A/N hey guys it's Katie and I hoped you enjoy this story of how I meet Jeff the Killer and how I he changed my life. If you do like the story then go read my other two stories, one that's already finished is A Change to the Story where I talk about the few years I spent with Jeff going around killing people and I did have fun but there were some…."things" that happens lets just put it at that and the third one is CreePoxy where you meet me alternate personality "Demented Katie", honestly she kind of scares me but she…..

DK: I protect Katie from the freaking bastards that try and hurt her it's my job to inflict pain and horror on our victims, they deserve to hurt the way we have especially that bastard Jeff so go fucking read the…..

Katie: That's quite enough sorry about that you're not suppose to meet her until CreePoxy but yeah she does like to inflict pain onto people but that's not me so please review this story and read A Change to the Story as well as CreePoxy and let us know what you think I'm currently finishing up CreePoxy the story is still in progress but it's coming together.