The Dark Arrow

The two superheroes carefully watched the rival archer. If he was decent with his bow he could easily dispatch one of them at this range.

"Look, put the bow down and we can talk." Said Artemis.

Red Arrow chuckled. "Nonsense, by all means, make a move."

Ichigo paused for a moment. Then he let loose his bowstring. The arrow sailed right between Artemis and Roy, not even coming close to making contact with them.

"Ha! It looks likes you aren't much a archer. How could you miss at this distance?"

Artemis was actually thinking along the same lines that Roy had just stated out loud.

"I don't miss."

Both of the young heroes' eyes widened as they quickly turned to see that they no longer had back up. Right before the arrow had reached Robin, Supergirl, Megan, and Batgirl the tip exploded into a net that entangled them. Then a shockwave was sent through the net, causing the young heroes to crumple.

"How the hell did you-"

Before the red-clad hero could get another word out the cloaked archer was upon him raining down strikes from every angle possible.

"Damn! Just who is this guy? He's got his hands on some pretty handy equipment. And he is pretty damn good at hand-to-hand combat. He has to be trained. No way he's an amateur." Thought Roy.

Artemis wasn't fairing much better. She was trying to get an arrow trained on her companion's attacker. But she could not get a clear shot. Roy and his assailant were moving to fast. If she released fire there was a chance that Roy could get hurt instead.

Ichigo sent a right hand that caught Harper flush and followed through with a stiff jab with his bow that connected solidly with Roy's chin causing his head to snap back.

The two stepped back for a moment to readjust themselves for their second clash.

"Got him!" Shouted Artemis.


She froze. Roy had practically just roared his disapproval.

"Artemis listen. You are not to interfere. If he gets by me, then do what you must. But until then, fall back. Check on the others."


"That's an order!" Roy harshly reiterated his point.

Artemis sighed. "You know who you sound like, right?"

Roy chuckled. "Don't remind me."

Ichigo watched on in amusement before popping his neck to the left, then right.

Roy turned back to his opponent and smirked. For the first time he had met someone that may be his equal, apart from his former mentor.

"Lets make this interesting." Said Roy as he laid his bow down on the ground. Ichigo nodded in acknowledgement as he held his bow out horizontally and drop it. But before it could hit the ground it vanished.

Roy's eyes narrowed. "What the-"

Before he could finish his opponent had launched himself in the air with ill intent. Roy looked up just in time to see the dark archer try to deliver a flying knee. Roy got his hands up in the knick of time and push off of the man's knee deflecting most of the damage.

He had no time to think as once again he was being attacked. Ichigo fired off two quick left jabs that were partially blocked by the Red Arrow. But just as he fired the second jab he switched his game plan and delivered a powerful front kick to the body that sent Roy into a nearby building wall.

Roy crashed into the wall with an "Oomph."

He was able to counter Ichigo's next kick though as he caught it in a viselike grip. He pushed Ichigo back hoping to cause him to lose his balance and to fall but to no avail. Without delay Roy delivered a downward elbow strike to the thigh of Ichigo.

Before Ichigo could retaliate Roy dropped down to his back and moved his gripped toward Ichigo's foot and tried to lock in a modified heel hook.

Both combatants were on the ground and Roy was determined to lock in the heel hook or snap his opponent's ankle in half while trying. Ichigo twisted his body to the left and then rolled to the right causing both archers to roll somewhat like a alligator's death roll, and was able to escape from his opponent's grasp.

The young superhero jumped to his feet and tried to land a strike on his downed opponent but his chest met Ichigo's boots as they collided that sent Roy upwards. Though the former speedy landed gracefully on top of a nearby dumpster.

Ichigo while on his back kipped up back to his feet only to see his opponent coming down at him. Ichigo knew he wouldn't be able to counter the attack and ate a nasty superman punch from the Red Arrow that sent him crashing into nearby trashcans.

His hood nearly came off from the impact but luckily it stayed in place.

Roy was on alert as he looked at his fallen opponent. Was that it? That's all the guy had to offer in a fight? Oh if he only knew.

"Did you finish him?" Shouted Artemis.

"I think so. How are the others by the way?"

"They are fine. Just unconscious."

Roy nodded. "Good. Though I expected more. Kind of disappointing."

He walked over to Ichigo and bent down to apprehend him but his skull was met with the sound of a trashcan lid. He backed up feeling his head. It didn't hurt. He was shocked, maybe embarrassed, but not hurt.

He looked at Ichigo who had made it back to his feet with trashcan lid in hand. Ichigo came close to letting out a chuckle when he saw his opponent's face. He almost looked to be twitching. His thoughts were interrupted when said opponent spoke.

"You did not, just hit me with a-"

Before Roy could complete his sentence he was met with a series of shots from the lid that Ichigo was holding like a shield. Now the lid itself wasn't painful at all, put the force that Ichigo was using was meant to stun his opponent. It may have only served to piss him off though. Ichigo reared back and with his free hand he delivered a thunderous hook that sent Roy to the ground.

Artemis saw Roy as he fell to the ground and quickly lifted her bow and fired an arrow towards her friend's attacker.

Ichigo froze in mid-step as he heard the shifting of the wind, through the lid down and quickly turned and made a clapping motion.

Artemis's eyes widened as Ichigo met her stare. He had caught her arrow barehanded. It shouldn't of been possible. He snapped her arrow in half and gave her a lazy finger wag.

Good thing Artemis was wearing a mask or you could of seen the blush of embarrassment on her face. Ichigo's ears perked up when he heard the shuffling behind him.

"Okay Roy, get up an take this guy out." Thought Artemis.

Roy was angry. He threw body kick but was surprised when Ichigo caught it lazily. The hobbled hero was now standing on one foot as he swung at Ichigo. Ichigo then kicked his other leg out from under him and followed him to the ground and began dropping punches on Roy.

Roy was trying to catch his breath while constantly, and partially blocking, or dodging strikes. In a last ditch effort Roy threw his legs up and got into the position of a arm bar but Ichigo quickly recognize this and stack him, where Roy had his legs wrap around his arm but the grip was on Ichigo's wrist.

Ichigo then grabbed Roy's wrist and with a amazing feat of strenght swung him into the dumpster which echoed with a thud. But Roy wasn't letting go.

"Persistent bastard. I'll give him that." Thought Ichigo.

Ichigo lifted him again and swung in the opposite direction causing Roy to hit the building wall causing his grip to loosen. That was the opening Ichigo was looking for as he swung as hard as he could for the third time, causing Roy to sail downwards at the original place where their brawl first started.

Roy's head was spinning as he laid there face down.

"I was outclassed…"

His thoughts cleared when he saw his bow, and like lightening he brought it up to stop the incoming blow, but to his shock Ichigo's strike snap his bow right in half.

"That's not possible…"

His mind went blank when Ichigo brought down a crescent kick, knocking him unconscious.

For the first time since their initial meeting Ichigo spoke.

"The difference between the two of us, I don't need the bow."

"You sure about that?"

He heard while he felt a sharp edge dig into his neck.

He chuckled. He had forgotten about her. Now she had the drop on him.

He heard Artemis whisper. "You should have kept your bow."

"Nice voice." He thought.

"You have a choice. Hold me here, or go check on your overzealous friend over there."

"Red Arrow, are you okay?" Asked the concerned female archer.

No answer.

"Told you. It's nothing serious but I would put money on him having a concussion."

Artemis growled out in frustration. As she circled him, she began to back away slowly getting closer to Roy. He was still breathing so that was a good sign.

She took out what looked to be a portable communicator. "This is Artemis, I am in need of backup and medical assistance. I'm sending you my coordinates now."

Artemis turned to look at Roy one more time but once she turned back, her captive was gone.

"Damn it!"


Her head snapped up toward the direction of the voice and found her now former captive, watching her.

"Tell Arrow Jr., That I appreciate the workout."

Before he could continue Artemis lifted her bow and fired at him. He quickly did the same and there arrows collided. Afterwards he quickly disappeared.

She bent down and picked up the combination of arrows. Her green. His black. Perfectly meshed together.

Finally Back… J