The team headed back to the mountain. When they got there, Batman was waiting. WITH his cowl OFF. The team gaped save for Dick and Richard.

"Hey dad" they said together.

"Dad!?" Artemis and M'gann yelled.

"Yeah. Now! For introductions." Richard said he nodded a dick. Dick and Richard ran off to their room for a minute and came back in their Robin costumes. Both were the same. Except the domino mask Dick had a red exterior and Richard had a Gold exterior. "Batman is Bruce Wayne, I'm Dick grayson, and thats my brother Richard grayson. We go back and forth comeing here or at least we did because of our secret identitys. We figured once everyone found out then he'd be Blue bird"Dick said pointing at Richard."and i'd be red bird"

"Woaw! You guys really do look alike! I cant believe we never noticed the different rims on on your masks!" M'gann said

"I noticed! " wally yelled

"Wally thats only cause you knew that there was two of us."

"He did!?" Artemis was really loud now. And mad.

"Yes! Now can you guys stop yelling?" Dick said in an annoyed tone.

"How will they know the diffrence and why red bird and blue bird?" M'gann asked

"Richard has a backup suit for him which is the same as mine but blue. "

"And the names are what our mother used to call us." They both put their heads decided to step in.(he put his cowl on) "okay you two. Lets go."

"Okay. Wally explain to them okay."


And the batfaimly left.

Sorry anouther short chapter and that i took so long on it. Please reveiw and go over the note at the bottem of chapter 1.