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Mount Justice ; April 1st

"Robin!" Artemis was bored and thaught since it is april fools day she might as well ask Robin if he had any tricks up his sleeve. "Come on! Where is that little troll when you need um?

"What are you doing artemis?" Kaldur had heard Artemis all the way from the pool.

Artemis looked ticked off , but Kaldur wanted to know why Artemis was yelling Robin's name. "I'm looking for boy blunder so we can prank Wally. Have you seen him?"

"Sorry i haven't seen him all week."Kaldur remembered Batman saying something just before Robin had "dissapeared".

"Hey Artemis? Didn't Batman say that he had some personel business to attend to?"After a few minutes Artemis finally answered."yeah. But wouldnt he be back now? I mean yeah he sometimes stays away for 1 to 2 days but never a week. Do you think something happened to him?"

Artemis was now really tempted to call Batman to see if Robin was there . And apparently Kaldur was thinking the same thing.

"I hope not. Shall we check up with Batman?"

"I think so. Lets get the rest of the team though and check with them first. Just in case. We dont wanna tick off Batman."

It's a VERY well remembered fact that you dont tick off a bat. Batman and robin made sure of that. Now all suger has been taken from the mountain. Or at least hidden or gaurded.

"Verywell" Kaldur and Artemis then set off to find their teammates.

They found wally and conner on the couch playing vidio games and M'gann in the kitchen .

When Kaldur and Artemis walked in M'gann coulf feel anxiety,curiousity and worry rolling off them.

"What's wrong guys?" When M'gann said that Conner and Wally stopped playing. They wanted to know what she was talking about.

"Nothing yet. Have any of you seen Robin?" M'gann remembering that she had not him since last week started to make her worry a bit too.

Wally chose to speak up "Nope. Why?" Conner and M'gann had the same question there for just stareing.

"I have my reasons!"Artemis said with confidence.

"She was wondering if Robin was willing to help prank you."Kaldur said with ease receiving a death glare.

"Haha! Archerton has lost again!" Exclaimed Wally. He received some odd looks before continueing." And acheally , you guys wanna prank Robin?"Wally had a mischeveis glint in his eye , exciteing the others. Although, they did have a question.

"How do we find Robin?"

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