Chapter One- Beast Boys Back

It's been three months since the events of Things Change, and the Titans are back in their regular activities; Robin is working out in the gym while, Starfire watches; Cyborg is in the garage working on his baby aka the T-Car; Raven is meditating by the window in the common room and Beast Boy is sitting on the roof of the Titans Tower's roof with his legs dangling over the ledge.

"Things are going to be alright." Beast Boy whispers as the smile that had long been absent from his facial features had finally returned.

Today is a very important day in the life of, Beast Boy; ever since the sixteen year old changeling saw, Terra or Tara as she told him, that she was not the girl she once was and he once knew, Beast Boy had been severely depressed. The Titans including, Raven tried and tried again but none of their attempts to comfort or cheer up their heartbroken friend worked. Beast Boy during that three month period would spend all of his time being a shut in, in his room or up on the roof of the Titans Tower.

Beast Boy for the most part spent every day contemplating suicide. If it wasn't for the Titans, Beast Boy would've surely committed the final deed within the last three months.

Within the last week the Titans have been seeing, Beast Boy more and more outside staring longing into the sun and the horizon. The Titans in general took this as a good sign, Raven was the only one who was slightly put off by someone who was possibly suicidal was spending a lot of time on top of a fifty story tower when, Beast Boy could simply jump off and let himself drop, drop, and drop till he stopped.

Beast Boy continues to smile, but it drops as he gazes into the sunrise as he thinks back at how he has been acting and how he had been shoeing all of his friends concern away.

"I've been such a dick." Beast Boy whines as he runs his hand through his hair. "I need to make it up to them." Beast Boy stands up and walks out of the roof into the tower's staircase.


Raven was meditating when she hears the door to the common room open and is met with something that she hasn't felt in the last three months; heavy waves of emotions of happy, clarity, and more importantly bliss, coming from Beast Boy. Raven's head snaps to her right to see a sight that she never thought she, Starfire, Cyborg, Robin, any of the other Titans, the Doom Patrol or the civilians of Jump City that admired, Beast Boy would see; Beast Boy was smiling.

'Holy Trigon!' The purple haired demoness thought as she inwardly smiled.

"Hiya, Rae." Beast Boy greets as he continues to smile his goofy smile. "Would you like some tea?" Beast Boy asks as he walks to the freezer and starts to defrost three steaks and one tofu steak.

"Sure, Beast Boy." Raven accepts as she stares at the green boy with a dumbfounded expression o her face. 'Shit! I need to warn the other Titans!' Raven thinks as she pulls out her communicator and calls, Starfire, Robin and Cyborg.

"Hello, Friend Raven." "What is it, Raven?" "What's up, Rae." Starfire, robin and Cyborg greet as they answer their communicator.

"Code H-Green." Raven whispers into her communicator as the Titan's eyes bug out.

The code H-Green was created for whenever one of the Titans made the discovery that, Beast Boy was back to his normal happy self. There was also a code D-Green which was created for when the Titans found the dead body of Beast Boy.

"Raven, girl you know that's not funny." Cyborg scolds in his older brother ton.

"I'm not tryi-" Raven was cut off by Starfire.

"Yes, Friend Raven that is most the cruel and not funny." Starfire comments as tears form in her eyes. "I just wish for, Friend Beast Boy too smile and laugh, and to tell the not funny jokes again."

"Screw it." Raven mutters as she turns her communicator around so the other Titans could see, Beast Boy in the kitchen as he is happily whistling the song 'Ice, Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice. "See." Raven gloats as she turns off her communicator and stops meditating so she can walk over to the kitchen.


"He's whistling, Vanilla Ice, Beast Boy is back." Cyborg gladly shouts as he throws his arms in the air. "I'll be right up." Cyborg states as he switches off his communicator.


"I too will be the right up." Starfire joyfully exclaims as she pulls Robin with her. "Come, Boyfriend Robin! We must celebrate. I must make the pudding of joy."

"Starfire, wait!" Robin yells as he Tamaranean girlfriend drags him out of the gym.


Beast Boy finishes placing everybody's food on the table when he then walks over to the walking in pantry to grab, Starfire some mustard. When Beast Boy walks back out of the pantry he sees his friends sitting at the table, as if waiting for his return.

"Hey guys." Beast Boy greets as he closes the pantry door and face this friends.

"Friend Beast Boy!" Starfire yells as she collides with Beast Boy at full speed; crushing him in a hug as she drags, Beast Boy to the table. "I'm so glad to see that you are back to your normal, Beast Boyness." We have been most the concerned."

"She's right, BB." Cyborg agrees before he takes a bite and tastes the steak that his best friend made him. Cyborg swallows the piece of meat as he starts to literally cry.

"Cyborg? What's wrong with you?" Raven dryly asks as she is slightly interested why the the grown man is crying.

Cyborg blows his nose before he replies. "This….is…the greatest…steak…ever." Cyborg continues to sob as he shoves the rest of the steak into his mouth that leads to his 'stomach.' "I got to thank you for this, BB. I know how difficult it must have been to handle meat." Cyborg states as he gives his best friend a thumbs up.

"Yes, Friend Beast Boy. I much appreciate your selflessness, but if I may ask what brought this on?" Starfire inquires as she offers her friend a comforting smile.

Beast Boy's eyes flash with a look of pain before he covers in up and he smiles at his teammates. "To be honest, Star, I just came to the conclusion that I wasn't actually in love with Terra, but that I was in love with the fact that somebody out there actually loved and accepted me for who I was…well I mean for who I am."

"Then why haven't I felt your emotions for the last three months?" Raven asks the changeling as her tone leaves the impression that is was anything but a question, but more of a demand to know the truth.

Beast Boy was quite hesitant to answer, Raven's question. Beast Boy's thought as kept telling him that he should answer that question that the purple haired empath asked. The only problem is should, Beast Boy answer the question?

"Um…I don't know how to answer that without telling you all something that you don't want to know." Beast Boy admits as his ears drop. 'How can I possibly tell them and not have things change to when they won't trust me alone on the roof or in my room or anywhere ever again?'

"C'mon man how bad could it have been?" Cyborg asks.

"Yeah, it's not like you were suicidal or anything." Robin jokes, but he doesn't know just how close to the truth he was.

Beast Boy flashed, Robin a look that said 'how dare you patronize my emotions.' And then it all suddenly became all too clear to all as they gasp in shock while, Starfire just looks confused.

"Friends, what does this suicide mean?" Starfire asks as she is confused and concerned about the shocked looks on her teammates and friends faces. 'I do not like this.'

Beast Boy…why?" Raven questions as her emotionless mask slips, but is put back on within a millisecond.

Beast boy looks into the faces of his teammates, his friends, and his family as he prepares himself to do the most difficult thing that he would ever have to do. "I was in a dark place, you know." Beast Boy replies as he rubs his shoulders "It's just with everything that had happened; I just simply kept losing reasons to keep on living. So every day I would I would sit at my desk and committing suicide or I would sit on top of the roof and think about committing suicide." Beast Boy said as he sees the shocked and slightly hurt faces of his friends, the Teen Titans.

"Friends, I'm still confused. What does, Friend Beast Boy sitting at his desk or sitting on to roof have to do with this suicide?" Starfire asks as she looks at her teammates and Beast Boy in slight tears.

Robin leans over to whisper into Starfire's ear as her face falls before she narrows her bright eyes at Beast Boy.

"NOOO!" Starfire shouts as she flies over the table and hugs Beast Boy with a not so tight hug as she bursts into tears. "Please, Friend Beast Boy, do not attempt to take the life that is yours!" Starfire cries as Beast Boy holds her head on his shoulder.

"It's okay, Star, I don't have those thoughts about committing suicide anymore." Beast Boy reassures, Starfire as he tries to comfort the Tamaranean.

"NO!" Starfire yells as she stops crying and holds, Beast Boy at arm's length. "Nobody is allowed to utter that word of the suicide! And if you do then I will obliterate you!" Starfire threatens as her eyes glow green.

"Star, you just can't stop us from speaking a word just because you don't like it." Cyborg comments as the other Titans take a step back, but Beast Boy who is held tightly in place.

"If I say you will not speak a word then you WILL NOT SPEAK IT!" Starfire counters as she looms over the half robotic young adult. "I will destroy anyone who disobeys." Starfire whispers in a deadly cold voice that sends shivers down everybody's spine.

'Holy crap.' Robin thinks as he stares at his girlfriend. 'I think I'll be sleeping alone tonight.'


Arella is once again in the chambers of the great, Azar as she tries to get her old friend to send her to Earth so she can once again be with her daughter, Raven.

"Azar please let me go to Earth and be with me daughter." Arella begs for her request to see her daughter after she hadn't seen her since, Trigon destroyed Azarath and its people five years ago before Raven was able to escape to Earth, Arella's home world.

"Arella, we have all been in most terms dead for close to four years, and she thinks you have been dead for another year. How do you think, Raven will respond when she sees you, when she thinks you, I and all of Azarath are destroyed?" Azar questions as she is starting to seriously consider letting the Earth born woman to back, just so she will have a moment of silence to meditate.

Arella had been coming to Azar every day since, Raven defeated Trigon and Azarath and her people were restored to their former glory. And every day, Azar had declined Arella's request stating that there was no reason, that Raven is now on her own and she doesn't need her mother there anymore when she now has the Titans to be there for her.

"I must see her, Azar. She is my daughter….my only child." Arella pleas, hoping that today will be the day that her old friend and her daughter's mentor will help her like she once did when she was pregnant with Raven.

Azar sighs in defeat and turns to her old friend before signaling her to follow into her personal room. Arella follows without question or concern. If Azar wanted to hurt you, she wouldn't hide it. That's what, Arella always told Raven when she was a small child and Azar would lose her patience with the small half demon child.

"Arella is you are certain that you want to leave for Earth then you must know something." Azar states as the two enter her room.

"What is it, Azar?" Arella asks in curiosity.

"If you go to, Earth then you will face temptations." Azar answers as she opens her spell book to the correct page to open a portal to Earth. "It has been a while, hasn't it?" Azar asks herself and Arella as she flips through her book.

"Yes it has old friend." Arella replies as she reconsiders going back to Earth, but she knows she must and she must overcome the temptations that she will face. "But I will still go back to Earth and I will not allow temptations to stop me." Arella states as she feels encouraged to see her daughter again.

"As you wish old friend. Stand in that circle." Azar instructs, Arella as she gathers her strength to perform the teleportation spell.

"I'm only thirty, Azar. I'm not old." Arella argues as she steps into the circle. "Or am I thirty-four? Did I age for the four years that I was dead?" Arella asks as she faces her friend.

"You are thirty, Arella." Azar answers as she already used a spell to see if they changed since they died four years ago, Azar found nothing different; it was like they just stopped aging in any way, shape or form. "Now just stand there and I will teleport you to, Jump City, California where Raven and her friends are a part of a superhero team."

"What do you mean supe-" Arella was able to say before Azar casted the spell and sent the young mother right outside the front door of Titans Tower.


Arella stumbles as she falls to the ground after she departed from the portal that, Azar created for her. "That could have been worse…much, much worse." Arella comments as she gets back on her feet and dusts off her traditional Azarathean attire as she looks up at the tower that's in the shape on a capital T. 'What is this place? Who would live in a giant T? Please don't be my little girl?'

Arella takes a deep breath to gather her nerve and she enters the tower with relative ease. 'I thought they were superheroes?' Arella thought as she enters the elevator and she presses the button that's labeled kitchen/common room. "At this time in the morning, that's where they have to be?"


Beast Boy is sitting with the rest of his teammate disguising what they had been doing for the past three months so he could catch up on current events in his friend's lives.

"Boyfriend Robin and I went on our first date." Starfire excitedly shouts as she claps her hands. "He took me to the new Italian restaurant and I have something called spaghetti; it was most the delicious."

"Yeah." Robin agrees as he rubs the back of his head in embarrassment. "I also told her m real name, so Star can meet my dad."

"Cool. I've met your dad…both actually. Never forget a scent." Beast Boy comments as he winks at Robin. "Daddy bats will be proud of you, catching this exotic beauty. Wonder what Catwoman will say to you?" Beast Boy teases as he slaps his leader on the back on his shoulder.

Ever since, Beast Boy led to the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil, Robin and Beast Boy had connected on a deeper level when the reveal their secret identities and found that they both share many similarities in their back-story, Robin was even coming up with a new training regiment for the green Titan so he could grow in his powers and as a leader, but then the events with Terra happened.

"That reminds me, Mento called for you." Robin lies as he gets some revenge for being teased, but the strange thing is, Beast Boy doesn't respond for he simply just turns to Cyborg.

"Cy, I don't mean to be a asshole, but your security blows." Beast boy comments as he eyes the beautiful woman in the doorway, that none of the Titans seemed to have noticed yet.

"What are you talking about, BB?" Cyborg asks as he feels offended and curious about his best friend words. 'BB didn't mean it in an offending manor, so what is he talking about?'

Beast Boy stands up and point to the woman. "I'm talking about the very attractive woman who somehow entered the tower and is starring at Raven." Beast Boy blushes as he realizes what he just said, but he was pleased when he saw the woman blush from his words.

Raven's words shock the Titans and slightly arouse, Beast Boy.

"Mother?" Raven whispers as she stares wide eyed and has a single tear forming in her eye.

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