Heyyy. Yup. It's me. No, I'm not dead. No, I didn't drop off the face of the planet. No, I didn't forget about this story - or all you wonderful people who make writing so worthwhile. What did happen, however, was LIFE. I'm serious. Life has been absolutely insane over the past year, really (has it really been over a year since I updated this?! *cringes*), and I have had NO time - or energy - to devote to writing fanfiction, as much as I want to. *sigh*

I honestly debated even posting this little update, because I know the 245 people who have followed this little story will get all excited when they see that "Not Again" has actually been updated after my terribly long period of silence, only to be disappointed when they discover that it's not an actual chapter, but just the author ranting and talking about random things; which is something I seem to do well. Heh. (And seriously. YOU GUYS. I'm flattered and blown away by how many people have devoted time to this O.o Wow. This community is incredible.)

Sooo. Yeah. This is me, checking in, letting you all know that I'm still alive, still writing, and am still planning to finish this eventually; I just don't know when. Thank you all for your incredible support and enthusiasm about this unplanned-fic-turned-novel-length-work-in-progress. Thank you for following, for favoriting, for reviewing, for reading. I'm so thankful for all you guys, and I really do hope to get back to this (and get it FINISHED, my gosh) before too awfully long.

Feel free to message me, nag me on my tumblr (mklaihai + dot + tumblr + dot + com) and just talk to me in general; I love hearing from y'all, and appreciate your thoughts more than you know. I hope life has been treating you well, and I'm REALLY hoping to have the next installment of "Not Again" posted before the world ends, as well as a few short one-shots - some for H50, perhaps for a few other fandoms as well. We'll see. (So, sometime over the next 50+ years. Or something. Ya know.)

Thank you for your continued patience, and dedication to this little fic. I honestly love you guys. I'll be back. ;)

xxx, Mklaihai