Chapter 5: Spirit Sword

"I arrived at Nereid Gorge, the entranceway to Altair. Beyond the gorge lay Altair itself. I unconsciously quickened my pace. When I reached the other side, I heard shouts directed at me from the fort on the riverbank. 'Halt! Go no further if you wish to live!' It appeared they were guarding the entrance to Altair.

I obeyed the warning and stopped. I shouted back that I was a friend bearing no intention of harm and requested permission to proceed. After a short while, armed guards arrived and escorted me into the fort.

I explained that I came on behalf of Leana and wished to enter Altair, but they seemed uncertain whether they should trust me.

In the end, they locked me in a guest room in the fort. Later that same day, the situation suddenly changed. Unknown forces attacked the fort. I escaped in the confusion and joined with the fort's soldiers to fight off the intruders."

"Well, this isn't the first time I've fought more than five people at once." Maikou said, drawing his sword, prepping the whip-sword, readying his polearm weapons and considering the nunchaku, sword plus shield, and tonfa-like weapons he was holding on to.

Three extremely skilled warriors from the fort were on the battlefield against three other mysterious fighters. One of them held a large sword that looked way too heavy for anyone to wield properly, another held a Chinese sword, and the last one was a fencer holding an Epee.

Maikou was preoccupied with the lesser warriors. It felt almost natural to him, facing a practical army of foes on the battlefield alongside soldiers of good. Perhaps it was because of his origins, but Maikou couldn't help feeling right fighting alongside the fort.

As he slashed through several of them, a higher warrior awaited him. "Thought you got rid of me, kid?" the annoying, impossible, blond nunchaku bandit had survived a fatal fall from atop a large windmill

How, Maikou didn't bother to question.

"You really hate me, don't you?" Maikou asked, switching to his staff with an irritated expression.

"Yes, I do, now die!" The nunchaku wielder exclaimed. This time, it almost seemed as though he did return to Regulus and complete the training.

Maikou jabbed at him, but the Nunchaku wielder caught it with the weapon's chain. He then tried to force it out of Maikou's hands, but only received a jab right in the nose, causing the chain of the nunchaku to release the staff. Maikou knocked the nunchaku wielder down and tried one more jab to knock him out, but the bandit didn't give up and rolled out of the way.

"Tch. You've definitely improved since our last encounter. But you still lack what matters here; skill. You've got the movements and such down, but you don't know how to use them effectively. You practically thrash about all the time hoping to his something. So, go back to Regulus and complete the training before you come back." Maikou said, catching the bandit on his staff and knocking him out with a blow to the back of the head.

Maikou then quickly dodged a flying kunai that soared pass him and embedded itself in an Assassin's neck. Luckily the assassin was on the opposition, so Maikou turned back to the one who threw the deadly knife. This one turned about to be a female holding two swords. She appeared on the fort's side from the mark on her clothing, so Maikou turned around and cut down another foe.

A female holding a Chinese sword dueled with the ax-wielder and quickly took him out with a stab to the chest, while the man holding the large sword cleaved the Lizardman opposition in two, and the fencer took out his sword-wielding foe with ten quick stabs.

Maikou impaled a berserker and threw it down, quickly jabbing the opposition behind him to knock them out quickly and then quickly spun around and swung the lance horizontally, knocking out another assassin.

The female with the two swords impaled a foe and threw it down as well, then double-impaled the two Lizardmen coming at her from both sides. Seeing this, Maikou found confirmation that she was part of the fort as well and nailed a lizardman below the belt, getting another knockout. Then a more formidable opponent came; a blonde man holding a broken Epee in his left hand and a replacement rapier in his right. Maikou felt his aura was familiar. Maybe he was the one Minerva defeated to pass the test?

"Ah, you must the child swordsman. Glad to meet you. But I'm afraid we're on opposite sides in this bout. My name is Leon, and I will be your end." The man greeted, going from neutral to serious.

"You're the one Minerva defeated, aren't you? As long as you actually finished the Regulus training and put up a good fight, I'm fine with it." Maikou responded, preparing his sword and staff.

"Oh, fear not. I intend to be a challenge. A deadly challenge."

"Then come on, and show me what you've got!"

"Well then, let us dance!"

Maikou couldn't help but wonder why he'd now faced two rapier-wielding swordsmen who both began the duel with that line, but shrugged it off and figured it was a fencing thing.

Maikou slashed and Leon blocked, then Maikou rolled and tried a jab, being blocked by the other's quick movement. Leon went for a thrust, but then feigned and sidestepped when Maikou tried to parry, spinning around and saying, "En garde!" and then performing another thrust that nicked Maikou's side as he rolled again. Leon then made a real slash at his torso and Maikou blocked, and then jabbed with his staff.

"Not bad. I can see why Thuban and Benetnasch respect you as an amazing swordsman. Let's make a deal: draw blood from my head, neck, or torso, and you win. I'll give up, the forces with fall back, and we all live to fight another day." Leon tried to make a bargain.

"Fine then. I'll make a deal. You better hold up your side of the bargain." Maikou responded. Leon nodded and the blades danced as they continued.

Leon took a jab from the staff and then nicked Maikou's leg at the opportunity. Maikou slashed and then blocked when his attack was parried. Leon came in with a downward slash, and Maikou caught him by the arm and knocked him down, holding his sword to the other's neck.

"Not bad….." Leon complimented. They both took a moment to catch their breaths. Somehow the fort's soldiers were holding up well against the seemingly endless supply of lizardmen, assassins, and most threatening of all, berserkers. "But I said…." Maikou's eyes widened. "….To draw blood." Leon elbowed Maikou and quickly got up, released from his grasp, and tried a thrust, but Maikou also thrust his blade forward. The weapons met, and from the exhaustion of Leon and lesser strength of Maikou, the two weapons flew out of their hands. "I studied how to fight without my weapon. What about you?" Leon stated, taking a martial arts stance.

Maikou took a stance of his own, putting away his staff. "I'll fight you on even terms. I knew hand-to-hand before I came to Regulus." He explained.

"Good." Leon stated simply. Maikou performed a side kick, blocked by Leon's knee. Maikou then punched, but Leon tilted his head to avoid it. Maikou tried a sweep kick and Leon jumped back, then came back with a roundhouse kick that Maikou back-flipped to avoid.

"You really are a skilled warrior! But we need to end this quickly; I'm in a hurry." Maikou said, kicking Leon in the stomach. Leon retaliated with an uppercut punch, but Maikou sidestepped and grabbed Leon, getting on his shoulders and then using the whip-sword's tip to nick Leon's cheek, drawing blood.

"There, I win, now uphold the deal and call the soldiers back." Maikou said, jumping off his shoulders and retrieving their weapons, tossing the man's rapier back to him.

"Very well. I hope we duel again someday." Leon stated. He then called back the enemy soldiers and they retreated.

"After siding with the soldiers and defeating the intruders, I received permission to enter Altair and left the fort. The city of Altair, said to be paradise on earth, was of a much simpler and plainer construction than I expected. The residents valued scholarship, and the whole city left me with the impression of a giant library.

I proceeded to the temple and conveyed Leana's words to the priest. 'I had seen the thread of misfortune which clung to northern Mizar, but I never imagine that the gate itself had fallen...' The priest spoke with a look of great concern.

He then faced me and said, 'And she requested that you deliver this message yourself? I see, in other words, she saw in you the potential to take on the one who destroyed the gate.' The priest pondered for a moment and then led me to the altar, saying he had something to give me. "I'm sorry, but I cannot yet bring myself to trust you. Would you allow me to perform a small test? A test of your will...'

At the sound of the priest's words, an obviously hostile figure began to approach me!"

Maikou stood on the ruined platform and looked on in shock; the figure that approached was black like a shadow and had red eyes. It drew a short sword exactly like Maikou's, except also pure black like a shadow.

Maikou snapped out of his shock and drew his own blade. The shadow slashed first, and Maikou blocked. Maikou tried a thrust, but the shadow jumped and summersaulted quickly, landing on the blade in a split second. The figure then back-flipped off. Okay, stabbing moves were now out of the question.

The shadow leapt and struck, but Maikou rolled around and jumped with a spinning slash that barely missed. The shadow performed a thrust and Maikou imitated its previous response perfectly, and added a quick slash to its face. The shadow shrugged it off and went for a slash at Maikou, who deflected the blow and delivered a swift kick to the chest.

Suddenly Maikou saw something horrifying; he was starting to look like the shadow, and the shadow was starting to look like him.

The shadow pulled out the staff and jabbed with it, but Maikou parried the strike and took out his own staff, smacking the shadow twice and putting it away again. The shadow began to look even more like him now, and he could feel a horrible darkness trying to invade his soul.

Maikou raised his blade to the sky, and exclaimed, "I cannot lose here! Not when I've come so far!" as a red aura began to engulf his weapon and himself. He was horrified to hear the demonic undertone in his own voice. Maikou thrust his weapon into the ground, sending black shockwaves of aura around the entire platform. "I won't be controlled by a doppelganger!"

The shadow—now starting to look almost human—raised its blade to the sky silently as a blue aura surrounded his weapon and arms. Two blades, a darkening one and a brightening one, came aflame and clashed with one another.

"No! I can't lose now! Not now, not EVER!" Maikou exclaimed, putting away his weapons and focusing more than ever before. The doppelganger's expression went from neutral to terrified as it began to become a shadow once again. "Begone, evil!" Maikou shouted, flying at the shadow, his whole body like a wolf's maw.

A wolf's how echoed through the air as Maikou flew through the shadow, biting down with his teeth and clawing with his hands, as the cursed being vanished into thin air.

Maikou fell to one knee as the Altair priest said, "You have done well, young one."

"Not merely pushed along by the flow of events, but rather of my own will, I began to walk forward. The gate allowed me to pass through with ease. 'I apologize for deceiving you, but it was necessary.' The Altair priest pointed to a sword as he spoke.

'What you overcame was your own self. You have proven the strength of you will. Now, take this sword. You have earned it.'

The sword was of a peculiar design. It was intricately decorated and its blade was split in two. It emitted a feeling of purity, yet at the same time, I could feel a darkness within it as well.

'That sword possesses powers of both good and evil...' The priest explained that Soul Edge lay sealed in the land to the east. Furthermore, I learned that the sword I now held in my hands was in fact Soul Calibur, the spirit sword capable of defeating the cursed blade. But people's greed and ambition had weakened the seal, and the evil energy had finally invaded the core of the seal-the spirit sword itself. The guardians of the seal built the three gates to fortify the seal, and they worked to purify the spirit sword.

Everything had been fine for hundreds of years, but someone had destroyed one of the gates. If those bewitched by the cursed sword managed to get their hands on the weapon, the resulting devastation would be unfathomable.

And it seemed that I was one of the few people who had the potential to stop it.

"You will do fine. Believe in yourself. Leana and I believe in you. The purification of the spirit sword is incomplete, but even so, it should prove useful."

I turned my gaze upon the spirit sword. Perhaps this sword will become the key that leads me to Soul Edge, and its destruction."



Age: 13
Birthplace: Zekonianu
Height: 4'2
Weight: Unknown (refuses to reveal)
Birth date: February 9
Blood type: Unknown
Weapon: Ninja Sword x2
Weapon Name: Kyōdai & Yūjō
Discipline: Jeet Kune Do & Unknown Ninjitsu

Family: Parents/Deceased

Pekiunai is the eldest child and overall best fighter out of the entire Zekonianu royal line. Her connection with the aura and natural quick-learning made her a master blacksmith at the age of ten, and by thirteen she was a stealthy warrior of the silent kill. When Soul Edge invaded Zekonianu and corrupted Kerian, She became confused and didn't know what to do. She couldn't kill him and she had no idea what Soul Edge was.

When Maikou took up his sword and staff, heading for another world, Pekiunai tried to stop him, but he didn't listen to her and left anyway. Eventually, she had to defeat Kerian—not kill, only defeat—and bring him to the private quarters of the castle she had made in secret in the off chance they might befriend someone who would attack them one day.

A week after Maikou left, Pekiunai followed him, taking her blue garb and twin blades she named Kyōdai & Yūjō in honor of her close relationships with Maikou and Kerian.

Pekiunai is extremely skilled and adept with her aura powers and isn't afraid to use them in combination with sword swings and martial arts moves.

Notes: First I want to give a proper outfit description for Pekiunai. Think of it kinda like Taki's Soul Calibur one outfit, except only cloth, blue instead of red, and the only exposed parts being from her shoulder to her elbow, her palms, and her fingers and thumbs. Second, I randomly searched Japanese for Siblings(Kyōdai) and friendship(Yūjō) on Google, so if the meanings of these words are incorrect and you have the correct words, please send them to me via either review or PM. Third, Pekiunai is not old enough to be sexually attractive yet, so if that is how you imagine her, please imagine her differently. I know there's at least one of you reading this that thinks of her that way. (Perverts…..ugh) and lastly, WHY IS THIS STILL AT THE TOP OF THE SOUL CALIBUR SECTION WHEN IT'S BEEN THREE FREAKING DAYS SINCE I LAST UPDATED?! Do people really not write Soul Calibur Fanfics that much? If this were the Pokemon section, this thing would've drowned like, the instant I started it! Okay, okay, no not really. Lastly for real, I hope everyone is reading all these, cuz if not, they're missing a crucial part of the story. These add-ons aren't just add-ons for the sake of being add-ons.

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Also, I made Maikou and Pekiunai have the same birth month just cuz.

The rain pattered outside. She looked to her unsheathed twin blades and felt a sting of sorrow for almost using them on the very friend she came here to protect. She could only imagine what her friend was going through, having that evil shard chewing at his soul all the time. She knew her brother was doing his best to find and destroy the evil sword. She needed to work on finding it as well. She needed to find him and help him. There was no way he could do it alone.

"Hey, child, are you alright?" the old man asked. Pekiunai blinked out of her trance and looked at him. "You were staring off at empty space." He explained.

"I-I'm sorry. I was just thinking. Things have been rough for my brother and I lately." She replied.

"I see. Well, once the rain clears up I presume you'll keep looking for your brother?"

"Yes. Thank you for your hospitality, sir." Pekiunai sheathed her blades.

"It's no problem for young fledglings like yourself, especially when your brother saved my life and my weapon."

A few days later, the storm dissipated and Pekiunai made to be on her way, but she was stopped by the old man's voice saying, "Ah, before I forget, come here for a moment." She quickly made her way over the old man, who handed her two things; one was a holder for many kunai knives, and the other was a Kusarigama. "The two thugs your brother stopped held these. I don't know much about smithy, but I believe you can strengthen them at the blacksmith in Benetnasch. They seem a little unsturdy."

"Thank you. I'm a blacksmith myself, so I should be able to fix them up good enough." Pekiunai replied. She then said her goodbye and left.

"The things they teach you kids these days." The old man said to himself with a shake of the head. "First the child swordsman, and now his sister, a blacksmith. What's next, another sibling who can use magic?" the old man mused to himself.