I'd like to start out by saying that this one shot contains a scene that I thought up before even writing the first chapter for Jail Birds, it was the first idea to really set a fire beneath my pen, but in the end it never made it into the story. I still wanted to create the scene though, so I hope you guys enjoy this little extra.


It's vital to this one shot that you know that I had to change the timeline to make it work. In this one shot Tyki never became infatuated with Allen, the first moment he spotted Allen in chapter four (Day 2/ The Caf and The Yard) never occurred and therefore Allen and Kanda lived out regular prison sentence's, bickering, protecting each other, and quietly falling in love.

The only problem is that now... they're hopelessly oblivious, that day in the prison's music room never happened either, so they never admitted how they feel to each other.

Enjoy! (;

Prison was going to fucking suck.

Or at least that's what Allen had thought when he'd been unfairly hauled off to the Black Order Institution for Punishment and Corrections 4 years ago.

But that was before he met the man he would be sharing a cell with.

Strong, smart, and with a body close to godliness, Kanda Yuu was like a dream... if dream's where easily annoyed and more stubborn then concrete, and even then Allen didn't mind.

After four years he could still remember the first day he met the man, fresh off the street and barely in the slammer a few hours Allen had been prepared for the worst, but what he got was something he thought he would never find, let alone in a place like prison.

The white headed inmate fell deeply for his cellmate in the time he was incarcerated, he fell so hard so fast that it embarrassed him to no end. Always blushing, always peeking glances when the other wasn't paying attention, Allen had undoubtedly fallen in love with Kanda Yuu, and had been for almost four years now.

They had quickly become great friends, and Allen was so scared to ruin that, too afraid to lose anything his time in prison gave him. He was cared for in jail, as crazy as that sounds, Allen had made friends in there unlike any he had made in the outside world, and he discovered he could actually grow to love someone; that he could have friends, even though his love of one friend in particular was a little fonder then it should be. In a way prison life was the only real life he had, but because of that he was a coward, he could never tell the truth to Kanda, could never muster up the courage to let him know just how tightly he held him in his heart.

That's also why the same organ nearly shattered when he received his release papers, the male realizing suddenly that his time was up, that he would be leaving three years before the inmate he secretly loved.

The night he got the letter, he waited, lying still on his bunk until he was one-hundred percent sure the other was asleep, patently clutching the horrifying letter to his silently heaving chest. Burying his face in a pillow he silently cried out the pain of his soon to come loss; he was losing his easygoing life within the prison, forced to leave behind his friends, his getaway from his horrible uncle and all that debt. It was like he was back in high school, except this time he'd been friends with the jocks, or the cool kids. He was protected and loved here, unlike anywhere else, and this time he would miss the people he left behind... but what placed the final killing blow on his heart was the thought of never again seeing Kanda. Allen would be too busy keeping himself alive to visit the man often, and even if they were friends that didn't mean Kanda would stay in the area after being released, or that he wouldn't be moved to a different prison within those three years. He thought of never hearing that rough deep baritone call his nickname, of having to wake up every morning without the sight of the raven doing his early exercises, and his heart trembled when he realized he would never get to see that rare, gorgeous smile that Kanda wore in those moments that the man felt truly happy. Tear's flowed freely with every new thing he came up with to miss until finally his was silently cursing his own heart for falling for the raven haired man in the first place.

It would be that way every night until his two week's were finally up, and on that last night, blankly he stared at the grey cement ceiling, his cheeks and pillow as dry as a bone. He had cried himself out, there wasn't a drop left to shed, yet on the inside his broken heart still quaked in fear of his tomorrow.

"I'm... I'm being released today."

Even though he whispered the words they still burned as they escaped Allen's lips, Kanda's slight look of surprise causing his to heart flutter, the letter resting in the crumpled grip of his pale hands.

They tasted like poison, those words, and it hurt, saying them out loud, saying them to him.

It made them just as real as the inmate feared they would be.

"Re... Released?" Kanda asked, looking disbelievingly down at the Moyashi.

It was so rarely that Kanda showed so much emotion, and the fact that it was over this... It felt like a million tiny needles jabbing up the younger inmates back in torturous waves.

Kanda's voice echoing the words only caused the ache in Allen's chest to grow, so he hid his face, fearing the pained look he was desperately trying to hold back, frowning deeply in agony.

He, never in his dreams, would have imagined that leaving prison would be painful... Would be easily one of the worst days of his life.

The only thing he was grateful for was the soft support of the bed beneath him, because, honestly, Allen didn't trust his knees to hold him up... He was barely holding himself together as is.

Kanda, eyes still caught on his cellmate, reached out to the bed frame, needing a piece of the solidarity it was providing. The bed protested just as it always has, the male leaning on the frame with most of his weight, one hand running through his beautifully messy hair.

Allen couldn't see his cellmate's face while hiding his own, couldn't see the deeply pained expression mixed with the deepest heartbreak, that decorated the elders features. All he could see where his own shaky hands, crumpling the papers in his lap.

"How long have you known about this?"

The white haired male scrunched his eyes shut. The others voice came grit through teeth, tone as sharp as the katana he adored, he might as well have swiped Allen with that sword the moment they met.

It would have been less painful then what he felt in these moments to pass.

"Kanda I... I-"

"Why didn't you tell me Allen?!"

He sounded pissed, and Allen could only curl further into himself.

Patiently Kanda fumed against the bed in the tiny grey cell, inmates passing them by like they didn't exist, and the younger wished that was the case as he finally answered.

"... I didn't want it to be real..."

Allen whispered the words with a shakiness he hadn't bore since the last time he had visited his parents graves. Saying them out loud, they sounded so stupid.

"... I'm so stupid." He admitted after a few more moments of silence.

The inmates eyes flew open as he heard a small whisper sounding not unlike his own strained voice because it was filled to the brim with a broken hearts pain, and Allen almost gave himself whiplash looking up at Kanda.

"So am I."

The Moyashi swore Kanda had said it. But he never got to ask about it, the weight of the taller man hurriedly leaving the beds frame. He was barely looking up before Kanda was striding past him to the cell door at a speed that was almost a run.

Quietly Allen watched in shock, contemplating whether or not he was hearing things as Kanda tried to leave, his senses not even registering the idea to stop him.

Thankfully, Officer Lavi does it for him, popping into view just in time to collide with the angry inmate.


"Oi... Who the-!?"

Their heads were the first parts to knock together, both men raising their hands to the spot as they stepped back from each other in such a synchronized way you could have swore there was a mirror between them. Their heads even snapped up in the same fashion, both wearing an equally confused and angry look.

"Watch it Samurai." Lavi growled, rubbing his head a few moments more. The officer and inmate exchanged hateful glares before the redhead turned to the man sitting on the bed, his mood turned sour from the collision.

"Say goodbye Walker, your getting released."

"R-right now?" Allen stammered, his heart wrenching in his chest, his eyes flying to Kanda in a sudden panic, but the man was frowning harshly at the ground, his long raven hair hiding his eyes.

"Yeah, right now, so move your scrawny ass."



The Moyashi flinched back from Lavi's angry command but stood anyways, the man was pissed, a mixture of his most likely throbbing head and the inmates hesitation not helping his usually shitty mood.

Silently, with a crying heart, he stood from the beds relief, lowering his head to the floor as he approached the officer.

Allen didn't dare glance Kanda's way, fearing his expression alone would reveal far too much of how he felt.

Officer Lavi grabbed the scruff of his prisoners ugly gray uniform, pushing his towards the cell door, roughly throwing him out of the dull shaded cage.

"Oi!" He heard Kanda protest behind him as he stumbled.

"Back off Samurai."

"Don't be so fucking rough!"

Allen turned around just in time to see the officer give Kanda an intimidating glare.

"I don't want to warn you again." He said threateningly, Kanda matching his expression threat to threat, glare equally as heated and challenging.

"Let me come with him, just to the gates."

Allen felt the inside of his rib cage bruise from the pounding of his heart, his muscles stiffening at the words. Hadn't Kanda just been running away from him? Now suddenly he wants to see him out? What is that man thinking?

"After that bullshit-" the redhead started angrily, but the samurai quickly cut him off.

"It was an accident alright!... I'm... I'm sorry."

Allen's eyes widened hearing those words fall from his friends lips. Kanda never apologized to anyone, especially not to the rude officer.

Officer Lavi's jaw dropped for a moment, the man evidently never expecting to hear those words come from the stubborn inmate, but he quickly pulled himself together seeing as we were in the hallway and in the sights of multiple prisoner's. He scowled deeply at Kanda, his gaze sifting from the tall inmate to Allen's own genuinely surprised expression, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"You want to come with that badly?"

Kanda gave a singular nod, cobalt eyes never leaving the emerald green's he was clashing with, the two men having a short tension filled standoff for a moment before Lavi spoke.

"You'll have to be cuffed, hands and feet."

Kanda's eyes seemed to steel with resolve, his voice cool as he countered with a simple 'So be it.'

"You can't go with him through his release processing."

"Of course."

"I will personally escort you."

Kanda's last response sounded a little forced, like he had to grit the words passed his teeth, but he got them out none the less.

"Whatever you say."

Another silent staring match between the two ensued, this one lasting a little longer than the other, the air so full of their challenging resolve that the inmates around the scene all seemed to take a precautionary step back. They all knew that Kanda was one of the meanest and merciless of the thugs in the joint, something Allen had learned not only when Krory was teaching him the inner workings of the prison, but also something he saw first hand over their short time as friends, and it had been occasions like this that reminded him of what Kanda was in here for. Their stare off ending as Lavi gave Allen a questioning glance.

"And you okay with this kid?"

Blinking like an idiot, he hesitantly nodded, not exactly sure way the older male was fighting for this so badly, but letting him have what he wants anyway.

"Fine," the officer said hollowly, "I'll let it happen, but I swear, if either of you try anything the samurai's spending a week in solitary."

Kanda huffed, Lavi glaring his way as he motioned for the two to follow him, the redhead starting down the hall without making sure they followed.

The onlooking inmates that had paused to watch went back to whatever they had been doing the second Lavi's back was turned, Kanda coming up beside the Moyashi with his glare still locked onto the officers back, and surprising him with a gentle pat on his back. Kanda refused to tear his eyes from the retreating figure, his large strong hand sitting firmly between Allen's shoulder blades, something unfamiliar mixed in with his usual irritation, shining in his cobalt orbs.

"... Kanda...?" Allen asked in confusion, tilting his head to the side slightly, wondering what the hell was running through his cellmate's thick, stubborn, skull.

"...Let's go Moyashi."

Kanda's hand dropped back to his side off his friends back, the man breezing ahead of Allen without so much as a glance, the ghosting warmth of the man's hand burning a hole in his back.

It was the first time Kanda has ever done that, and probably would be the last time too, the thought making Allen's heart quiver sadly.

Seeing Kanda stride confidently down the hallway the Moyashi was reminded of there first meeting, of how immediately he had been stricken by the others appearance, and how it had felt like he was watching a scene from a movie instead of his own life. He remembered it like it was just yesterday, yet his heart ached like it had been attached for eons.

With this pain rumbling in his chest he hurried after the taller raven haired inmate, the two following the officer down multiple halls and turns until they stopped before a large metal door.

Officer Lavi left them with two guards who he instructed to pat the inmates down, something they both where shamefully used to by now, the man returning with a pair of ankle cuffs for Kanda.

Passing through the large door they entered a room that looked more like a reception area, Allen's eyes taking in the black and white checkered flooring and gross beige walls of the prisons entrance with a emotions akin to despair. A reception desk stretched almost the entire length of the left wall, with a few men and women in uniform shuffling papers or using computers behind it, glancing at them with mild alertness and nods of greeting towards their redheaded superior.

Pushed against the back wall where a row of relatively comfortable looking chairs, a pair of heavily secured double doors and a few windows decorating the wall on their right.

From where he stood he could easily see the long driveway up to the prison out a window, but the sight of such freedom only spiked the mixed feelings inside him, putting a shakiness into his grip that he rather not have right now.

"You!" Officer Lavi barked at a guard standing by the door before pointing towards Kanda, "Follow me, and watch him, make sure he doesn't pull something."

With that he gave Allen a light push towards a door next to the long desk, escorting him into a room that was as white as his hair, Kanda following behind with his new temporary babysitter.

The room was unexpectedly large, it's walls covered head to toe in cubby-like shelving, each one holding a standard looking plastic bin with a label that was just a series of numbers.

"Stand here and don't move." Allen heard the unfamiliar guard instruct his cellmate with a bored tone as Lavi approached the wall of plastic baskets. His silver eyes grazed over the room in curiosity, noticing that the shelf the redhead officer was reaching for held not just a bin, but also a long curved cylinder made out of blue leather.

Lavi only took the bin down, leaving the object in its place for Allen to realize it was a sword, and glancing back towards Kanda he could see the other man too had spotted it. Kanda wore a look of longing, he wished he could hold his prized possession once again, craved the feel of the blade cutting through the air when he practiced. The samurai at heart wanted to show it off to Allen, to impress him with the intricate design on the hilt and to point out the sleekness of the metal, but all he could do was stare wishfully at the thing if he wanted to see Allen out the front gate.

Carelessly the officer popped the lid off the bin, tossing it aside so that he could shuffle through the bagged items inside, and eventually emptying the thing onto a steel table in the center of the room.

From where he stood he could see the bagged items that all seemed to be Kanda's possessions, a bag held his clothes, and another separate bag held a raven shaded pleather jacket that had Allen chuckle slightly, but what really made him raise a brow was the tiny bag containing a silver stud eyebrow ring.

Since when did Kanda have an eyebrow piercing? And a fake leather jacket? Although he probably looked intensely sexy with them both on.

Turning to the other prisoner Allen raised a questioning eyebrow, only to receive a grin and a shrug before the man glanced longingly back at the sword.

"Nothing in here with your name on it walker." Lavi informed him with a careless tone, Allen's attention flicking to the officer in confusion.

"What? What about my cloths?"

"If you brought it to the warden then it would be here. Looks like you'll have to pick out of the lost and found."

Frowning Allen tried not to imagine what a prisons lost and found had inside it, let alone the condition of the cloths, or what any stains might actually be.

"Just give him my shit." Kanda quickly yet casually interjected.

Lavi frowned at the suggestion.

"And what the fuck are you going to do then?" The Officer barked at Kanda for his suggestion.

With a sly smirk Kanda turned his gaze to the Moyashi, telling his cellmate more then answering the Officer as he replied with a cool, "I'll come up with something."

The Moyashi's heart betrayed him as it skipped a beat, and he wondered were Kanda's anger from before had fizzled away to.

Was this Kanda's way of pointing out that they would still be friends after he left? That he expected some form of communication outside these walls? That Allen would still be around by the time Kanda was released?

With a harsh scoff Officer Lavi picked up the bag containing Kanda's pants and shirt, tossing them to the younger inmate carelessly.

"You can change in there," He growled, pointing at something behind the shelf of belongings, "We'll be waiting for you out here, so don't dawdle for long."

Nodding, the Moyashi headed towards the other side of the shelf to find a small door hidden there, and opening it revealed a small lone bench.

Allen closed the door behind himself, feeling relieved to be in something other then a horrible prison jumpsuit, but he was also saddened by it. A tiny voice in the back of his mind screamed questions about what he was going to do once he was out of the prison, since he'd have a debt over his head that would be more like a bounty for loan sharks and mafia, but Kanda was still at the forefront of his worries.

Where will he go once he's passed those front gates? How will he contact Kanda if the man expects contact? Allen did not doubt that Kanda would be able to survive the rest of his sentence without him by his side, the man had been doing fine before he had ever met the Moyashi, but he worried for the sort of cellmate Kanda would get once he was gone. Would he fear Kanda like many of the other inmates? Would they clash heads and extend Kanda's time? Would this new cellmate be able to seduce the man in Allen's heart like Allen had failed to do so far?

God, he hoped not.

Slipping out of his cloths and into Kanda's, Allen was able to convince himself that he couldn't just leave like this, without telling Kanda about his true feelings. If he didn't tell the man how he felt now he feared he would never have the courage to ever tell him.

"OI! Get your ass in gear Walker!" The officers muffled shouts startled Allen out of his worried haze, the soon to be ex-con almost tripping because Kanda's pants where just a little too long.

"J-just give me a second!" Allen hollered back, rolling up the ends of his pants so that he wouldn't trip again.

When he finally came out of the small room he could see that someone had put away the other objects that had been on the table. Lavi was standing close by with an annoyed frown on his face.

"Alright, move it." He ordered, Kanda's babysitter ushering the prisoner out the door, and Allen was quick to follow behind.

As Kanda's guard headed towards the entrance of the prison Kanda fell behind enough that he walked alongside the Moyashi, Allen shuffling sadly next to him in the taller mans well-worn raven shaded pleather jacket (the coat almost two sizes to big for him), wondering what on earth the male was thinking.

They where escorted through the double doors that gave way to a long unpaved driveway, the end of it blocked by a chain link fence that had barbed wire spiraling across its top.

The walk to the gates seemed to take forever, Allen could feel every glance Kanda shot his way, and the one time he tried to glance back their eyes met.

Kanda's gaze was intense, but Allen couldn't tell exactly what he saw in them. They where sad maybe? Or maybe that's regret? About what? Lending the sprout his clothes?

...Was he thinking about... how he looked in his clothes?

The younger inmate felt his face heat at the thought, and quickly tore his eyes from his soon to be ex-cellmate, hoping to God that Kanda didn't catch his embarrassment. Allen scolded himself as they walked, he needed to stop thinking such ridiculous things about Kanda, especially now that he planned on telling him how he truly felt. He needed to be thinking about how the hell he was going to do this, how he will take Kanda's reaction if the man even has one, because despite spending every waking moment with the man for the past four years, Allen still couldn't tell what Kanda was thinking. Sure, there were times when the man was predictable, Allen knew his morning routine by now, could pick out the basic emotions; like when Kanda was pissed or tired or enjoying himself (a miracle in itself), and knew well enough how his morals dictated his actions. Yet Kanda always managed to surprise him, to rarely admit things Allen had never expected, and to sometimes act in ways that were against his character.

So as they approached the end of the driveway Allen ran over every possible reaction he though Kanda might have, every way he could admit how much he truly liked the other man.

Sooner than Allen would have liked they approached the gates that held back freedom, Kanda's babysitter pulling the raven to a stop, Allen follow suit as Officer Lavi announced they had five minutes before he was dragging Kanda back into the institution.

Yet they still had this almost awkward silence as they came face to face, full of sizing up eyes and hesitance, neither wanting to be the one who said their first goodbye. They both had hopes they wanted to hold onto.

Allen rubbed the back of his neck tiredly, sighing as he mustered up his ability to speak, but Kanda beat him to it with a halfhearted smirk.

"Don't you die out their, baka Moyashi."

"I should be the one saying 'don't get yourself murdered'."

"Che." Kanda's signature scoff was more like a laugh, because Allen was right but they both knew the other inmates had a certain fear and respect for Kanda that it was unlikely they would try anything. Attacking Kanda was plain stupid. That was common knowledge.

"Kanda, I... I need you to know, before I go, that... because we won't be seeing each other-"

"-You're not going to visit me?"

Allen blinked, frowning slightly as he wondered if that worry would stay with the other man.

"I get that you're going to be in deep shit with that debt Moyashi, but..."

"Kanda, if you really still want to be friends after I... I would visit if you wanted me too."

Kanda's hands were still bound together, but Allen could see the man making fists. Just another habit Allen didn't recognize and feared he wouldn't ever get the chance to figure out, but strangely it gave him courage, pushed him to just get it over with.

"Kanda, going to prison... this was the break I needed from the real world, from whats passed these gates. I don't want to go back out there, but I don't want to be in prison either, you know? I... I want to get out of here, but I can't leave you here Kanda, not without saying something."

He was almost shaking, he was so damn nervous about what he was saying, what he was feeling, and whether or not that was mirrored by Kanda. His throat was dry as the desert, and his heart was beating so fast he thought he might die, but he needed to do this, he wouldn't be able to let Kanda go if he didn't, he would be stuck. So like a shot of whiskey he swallowed his fears and they burned on the way down.

"I'm... gay, Kanda... and I think I'm in love with you."

As Allen admitted to feeling more for Kanda than just friendship he cringed into himself, eyes finding the pavement beneath their feet. He didn't want to see Kanda's reaction.

Without a word Kanda shuffled slightly, moving as close to Allen as the guard nearby would let him, as the man had drifted off in his thoughts long ago.

"Allen... Allen, listen to me. You remember where I said my apartment is right? You said you knew the area right? Go to my place, there's a spare key under the plant by the door. Hide there, Cross won't find you."

"K-Kanda?" Allen said in confusion, trying to process what he was saying while not getting why the man hadn't acknowledged his confession.

"Wait for me there Allen. If you love me, wait for me."

Allen's eyes blew wide with shock, his head whipping to see Kanda with a serious expression, Allen's hands reaching out to Kanda's locked ones without him fully meaning to.

"Don't go home to that fucking bastard, find my apartment, my father's been taking care of it for me while I'm in here, just tell him why your there and he'll understand."

"K-Kanda, I will, I'll wait, I'll come visit. But d-does this mean-?"

"Hey Walker! Hurry up already, you've got thirty seconds before I drag him back in and leave your ass on the side of the road!" Lavi warned him from afar, the man having wandered off to do something, trusting his staff to be able to handle a couple of inmates.

Heart racing in his chest, Allen felt panic hit his system at such a small time frame, his hands still clasping Kanda's tightly. He wanted, so badly, to just drag Kanda out of there. To take him home. But they couldn't just run, Kanda had three more years to put under his belt, so Allen would have to wait for him and dodge Cross until they could both move around freely.

"Promise me you will wait." Kanda demanded, squeezing Allen's hands back, "Promise me you won't do something stupid, you'll be safe."

"I-I promise, Kanda. I promi-mfh"

Before Allen could finish he was tugged forward, his lips smashing into Kanda's, the man pressing deeply against the Moyashi. It was a kiss that told him everything, that reassured him Kanda felt the same, and it begged Allen to keep the promise he just made. His heart sang at the passion he never thought Kanda would have in him, and the moment felt so nice and right that his eyes drifted shut, the Moyashi pressing back, accepting the kiss with so much relief he felt almost high.

"I needed to taste you." Kanda whispered against the Moyashi's lips, making him shiver. Neither of them had the chance to pull away, the two being pulled apart by the guard that had finally realized what was happening, a not so impressed Lavi standing a few feet away.

"Time to go Walker, Officer Adams, take Kanda back inside."

With a nod the Officer put a strong hand on Kanda's shoulder, urging him to turn and head back, but he didn't instantly comply.

"Wait for me Moyashi."

Allen didn't move, watching as Kanda was being pushed away.

"I love you Allen."

Kanda said the words a little louder than he meant to, but he had said them, and that was all that mattered to Allen, his eyes filling with tears as Lavi rolled his eyes and told him to get his ass in gear. He didn't want to move, Allen didn't want to leave that spot, but he had too. He couldn't just stand there forever.

Sadly Allen turned around, heading towards the gates with Lavi at his side, a large black SUV pulling up beside the sidewalk.

A tough looking man in a suit stepped out of the car, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes, and a frown permanently etched into his face.

Allen had never seen this particular goon before, but he knew exactly why the man was here. Someone had already come to collect.

Thanking god for Lavi in his very police like outfit, Allen frowned, throwing on his poker playing face like it hadn't been four years since he last used it.

"Walker?" The goon grumbled in his deep voice.

Allen nodded, raising an unimpressed eyebrow at the large man that could easily punch his head from his shoulders. He needed to come up with something to get this guy out of here, to buy sometime so he could hide, or come up with some cash to hold off the sharks.

"Come to collect already?" The young ex-con asked with a monotone that would have made Kanda proud. He hoped Kanda was already gone, inside or anywhere, just not seeing this confrontation.

"You got the money?"

"Che, does it look like I have a stash of cash on me? You dull or something? The fucking redheads got it, he's had it for almost a week. You want your money, you can go ask Cross about it, I'm fresh out of prison. If anyone's got money it's that bastard."

The goon's frown deepened at the disrespect, but the man didn't dare move with Lavi standing there looking mildly interested in the exchange. Instead he snarled like a pretty-fucking-princess, hoping into his black thousand pound carriage.

"You better be right Walker."

His door slammed closed, and he took off before Lavi could say anything, the redhead smirking at Allen's surprising toughness.

Allen in turn sighed with relief that the idiot had just taken his word, glad that for once a cop was actually helpful. He had gotten rid of the immediate problem, but he can't just go walking around for hours looking for Kanda's place, he would get picked up or off long before he found the place on foot. If he didn't get to Kanda's he'd be screwed. Cross was a big N-O seeing as the bastard had practically given him a death sentence, and he had no money for a cab even if Lavi let him go back inside to call one...

"You need a ride someplace?"

Allen glanced at Lavi suspiciously, he obviously needed a ride by the fact that he was still here and not at Kanda's, why the hell would Lavi bother asking a shitty question like that?

Lavi gestured for Allen to follow him.

"I can give you a ride Walker, just tell me where you need to go."

"R-really?" the white haired male stuttered in surprise, following Lavi towards the prison parking lot, located across the street from the actual building.

"Well, I'm technically not supposed to, but you seem like your in a tight place. Your a good kid Walker, I'll slap my cuffs on you just in case, it'll be fine. It's my break time soon anyway."

Allen didn't bother to argue, he needed a ride and wouldn't throw it away just to point out that the Officer was crazy for thinking those reasons to be logical, and he quietly followed the Officer to one of the prisons smaller transportation cars, a black and white cruiser that looked like any other police car.

As the Officer placed his cuffs on Allen's wrists, the ex-inmate took in the prison building one last time, giving it the same sizing up he had the day he arrived.

He had been right after all, prison had fucking sucked. But it had also been the best thing that could have happened to him. He had friends now, someone who understood him, protection.

And if he played his cards right, they could get the hell out of town, and make a new life someplace safe and far away.

It's a good thing Allen was good at playing cards.