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Lightning cracked against the sky as the rain freely poured down from the sky. While most would say this was terrible weather, Ike looked outside the car and thought it was calming. He saw it as ironic that the outside world would be peaceful as he and the man next to him caused chaos.

Ike brushed his blue hair with white tips out of his eyes, revealing their bright blue color. His hair was wavy and at a medium length, but always somewhat unkempt and laid flat. His olive colored skin made a nice match with his eyes. His clothing matched his ensemble of blue with its coloring. His brown, leather boots covered up his shins, until clean white pants began coving his body. A pale blue tunic covered his torso as well as his arms, up to his elbows. Black, skin tight, fingerless gloves ran up the rest of his arms, with leather guards over his hands and forearms. A leather shoulder guard rested on his left shoulder, with a leather strap running across his chest, holding the guard in place. A darker blue overcoat also covered the middle part of his torso above the two white belts around his waist. (A/N: I modeled his clothing after Leonardo from Fire Emblem, if you want a visual representation.)

The blue clad teen then looked down at his hands, which were currently wrapped around his weapons. They were billy club like weapons, with tang blades protruding out the ends on them. He wielded them by the wooden grips that each had. The one in his right hand was a bit larger than the one in his left. Ichor, the blade in his right hand, was a blood red color with veins of black running up and down the weapon. Nero, the blade in his left hand, was an oceanic blue color, with white veins running up and down the weapon. (A/N: Kudos to anyone who knows the saying that his weapons are based off of.) His weapons could also be put together to create a black and white bow named, Aeolus. The teen then let Ichor rest in his lap, while he touched the arrows in his quiver, recounting them.

"Has that become a ritual to you now?" The man driving the car asked. Ike looked over and studied the features of his partner, as he had many times before. He had pitch black hair which was hidden by the fedora he always wore. He eyes were never see due to his sun glasses, however they were a deep hazel color. He wore a black trench coat with a white under shirt, along with a pair of white pants. He had on a pair of black dress shoes to finish his black and white appearance. His weapons were nothing very special, just a pair of automatic handguns with large blades at the end barrel of the guns. He never named them, because he never used the same weapons continuously.

"Ya, I've done it on every other successful mission, so why break a habit?" Ike asked, the man next to him parked the car in an alley.

"Well, let's hope that habit gives us luck then." The driver replied as he opened his door and stepped out.

The pair walked a few blocks until they finally arrive at the warehouse. There was nothing really special about the place, it simply looked abandoned. The windows were smashed, the doors were boarded up, and it looked extremely dirty. Ike looked over at his companion and simply nodded before taking one giant leap and landing on top of the warehouse. His semblance, which he appropriately named, "Hops" gave him the ability to jump extremely high.

The plan wasn't out of the ordinary. James, the other man, would sneak into the building and scope the place out until he eventually found the target. Once he did, the man in black would very simply walk up to the target, meaning to get caught by the guards, and begin talking with him. Ike would just wait patiently until he was given the signal. It wasn't a very stealthy plan, but it was one that had worked time and again.

-James's Position-

James casually walked around the warehouse looking for an easy way in. The simply way would be to open up the front door and walk in, but if he did that he wouldn't get the chance to find out who the leader is. He also might be shot on sight, which was something he wanted to avoid. James walked around the building until he eventually saw an open window. The man in black took a few steps backwards, until he felt he was far enough away. He then charged at the wall and ran up it a short bit. At the peak of his run, James reached up and grabbed onto the bottom of the window and pulled himself in.

The man in black landed as silently as one could after falling 30 feet, however he still made a small thud sound. Around the other side of the crates he was behind, stood an unlucky guard who heard him land. The guard walked around the corner of the crates, only to have his neck snapped by James who was hiding behind the corner. Looking down at the guard James saw that all of the guards were dressed similarly. Each one was wearing a black suit, red tie, a black hat, and aviators.

Deciding it was time to start looking around James climbed up the stack of crates he was behind, went into a prone position, and began to look around. Nobody looked very different from the person next to him. He silently cursed, but continued to look around until eventually he saw one of the men pointing to the others. The man was a taller man standing around 6' 4" wearing the same suit as everyone else, except he had on a blue tie instead of the regular red one.

The voice of James's old friend, Eisenhower, rang through his head. "Remember people in charge love to point."

"Bingo," James whispered to himself as he stood up and ran over towards the leader.

-Ike's Position-

Ike was sitting in a crouched position looking down from one of the windows at the scene taking place. It only took a few minutes until he could see James crawl through a window and take cover behind a stack of crates. He watched as one of the finely dressed men walked around the side of the crate and had his head twisted backwards.

"James they said nothing lethal," Ike said to himself.

The blue haired teen continued watching as James found the target and sprinted towards him. None of the guards were able to think fast enough, and soon enough Ike's partner as holding the leader in the air with one hand, and had a pistol raised to his head in the other. The man with the blue tie then ordered his men to surround James. The two seemed to be having a short conversation until James flipped off his hat, giving Ike the signal to jump.

Ike took one deep breath, readied his weapons, and jumped.

-In the Warehouse-

"You know kid your pretty dumb," was the first thing the leader of the little group said to James.

"I think you simply underestimate me," James replied as he took off his hat.

"What's that suppo…" that was the only thing the he was able to say until Ike landed on the ground directly next to James.

The grunts formed a circle around the pair as their leader struggled in the man in black's grip. "You take 1 through 6 I'll take 7 through 12. Deal?" Ike whispered to his partner.

"Sounds good to me." James replied as he hurled the leader into the wall of the warehouse.

"Alright remember nothing lethal, I saw that little stunt you pulled."

"They said..."

"I know what they said just don't kill anyone."

"I'll try my best." The two then ran off to attack their half of the circle.

Ike ran up to the three goons at 7. Using Ichor he blocked the first ones strike and pushed the sword out of his hand. He then spun and used the flat of Nero to slam the side of the man's head knocking him out cold. He then spun on the ball of his left foot hitting the temple of the second goon's head with his right foot. As the last goon approached, Ike ran towards him and slid between the man's legs sweeping his feet while he was at it. Ike then kicked the mook head knocking him out.

The set of men who were positioned at 8, 9, and 10 grouped together. Three of them charged all at once hoping to overpower Ike. Seeing this, Ike waited until the last moment and jumped around 40 feet into the air. While the men were looking for where Ike went, the teen came sailing back down landing on two of the men. He then rolled and threw an elbow into the third's head. As the last six made a small circle around him, Ike could see James had dispatched 3 of the 6 groups, but was having trouble fighting the other three groups all together. While he was distracted one of the men ran up and sliced at Ike. Ike jumped backwards, but was still hit in the shoulder leaving a deep wound. Seeing that he had to end this fast Ike put Ichor and Nero together forming Aeolus. He then jumped backwards several feet, however while in the air he notched a lightning dust arrow and shot at the group of six. The arrow exploded stunning all of the men and making them incapable of fighting.

With only two groups left, Ike charged at the remaining six hoping to finish them off swiftly. He grabbed the back end of his bow and used it like a club hitting two of the men on the head knocking them out. Ike then reformed Ichor and Nero again and held them like Billy Clubs. Two more men came onto both of his sides hoping to flank him. As they both swung as him he jumped into the air again. The two men swung before reaching Ike and ended up knocking the other out cold. With only two left the blue eyed teen plummeted back towards the ground landing on one goon and hitting the other in the head with the wooden end of Nero. Satisfied with his work Ike looked back over to James seeing that his partner was fighting his last group.

Suddenly, a shot rang out in the massive warehouse. Looking over at the door to the warehouse Ike saw the leader of the group holding a semi-automatic rifle with the barrel smoking. He shot James.

Things seem to start moving in slow motion. He could only watch as James feel to the ground, as the life escaped his body. The goons around him smiled as if they had won in some way, but Ike knew for a fact that they hadn't. He wouldn't let them.

With an evil smile on his face the man lowered the gun and said to Ike, "I told him you were foolish to come here. Give my regards to your boss." After saying that the man ran out the door and away into the night.

Pure anger and hate ran through Ike's body. Something in his mind snapped. He could feel the hot blood rushing through his body. His pupils dilated and an animalistic instant kicked in. He no longer cared what he was told to do. Nobody in that warehouse would leave without being in a body bag. It seemed like someone else was in control of Ike's body almost as if he wasn't himself anymore. It almost felt like an out of body experience. For some reason he couldn't control himself anymore. He wasn't him.

Ike sprinted towards the last three men in the warehouse, who were visibly shaking. He impaled the first man with Ichor through the stomach. He then lifted the goon in the air and threw him at his comrades. While distracted by the flying corpse heading towards them neither of the goons saw Ike jump back up into the air. Once the body hit the men, Ike came back down to the ground landing in between the two men stabbing the one on the left in the chest with Ichor and the one on the right through the head with Nero.

Seeing nobody left standing Ike ran over to James's body hoping to spend a few final moments with him. However, by the time he got there James was already gone. Tears filled Ike's eyes as he slowly lifted James's body and walked out the front door. He set James down in front of the door, notched a fire filled dust arrow, and shot into the warehouse with hopes that the place would burn to the ground. He then picked James back up and dialed a number into his scroll.

A man with a gruff voice picked up the call with a simple, "Do you have the target?"

Ike responded by saying, "No he got away." Ike then paused for a second. "I burned down the building. Everyone inside is dead."

"You did what? What did I say? Don't kill unless you have to."

"I don't care!" The teen yelled back. "They killed James. I'm done with you and your organization. Keep the money from the job. I don't want it anymore."

With that Ike hung up on the man hoping he wouldn't have to see him again. He took James's body to a hill they used to go to when they were children. He buried his partner there and had a small ceremony for him. As he walked away from the grave he saw a girl a bit younger than him in a red cloak kneeling in front of a grave. He wanted to comfort the girl, but decided to leave her in peace. There had been enough sorrow in Ike's life for a while, and a bit of confusion. The only thing Ike took to remember his companion were the two pistols James used and a pair of sunglasses leaving the fedora hanging off the grave stone.

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