke.

"Hey Lance, is it too late to return to Kanto?"

"Why do you want to go back to Kanto?" Lance asked

"I want to see Sabrina."


"...I think I have psychic powers." Ash said scratching his head. Everyone then fell anime style as the yacht continued sailing into the unknown, but one thing was certain in the mind of Ash Ketchum: One day, he would see each of those traitors again and he would prove them wrong!

End of Chapter 3

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