He thought back to the first time he ever saw Erik or rather what he believed was the first time assuming he was there at any point of his childhood.

"So what they got you in here for?" He questioned Erik on the elevator.

"Come on, man. What'd you do?" Erik looked slightly annoyed for a second before replying.

"For killing the president." Peter's attitude instantly changed as he began to mouth words

'Wow.' he then turned and mouthed to the taped up guard.

'Him?' The guard only sent a look with a mix of confirmation and fright.

He turned once again to Erik.

"So you know karate,man?"

"I know no karate."

The doors of the elevator open and two men stand on the outside- Proffessor Charles Xavier and Logan two of the three men that Peter was brought here by.

Peter smiled victoriously proud of what he had done.

Erik spoke up


Charles charged forward and punched Erik in the fast stumbling onto the wall as Erik fell to the floor.

Peter watched with a look of slight disgust. He didn't know why he was disgusted but he felt that way.

Suddenly multiple guards came into the room and began to shoot.

Peter was not phased. Not phased at all.

Peter put on his head phones and ran up the wall.

He began to mess with each guard and moved all of the bullets out of the way.

Before they had realised it Peter had caused a huge effect as all of the guards fell to the ground each in a different way.

Peter stood there waiting for them to exit the room.

His hair was wet and he was wearing one of the guards' hats.

Peter will never forget that day.

He was surprised he was never found by the government. There were slow moments. He hated to admit it. He slowed down to just stand and talk or formulate a plan and quite a few people saw his face. He is not hard to miss with his silver hair and his speed.

But now none of that mattered. Now. Right now. His father is terrorizing the nation and for once in his entire life, Peter is feeling regret.

He turned on the multituide of televisions in his room and continued to watch the live feed.

As he watched and listened to what his father said, his mind raced just as fast as him.

Multiple thoughts kept going through his head.

He could easily keep up with of those thoughts included his name.

He couldn't stop thinking about him.

He thought of this man. This evil bastard who is his father.

He glared at Magneto on the screen before grabbing the remote and chucking it at the largest televison at light speed.

"Get out of my head! Leave me alone!"

Upstairs Wanda, Lorna, and Margaret stood looking downstairs too nervous to talk to Peter.

"How is he Wanda? What is he thinking?"

"He's overreacting. Having multiple thoughts. They're too fast for me too read them all. My head. Its starting to hurt." Wanda said after trying to read her brother's quick mind.

"I think I need to lie down."

Peter's head begins to hurt as well. He lies down on his couch in aching pain. Quietly whispering.

"That man is evil. That man is a bastard. That man CANNOT be my father."