Peter sat still on the floor holding his sister as he watched the news.

The man he had helped free just days ago was giving an announcement.

He was attacking the President and managed to move a whole stadium around the White House.


He turned around as he heard his mother's call.

"I need to tell you too Lorna. Wanda will you please come here?"

Peter's sister Wanda yelled back from her room.

"Give me a minute."

Peter's mother soon had a serious look on her face.

She was slightly crying.

"Whats wrong, Mom?"

"Peter. That man is someone you all know."

"What do you mean?"

"He..he's your father."


"Yes. Erik Lensharr is your father. I haven't spoken to him in years. Things didn't really work out between us. We went our seperate ways after two years of marriage."

Peter removed Lorna from his lap and stood up to face his mother.

"A..Are you sure?"

"Yes. He's the only man I ever loved."

"Wow. I broke him out of prison. And now he's attacking the president."

"Peter I can tell this is alot to take in but, please know that he was not always this evil."

Peter solemnly looked down to the floor.

"He was not always angry. He was once a good man. He wasn't always this monster."

Peter felt mixed emotions as he tried to convey them.

He turned and ran through the hall.

He blurred past his twin sister Wanda who was walking towards the living room.

Peter ran into his room and sat on the couch.

He sat and thought about his life.

Peter at age 12. Peter was running at normal speed. He was running from a security guard at his school.

"Come back here!"

"Hey, if you wanted this taser, you should've kept it well hidden."

Peter ran faster hoping to escape.

The security guard sped up and grabbed Peter by the arm.

"Gotcha! Give me back my taser,kid!"

"You asked for it."

Peter kept pulling until his arm was completely free and turned on the taser.

"Here you go!"

Peter jammed the taser into the guard's stomach.

The guard fell to the ground in pain and defeat.

Peter turned away and ran.

He ran faster and faster.

He just kept running.

He couldn't seem to stop running. He tried to stop and he kept going.

He eventually stopped running and realised he was in the desert.

"What the heck? How'd I get here?"

He looked around hoping to find someone. Anyone who could help him.

He was lost. Lost and alone in the desert.

He started to walk and became bored.

Then he began to run.

He kept running and eventually he was back in New York.

He ran home in a blur.


His mother rushed into the kitchen to find her son.

"What's wrong, Peter?"

"I ran..into the desert."


"I was running and next thing I know I'm in the desert."

"Peter you're not making any sense."

"Mom. I have super speed!"


Peter began to get excited and jittery


"Just look mom!"

Peter ran into the kitchen and back into the living room in half a second.


Peter thought about how good it felt.

How it felt that day. How great it felt to be able to do that.

After that he loved to cause trouble with his newfound ability.

Whether it was stealing, pranking, or troublemaking in general.

He'd do it. He'd do it because it was fun.

Now he knows that this is all possible because of that man.

He knew when he broke him out that he was bad.

He just didn't know he was related to him.

He had no idea.

He never even suspected this.

And now he must live knowing that he is the son of Erik Lensharr.

He is the son of Magneto.