"Chosen by History, a Man becomes a Warrior.
Engraved into history, a warrior becomes a hero."
-Song by fourteenth century troubadour.

"Transcending History, and the world, a tale of Souls and Swords, eternally retold."

Countless legends surround a sword known as Soul Edge. Some claim it to be the ultimate weapon. Others refer to it as the sword of Heroes; a phantom sword with immeasurable power of the spirits; the key to eternal youth; a treasure without equal; a panacea to cure all illnesses. There are even those who consider it the Sword of Salvation.

Although various folklore of Soul Edge spread across the world, its true nature was unmistakably evil. It was a demonic sword that fed on human souls.

The sword, born from human hands, came to life and began devouring souls after bathing in human blood countless times. Around the same time, a spirit sword called Soul Calibur mysteriously appeared, as if to answer the call of the evil blade.

The two swords clashed many times, but this strife was never etched into history, for no one knew.

All throughout history, men have craved adventure. Human qualities such as greed, curiosity and questioning minds are intimately interwoven with history, and drive it onward.

Men saw Soul Edge as the Ultimate Prize. Rumors surrounding the demonic sword passed from person to person, tempting those who heard of its stories.

This era was inundated with clashes and battles of warriors who roamed the lands in their quest for Soul Edge. It was a world where any desire could be realized with enough strength and will.

The story about to unfold is of one such warrior.

This is my tale of souls and swords.

Chapter 1: Regulus Proving Grounds

"I stood before the entrance to the Proving Grounds in the land of Regulus, famous for its skilled swordsman. I predicted that my journey to find the legendary Ultimate Sword, Soul Edge, would likely be a difficult one. Therefore, I traveled to Regulus in order to polish my fighting skills before setting off on my quest.

After passing through the gate, I found a man standing before me, blocking my path.

'Halt, you who seek mastery of the way of the warrior, we have no interest in those who lack potential. First, you must prove your worth!'

It seemed I had to fight this man to prove my strength and determination. Upon seeing me take hold of my weapon without a moment's hesitation, the man grinned and said, 'Well, looks like we've got a lively one here. Good! I think this one's got some promise!'

"'I sense your determination…..I'm impressed.' After a few bouts, the man said this to me and patted my shoulder lightly. I've been accepted into the Regulus Proving Grounds! My training began the next day. It seemed the man who tested me, Edgar, was to be my trainer. 'We'll start with the basics.' Taking my weapon in hand, I waited for Edgar's next words."

At ten years old, any other boy would be inside a safe home with his parents, thinking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. Maikou, a ten-year-old swordsman was another story. He wore a blue tunic with a brown belt that held the black scabbard of his short sword- a blade the length only of his trainer's torso-, and a cape of a slightly darker blue than his tunic. His feet protected by leather boots and white cloth socks, his slightly brownish blond hair held by a warrior's headband, the same blue as his cape, and his wrists decorated with a blue stripe of clothing for each hand. His green eyes showed the determination his teacher sensed. His right hand held the black hilt of his sword, the golden hand-guards and silver blade shining fearlessly in the sunlight above.

Across from him was his trainer, Edgar, Samurai of the Fire. Edgar was a man around twenty or more years of age, wearing a white Samurai Kimono and holding a basic katana blade in a samurai stance.

"We'll start with the basics. Come at me with a horizontal strike." Edgar told him. Maikou raised his blade and slashed at Edgar, who blocked it. "Good, next try a vertical attack." Maikou did so. "Finally, give me the fastest and most powerful kick you can." Maikou performed a quick side kick, which almost knocked Edgar's katana out of his hands. "Good power. Did you keep your balance when performing those?" Edgar questioned, to which Maikou simply nodded. "Alright, I'm going to attack you now. Try to block all three strikes as best you can." Edgar commanded. He then performed three quick attacks, all of which Maikou blocked easily. "Great! Our final lesson is the Soul Charge. This is the most difficult and most rewarding technique. It requires absolute concentration. Are you sure you want to continue? If you do, there's no turning back." Edgar warned.

Maikou nodded. "Very well. Let's begin." Edgar stated. Edgar then raised his blade to his face and closed his eyes in concentration. "Do as I do." He said. Maikou did so, raising his blade to his face and holding it with both hands as he closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. "Good. Now, surge your spiritual energy into your weapon." Edgar told him. They both did so, and their swords, as well as their arms, began glowing blue.

"Now, Show me your power!" Edgar commanded, taking a different stance from the one he had before and opening his eyes to reveal a more serious expression than before. Maikou did the same, though his stance differed greatly. "Strike me! Give it all you've got!" Edgar exclaimed, raising his blade as it charged with powerful orange flames. Maikou, his blade gripped with both hands, charged a similar attack, and unleashed a powerful upwards slash that connected with Edgar's downward slash, and a resound metallic clash sound emitted as literal sparks flew, as did half of a blade.

"Soul charge increased the strength of your attack. I'm a big fan of it myself. Very good! You've passed my test. I can't believe how quickly you got that one down. Normally it takes years for someone to master the Soul Charge. Here is a little something in recognition." Edgar explained, handing Maikou one thousand gold and several materials. "You'll need those when you get to the blacksmith just near the border to the land of Thuban." Edgar added upon noticing Maikou's confusion at the materials. "Come now. We must work on speeding up your ability to Soul Charge."

"Having completed my basic training, I traveled with Edgar to the advanced proving grounds of the Bulwark Ruins. After half a day's walk, we came upon a crumbling rampart. 'This defensive wall was built during a war here in Regulus. At that same time, this proving ground was built to train the soldiers. Our predecessors claimed victory using the skills they honed in this place. Today, we train here with diligence to honor that history.' Edgar stopped walking and gazed up at the wall, speaking to no one in particular. 'But pathetically, there are many who cannot handle the training, and leave satisfied with their half-learned skills, only to lead lives as bandits and thieves. Hmm… looks like they've come out to welcome us.' I, too, was aware of the three figures that watched us from a distance. Grinning, Edgar turned to me and said, 'I bet it's been a while since you've been able to just go wild and show off what you've got. With your training, these guys shouldn't pose any threat to you. We'll just call this part of your training, too.'"

Maikou drew his blade as Edgar stepped back, his arms crossed, and still grinning. The figures jumped down from the crumbling wall at the same time. On the ground, Maikou got a better view of them. One of them was a man wielding a black colored rod he thought he recognized, another was a woman holding a Chinese sword, and the last one was wielding a nunchaku. The one holding the rod had a yellow tiger-stripe themed vest with white fur at the nonexistent sleeves, black pants with small and short white designs near the ankle, and black shoes. Black hair and brown eyes made up his physical features.

The female with the blade was wearing crimson clothing, a shirt that went past the waist slightly, short shorts, uneven legwear from the ankle upward, and red arm cloth the went from the biceps to the wrist. The one wielding the nunchaku was a blond man wearing a red scarf and dragon themed pants. He was also shirtless and wore black fingerless gloves.

The one with the Bo came at Maikou first, and attempted to hit him with the staff, but once he was in range, Maikou crouched and spun around, ramming the hilt of the sword into his gut, and then hitting him over the head with the hilt again to knock him out cold. The female came next and locked blades with Maikou, but Maikou rotated the blades around until she lost her grip on her blade, causing it to fly over near Edgar and embed itself into the ground. Maikou then kicked her in the stomach, and then round-housed her a few feet to her left, knocking her out.

The Nunchaku wielder then threw said weapon at Maikou like boomerang. Maikou only had time to catch it with his blade before the wielder ran over and was attempting to kick him over the ledge. Maikou smacked him with the nunchaku, unfortunately losing his grip on it rather easily, causing it to fly over and smack the trying-to-get-up staff wielder, knocking him back out before he could even moan, bouncing straight up, and then landing on him.

Maikou kicked the blond man square in the nose and swiped his feet out from under him, before planting the sword hilt firmly in his chest, knocking him out for sure.

"Very good! I didn't think they'd literally be child's play to you." Edgar complimented.

"Like you said, they only half learned their skills. And I know weak spots, thanks to your training." Maikou spoke.

Edgar appeared surprised for a moment, before grinning again. "Well then, how about we start your advanced training?" he suggested.

"First thing's first, teacher. Please allow me a few moments to retrieve the weapons." Maikou pleaded. After a few moments of thinking, Edgar nodded. Maikou then went about the weapons, placing a strange black tube-like object attached to a string on his back. Walking over the staff wielder, he picked up the black rod, saying "This belongs to me." As he threw it into the air, he picked up the sword the woman held. The blade was thin, but the tip was made for deadly strikes. "This is a special blade. A sword that desires a true warrior's hand." He muttered to himself. Then, he turned around and tossed it to Edgar, who barely caught it, being thrown off guard by the sudden gesture. "Please give that to someone worthy someday." Maikou called to him. Finally he picked up the Nunchaku. "This weapon is…..Soryuju….its wielder…..I see. I'll have to take this one with me." Maikou spoke to himself quietly, as he scanned the aura of the weapon. Walking back over to Edgar, the impossibly long-time air-hanging staff finally fell back to earth and landed perfectly in the sheath on Maikou's back.

Edgar noticed the strange even just then; the staff shortened as it landed in the sheath, making for easier transport, when before it was the full proportional length of bo staff to Maikou's size. "What's with that staff of yours?" Edgar asked.

"It's enchanted. It lengthens when in use, but most other times, usually when I put it away, it shortens. Makes everything easier." Maikou responded, glancing at the small part sticking out from behind his left shoulder.

"After much rigorous training at the Regulus Proving Grounds, it was time for my final challenge. If I succeeded in passing this test, I would be recognized as a full-fledged warrior. The test consisted of combat between the disciples themselves. There were no restrictions and no special conditions-only those who made good use of what they'd learned and arose victorious would pass the test. It would be a test of all my training.

Attempting to control my rapidly beating heart, I stepped into the arena. My opponent was already waiting for me. 'I've been watching your progress for quite some time. You're a worthy opponent for my final test.' Saying this, my opponent readied her weapon. 'I'll be fighting with everything I've got. I expect no less from you!'"

"I'm going all out!" the swordswoman exclaimed, flourishing her thin, nameless, Chinese blade.
"I won't hold back either!" Maikou exclaimed as well, drawing his blade and sheathing his staff.

Maikou's foe, Minerva, was a fourteen-year-old sword wielding girl, who wore a black dress-like shirt that went down to her thighs and had flowery designs on it, black short shorts underneath, and a pair of black wristbands with a gold stripe going around them, as well as leggings that went from her ankles to just a bit past her kneecaps, and finally a pair of black shoes. For this fight, Maikou had abandoned his cape.

Minerva first attempted a kick, but Maikou performed a sweeping kick, forcing her to jump back. Maikou went at her with a thrust, but she used her feminine agility to leap upon his blade unharmed. Maikou tossed Minerva into the air and leapt after her, attempting to grab her and throw her, but she slashed at him from the air, forcing him to block instead. They landed on the ground and their blades began to perform a deadly dance as they slashed, stabbed, jabbed, and blocked. Maikou eventually forced her to lock blades with him, and as they came to a power standstill, Maikou kicked her in her side, but Minerva kicked his knee, forcing him to fall on his back for a moment, before he recovered, stood up, and clashed with Minerva again.

Minerva kicked Maikou in the chest and slashed at his back, but he leapt forward and rolled before her blade could nick his tunic. Maikou equipped his staff with his left hand and jabbed Minerva in the stomach with it, momentarily knocking the wind out of her. Maikou brought his leg up and brought it down on her, knocking her to the ground. Jumping a short distance back, Maikou fully switched to his staff and balanced himself on top of it, before jumping, flipping, grabbing the staff, and trying to bring it down on Minerva's head. Minerva rolled to the side, barely dodging the staff in time.

Maikou tried to knock Minerva's sword from her hand, but she had a death grip on her blade. Maikou switched back to his sword and focused his energy into the blade. "I'll end this!" He exclaimed, pointing his blade upwards and spinning it as a blue aura appearing around his sword, staff, and arms, before resuming his stance.

"Not a bad idea! Here I come!" Minerva said, posing as a similar occurrence happened to her.

Orange flames engulfed the two blades and the two warriors unleashed their most powerful attacks at the same time. Maikou and Minerva gave war cries as they gave downward and upward slashes respectively, ending up on the opposite sides with their backs to each other.

After a few tense moments, Minerva's blade shattered, and Maikou was quick to knock her down and pin her there, impaling the ground next to her head.

"Maikou wins! Minerva, it appears you will have to take this test again later." Edgar called. "However, there is something I have for you. Consider it a consolation prize." He added, walking toward Minerva as Maikou got back up and sheathed his weapons, also putting his cape back on. "Here. Maikou took it from a defeated bandit." Edgar said, holding out the sword Maikou retrieved earlier.

Minerva slowly stood up, catching her breath. Upon taking the sword in hand, the previous two minutes of her life suddenly seemed forgotten. "Northern Star…..and some random bandit had this blade?!" She exclaimed. Turning to Maikou and Edgar, she added, "Thank you for this."

"'if you're in the search for Soul Edge, you should head East. Past the land of Thuban lies the free city of Benetnasch, with its never-ending flow of people. Perhaps you can gather information there.' Following Edgar's advice, I set off toward the east. I did not know if I would really find information about Soul Edge in Benetnasch or not, but it was better than wandering aimlessly. I turned to look back just once. 'You win, this time, Maikou.' said Minerva after the battle, 'but I'll catch up to you soon. Tomorrow, I'm going to take the test again. Oh, and I've heard you're searching for the Soul Edge. If that's the case, then we'll surely meet again. It seems we're rivals with the same goal. I'm looking forward to our next encounter.' I faced forward again and began to walk. My journey had begun."



Age: 10
Birthplace: Zekonianu
Height: 3'8
Weight: Unkown (refuses to reveal)
Birth Date: February 7
Blood Type: Unkown
Weapon: Sword & Staff
Weapon name: Warrior's Blade & Enchanted Warrior's Staff
Discipline: N/A

Family: Sister/Pekiunai

Zekonianu is another world entirely. Maikou and Pekiunai came from this world when red shards filled with a powerful evil invaded their world and turned the creatures into monsters. After defeating some and finding the shards, it become personal when Kerian, the twelve-year-old Dragon child they befriended, was transformed into a mindless evil beast. After this discovery, Maikou gathered his spare short sword, the sword he was soul-bound to, and his Enchanted Oak Staff to set out on a quest to find the weapon known as Soul Edge, and destroy the evil within it.

However, he knew the rumors of the sword, and he knew that many would instantly turn to kill him upon mention of destroying the so-called "Sword of Salvation". Maikou decided to state he was simply seeking the sword and only vaguely mention the personal intentions he had for it. Maikou also knew how evil resonated with evil, so he took one of the shards he retrieved from a fallen monster.

Maikou then entered this world, his search for Soul Edge his only goal, and to save his friend and sister, were the only motivations he needed.

Unbeknownst to Maikou, Pekiunai had followed him…..

Notes: For the record, this is my first time working with a "realistic" setting. this was difficult to put together, even with it being "scripted". I've based this completely off the story of Weapon Master mode based on part to my own adventures. I will be adding in the subchapters and Extra Chapters from the story as well. each "chapter" from the game will be one chapter for this story. After Weapon Master Mode's "Chapter 10" this story will become completley my own original creation, as I plan to make it mulitple more chapters to involve the actual Soul Calibur characters. oh, and it's based off the GameCube version, so Link is here. also, some elements of the gameplay will make it into this story, such the insane launches and not bleeding out from hitting solid brick. oh, and by the way, Maxi gets smashed into a freaking brick wall in the intro of the game, so don't give me any crap like "they can't take it" or otherwise. The reason none is in this chapter? cuz I'm just starting out with the whole "realistic" thing. It's one of my stories, and therefore it requires fantasy elements.

Also, just throwing this out here now for those who are just randomly finding this in the Soul Calibur fanfiction section: Maikou is NOT my real name, and the character Maikou is NOT based on myself as I am now or ever will be.

"Here I come!" The sword-wielding female exclaimed as she posed and a blue aura surrounded her arms and blade. "Take…." Orange flames engulfed the blade. "….This!" she thrust her weapon forward, and shattered the foe's rapier. "Justice will prevail! …..Just kidding!" Minerva exclaimed in triumph, posing with her blade. The blonde man holding the now-broken Epee's hilt congratulated her. "I'd better catch up with Maikou. He's probably already in Benetnasch by now. See you!" Minerva stated, before sheathing Northern Star, and walking off on her own journey to Soul Edge.

"Very well. It seems I have two rivals in the quest for Soul Edge." The blond man sitting on the ground muttered to himself.